Hollywood and Acting in General Have Been Sleazy Forever

Back in the 1950’s, your average right-thinking Christian White person thought Hollywood was a debased sleazeathon full of fags, lezzes, poofs and perverts. Here it is 2017, and we learning that the previous generation’s “bigoted” assessment was simply flat-out true.

If you study Roman history, you will learn that acting was considered to be a sleazy profession even by Roman standards. Many morally upright Romans (to the extent that there was such a thing) wanted nothing to do with the profession. Acting was thought to be full of…guess what? Fags, lezzes, poofs and perverts! How did you guess?

Fast forward to 1950’s and 2017. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Human nature is what it is. Some things are largely rooted in human nature and may show little change across time or perhaps even space.

There is nothing new under the sun.

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One response to “Hollywood and Acting in General Have Been Sleazy Forever

  1. HOOD

    True, but the 1970’s and 1980’s were a nadir in terms of sex and drugs. There was more cocaine and more orgies in the post-1960’s than in 1950 when Robert Mitchum made headlines for being busted with pot.

    People like Charlie Sheen or Corey Feldman or Corey Haim who grew in the middle of this unsurprisingly might have had the most trouble with it. If a 25 year old from Ohio goes to Hollywood, personality formed and priorities preexisting, it is a great deal different from a 12 year old growing up around drugs, sex and rock and roll.

    As an adult, over the age of 19, I was into drugs and strippers and everything else for about 10 years off and on when I turned 30 and at that time switched to living like a gay monk in order to try make money.

    But for Haim, Feldman or Sheen it was all they knew from the moment they were born. Sheen first took drugs in the Philippines at age 11 on the set of Apocalypse Now where he LIVED for three years while his Dad made the film (This is nuts to raise a kid in the Philippines on a film set).

    Haim had apparently a normal life in Canada, though not terribly well-off, until he was cast in Canadian films at age 10.

    But Feldman was born to a Playboy Playmate and some film crew guy and never new normalcy in his entire life.

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