Are Most Gay Men “Size Queens”?

Answered on Queera. I’m sorry folks, this whole day just went gay on me. It was fagged out before it even started. So I guess it’s either move to Frisco or go back to bed. Blankets and pillows, here I come!

Not gay so it’s hard to answer, but I would say that a lot of them are. There are enough of them who are like this to where we have an actual designation of a subtype of gay men. I seriously doubt if they are all size queens though. It’s probably just some unknown subsection of them.

Let’s do a poll!


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3 responses to “Are Most Gay Men “Size Queens”?

  1. 8Ball

    Gays? I prefer to call them homophiles.

  2. R.L: I’m afraid you’re behind.

    Gay Day was 10 days ago on December 1st.

    Get it? Think gay.

  3. TRASH 2

    Larry the Gay waiter was always talking about “Jeff Stryker”. This was Elvis lookalike with the same hillbilly accent who had an 11 inch penis and was famous with gay men (I’m straight but I’ve heard of him through gays).

    So indeed gays are obsessed with penis size. Perhaps more so than women.

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