Political Lean of Ethnic Whites in the US

Italian-Americans tend to lean Republican nowadays. So do French-Americans, Greek Americans, and Irish-Americans for that matter. Polish-Americans are 50-50, but they went for Trump. Greeks, Italians, Poles and the Irish were Democrats for a very long time in this country. I don’t have figures on any other groups.

Frankly, most if not all White ethnicities have been voting Republican for some time now in the US. This has been happening ever since the Reagan Democrats.


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3 responses to “Political Lean of Ethnic Whites in the US

  1. HOOD


    Organized labor unions were important to white ethnics in the Northeast/Upper Midwest. I cannot really speak for the West Coast because it was always on the porous border of a Third World country so if the Italians got Bolshy in wine country you just hired Mexicans.

    Polish-Catholics in Detroit, a significant group, were Democrats but rabid anti-Communists for obvious reasons.

    Germans and Scandinavians who first came to the Midwest were often Socialists kicked out of these countries (Like Myrdal who went to Minnesota). Remember that blacks did not come North until the 1930’s (Neither did the Appalachians) and with a population of Northern European Protestants it made sense to see society as a family when everyone is racially homogeneous.

    Nowhere did the mafia degrade the Union worse than in Detroit. They killed Hoffa not far from my house. The mafia never profited from drugs or loan sharking in Detroit. It was all Auto Union stuff.

    Blacks and Detroit white ethnics had an uneasy truce. The latter regarded Republicans as old money WASPS who controlled the means of production and therefore would keep wages down. Most white ethnics could not afford to be small businessman much less industrialists so deregulation and lower taxes on businesses were a joke.

    Reagan was especially hated in Detroit. Unionists threw rocks at him in Detroit and his visit was curtailed. It is funny that only 30 years ago no white ethnic “prole” would have ever voted for a Republican.

    This was the case with Bill Clinton and during the Clinton years things did improve somewhat.

  2. HOOD

    Reagan was hated in Michigan. Hated. Unions threw rocks at him during his 1980 visit. I was six but I remember this.

    Labor unions are a joke now (And maybe in California always were with Latino immigration) but at one time they were important to white ethnics and Democrats tended to back them.

    Republicans were seen in Detroit as Old Money WASPS who controlled the means of production.

  3. Frito Pedejo

    Ever since the Demos started to pander more to racial minorities & cultural left types, even @ the point of being neglectful of he meat & potatoes issues ethnic whites had always supported the democratic party for.

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