Female – Male Heterosexual HIV Transmission: Some Myths about Men Who Supposedly Got HIV from Heterosexual Sex

Hood: Anal sex with an infected woman will result in AIDS even quicker because an infected woman’s anus is smaller than a man’s and tears easier. Male porn stars-Holmes, Darren James, Marc Wallace – all got AIDS this way.

What you mean to say is that it is difficult to get AIDS from a woman’s vagina and this may be true unless she has menstrual blood and then no it is not.

Holmes did not get HIV from anal sex with a woman. He either got it from getting fucked by guys or even better yet sharing needles, as he was a big dope shooter.

Marc Wallace was a dope shooter, and that’s how he got HIV.

Darren James case is controversial, but at any rate, he fucked a guy. The human he fucked was a pre-op tranny. By definition that is a man who thinks he is a woman and is taking some hormones to that effect.

Holmes – fucking men or needles.
Wallace – needles.
Darren James – fucking men.

The only well-documented case I know of of a man getting HIV from a woman in the US is a man who got it from his wife. But he had sex with many times over 10 years, and there were over 100 instances of penile and vaginal bleeding.

There are some cases of men getting HIV in Thailand from prostitutes. It is associated with lack of lubrication on the women’s part, significant bleeding, and an HIV subtype that appears to transmit easier female -> male. The vaginal titers are quite a bit higher with that HIV subtype, which is very rare in the US. With the HIV subtype in the US, I have looked at the vaginal titers, and personally I have a hard time seeing how they are high enough to transmit the disease. Women with HIV in the US have very low HIV levels in their vaginal titers.

It’s not a matter or merely getting exposed to HIV. You can get exposed to HIV lots of times and nothing happens as long you are exposed to saliva, vaginal fluid or something with very low titers.

It’s possibly that repeated vaginal sex with a woman might give you HIV. This is one theory – that the titers are too low to transmit, but if you get dosed over and over, you eventually get enough of a dose to transmit. The virus needs a fairly high viral load to transmit. Blood has a very high viral load, but it has to right into the bloodstream.  Semen has a high viral load too because it is full of blood. But even then, it often has to go right into the bloodstream.

Hell, you can eat or drink HIV. I know that sounds insane, but gay men do it all the time. Gay men perform oral sex on HIV-positive gay men all the time. They swallow the semen (by definition they are eating or drinking HIV right there). There have been a few transmissions this way, but in general,  it is quite safe.

First of all, if you consume HIV, your saliva will kill it. And if your saliva doesn’t kill it, then your stomach acid will. That stuff kills everything. People don’t understand the meaning of blood-borne illness. The damn stuff has to get right into your bloodstream.

I did read a report on three cases of gay men who had serious allergies to where they had abrasions and minor bleeding in their throats from all the irritation. They swallowed semen, and they did indeed get HIV. It went in through the abrasions in their throats.

HIV is a difficult disease to catch!


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4 responses to “Female – Male Heterosexual HIV Transmission: Some Myths about Men Who Supposedly Got HIV from Heterosexual Sex

  1. HOOD


    Sir After Respects

    Foreign men in Thailand who get AIDS from women screw women in both orifices and ultimately contracted it from an infected industrial prostitute’s asshole. Point blank. Anal sex is one reason guys GO to prostitutes in the first place.

    I’ve known guys to die of AIDS in Asia from hetero sex. One was an English teacher in Korea from Canada whose Korean female lover was a Madam of a whorehouse catering GI’s. He’d been living with HIV for years very thin in the Philippines after being fired by the Koreans for having AIDS.

    What about anal sex with a woman who has HIV? Most males (And I presume you) have sometimes engaged in anal sex with women.

    I would estimate that perhaps 20% of women like anal sex and frequently ask males to perform but usually after vaginal penetration. Another 30% are indifferent to it and do it sometimes but like vaginal sex more (The ones doing it during their period). Another 30% of women dislike it but have engaged in it once or twice. A final 20% find it horrifying.

    Lesbians engage in anal play as well.

    So my point is if you like anal sex with women and seek out women who are willing to engage in it you are at risk.

  2. HOOD


    As if there is not going to be significant tearing of the anus from a 13 inch penis.

    If watch Holmes gay films you’ll notice however how bored his gay male partners look, as if taking a 13 inch cock up their ass was nothing.

  3. Nightowl2548

    Don’t forget that the red light districts in Thailand are full of men in women’s clothes. One of the messed up things a lot of Thai men believe is it’s not “gay” to do one of them up that ass. Another Bangkok based blogger who is straight said he was hanging with a chick at a bar that like a lot of them had a transvestite working there too. He asked the transvestite about the sexual practices of the degenerate europeans who are into that thing and the transvestite said it’s fairly routine for them to want to both top AND BOTTOM with the man in women’s clothes they hire. So there is a lot of really sick gay sex going on by men who probably are like US brothers on the down low not considering themselves “gay.” Sounds like Sheen was doing stuff like this too.

  4. TRASH 2


    I live in Bangkok half the year, and it is cheaper to fuck a Thai female prostitute in the ass (or anywhere else) than a Ladyboy.

    Ladyboys tend to go for twice the price of a Thai female – about $100 a night.

    Part of this is supply/demand. There are more women than men in Thailand, and also Ladyboys are rarer than females selling their bodies.

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