Corey Haim: Poor, Abused Straight Boy or Debauched, Gay “Hungry Bottom” from the Day One?




Was Haim an innocent victim or a debauched “bottom” by the time he was in his teens?

“Haim wanted to fool around again and Sheen acted cold and disinterested” I quote the cast member.

“Years later in his twenties Haim slept with Sheen again and then decided he was a loser” same actor.

Additionally, some deny this allegation. Haim’s mother and so on.

That is the downside of being Sheen. If somebody accuses you of sodomizing their toy poodle, people assume that you are guilty.

Most allegations concerning Sheen seem to be factual. For what it’s worth, there have long been reports that a lot of men in Hollywood play for both teams.


Geez. At age 13, Haim was already seeking out grown men for gay sex.

Pardon me, but that is not normal behavior. Normal, healthy straight boys do not seek out and try to seduce grown men for sex. Generally speaking, most boys doing that are already gay as the Ace of Spades. Now, it doesn’t necessarily make him gay either. But…years later, in his 20’s, Haim fucks Sheen again?! Huh? Ok, look, there is more going on here than some teenage sexual confusion, which as a counselor I have seen some evidence for.

Corey Haim appears to be gay. This is not some straight boy who got raped by evil, depraved homosexual men. This kid was gay from the get go.

And he was a bottom? Well, straight men and straight-leaning bisexual men do have anal sex, and some do like to be on the receiving end, but generally speaking, most straight men and even straight-leaning bi men do not engage in anal sex, as anal sex is seen as extremely faggot-type sex ,and those men do not like being seen in that light. As a matter of fact, many such men will only play the male role in gay sex as that is not seen as “not gay.” Straight men regardless of their sexual behavior have a reputation to uphold.

The more a man is into being a bottom in gay sex, the “gayer” is he is. It’s a marker for the degree and intensity of homosexuality going on in that individual. Your typical “hungry bottom” type is also a full-fledged queen, as this behavior is also associated with effeminacy. The more one engages in this behavior, in general the more effeminate they are. In fact, there are gay men who argue that the very act of engaging in receptive gay sex is feminizing in and of itself, and presumably the more you do it, the more queeny you get. It is also said to make one very submissive, as it is one of the most submissive sex acts out there. So the more you do this, the gayer, more effeminate, and more submissive a man tends to be. It’s a marker for all of those behaviors.

The gayer, more effeminate and more submissive a man is, the more he is going to do this behavior in the first place, and perhaps gay critics of this kind of sex are correct that the behavior is feminizing and submissivizing in and of itself. It is also thought to make you more perverted, as gay critics of anal sex say the more a man bottoms, the more perverted and slutty he becomes. So the behavior is debasing and sluttifizing also.

The fact that this boy is seducing grown men at age 13 and later turns into what is apparently a “hungry bottom” shows me that he was not some messed-up straight boy abused by some evil Hollywood gay mafia. Now the Hollywood gay mafia is pretty damn nasty (and more and more is coming out about this extremely closely-guarded secret Hollywood secret society), but this boy was simply gay from the get go.


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30 responses to “Corey Haim: Poor, Abused Straight Boy or Debauched, Gay “Hungry Bottom” from the Day One?

  1. HOOD

    Haim’s mother stated that “He did not go and ask Charlie Sheen to sleep with him”

    This indicates that Haim’s mother knew quite well that Haim was an aggressive bottom even at 13. She did not seem to be upset about the “joint” which indicates that she also knew Haim was getting high by his early teens.

    Haim did have a few relationships with girls however.

    • Moustache

      I’ve seen a lot of videos on Sheen and Haim recently. Haim bumped into him later in life greeting him. Sheen seemed to have more issues with Haim than Haim had with Sheen. Sheen told Haims mom to keep Haim the fuck away from him. It seems obvious something happened between the two. Haim probably had even bigger names than Sheen, as Feldman said they were surrounded by them. What is Hollywood but a bunch of gay jews? Haim was likely passed around by aggresive grown men. He got a lot more sexual attention than Feldman, Feldman admits this. I believe they realized how fucked up the whole scene was when they got older. The whole thing’s a cluster fuck, the mom first says her son was not molested and then later accuses the guy telling the Haim wanting to fool around with Sheen story of being the molester.

      • HOOD

        “Sheen told Haim’s Mom to keep him away”

        Probably because Haim was a destitute addict by then (Where was his Zionist support group? Jews never did anything for Haim) and Sheen was still employed and not really wanting to admit that he might have shared his crack with Haim and then exposed him to his dick-pathogens.

        “Bunch of Jew Gays”

        The noisy Hollywood left are Jewish and Asian gays mostly because they are the model minorities of the Democratic Party. Sean Penn is a liberal (And might be half Jew) but he looks like that Irish guy who’s about to swing a chair in a bar. Snoop Dogg is liberal but he looks like a crack dealer.

        Hollywood Republican loudmouths Scots-American Clint Eastwood is not a Pedo and neither is GOP grandson of Irish immigrants Chuck Norris. Stallone has sort of vacillated with the times in order to make money from the public mood of the time-first Rambo was a left-wing hippie getting hassled by redneck Sheriffs in 1981 in the last days of the seventies and then in 1985 during the Reagan Revolution he became a symbol of the Right.

        “Haim was passed around by aggressive men”

        His Dad was not that involved in preventing it.

        “Cluster Fuck”

        Old “Joey” from Friday the 13th Part V looks like a Pedo if ever there was one. I would not let him near my dog.

        Brascia was 30 years old when Haim was hanging around him at 14. Doesn’t that seem kind of odd? Sheen was 19 and it would make sense that teenagers might be around one another on a film set.

      • HOOD

        Haim was stealing from friends to get drugs at the end. Sheen could afford them. He probably just did not want a destitute junkie hanging around him, needing a fix.

  2. HOOD


    His parents were struggling Jew immigrants who divorced when he was young. He moved around Canada some as his father was a struggling salesman.

    Haim hung around Brascia (Joey from FRIDAY THE 13th Part V) a struggling horror film actor/director and by the age of 14 they were smoking pot and drinking together all the time.

    Haim did not need Charlie Sheen to lead him astray. Ultimately, the guy was going to be a drug-addicted bisexual bottom no matter what. I do not even believe that Hollywood had anything to do with it.

    • Moustache

      Jewish greed seems to translate into bottom hunger, they just can’t get enough dicks in their ass. “Wholesale Bottoms” if you will.

      • HOOD

        “I ain’t no fag!” says the macho Catholic Italian Brascia or Irish-Hispanic Sheen who believes that being gay depends on how drunk two males were and who in fact was the “top”.

        There is that Pedo Catholic thing going on as well.

        • Moustache

          Sheen is part Jew, this was revealed after he ranted about his Jewish boss. I remember during his roast one comedian said “If people could call their boss a Jew Kike and keep their job, everyone would do it.”

  3. Moustache

    Sheen seemed like a drunk that would fuck anything around the time of Lucas. A young girl that acted in Lucas claims he had sex with her, another that he gave her a french kiss that tasted like steak on her birthday. This is just one movie in Sheens youth mind you.

    • HOOD

      The various extras and crew of both sexes that Sheen sodomized probably don’t want to come forward.

      Maybe it would have been a much better movie if Lucas had fallen in love with the older girl and then Sheen sodomized both of them. Which he probably did.

  4. HOOD


    I visited Spain and Sheen looks like most Spanish dudes you’ll see-floppy dark hair and quite pallid skin, hairy eyebrows and a lantern jaw and flaring nostrils and a small thin mouth. If you look at Mexico’s latest Creole President he looks a great deal like Carlos Estevez.

    As for his mother, she is Southern Baptist. These folks are not Jews.

    Jews are Eastern Mediterranean Levant Arabs. They don’t look like Sheen.

    Sheen is pure European but mostly he looks like a Spaniard.

    • Moustache

      While I agree he could pass for pure Spanish in looks, Sheeny has stated his mother is a Jew. A conquistador with women and a Jew with little boys.

      • HOOD

        I knew Jews as a kid in Greater Detroit. These were “street Jews” and not the wealthy ones we associate with either coast. They were grimy urban people-a mix of middle-class and lower middle class.

        They looked Arab or semi-Arab. Something about their nose is Arab.

      • Jason Y

        Why would everyone with a chip on the shoulder against the white gentile world be Jewish? All sorts of people of various ethnic groups feel persecuted and aren’t Jewish. I mean, you have feminists, the disabled, gays, punks who are just being pussies, you name it.

  5. Matt

    Sorry, the law–and common decency–say that 13 year olds cannot consent to sex. I don’t care how personally depraved 13 year old Haim was, it is up to the adults to be adults. End of story.

  6. HOOD


    Sheen did not just touch Haim inappropriately or perhaps kiss him…He bent a 13 year old over and sodomized him after giving him drugs.

    Also, it is rare for a passably handsome young white male of college age to do this to a 13 year old child.

    This indicates how young Sheen was when his sexual depravity began.

    I agree about Haim.

    My feeling is that Haim was already gay or bi-sexual (He never had children or married and lived with his mother most of his life) and probably initiated the encounter with Sheen. If it occurred at all.

    But this does not excuse Sheen.

    The average 19 year old male when offered sex by a 13 year old boy is not interested. Most of us are trying to get sex from girls about our own age.

  7. Jason Y

    Haim’s obvious fag tendencies are irrelevant. The point being, Sheen, who, and this was a real heartbreaker, was not the cool straight brother type, but rather some sort of freak, had anal sex with a boy. That’s the most shocking thing I’ve heard all year.

    • HOOD

      JASON Y

      People move to Los Angeles to be able to do shocking things.

      We never knew Sheen was a depraved sex maniac who exposed 50,000 people to AIDS before he was accused of this.

  8. Jason Y

    After Sheen’s many war movies, he was the last person I’d ever suspect of being a boy molester. it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind. But I guess that’s what you call, “Judging a book by its cover.”. I mean, is there anyone in the entertainment industry not tainted with evil?

    • Moustache

      The child victims before they are sodomized.

    • HOOD

      JASON Y

      Well Swaggart kept screwing $30 an hour whores in hotel rooms.

      • Jason Y

        Religion, of course, is full of hypocrisy, but that’s not an excuse to let Hollywood off the hook.

        • HOOD

          JASON Y

          When did anyone in Hollywood pretend not to be a drug-using, orgy-participating sybaritic hedonist?

          Which Hollywood actor claims to be an alter boy?

          Not Sheen.

      • Jason Y

        Anyone would be bonkers not to see Hollywood as degenerate but a scheme is on to point out faults in religious people. But I’d have to say, percentage-wise, Hollywood is more degenerate than religious people.

        But religion might be targeting more kids – because religious people would have more access to them, religious people like priests are poor and cannot afford 100 dollar whores – so it’s no wonder – though it’s not a good thing for sure, they go after boys or girls, usually boys.

    • HOOD

      Evidence Against Sheen Having Sex With Haim

      1) Everybody who has ever screwed Sheen has come forward and none of them have been kids. Most Pedophiles do it more than once.

      2) I don’t doubt Sheen introduced Haim to drugs and was responsible for his addiction.

      3) Why would Sheen do it out in the open?

      4) Haim’s anus would have been torn from the act of being sodomized roughly like that.

  9. Jason Y

    On The Lost Boys movie, this whole thing makes it so much more funny and creepy, lol.

    Corey Haim

    You know what happens where there is no TV? There’s no MTV. 😆

    The Lost Boys? OK, the title has new meaning.

  10. HOOD

    True, this is an odd reflection in retrospect.

    • Moustache

      You strike me as a bit of a Sheen. I don’t mean in the worst way, just a milder Eastern Sheen.

      • TRASH 2


        I’ve used prostitutes in Asia as well 80% of Western males.

        There are the 10% or 20% of Westerners in Asia who are either Missionaries or too macho “to pay for it”.

        If I followed the Return of Kings guidelines I’d have never gotten sex. Never sleep with less than a “8 or 9” (Well that rules out the Iranian and most of his readers unless they are willing to drop $10,000 a night at the bars). Sleeping with MILFS is a “beta cuck” thing to do. No wonder Roosh has so many articles on how to break the porn/masturbation addiction: I’m sure its all his readers do.

        In this way I’m like Charlie Sheen. However, I do not sodomize Jewish twinks. I’m somewhat skeptical that Sheen did anyhow. Like a typical piece of shit college-age druggie he might have turned a prepubescent on to pot. However, the sodomy part I’m skeptical about anyhow.

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