Now Men Can Get Pregnant and Have Babies


Well officially they are called transwomen, but really they are just homosexuals and mentally ill people. They’re just men who think they are women, that’s all. If that isn’t a delusion, I don’t know what is!

So trannies can have babies now!

I am supposed to cheer for this bullshit insanity? Hell no!

Look, if opposing the idea of men who think they are women getting uterus transplants so they can get pregnant and have kids makes me a social conservative, well, Goddamn it, I am a social conservative! And a proud one too.

You trannies need to piss off, seriously. You freaks are really starting to get on my nerves. I really resent having to accommodate your delusions, your psychosis, and your mental illness. It’s infuriating.


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3 responses to “Now Men Can Get Pregnant and Have Babies

  1. The Post-Human age is coming Robert, when the real space age begins only humans with extensive genetic modifications survive long period travels in Space.

  2. Jason Y

    Stuff like this pushed people over to Trump – despite his obvious flaws (aka. being in bed with Nazis)

  3. TRASH 2


    “Being in bed with Nazis”

    Especially his Jewish grandchildren. Also the “Nazis” (Anglo-Celtics who fought Germans and whose ancestors in Britain fought Germans for 1,000 years) would tell you he’s a “shill” for Israel.

    When I read the comments on Return of Kings (Whose Iranian owner has told me a I am a fag) it is all about Trump’s loyalty to ZOG (Even though Jews despise him).

    What is odd about the “Manosphere” is that most of these males cannot actually assume any adult independence. They have to live at home when they are 25 even if they work full-time and then go to a club to try and “slay” the “9’s”. They were born when Clinton was in office to SJW yuppie parents who came of the age in the 80’s and were the last generation to have a better standard of living than their parents.

    There are commandeered by a few Gen X guys (The Iranian himself) who have not been young since Clinton was denying he got a blowjob or admitting he dicked Gennifer Flowers.

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