Alt Left: Are SJW’s Mostly Insane, Mostly Evil or Both?

Christopher: If you hate Democrats so much and you hate Republicans even more, why not just vote Green?

The fact that millions of people vote for parties while holding their noses with a clothes peg is the reason why we are in this mess.

Also SJW’s are not well-meaning. They want to destroy Western civilization just so they can look cool and rebellious. Anti-SJW’s may not always be perfect, but at least they don’t want think Western Civilization is the most homophobic, racist, least tolerant society on Earth when actually it is the best place to be an ethnic minority or gay.

Actually I do vote Green a fair amount of the time. But this last election I looked at the Green platform and decided that the Greens were seriously out of their minds. I mean talk about SJW’s! The Greens are vastly worse SJW’s than even the Democraps are.

Often if I think that the Democrap does not have a chance, say my district is very rightwing (which has been the situation almost my entire life in California, even today), then I will just vote Green because the Democrap does not stand a chance anyway. Or if the Democrap is obviously going to wipe out the Republican completely, I might vote Green. Also it depends on how crappy the Democrap is. Diane Feinstein is a rightwing monster, but I have always liked Barbara Boxer. And I really love Kamala Harris. Those are actual Democrats, not the usual Democraps. We are really growing some fine Democrats here in California.

Your extreme denunciation of SJW’s is interesting. I do not think they are evil poison selling the destruction of society. That’s what Republicans do. I think the SJW’s are just selling insanity. Instead of a dystopic horrorshow, the world the SJW’s want strikes me more as an insane asylum. Never attribute to malice what you can attribute to idiocy. And it’s best not to attribute to evil what is better seen as simply insanity. Many mentally ill people seem evil, but often they are simply insane and the insanity is what’s causing their awful behavior. Their hearts are actually decent deep down inside.


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21 responses to “Alt Left: Are SJW’s Mostly Insane, Mostly Evil or Both?

  1. Jason Y

    SJWs aren’t all the same. I mean, there could be poor hippies downtown, but the worst types live in the suburbs. They might even be sort of centrist Republicans. However, their big agenda is treating everyone like a child – mainly because they worship self-improvement – but not of the humble variety. They’re sort of like those certain Christians like the Church Lady on SNL, pointing out sins and whatnot. That’s the problem.

    Anyway, kids growing up in such an environment might become alt-right as a rebellion. Very sad, but very predictable. But the suburbanite crazies will never notice the kid has gone nuts – or admit it.

  2. Jason Y

    Things could be getting deadly soon and it may already have. If SJWs are obsessed with hating whites (especially privileged ones who can take vacations) a class enemy – then when will they just start shooting at crowds of them? Note, some people claim the Las Vegas shooting was done by anti-fas. and wouldn’t put it past them. Nonetheless, I am more likely to believe it was some Muslim attack via ISIS working from the southern Phillippine islands.

    • I HATE SJW’s! They are pure scum and I do not care if every SJW in the US dropped dead tomorrow. Actually I would throw a party. They are my enemies, my deadly enemies. I do NOT love my enemies. I HATE my enemies. I wish for nothing but misery, pestilence, injury and especially death for every one of my enemies. I won’t kill them myself, but I will definitely cheer for their deaths.

      Why in the HELL should I love my enemies? Why in the HELL should I give one tenth of one percent of a shit about what happens to my enemies? Why should I NOT wish and misery upon them. Give me ONE reason why I should hope these people stay alive.

      ONE. REASON.

      Now I will not harm an SJW, though I definitely feel like it. All they do is call me names and threaten to ruin my reputation. That’s ugly, but it’s not worth killing. The feminists and the sex fascists are another ball of wax. These cunt psychos want to put have the males and a lot of the females in the US in prison and on the sex offender list for “illegal fucking” “illegal porn looking” “illegal picture taking” and all sorts of other insane bullshit chickenshit penny ante crimes.

      Just for that right there, I feel that feminists should be shot. My attitude is line them up against the wall and shoot them. If the rest of them freak out and surrender, then the war’s over and we spare them. But we need to make an example of some of them first. I don’t think much more of conservative sex fascists. They’re trying to put half the country in prison for fucking too. I say give em bullets.

      Get the PIGS out of Americans’ sex lives!

      • Jason Y

        Power tends to corrupt. I mean, I could understand allegations for a situation involving a 2-year-old or something, but there is a self-righteous agenda being pushed.

        Yeah, and with blacks, they’re definitely committing crime, no offense, but just the truth, so conserva-fash self righteously condemns them and the left-fash self-righteously ignore their crime.

      • Jason Y

        Conserva-fash is operating under the conquer by the sword mentality. They believe this due to their interpretation of theology – and yes, of course, it leads to colonialism and other nasty stuff.

      • Jason Y

        Getting blacks to admit their crimes is impossible because the whole thing is tied up with identity politics. In other words, if any of them admit they’re criminal they’re seen as an Uncle Tom. But to be fair, I’m sure at times the LAPD etc.. has bullied the wrong people. But that’s just life. That happens in any power situation – colonial situation.

    • No antifa or Cultural Left fucktard would ever do that. They would never man a machine gun to shoot masses of White people. I really doubt if it would happen. They are just loudmouths. They threaten, dox, insult, abuse, scream a lot, and menace, but they don’t really DO much of anything. No Antifa or Cultural Left type has ever conducted a mass shooting of any type for political causes.

      Sure they hate Whites. You know who else they hate? Straight men! They HATE us! The only men they love are fags. I’m serious. Fags are way higher on the Oppression Heirarchy, so they get to get away with whatever they want. Straight cis White men are pure evil, and it is literally impossible to oppress us.

      All oppression of straight cis White men is good and proper. This is because all SJW’s are feminists and feminists HATE straight men. Some of the others are transwomen and NO ONE hates straight men more than transwomen. They’re like ultra feminazis. They hate straight men so much that they turned into women to stop from being the thing that they hate. A lot of them are stone evil and you need to be careful of them.

      I don’t really mind the gay men. I don’t think they hate us straight men. They’re trying to ruin our lives for “illegal words” and “illegal sentences” but they are not trying to stop us from fucking like the femcunts and transwomen psychos.

      And they ALL hate White men. They let Black men get away with literal murder while they want to put all us straight White men in prison forever for looking at a 17 year old girl. That’s called “illegal looking.” All these rules and laws are shit. WTF is “illegal words”? WTF is “illegal sentences”? WTF is “illegal talking”? WTF is “illegal looking?”

      Fuck all this shit man these SJW’s are basically literal fascists. They’re lined up with the Conservafash. They’re both fash really. SJW’s are really Left Fash and Conservafash are Right Fash. It’s the Feminazism that infects all SJW’s that makes them Left Fash. ALL SJW’s are ruined by Feminazism. ALL SJW “men” are “male feminists” which just means faggots and cucks to me. A “male feminist” is not a man. He’s nothing but a girl. Feminism is for bitches of both genders. No real man would ever be a feminist.

      Really the enemies of all of these authoritarian scum are ultra social libertarians like me who want to wipe 70% of laws off the face of the Earth.

      • Jason Y

        As mentioned before, the self-righteousness of the different “fash” movements (on the left and right) is what puts people off – and with the right “fash”, they’re also incredibly mean people – even beyond that.

        Anyway, I won’t comment on social libertarianism, only that “left and right fash” cannot be pushed on others without self-righteousness and hypocrisy. That’s why politics is at a dead end in the nation and I really feel pity for those growing up under or working for these psychos.

      • Jason Y

        The roots of SJWs seem to be parenting. Just like the late comedian George Carlin said, these super-parents will be the death of us all. He was right, Sure enough, SJWs want to parent the world, boss the world etc..

      • Jason Y

        SJWs also believe in conquering by the sword, in a sense. They’re basically bossy people empowered by idealism either emanating from religion or from some humanistic philosophy. OK, so global warming is something I might believe from them – but they can’t stop there. Get the point?

  3. Jason Y

    Eminem is a massive SJW – despite the macho image. Now he’s gone after Trump – the conser-fash – while bashing him by being a left fash. Anyway, I cannot agree with Eminem’s view of the world – his biased view of blacks isn’t the truth. In reality, the good blacks are the Uncle Toms, the quiet ones. Let’s be honest here. Ghetto blacks are the problem, of course.

    • OdinsEye

      The blacks here are far above the typical black on topix, youtube, and various other internet forums. I wonder what draws them here. Eminem says “Fuck walking on eggshells!” in his Trump freestyle but he seems to walk on eggshells around blacks. SJWs have a weird view on non-Whites but especially blacks. A lot of manhating feminists will even look past the gender if the male is black. Lesbians exhibit similar behavior, I wonder if many are just SJWs that swallowed the Kool-Aid. Perhaps deep down they prefer real cock.

      • The Blacks on this site are very high quality. This is a pretty brainy site (look at the name of the site), and the dumb Blacks usually do not last long on here. They come here a lot, but they almost always come in the front door swinging or shooting six-shooters, so most are banned before they even make one post.

        The only Blacks that stay here are the thoughtful and more brainy ones who can actually reflect and think about things. A lot of the Blacks are here are pretty damn smart. I know we have two with IQ’s of 120-125.

        I don’t think lesbians prefer real cock, but there are real lesbians and fake lesbians. The real ones are biological with early onset. The fake ones have ACTUALLY CHOSEN to be lez, usually after a lot of bad experiences with men. This crap, “We do not choose our sexual orientation,” is the biggest lie of them all! A lot of women DO choose their sexual orientation!

        As far as real dykes go, some are curious. I had a dyke offer me $20 to fuck her once. I turned her down. She was rather ugly, and she was also in a supervisory position to me and could have made my life miserable if the sex stuff didn’t work out. Supposedly there are some real lez who like a cock now and then, but I don’t know much about it.

        Most of the lez I meet are very cold towards men. It’s like dealing with a block of ice-covered rock! Just sheer coldness.

        Some of the younger ones are a lot more friendly. One of those told me she had sex with guys now and then, but she considered herself lez because she could only fall in love with a woman. She was leery about me though and once asked me dubiously if I was trying to convert her. She was really smart though, interesting person. From the Philippines. One of the smartest Filipinas I have ever met. She was a real lez, very boyish. The real lez are either boyish or mannish, one or the other. The younger ones are boyish and the older ones are mannish, just as you would expect.

        Real lez and real gays are sort of hormonal freaks. The men act like women, and the women act like men. Obviously there is something wrong with them. Somewhere along the line when they were getting formed there must have been, “Houston, we’ve got a problem.”

        I think the women’s brains got masculinized in utero, and the men’s brains got feminized in utero.

        Face facts.

        Men who act like women are NOT normal.

        Women who act like men are NOT normal.

        There’s something wrong with both of them. It’s as clear as air.

        • Jason Y

          Lots of people on here could become more high-quality than they are now – but they’d have to become true Christians, and they find that life boring. Some people are high-quality even in a mortal state, but those people are normally incredibly self-righteous. So, yeah, run of the mill Blacks are often bad – but they’re like most of us, and they want to be naughty by nature, so to speak. They’re just being human.

        • Rambo

          The lesbo only offered you twenty dollars? Man, times are tough, nyet? (Russian for “no?”).

        • Yes but this was in 1983. How much has inflation gone up since then? 100%? If so, that would be $40 in today’s dollars. It might have been hard to fuck her, she was so damn ugly. I guess I could put a flag over her face and do it for the country.

      • Jason Y

        Eminem’s love of black culture is understandable. I mean, I like aspects of their culture also – like say, blue-eyed soul. But nonetheless, I have to be honest about stuff. If certain blacks and whites are committing crime,,then I cannot change the subject and act like it’s justified due to oppression.

        However, though, that’s not saying the pompous attitude of many on the right is justified. That’s just a lot of pride, sort of “I’m better than everyone.” thing.

      • Jason Y

        So, obviously, Eminem is making excuses for bad blacks because he’s a socialist, SJW, and lover of black culture. That just doesn’t cut it.

  4. Jason Y

    Eminem’s left fash strategy basically involves bringing up social justice and conserv-fash hypocrisy to basically ignore ghetto black crime In other words, any crime done by really bad blacks is justified because the white man is the devil and his oppressor – in the past and now.

  5. Jason Y

    I had my fill of anti-white stuff (Bin Laden insults, crybaby stuff after losses in Olympics) in Northeast Asia. So the SJW stuff is about the same – “rubbing it in”. Also, Christians want to demonize fucking outside of marriage. I’ve seen this in my hometown where any “offenders” – as in say, they look at a porn site (even if they’re some poor handicapped dude who obviously can’t get any – for no fault of their own) or magazine are labeled creeps.

    Look also at churches where they want members but their kids (obviously copying thier parents) make fun of new members calling them gook lovers 😆 Now these same people wonder why those they’ve thrown out are pervs, up all night, looking at as much porn as possible !!

    • Jason Y

      I encountered some trans-men (not women) or mannish lesbians I think at a strip club. No doubt they hate men, but still want to enjoy the same “perving”. So I went to a restaurant after the show, these people were there, one mocking me as “pussy” when turned my head going to the restroom.

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