Jews and the Hollywood Sleazeathon

This whole sordid episode of the unfolding of mass Hollywood sleaze among heavily-Jewish Hollywood and media men is interesting. And yes, they are heavily Jewish. I counted up recently and 41% of the 21 men accused (nine out of 21) recently were Jews. Of course, Gentile men are complete pigs too, but this does seem to cement the conservative stereotype of Hollywood Jewish men as depraved, secular, liberal Jews.

Back in the 1950’s, Hollywood and acting was considered to be seedy business and as such, many Christian Gentiles thought it was too sleazy to get involved in. Jews apparently not being encumbered by such moral anchors, moved readily into the business. This is the Jewish argument – that a number of fields that Gentiles avoided due to being seen as sleazy or morally tainted quickly became filled with Jews. Banking being one example.

Also Jews had already captured Hollywood in an actual conspiracy from 1900-1920.  Five Jews from Galicia ended up controlling most of the industry. The conspiracy was hatched at a time when Jews were very tribal and were frankly a menace. They took over Hollywood and the newspaper media at this time. This efforts were funded by some wealthy Jews mostly out of New York. They also made runs on Wall Street and commercial banking.

Both of these were stopped because Gentiles were quite anti-Semitic in those days, and anti-Semitism was  both highly adaptive and necessary against Jews waging ethnic warfare against other groups. Word got out among Gentiles that the Jews were making runs on Wall Street and the Gentiles simply stopped selling seats to Jews. Of course the Jews had long ago stopped selling their seats to Gentiles. So the run was stopped, but Wall Street now is quite Jewish. Quite Jewish is not the same thing as being run by Jews. Wall Street is not run by the Jews the same way that Hollywood and the media are. Wall Street is full of Gentiles, mostly White men.

Later on, the Jews made runs on banking in the US. Once again, anti-Semitic Gentiles blew the whistle on them and simply stopped selling banks to Jews. The Jews were unable to get very far in US commercial banking, so Jews have never run the banks in the US the way they did in Europe for a long time. However, the Jews were able to make a significant penetration of financial banking before they were stopped once again by alarmed anti-Semitic Gentiles. Jews are much less tribal nowadays, which is good for them and us. Tribal Jews cause anti-Semitism like night follows day. Nevertheless, the remains of their earlier tribal forays can be seen to this day.

All of these episodes were laid out immaculately in Henry Ford’s Dearborn Independent and later in The International Jew, which is actually not a bad book. I also do not consider it be more anti-Semitic than it needed to be. He opposed  pogroms will all of his force and mostly the book was a plea for Jews to stop being so tribal and work together with Gentiles. “Come, Jews! Join us Gentiles and together we will build a great America!” He says at one point. Ford comes across as more exasperated than anything else. Of course the paper and the book are now tagged as evil anti-Semitic publications. Be that as it may, I have read the book and a lot of back issues of the paper and I concluded that much of what Ford said was simply true. The tone of the paper was cynical and exasperated too.

For the crime of telling the truth and exhorting Jews to give up their vicious ethnic warfare and work to build a better country (“Jews! Stop being Jews, and start being Americans!” he exhorts at one time.) the Jews tried to kill Ford. There was an attempt to murder him by running him off the road on a country lane in the 1930’s. It was widely thought that Jews were behind the murder attempt.

This shows you that when Jews are viciously tribal, Gentiles absolutely must become anti-Semitic in order to stop their conspiracies and schemes. If Gentiles don’t organize to stop the Jewish plots, the Jews will take over most of your country and economy. So in that sense, anti-Semitism is not just adaptive but also necessary. Of course, as Jews get less tribal, anti-Semitism becomes a lot less important down to where it is probably not necessary anymore.


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17 responses to “Jews and the Hollywood Sleazeathon

  1. HOOD



    Hoffman and Weinstein are pigs and even the never-that-hot Streep was hit on by Dustin Horndog who made his name as the inventor of the MILF that screwed the woman’s daughter in the bargain 50 years ago.

    Right Wing Christians more absurd like Falwell in alternating between televised sermons on the evils of the flesh and being busted with $30 an hour road whores in cheap hotels. When did Hoffman or Al Goldstein or Weinstein pretend to be anything other than degenerates?

    The most famous pornographers (Hefner of Chicago’s Swedish-American community, Irish Larry Flynt, Italian Guccione of Penthouse) are not Jewish.

    Hefner would cut out his talent scout and sometime promoter at Auto Shows the Jewish former street pimp Paul Snider who was married to his playmate-Snider then killed himself and her.

    Of course Hefner had various Jews working for in his media organ and even dated Barbie Klein (Benton) whose career in country music he guided. Considering her Jewish heritage it is odd that after Hefner broke up with her that the Zionist Command Center was unwilling or unable to take up the slack.

    Curiously, Gentile pornographers are the “respectable” face of porn. Hefner only used nicotine (Albeit ALL THE TIME) and Flynt is an Irish-Catholic once rejected by a Bishop. Bob Guccione of Penthouse claimed he was a businessman and nothing else. John Holmes was a Southern Baptist.

    I’m not sure that Gentile pornographers are better than Jewish ones. Jewish pornographers at least admit they are disgusting perverts like Goldstein (Whose Zionist Command Center did not save him from losing his fortune) or coke whores like Traci Lords.

    Nor do I buy that they are Judaeized or whatever. Hefner fired Paul Snider and barred him from the Mansion and jettisoned the career of a Jewish director. Also Barbie Benton (Klein) the Jewish centerfold was guided as a country singer (Gee what a Jewish career) by Hefner but once Hefner stopped dating her she sank into complete obscurity.

    Haim was apparently sodomized by a Catholic Irish-Spanish Gentile (Sheen). And by Italian-American Brascia who looks like a child molester if I ever laid eyes on one. Now don’t get me wrong, Zionist Pedophiles doubtlessly passed him around too. But Haim’s mother, an Israeli secretary, was unable to press a button at the Zionist Command Center to stop the Gentile princes of Hollywood like Sheen from giving Haim his sweet pharmacological candy and then crudely sodomizing him out in the open on a “lunch break”-Haim’s later addiction to pain pills could have conceivably been linked to the sheer damage done to his sphincter.

    Oddly enough, despite being an Israeli citizen the Zionist Command Center did not stop Haim from passing destitute. Not one Hollywood Jewish power player form whom Haim had “bottomed” gave him a few dollars after the 80’s seemed passe.

    Nor will I defend Takei when “The Shat” comes forward gleefully as part of his 50 year feud for his co-star and admit that Takei was known for doing a Dahmer and drugging and raping young men way back in 67.

    What makes these folks really irritating is that they are moral hypocrites in the crumbling pillar of Hollywood’s Democratic spokespeople which then gives the Right more excuses to foment distrust in the Democratic party for their own capitalistic Deep State purposes.

    Of course we can speculate as to whether the Democrat’s better off minorities from the other side of the bell curve like Takei or Weinstein cynically believed any of the positions they espoused or whether it was simply intended to further de-ball and disenfranchise white proles. Possibly.

    Finally, we get to the susceptibility of Americans to the media. “Two and Half Men” itself has a creepy Pedo tone and is a creaky laugh-track sitcom anyhow.

  2. HOOD

    A Father’s Tragedy in American Capitalism

    Son of steel worker and former truck driver Martin Sheen is a genuine Democrat who has contributed to protecting the interests of the common man against the GOP’s unchecked Capitalism. I give him credit for this.

    Jews and Asians in the Left do damage to Democratic party legitimacy by being revealed to be moral hypocrites like Takei or Weiner or Weinstein. This is the risk they pose to the Democratic party and one reason that Hillary was not elected in the case of Weiner.

    Right wing Christians have always been horrendous moral hypocrites back to Jerry Falwell screwing prostitutes in motel rooms off the road but we expect this kind of horrendous moral hypocrisy from the Right. The Left is supposed to be a common-man down-to-earth party for the public good, not special interest groups.

    Worse yet, Jews and Asian Hollywood tends to see the whole thing in geographic us-against-them race/class terms. So ultimately whites whose interests might be advanced through the kind of Clinton-era Democrat policy-making feel that Asian and Jew (But especially Jew) “elitists” (If such a term could be applied to Takei) are mocking and deriding their values.

    It loses votes when a Takei or Weiner or Weinstein is outed for being the scumbag rapist or homo predator we always suspected he was anyhow.

  3. HOOD



    Republican Scalp-Hunting:

    If Jews and Asians as the Democrat’s model minority simply remained on the “down low” with other minorities we would be better off.

    As Weiner and Weinstein and Takei demonstrate, the problem is that they are outspoken idiots about. Takei, who will next use the same excuse he has been using since Shatner and Nimoy first called him an asshole 50 years ago by blaming his time in the internment camp, was a loud defender of gay marriage.

    Another words it gives the Republican party scalps. Democrats should not have moral hypocrites like Weiner or Takei. This has cost the election and got Trump elected.

    • Greg Rambol

      I think you meant Jimmy Swaggart with the prostitutes HOOD. Innocent mistake.

      • HOOD


        You are right. I was 14 or something during that scandal so it was hard for me to remember.

        The point is that we have come to regard the GOP as hypocrites whose family values preaching is a fraudulent effort to hide the fact that for common people the wages have not risen since 1970.

        When Democrats, who I always valued as being more down to earth, are exposed as moral hypocrites it negates the true purpose of the Democratic party which is to maintain a better society for the common man. This reached a nadir when Weiner got Trump elected.

  4. HOOD

    Henry Ford

    Ford actually imported Arabs instead of Jews. By the time his company was formed, New York was a crime wave of Jewish ghetto dwellers about as bad as black crime today.

    So he imported Yemeni and Lebanese immigrants. This was the beginning of the Dearborn Arab community.

    To defend Ford, he lived in a time when Irish-Catholics also faced some prejudice.

  5. Deleting this post, Hood. You repeated yourself again.

    I see you are over at Return of Kings under a different name. You are mass-posting over there (not sure if that is an issue) but you are also repeating yourself like crazy.

    Is this knee jerk reflexive nonreflective posting of yours some sort of compulsion?

    I enjoy your posts a lot, but this repeating yourself is starting to bother me.

    • HOOD



      I am amazed you can tell who I am under a different moniker.

      Robert Lindsey might have one of the highest IQ’s of anybody alive today.

      Or perhaps my OCD and my bad writing are so awful that anyone can recognize them.

      To be totally honest, Return of Kings was less tactful than you. They simply told me that my posts had “low-value”.

      So once again, I am going to conscientious of the boredom and irritation of others because I value the opinions not of myself but of those who respond to me.

      I’ve gained some genuine insights.

  6. HOOD


    The disillusionment and right-wing aspirations of ROK posters is actually quite shocking. These are people roughly the same age I was when I left the United States (Mid-20’s) and they are always going on and on about how they cannot get laid, cannot do this, cannot do that.

  7. Jason Y

    Note everything the Jews promoted was bad. For instance, they helped the Civil Rights movement.

    Anyway, about Jews controlling Hollywood and porn. Well, the old argument about “The devil made me do it.” applies here. Basically, Hollywood and porn got rich BECAUSE white people buy movies and porn. So who’s to blame here? How can we say grown adults are not responsible for their choices?

    • HOOD

      Everything the Jews promoted was bad.

      And Larry Flynt who got his start publishing Hustler in Eastern Kentucky was a saint. Hefner, a Swedish-American who used Jewish girls as sex slaves in his mansion?

      Sheen, son of an Irish Catholic and Baptist mother, was the one sodomizing the Jewish boy and giving him weed to relax his anus.

      Sheen probably also gave a load of Jewish porn stars HIV.

      Jews are prevalent in Hollywood but let’s not portray Gentiles in Hollywood as angels. Spacey for example.

      Your hardcore Alt-Right 4 Chan is going to accuse these folks of being “crypto Jews” but really “Jew” is not the poor Bronx train repairman it is referring to sneering elitists on the East or West Coast who dislike the rubes and would not want to move to Alabama.

    • HOOD

      JASON Y

      I suppose Spacey and Sheen, definitely not Jews, were forced by Jews to molest Jewish children and give them drugs. Haim’s Israeli mother gave her Zionist culprits permission to control Sheen’s actions because she want her son to die of a drug addiction.

  8. Jason Y

    Hollywood and porn are mostly a product of a spoiled prosperous America and also the drug revolution and hippies. But with Gen Y, some of them, the shit has hit the fan. They simply aren’t buying into hedonism anymore – instead, turning into Nazis. But this was all bound to happen.

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