Are Psychopaths Really Bad People?

Answered on Quora. There are a lot of answers on there from psychopaths themselves saying that they are not bad people at all. Don’t listen to them. Seriously, just don’t.

Of course they are. But then, I don’t cotton well to assholes. I don’t see how anyone could tolerate such an aggressive and hostile person for very long. As a general rule, if you let a psychopath into your life, you will be harmed. Not maybe harmed, not a chance you will be harmed, but a certainty that you will be harmed. Because that’s what they do. Psychopaths harm and damage other humans as part of their basic life trajectory.

Even controlled psychopaths like some surgeons (a great profession for a controlled psychopath) are not very pleasant to be around. While they are not criminals, most people who know them will say that they are assholes or bastards. Of course, to a psychopath, that is a compliment.


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21 responses to “Are Psychopaths Really Bad People?

  1. TRASH 2

    “Imagine what you could do if you did not feel any guilt about it”

    John Wayne Gacy

  2. Pussy Shaming

    Most of the alt-right are psychopaths, but of course, anyone pointing that out is too sensitive – a snowflake (mocking crying face) 😆

  3. TRASH 2


    If pressed these he-men will concur that blacks are more masculine and have bigger penis than they do (They think) and the Asians and Jews are better suited to high-paying jobs in a techno-industrial society.

    • GreenAcres

      The distaste for blacks is deeper than penis size. Hispanics have same stereotype and breed like rabbits, yet garner little attention by comparison. Blacks I’ve met tend to to make a lot of small talk. May help them with the ladies but a lot of black roosters act like hens. Hispanics are more masculine than Northern Whites though, I’m Northern European and have to admit this. Joey Diaz worked with a psychopath who didn’t like him and he responded by fucking him up with a wire hanger.

      • TRASH 2

        To begin with, Hispanics in the US tend to be Aztecs or other Indians. Cubans are the exception.

        • Pussy Shaming

          What can lead to a rise in these dickhead/faggots, though? Narcissism, child worship, Facebook – yuppie parents.. George Carlin was right on this.

        • Pussy Shaming

          Sorry, the wrong comment, I mean a rise in 4-chan robots.

      • Pussy Shaming

        It’s not beyond whites, including the 4-chan type. Also, the solution for them seems to be a beating – as it is for bullies in general. Note, they’re impossible to reason with – being such dickheads.

        • TRASH 2

          4-Chan types seem to be incredibly immature and talk tough easily…because they are 19 and live at home.

        • TRASH 2

          One thing that is striking about Gen Y and 4 Chan is that they sit in the room where they were born at the age of 23 jerking off to porn.

        • Pussy Shaming

          Yeah, I agree. A lot of brains and sensitivity (though misdirected), but not muscle to back anything up. So they lack the bonehead thinking of the beer guzzling redneck – but they are trying to act like their rednecks – that’s what’s so funny.

          However, I think the problem with them and the rednecks also are the hate is generally directed toward bad blacks when not all of them are bad. A lot of people get hurt – sort of like how Malcolm X hurt all sorts of people with his ideology. Mixed raced 5-year-olds, black Christians, nice black people are not gangbangers.

        • Pussy Shaming

          My guess is they are jerking off to porn – because they aren’t Christians, like David Duke, they seem them as tools and often just other cucks. The Gen Y alt-right punk is ammoral – an atheist. So yeah, they’re doing what they feel is good – looking at porn from their mom’s basement, sure.

      • Pussy Shaming

        But I like to joke around – like guys or brothers do – but the sociopath doesn’t joke around,. You can certainly see the difference in a normal dude and these weird freaks. Luckily, I didn’t become that way, possibly because my brother “put me in my place” somewhat when younger.

  4. TRASH 2

    Look at Italians in New Jersey. They get all the chicks and have the style and the WASP is a dork in Starbucks with his laptop and his corporate job.

    I’m willing to wager that Italians in New Jersey steal half the Anglo-Saxon’s game there.

    • Pussy Shaming

      With a corporate job, honestly, who really cares about being macho? So as with my brother, the cool in-law comes over, the loser Jeff Spicoli grown up – and makes of him – calling him soft – but so what?? Who’s really laughing? Who is really taking it up the ass?

      • TRASH 2


        Lower middle-class whites take it up the ass. Some middle-class whites (Or Jews) on the West Coast want to be lifelong hippie stoners. Fine, their idea of the greatest accomplishment in life is scoring “primo weed”.

        Gays technically take it up the ass but they seem pretty happy with their morning blowjobs in restrooms and both dependents employed.

        It is the blue collar white who is taking it up the ass, sadly. Unlike blacks he cannot receive welfare as a pay-off not to riot and then supplement his habit by making $1000 a week from selling crack.

        The blue-collar white lives in cities or towns in Red States far from the financial or cultural capitols.

        First crack, then meth, now Oxy is flooded through his towns and exurbs.

        His daughter is a mud shark. The police in his city run a police state essentially.

        The GOP bamboozles him. They cannot bamboozle Blue Stater ethnic whites, Jews, Old Money Wasps. But he can be convinced to vote for alcoholic derelicts who claim they have found religion and support wars for oil that result in no oil.

        He is fucked.

        • Pussy Shaming

          Ever wonder why she might be a mud shark? The dad failed to indoctrinate her with Naziism – or is he just a closed minded a-hole? I think the latter is true – as the thrill of rebellion isn’t as tough to squash as it seems – but that’s not saying mud sharking is necessarily wrong. Only that the blacks chosen aren’t Sidney Potier either in character and/or money – often times.

        • Pussy Shaming

          A lot of the guys, to be frank, chosen by rebellious white daughters are not black – but rather just punks. They’re definitely into drugs, possibly they are sympathetic with white nationalist ideology from the prison and lower-class culture.

          Anyhow, the point being, they’re not different than gangbangers and cause the same massive damage in a family. It’s certainly happened in mind. I mean, cucked is the word here, but not by blacks. We are targets for extortion and thievery – and the richer parts of my family are having a tough time fighting back.

        • Pussy Shaming

          Possibly the white nationalist thinks a white punk is better than black – cause at least the kids will be white, but I don’t know – I’m cynical. The poor white drags the family into a hell-hole of extortion, thievery, drugs that could take generations to recover from – if it ever does.

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