Know Your Nazis!


Photo from March 1941. Identify the following leading Nazis in this photo (these are the only ones I can identify: Rudolf Hess, Reinhard Heydrich, Heinrich Himmler,  and Konrad Meyer. One of these men is giving a talk on Generalplan Ost, and the other three men are listening.

Himmler and Hess are well- known, but Heydrich is much less known though he was very important, and Meyer is nearly unheard of.

Hess committed suicide in jail in Germany after being imprisoned for 32 years, Himmler committed suicide just after the end of the war while in British custody, Heydrich was assassinated in a famous but little known ambush in Czechoslovakia in 1942, and Meyer served only three years in prison, was released in 1948, and went back to his former life as a Professor of Agriculture at a university.

Meyer lived to be 72, and Hess lived to the incredible old age of 93.

If you can identify any of the other Nazis in the photo let me know.


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6 responses to “Know Your Nazis!

  1. himmler killed himself in late May, which was weeks after Germany surrendered ending the war in Europe.

  2. Jason Y

    Actually, Nazis were another leftist movement. Some opponents might argue they wanted special rights for whites – much like blacks want special rights. Do you think these opponents are off-base? These opponents also argue the Fascist and Communist movements have never produced anything but disaster – but have always blamed Capitalists (aka Jews, entrepreneurs),

    • mrscooter

      Not that hoary old chestnut again. Merely because they had the word “socialist” in their name and had some socialist principles when they were formed doesn’t mean they were socialists. I can call myself a duck, make quacking sounds and flap my arms in imitation of wings, doesn’t make me a duck. A look at me would instantly prove I wasn’t. They were totalitarian, they were right wing, they were facists. Open your eyes and stop trying to smear socialists. They, the nazis, not only wanted special rights for whites/aryans, they didn’t want anyone else around which was why they slaughtered Poles, Jews, Gypsys, Blacks and anyone else who didn’t fit their definition of “the master race”.

  3. Jason Y

    Actually, the old commenter EP-GAH actually did state he wanted special rights for whites once. So I don’t think he was really the macho man’s man capitalist he claimed to be. I don’t think any of that alt-right are capitalists – but rather “my race only” socialists. Or they would call conservatives Cuckservatives, but some cynical opponents might see that as a “You’re a wuss if your not a tribalist” scheme.

  4. mrscooter

    The ambush and execution of Heydrich was the reason why Liddice and several other villages were destroyed.

  5. Anthropoid on Netflix is a good film that tells the story of the assassination of Heydrich.

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