Alt Left: One of My Heroes

ac7kgfr56cfyWho is this man and what is he known for? What did he do and what happened to him?


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  1. Rambo

    The man overthrown by Agusto Pinochet, S.A. (My phone won’t let me spell his name out). The Central Intelligence Agency wouldn’t tolerate a Marxist government in Chile, so in ’73 he had to go.

  2. It is Chile’s Allende : I am very sorry to have to inform you that his election in 1970 was ordered in the framework of an American false flag of very big magnitude devised under JFK (and Henry Kissinger), and pulled off under Johnson and Nixon. The 1970 Chilean presidential election was very unexpected and also very suspect, because Allende won with only 36% (or less, according to many estimates) against a bunch of ultra-conservative candidates (all equally corrupt and obedient to American money : the main two were Alessandrini, ultra-conservative, and Tomic, Born-Again Christian Democrat of ultra-Zionist incline who refused to consider desisting to the former and used a constitutional trick to prevent a second turn under strong counsel from his network in America) that refused to desist to each other or ask for a run-off as would have been the normal case, and also owing to a weaker than average participation rate. During the whole 1960 decade, the Chilean public opinion, that had never been so leftist (they were proud to be a temperate-cold white country of mostly nordic ancestry) had been steadily drifting rightwards thanks to the general availability of new media (TV, Readers’ Digest…), except in the capital region’s popular and intellectual districts, and therefore Allende’s victory came to a surprise.

    This is the reason why you cannot compare Venezuela’s present situation, where at least 60% of the people support the Chavista regime despite its shortcomings as the only one possible (the alternative being the enemy), to the former Chilean situation under Allende, where at least 60% saw Allende as an enemy or a danger (though before 1973 it did not mean at all they were fascists or American imperialists, many were Christian Democrats and rather compared themselves to their European nationalistic counterparts). And therefore you cannot conclude, as many intellectuals gleefully repeat, that Venezuela is about to endure the same process of forcible re-Americanization as Chile. The only thing relatively comparable to what Venezuela is now was then Vietnam, and the US pitifully lost it. If they want to topple Venezuela they are due for an even more painful adventure, because Venezuela’s left-wing flag is not false.

    Another less known fact about Chile is that the populist-conservative elements there were so conservative that they found Nixon’s America way too progressive as a source of influence in the world, especially since the Civic Rights and Hippie movements : they rather championed South Africa and Franco’s Spain. Most Chilean conservatives were against both Christian Democrats and against the UP not even because they did not believe in the latter social projects but because they felt they were of enemy blood, those self-style nordics wouldn’t share any resource with latins or worse still latin-indian mestizos for biological reasons. That is very different from the present situation where most of the opposition to the Chavistas claims to be modernistic and multi-cultural and dreams of migrating to the North-Eastern American cities, equally unsympathetic though I find the latter.

    Even Allende’s conduct before winning the election of 1970 and thereafter seems to have been staged as he neglected to take many measures that would have prevented the catastrophe that was to follow, the few levers he had in his hands he just did not pull, to the point friendly people said he was being bewitched into aporia. Graver still : Allende nominated with utmost care and detail the whole military cabinet, including Pinochet he seemed to like, that was to topple his government, and failed to change it the least as it had already attempted a putsch during the summer preceding the coup. Other disquieting sign : the numerous concentration camps that the Pinochet regime was about to fill with leftists and other opponents were being built by the military by presidential executive orders from 1971 onwards, they were so evident that everybody interpreted their construction as the proof the OP government was planning to go full Stalin or full Castro.

    A simpler explanation to me than bewitchment by CIA psychics (though they did exist : but the Soviets also had theirs) is that a false flag was being carried out by his own political formation, the Socialist Party, a very vocally radical and rather Trotskyte left party ruled by a Masonic lodge Allende was himself at a quite high rank in, but regrouping only a tiny fraction of the whole UP’s electoral basis. Those Trotskytes within Allende’s party were known to have deep mutual respect with their American counterparts, even though the latter were already turning neocon. The Masonic lodge he was part of in Chile, though know as left-wing in Chile, has always been considered as conservative (though rabidly anti-Christian) in France. The only doubt I have is as to Allende’s being fully conscious of his role as a stooge or only so partially as to fancy himself as more talented than his pals and in position to be a grand head of state up to the fag end where he just couldn’t stand the suddenly evident truth and committed suicide. Since I generally don’t fall for too many suicide stories, my opinion is that he was quite fully conscious and cynical but was killed as he hoped to take refuge among his protectors in the US and head a diaspora there, as many others did in the same government and as many like former progressive political people did in Haiti after Duvalier’s coup : nearly all these so-called progressive politicians forming diasporas are bought and whenever after fifteen years or so of American-sponsored fascism they come back in their country they manage to do even worse, like Blair after Thatcher, whereas most lesser members of those left-wing diasporas from Chile or Haiti were known to turn neoliberal after very few years.

    Make no mistake about it : America is an Empire that allows for nobody under its sway to oppose without having first a vilain’s image to all (including their own kind) and whenever somebody seems to have been a tragic hero of some moral value, even to his own partisans alone, he is bought and plays a part. That is especially the case with JFK, who actually knew no other method of government than pulling off false flags (and which is most suspected for having ordered to fake the moon landing of a man before the decade’s end for want of real technical means to make it : the only problem at winning at that game is that the best insurance against leaks is achieved by killing your own person once you have done your job) and also with MLK (who had no moral qualities and was suppressed once he had outlived his purpose as the founding figurehead of the political correctness to come).

    We all know that Chile was one of the first laboratories of the Chicago School’s neoliberal economic doctrine, Begin’s Israel to be the second one, Thatcher’s Britain the third, to be closely followed by Reagan’s America as a lemmings’ masochistic progression that was to engulf the world, which is an indication that the process Chile happened to be subject to went far beyond the mere material interests of Americans and others at stake in Chile. Unfortunately, they had taken no risk : as is far less known, they had chosen a country with an already worse state (outside the limited region that was to support the UP government : that is a big trap thanks to which the left forces are regularly done for in the world : giving them the impression they are the whole country for a certain time while they are actually the exception being corralled and studied like laboratory animals : in that absurd serpentine country of Chile where the communication with the South is even more costly from Santiago than with Paris or Havana that was very easy to achieve) of political consciousness than the ideological horror they were about to manufacture and sell there for the first time.

    The distance of Chile with the rest of the world and the cost of the mere trip there as well as of the trip from Santiago to the far North or the far South made real investigative journalism far scarcer and the general public easier to deceive or misinform. Very few, especially among the Western Marxist intelligentsia, had the practical means of a reality check of their views. Marxists could be fed directly by CIA spies as to the presence of a classical class war there, whereas more than 66% of the general people were subject to a kind of mind control we know of here only since the 9-11. One thing little known is that however horrible the military regime was it did enjoy popular support not only during the coup but up to the late eighties, as was proven by a few referendums that were taken, and Pinochet’s recourse to the tool of direct democracy for the approval of his nastiest policies against the poor (like Reagan also did in California) : Pinochet’s theory of what he called “totalitarian democracy” was that people, when summoned in groups in big areas like stadiums, always resented against the 10% less successful rather than against the 10% more successful thanks to a biologically ingrained phenomenon (he heeded many people of the then infamous school of sociobiology as well as of Friedmanian economics : the original neoliberal project comprised one third Chicago school of economics, one third neo-darwinian sociobiology, and one third modern religious fundamentalism). Chile from the 11 September 1973 onwards instantly turned into a kind of open-air Southern-style lynch mob calling for ever more televised public executions of intellectuals and opponents (preferably in stadiums and sports halls on the ancient Roman model inherited through corrida shows) through the voice of Alex-Jones-like animators. For left-minded people who had lived up to then in the self-contained European-like subculture of urban Santiago (which had been quite interesting in many respects, though it comprised far more intellectuals and would-be middle-class professionals than workers proper than according to the classical marxist discourse they were so fond of : real menial workers, however miserable like those of the southern Islands or privileged like those working in the copper mines, tended to be hyper-individualistic and resent against social programs to the lazy rather than corporate profits), it came a supernatural damning judgement, a Halloween night of horror, to the point most grew so desperate that they wanted to emigrate for good. It was not so much the military proper’s violence and repression, which would have normally resulted into a protracted guerilla warfare, that the realization the country they had believed in no longer existed if it had ever. Even among those who were critical of Pinochet, there were many backers of General Leigh who called for a continuing war of extermination of all left-wing personalities on a facial interpretation basis, and the installation of a fundamentalist religious state as a Protestant version of the then much-discussed Iranian model.

    The Venezuelan social conflict has nothing to do with the Chilean situation. Most of the marxist doctrine the left-wing Chileans had been subject to was overly academic and imported, and more tailored to the European intellectuals’s taste among the readers about the situation than to the locals’ (after all these European intellectuals were the prime target of the American offensive). That of Chavez, rather arbitrarily called called Bolivarianismo, is a pure grass roots product, so grass roots that all formerly marxist European intellectuals writing for so-called progressive reviews puke it instinctively as a kind of right-wing populism directed against them. Trump will most probably attack Venezuela boots on the ground when all other means to subdue it have failed (and all other means to secure his presidential job in front of his home accusers have failed) and the American defeat resulting, most probably in front of the Chinese who need the oil more badly, will terminate America’s status as a world super-power once for all. Chile as a faked thing was an opening parenthesis of American imperialism in Latin America, Venezuela as a real thing is a closing one. Allende’s thing lasted three years. Chavez’s more than twenty as far as I count.

  3. Jason Y

    Radio commentator Michael Savage’s comments about bums in San Fran avoiding a job and Cuba and Venezuela (and Chile) needing a well-deserved regime change at first glance make sense. However, though, he fails to understand the amount of job competition in capitalism and the amount of oppression by companies, So what do you all say, is that stuff simply wimpy excuses given by socialists? I mean, we know there are jobs somewhere so when will the he-men go out and get one?

  4. Jacki

    Robert will you one day write a post on what is happening in Venezuela right now?

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