Orgasm Addicts

Women are masturbating like crazy for some time now, a good decade I would say, and maybe even longer. I’d call it a fad, but I’m afraid it’s more accurate to say it’s here to stay. Generally they are almost all capable of orgasm, and they usually reach orgasm when they masturbate.

I knew one wife in a sexless marriage where it was the husband who was not having sex (mostly for physical reasons) who rediscovered the joys of masturbation. She was in her 40’s and she was in a sexless marriage. She told me she was doing it 7-10 X/week. That’s about in line with most single women I have known.

If there’s no man around, most single women nowadays aged 27-50 are masturbating just about every day. Some maniacs are even doing it 3-4 X/day. I have had female friends in their 20’s who sometimes did it off and on all day if they have the day off or all night if they don’t have to get up in the morning. I knew a woman who had a driving job, and she used to go to abandoned parking lots between calls and rub herself off in her car in broad daylight. I would be texting one of my woman friends, and she would say, “Excuse me, I have to go masturbate. Be back in a bit.” I would chuckle, and then 30 minutes later I would get another text, “Damn that felt good!”

A lot of them stop or slow way down after menopause when the female sex drive often goes belly up but I had a date with a 58 year old woman recently who told me she masturbated pretty much whenever she felt like it.

Even teenage girls are doing this. I had an 18 year old girlfriend several years ago who told me when I met her that she did it every day.

How do I know all of these gruesome details? Women told me!

And then of course there was my infamous survey of young teenage girls posting on teenage girl chatrooms about their masturbation habits. I do a lot of research on sexology, mostly around sexual orientation. I think there is me and a gay clinical psychologist (who I have tremendous respect for, as he is actually doing good science), and we are the only people in the country actually studying this issue. The question about the causes of sexual orientation has been taken over by science-allergic Gay Lobby and Cultural Left types who are are mostly obfuscating the issue, lying like mad, and flooding it with gay propaganda like they always do.

I was looking at teenage girls’ bulletin boards to try to get some data on the onset of some puberty milestones and menarche these days, as there are a lot of reports that the age of puberty is going down. I also wanted to find the age at which the female sex drive came on, as there is almost no data about this, shamefully. I was reading through their responses and tallying them up. It happened that on a lot of these boards, the girls were discussing masturbation, so I thought, the Hell with it, might as well tally this up too. I read through their responses and tallied them up just like the other figures I was researching.

The figures really shocked me. ~70% of girls aged 13-15 reported that they were masturbating to orgasm every day or almost every day.

Even more stunning was that ~7% of 13-15 year old girls were masturbating with their own sisters! What!? They were either each doing it on their own next to each other or they were actually having sex with each other to get each other off. Apparently none of them were lesbians. I had no idea there was this much incest between sisters. Parents have no idea what their kids get up to.

Once females figure out how to have that orgasm, a lot of them are addicts.

When I meet a single woman now as part of dating or pre-dating, I usually don’t even bother to ask if she masturbates because I figure they all do.

I also have to ask questions about masturbation sometimes with my female counseling clients (and of my male counseling clients too for that matter), particularly when we are dealing with sexual themes. I would love to not have to ask questions about this, but when they come to me with sexual themes that they are going through, it’s a necessary part of the process, and a large part of my practice involves people dealing with sexual stuff. Almost all (90%) of my female counseling clients masturbate, even the married women. I must add that a few don’t though. Even women from very conservative cultures such as Pakistani Muslim women say they do it.

I remember when I was growing up, girls and women never discussed this subject. Either they weren’t doing it, or they were doing it and not talking about it. There was this idea that it was a shameful subject. It was not uncommon to have a girlfriend who said she didn’t do it. I can’t remember one girl or woman that I dated who told me that they masturbated.

I also remember a lot of discussions about women who could not reach orgasm during sex, and I had girlfriends who never got off or even more frequently, were not sure if they reached orgasm, whatever the Hell that means. Surveys routinely found that 25-30% of women were anorgasmic, that is apparently they had never had an orgasm in their lives. Nobody talks about women who can’t reach orgasm anymore. They’re all masturbating like forest shrews on speed, and once they figure out how to get that orgasm, they can usually give themselves one anytime they feel like it.

It’s like something has changed. There are theories of early sexualization that state that teenage girls nowadays are undergoing early and profound sexualization due to a variety of things, but the availability of Internet porn seemed to be the main factor. There was a documentary about this a few years ago. I forget the name of it. The lead character is a 12-year-old girl, and in my opinion, she is far too sexualized for her age. It’s quite shocking.

There are also reports that girls who get molested when they are little girls experienced an increased sex drive, sometimes said to be up to 3-5X higher, when their sex drive comes on at puberty. It’s as if the early molestation “primes” them for the real thing.

Good God, we are raising whole generations of female masturbation addicts!


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21 responses to “Orgasm Addicts

  1. Lin

    As I said before,most of the more militant gays were converted to homosexuality ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ fashion after the first prostate orgasm triggered hormonal change; much like the first dose of heroin made a drug addict.

    • HOOD


      If this is true why do men scream in prison when they are raped?

      Few male prison rape victims emerge homosexual. Most of them simply do not want to return to prison.

      There may be a few women and men who find anal sex enjoyable but anybody who has had diarrhea knows how painful that is and I do not believe that being raped up your ass will result in a mind-blowing orgasm.

      Perhaps you have more experience in this department than I do.

      • Lin

        I’m not saying all rape victims turn nymphomaniac, but I suspect a major % of queers were converted prostate fashion. T. E. Lawrence, if I remember right, said he was ashamed of the rape not exactly because of the humiliation, but he actually enjoyed the ASStasy. I’m quite sure Lawrence screamed quite loud when he was raped. Another interesting phenomena are the Hijras (eunuchs) of India. Their number one profession is buttal prostitution. The prostate gland remains an integral part of the male anatomy, even sex change/neutering wouldn’t require its removal.

      • Lin

        Trash, I’ no queer.

        Actually your argument confirmed my claim:

        — The human rectum has thin fragile inner lining and is not abrasion resistant: (that why the initial sensation of being butt-raped without lubricant is pain), but yet the homos are so butt-obsessive. The average hetero females don’t have their butts fisted. The only explanation is the prostate gland is a great source of orgasm. The only way for the great majority of queers to have that triggered is getting assfucked once.

        Two interesting happening:

        — I’ve a Honour B.Sc. in math from U. of Windsor. One of the professors (name withheld) was gay, and according to what I heard once during one of his classes he tried to put his fist inside his mouth. Not sure if he was trying to demo some math principles or just his cavity volume.

        — I kept a neutered cat some years ago. I once tapped its spine near its tail, and amazingly it meowed in great ecstasy, and if I stopped, it meowed even louder to protest. A biology major friend then told me the cat was enjoying a prostate orgasm.

        • HOOD



          I was not that impressed with Ontario whites, to be honest.

          Nor do I find that Asians are terribly impressed with Ontario.

  2. HOOD

    ROBERT ?

    Masturbation Substitute

    Have you ever had one of those relationships with a woman where she was emotionally dependent on you or whatever and in return she gave you a blowjob when you saw her.

    It was sort of understood by both of you that this was a substitute for masturbation on the part of the male. After the first few times it was unceremonious and she would suck you off as fast as she could.

    There are certain guys, and I have been one of them, who are involved with a woman who basically acts like “instead of having to jerk off I will simply give you a perfunctory blowjob every day”.

  3. HOOD

    ROBERT Your Experience

    You had that 80’s California virility to you. I’m sure women were hot for you.

    Did you ever have a female friend who liked you and basically gave you a perfunctory blowjob every time you hung out.

    It was not that she was horny or really wanted sex but she was just like “look were friends so instead of having to jerk off I will just suck you off.”

    There is eventually a real grim unromantic aspect to this. It is literally a job for her and eventually she just sucks you off as fast as she can to get it over with.

    You must have met a woman at least once who liked your company but was not really that into sex that just basically said in so many actions “I’ll suck your cock every day”.

    • Actually no. None of my girlfriends have given very good head lol. I always get off by fucking or sometimes getting jerked off. I have had a few women who gave great blowjobs, but they were more like transient pickups, not really girlfriends. I like to fuck lol. Of course a good blowjob is a great thing, but in my life I have found that the women out there who know how to do it really well are not that common. Most women give lousy head.

      I had a friend who liked blowjobs so much he had even called up fags from those ads in the sex papers. Some gay men put ads in those papers, “Looking for straight men to suck off. No questions asked.” He said you called them, went over there, and the guy sucked your cock just like that. You just lie back on the bed, close your eyes and pretend the fag is a some hot pornstar instead. He also liked to patronize prostitutes, who he also said gave good head. One time he told me, “The only people who give good head are fags and whores.” That stuck with me lol.

      He also told me that those gay men told him they had LOTS of business from straight guys who just wanted a blowjob no questions asked for free too while you’re at it. A lot of straight guys will have gay sex as long as they play the male role. In fact, in a lot of societies, it’s not even considered gay if you do it like that.

      • HOOD


        Regardless of the type of sex I am sure that you had mistresses who knew you were not really into them and that they were basically a sex toy.

        That is basically what a mistress is and I am sure you had mistresses on the side of your regular girlfriends.

  4. HOOD


    Canadian colleges are a hotbed of liberalism and you will meet gays. I know because I took a post-graduate course at Ontario (Michigan being a border state) Guelph university and Guelph was the equivalent of Berkley. Many straight males bought their grades at Guelph in Ontario by having sex with male professors. No surprise there.

    The average white or black woman will try anal sex once or twice in her life. Some do it regularly. I am careful to say black or white because in my opinion (East) Asians of both sexes have far fewer partners (Except for sex workers) than Caucasians or Blacks which is why STD’s are lower among Asians.

    In all my time with Asian women only one, an alcoholic Filipino nurse named Lisa, was enthusiastic about anal sex. And Filipinos are not real Asians-they are a Malay/Polynesian/Hispanic fusion.

    Chinese women during the act of normal vaginal sex (With a white male at least who is 7 inches or around the white average) ACT as if they are being fisted. Their vaginas are so comparatively small that it is painful enough for many Chinese women to have regular sex with a white male. So I cannot imagine they would enjoy anal sex. This seems to be the territory of white or black females.

    Arab women and Mediterranean women are more enthusiastic about anal sex and I noted with one Spanish woman that I engaged in anal sex with that her anus was looser than her vagina.

    At 43 I wandered the planet for a decade having recreational sex until being married at 40 to a Laos national from the Chinese community.

    I am not sure that even many gay men are into fisting. But I wouldn’t know. Perhaps they all do.

    • Gay men and scat sex.

      I like anything that is extremely sick and fucked up. That doesn’t mean I am into it or I get off on it or do it or even want to do it. But sometimes I like to check out sexual stuff that is about as sick as fucked up as it gets just because I am a morbid, fucked up person. So the very few gay porn clips I have seen were where fags took a shit in some other fag’s mouth and he would eat it or on his face and he would wallow in it not because I liked it but because that’s as fucked up as it gets lol. I alternated between being grossed out and laughing my ass off watching those fags shitting in other fags’ mouths or faces lol. It’s so damn gross it’s actually sort of hilarious.

      I think gay men are really into scat. Gay men are 1.5% of the population, but 50% of scat porn is gay. Most straight scat porn is dominant slavemaster women taking shits in the mouths and on the faces of extremely submissive idiot slave men. It’s fucked up, and I have never even watched a video like that. I don’t like to see the pussiest straight men on Earth being abused by diabolically evil domineering women. Regular women are aggressive and domineering enough. These dom bitches seem like something straight out of Hell.

      • HOOD



        Sheen and now Takei seem to summarize the male aggression in gay sex-it is not something that the inserter does with his partner, but rather TO them. The insertion male is dominant (6 years older like Sheen) and the receiver is more of a victim. In fact the term “bottom” has all sorts of degrading meaning.

        This makes a good deal of sense because the anus is not like the vagina where it has been designed to synchronize (As in grip a penis during a vaginal orgasm or lubricate) and ultimately the sex act is essentially a violating of one that pushes another body part past its function (Of course most heteros do anal sex once or twice).

        As not to double post I’ll predict the following:

        Shatner, who has hated Takei for half of a century and is a narcissistic attention whore even in his 80’s, will come forward and gleefully disclose the number of extras or bit-actors whose anuses Takei reamed out.

        Takei will have the typical Dahmer MO of drugging and then violently sodomizing his male victims in an act of prison cell type sexual violence.

        Takei will then blame his experiences in a Japanese-American internment camp.

  5. HOOD

    “The human anus has a thin wall”

    This is why some (Perhaps 20%) of women like anal sex, as their G spot is located between their vagina and anus. There must be some reason why some women as well as men enjoy anal sex. So I am not arguing with you.

    “Not abrasion-resistant”

    That is why 80% (well whatever) of gay men and sometimes straight people in porn (where anal is common) die of AIDS.

    • Look Hood, I am going to start deleting posts and editing posts every time you repeat yourself. You really need to stop repeating yourself. You have a lot of interesting things to say, but you only need to say them once. If you already said something, there’s no need to repeat it.

  6. HOOD



    “Return of Kings” told me the same thing. In fact they e mailed me and told me that devalue their blog.

    You are both right and I apologize. I bore others with tales of a misspent youth (More of the prime of my life, when I face up to it) that amounted to nothing but a few self-revelations.

    In some needy and pathetic way I seek some opinion or insight from others as a proxy authority.

    Finally, in retrospect I realize that while I had a career of sorts (Still do, sort of) what I really amounted to was nothing more than a seedy drifter-seduce misguided lonely women who think find transience mysterious and romantic, engage in acrimonious feuds with landlords, provoke local lowlifes into running me out of town, lose all sense of moral responsibility.

    And now, in early middle age, I am no longer able to do this. I’m married to an Asian woman who knows nothing of my past and does not care and I have always brushed off the stuff that I reflect upon late at night. What money I have made (and it is not a great deal) is now spent on a small bungalow where I sit in a jungle village all day.

    The blog also amounts to therapy. Take the FIRST BLOOD situation where Rambo is harassed in a small town just for passing through. If you are from the Rustbelt like Detroit unless you have a million dollars (And I was never a homeless drifter like Rambo) you will have a few situations like that. You can stay on welfare or hit the road and hope somewhere, anywhere, is better. Mine experiences were not even in America, but in places where you are really in shit if somebody is provoked by you.

    In middle life a person who has lived their entire adult life overseas takes some stock in their situation. My college acquaintances own houses, have kids, are going skiing in Colorado. I took the easy way out and when I saw that George Bush was elected when I was 26 I said “Screw this, I’ll sit out things in Dubai (And later Canada) until the economy and national mood gets better”. Then I returned to the US for a week in 2007 and said “Screw this, I’ll come back in 5 years when Obama fixes things.” I waited and waited for things to get better in the US and then one day I was forty and realized that things had been going downhill since the year 2000.

    So I am trapped in time. One thing I pick up from 4Chan or ROK is how different Generation Y or Z or W are from Boomers or Generation X. I cannot even relate to them. Their attitudes seem to be a furious right-wing reaction to everything people born in the early 70’s were responsible for: electing Obama (Or not electing Gore); legalizing marijuana; internet porn turning them into masturbation addicts; living at home when they are 25 (Most of the real anger seems to be from people born when I was in my mid-teens circa 1990 or so); the complete Cold War between the sexes and so on and so forth.

    “Fuck me” says the poor man’s globalist who hung around overseas into early middle age. “Things changed. Last time I was in the states we were upset over an affair in the White House.”

    So without any real connection I reach out to blogs.

  7. Didn’t baby boomers have the most sex and the most sexual partners, followed by generation x, and then millennials? I don’t think women have become more sexual in the last decade.

    • HOOD

      CRUSH “Assuming Blame”

      Gen X males probably infused a bit of bitterness in girls back then who then had babies in 1995 at the age of 25 or 30 and now these young women have been raised with this bitterness.

    • HOOD


      If you were not born in 1970’s or previous you have no idea the panic of AIDS. When a person got AIDS in 1985, that was it. They were dead in a 2 years. Today people live with it like Diabetes.

      People thought you could get it as easily from kissing a woman as having sex with a gay man.

      So sex dwindled in popularity immediately after 1985 when Rock Hudson and Ryan White and Paul Michael Glaser’s wife and son contracted HIV and the suddenly the disease was in the public eye.

      That was the end of the Sexual Revolution.

    • HOOD

      crush liberty

      The reason Gen Y men do not get as much sex is that they act like gays. There is no masculinity or asshole quality to them that truly moistens a woman’s vagina. Gen Y has to hang around Women’s protests in hopes of getting sex.

      If you watch old Gen X slacker anti-heroes of yesteryear (Ethan Hawke, Ewan MacGregor) they were assholes. Gen X women liked them. In 1995 the top stud sat in coffee shops looking bored and cynical of everything around him. Or he was a junkie.

      This all seemed passe after 9-11 and Bush and the bust and all the rest of it.

  8. HOOD

    GEN X had more sex for the following reasons:

    1) To be a porn addict before 1997 or so you had to visit sex shops to buy really hardcore magazines and videos. Then you had to keep them hidden in a drawer. In order to beat off you had to have a VCR, an empty living room and a television. Or you could watch loops in a sex store in a “booth”. Internet porn was not around really. In those days magazines that were “hardcore” were located in the ghetto red light area.

    2) A man who haunted sleazy porn stores was really looked down on and porn itself was regarding as a way for the Italian mafia to make money exploiting coke whores and white trailer trash. In the VCR era porn was run by the mafia.

    3) Most young women despised porn even if they were complete sluts. If a young man was known to be a viewer of porn it went around school or college and he was ostracized. Frat houses had a rule that people who looked at porn in the main area could be thrown out.

    4) Gen X moved from home at 18 or 19. There were very few people at the age of 19 who lived in their parents house. Gen Y or W or whatever cannot seem to get a job as easily and so people who are 23 or 25 or even 30 live in their parent’s basement.

    5) There was not quite the same degree of Feminist rage. It was limited mostly to Lesbians and on-campus radicals. Most 17 or 18 year old girls liked having sex with males.

    6) Female bisexuality was frowned upon as disgusting. Young women who sought some sexual release had to do it with young males.

    7) Prostitutes were cheaper. In 1995 buying a brand-new videotape and hiring a prostitute to perform oral sex in a car both cost $25. This was at the height of the crack cocaine epidemic when every city was full of crack whores.

    8) Of course the Boomers had more sex. They were hippies.

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