Charlie Sheen, Gay or Straight?


Was Charlie Sheen’s most vile and debased activities centered around female prostitutes and porn starts?

Is this really how he caught HIV?

Or was there gay sex as well?

Long before reports that he sodomized born-to-be-a-bottom Haim and shared a joint with him when he was 19 or 20 and Haim was barely a teenager, his bisexuality was publicly acknowledged.

Had Sheen been secretly gay and, like many gays, fond of anal sex with children?

Charlie Sheen probably did not get HIV from the countless women that he had sex with. Charlie Sheen is what we call a sex addict. We have a Canadian woman commenter on here who is an excellent judge of male and female sexuality. She has remarked that many male sex addicts are bisexual. This is not because they are gay but it is instead because the more of a sex maniac/sex addict you are, the more you “fuck anything that moves.” Also being a sex addict lines up with being a pervert. Sex perverts try anything sexual. If it’s sexual, they try it. 2/3 of male straight porn stars have had gay sex. This is not because they are gay – crossover stars from gay porn are almost nonexistent in the straight porn industry whereas the other way around is more common. This is simply because they are perverts! Perverts will try anything sexual and I do mean anything!

It seems that Charlie Sheen, while being overwhelmingly heterosexual, also has some dramatically lesser gay interests. But he is such a sex addict that even a minor gay interest adds up to quite a bit of sex. So while he had sex with 5,000 women, he may have had sex with ~50 men. This means that 1% of his sex partners were via gay sex. So 1% of his sex being gay sex means he is gay? Please!

I do believe that Sheen caught HIV from some of the gay sex he engaged in. In particular, he is said to have enjoyed sex with shemales and quite a few of them have HIV as most are just gay men halfway transitioned to a transwoman.


This shit is so easy to figure out, man.

Charlie Sheen has FUCKED OVER 5,000 WOMEN. Ok, now I happen to think he deserves an Academy Award for that alone, or maybe even a Nobel Prize. Surely that gets him a star on the Boulevard. Sheen is one of the biggest studs that ever lived! I want your autograph, Charlie!

Ok, so he is apparently bi. Now I never knew this about him because I was being tossed about the 5,000 Women Hurricane.

Now, look, this is how you figure out sexual orientation. It’s really quite simple. You just do the math. Also you use your intuition. Shut off your logic. Logic causes nothing but trouble. Nothing has sunken more arguments than logic. I call it “the logic trap” because I have found that the “pure logic” types are some of the worst thinkers of all and they consistently come up with the wrongest answers the most frequently.

Now look. Most bisexual men are what we call leaners. And almost all men who are attracted to both genders (36% of all men – over 1/3!) lean straight. Fully 31 of that 36% of bisexual men lean straight. That means 80% of men who are attracted to both genders lean straight. So 80% of “bi” men are mostly straight. Only a small minority – 4 out of the 36 or 11% – of “bisexual” men lean gay.

Looking at Charlie Sheen’s life history, he may well be bisexual, but it looks like he leans very heavily straight. First of all, I can tell you flat out that no gay men in the history of the universe would ever fuck 5,000 women. It just would never happen. Most of them could barely fuck five women without vomiting in sheer disgust.

When looking at sexual orientation, you look at the general thrust of the man’s life. In this case, the overwhelming thrust of his sex life has been heterosexual. Yes, he does seem to have some homosexual interest, but that seems to be quite minor in relation to the way he has lived is life, which is as one of the most notorious pussyhounds that ever lived.

What is interesting is that what gay interest he has seems to be centered on underage men. Now the least masculine males – the males who look most like females – are boys. No male is more like a woman than boy and the younger the boy, the more womanly he is. So the fact that the only males he seems to be interested in are the very young ones (who resemble women the most) once again points to a mostly heterosexual orientation.

N. B. I have heard that some straight male child molesters will go after a boy but they would never touch a man. This was said to be because young boys are almost girlish.


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9 responses to “Charlie Sheen, Gay or Straight?

  1. HOOD



    It says something about a man’s sex addiction that he has sex with a 13 year old boy in the middle of his lunch break out in the open.

    LUCAS XXX Lucas falls in love with girl who falls in love with Sheen. Sheen then sodomizes both of them after sharing his drugs before moving on to the director, producer…well, you see what I mean.

    Sheen was so depraved that it was kind of joke, really. Next we will hear that he was trying to have his way with a trash bin liner outside a bar after a heavy drinking session.

    The man’s sex mania (Satyriasis?) was just almost amusing.

    • Pussy Shaming

      It’s no laughing matter, though, as such abuse is unforgivable and never recovered from or forgotten. I mean, a lot of boys will hate you eternally for simply parking in front of a porn shop. They end up turning into Nazis to get even with you, lol.

  2. HOOD



    Was Haim an innocent victim or a debauched “bottom” by the time he was in his teens?

    “Haim wanted to fool around again and Sheen acted cold and disinterested” I quote the cast member.

    “Years later in his twenties Haim slept with Sheen again and then decided he was a loser” same actor.

    Additionally, some deny this allegation. Haim’s mother and so on.

    That is the downside of being Sheen. If somebody accuses you of sodomizing their toy poodle, people assume that you are guilty.

  3. Greg Rambo

    Check “The Myth of Heterosexual AIDS” by Michael Fumento. It’s almost impossible to acquire the AIDS virus minus homosexual relations.

  4. HOOD

    Anal sex with an infected woman will result in AIDS even quicker because an infected woman’s anus is smaller than a man’s and tears easier. Male porn stars-Holmes, Darren James, Marc Wallace-all got AIDS this way.

    What you mean to say is that it is difficult to get AIDS from a woman’s vagina and this may be true unless she has menstrual blood and then no it is not.

    • Greg Rambo

      John Holmes did not acquire AIDS because he was having anal sex with women. He contracted AIDS because he was doing crossover pornography, gay ; anally-orally with males, as well as straight vaginal sex with women.

  5. HOOD


    You make a good point that was conveyed in BOOGIE NIGHTS at the beginning when Wahlberg was already having gay sex at 17 in nightclubs for $10 and having sex with a teen girlfriend at the same time. Later he goes back to having sex in parked cars.

    Holmes was “gay-for-pay”, true. After he had AIDS he went to Europe and did a few more straight porn films. And by all accounts he would do anybody who had crack cocaine, his drug of choice.

    Most porn stars get AIDS from anal sex with infected female stars. It is anal sex, not the gender, that is the cause of the infection.

    If you had vaginal sex with 1000 infected women you might never get it. If you had ANAL sex with 1 infected woman, you probably would.

    Furthermore, I tend to think that having vaginal sex with a woman on her period or right after is a direct mainline to AIDS.

  6. Pussy Shaming

    In another post about gays, I was saying the same thing – a lot of gays are simply perverted, but maybe you really mean bisexuals.

  7. Pussy Shaming

    I’m thinking this is really Elton John’s or Freddie Mercury’s problem. They’re simply rich with access to a lot of sex, so they’ve become massively depraved.

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