Why There Is No Left in the US: The Pathetic Story of the Cold War Liberals

In Haiti, Father Bertrand Aristide was a Leftist Catholic priest, a follower of Liberation Theology, who ruled the country for years. He won completely free and fair elections with 94% of the vote. He was removed by the Bush Administration which funded an insurgency out of reactionary Dominican Republic to overthrow the state.

Aristide had been reappointed by Bill Clinton after being ousted in a previous coup, but Clinton demanded that Aristide the disband the army and the national police as part of a deal to put him back in power. In this way, Clinton the liberal Democrat assured that Aristide was helpless against the insurgency that invaded from the  Dominican Republic. Now you understand why I hate American liberal Democrats so much. They’re all reactionaries! Yes, they are more Left that the ultra-right Republican Party, but not by much. At best, US Cold War liberals are centrists or the center-right. At worst, they are just another species of conservative.

My own father, a dyed in the wool liberal Democrat and former member of Americans for Democratic Action, one of the most Left parts of the Democratic Party back in the 1950’s, supported both the removal of the Sandinistas and Aristide. My father was a Cold War Liberal. This is as Left as Democrats get in the US, and by world standards, my father was a reactionary!

Bernie Sanders is also a Cold War Liberal. His domestic policies are pretty good, but on foreign affairs, Sanders is a nightmare, just another damned reactionary. In the US, everyone is reactionary on foreign affairs – all of the Republicans and almost all of the Democrats. It’s the bipartisan reactionary consensus – they’re throwing it all down for US imperialism,  come Hell or high water. And this sorry fact makes a good case for the argument that there is no Left in the US –  or none to speak of for that matter.


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9 responses to “Why There Is No Left in the US: The Pathetic Story of the Cold War Liberals

  1. Armin

    There is no left in the United States? You must be joking! The left political hacks in California have made over 56,000 Californians homeless. California is the U.S. state with the highest taxes. If they dont bankrupt you on taxes, they overcharge you with parking penalties – how does $185 sound? For one single case of parking your car in front of an EXPIRED parking meter for 2 minutes? The tax and parking penalty money is, for example, wasted on new public rail-bound transportation that hardly anyone uses. You can see those ghost trains in the middle of the night at 3 AM with hardly any passengers. The California Dems also raised gasoline taxes almost immediately after the last elections. Now they are complaining about tens of thousands of homeless people in their state .. ignoring the fact that THEIR LEFTIST POLICIES M A D E THEM HOMELESS!

    • The BART is full. Amtrack is full. The buses in the Bay Area are full.

      Look, I am banning you. We are Leftists here – this is a socialist website. We don’t allow rightwingers, sorry.

      • HOOD

        “Return of Kings” and Right Wing Sexual Frustration

        Young men these days seem to espouse Republicanism in order to get laid. Infrastructure and the rest of it is less relevant than their perception that the Left prevents them from meeting “8 or 9’s”.

        It is not really a matter of public spending but of getting laid.

        Return of Kings is both ironic and sad to a Gen X’er in middle life (Though the Iranian guy who looks like a Mullah that owns the site is only 5 years younger than I am so he is Gen X himself).

        • I’ve come to the sad conclusion, that the “movement to save the West”, the Alt-Right and the other reactionaries, are themselves saturated with the degeneracy they are apparently fighting against. The want a return to old form, but they can’t see the very modern values and ideas they are against, are ever-present in their own actions.

          Likewise, the Left today have internalised neo-liberalism and Capitalism. Neither the Left nor the Right today can seem to separate themselves from the system enough to be of any real use. They can’t think outside of the box enough.

          Hell, I’m a Nationalist, and even I’M more Socialist that most people who consider themselves Left Wing today.

  2. HOOD



    Right-wingers seem to be unable to understand that they are carrying water for special interest groups.

  3. Jason Y

    You can’t favor extremist politics in the US. Possibly only Trump has succeeded somewhat with the alt-right variety, but only to a point.

  4. TRASH 2


    This is because voters are middle-class or would like to be.

    Middle class people want a 2 car garage and a nice house and extremism prevents a middle class from forming. If Trump had Right-wing Death squads his own “alt-right” movement would balk.

    This is because effectively the US is or was intended to be an egalitarian middle-class country of merchants and yeoman farmers.

    • Jason Y

      The third world has no middle class. However, it does buy off some yoyos as “defenders of the rich” I suppose like that santoculto character on here. So are those people middle class? They seem more like mansion security than anything else.

  5. Jason Y

    The third world has no middle class. However, it does buy off some yoyos as “defenders of the rich” I suppose like that santo-culto character on here. So are those people middle class? They seem more like mansion security than anything else.

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