SJW’s Are Creating a Whole Generation of Fascists


Exactly. I think Jason has mentioned this a number of times. The SJW’s have become completely irrational and even insane, and the insanity progresses every year, as they endlessly move the goalposts in the social football game called the Oppression Olympics that they proudly created.

The thing is, society offers you two extremely shitty choices, as usual. American society seems to specialize in offering you two different flavors of ideological shit sandwich. You get a choice of either the Democrats or the Republicans, but the problem is they both suck to high heavens.

I almost never vote for a candidate I actually like. I have been voting for candidates that I hated almost my whole life. Generally I vote Democrat even though I pretty much despise Democraps. The reason is because I hate Democrats a lot less than I hate Republicans. I vote for them because though they are evil and they suck, they suck less than the other side. I wonder how many other Americans routinely go into the voting booth to vote for the candidate they hate less or simply to vote against the candidate that they hate more. The latter is usually what I do. I vote to vote No on Republicans because they are a flat out menace.

Yes, I want to shoot SJW’s though I never would so I have to satisfy myself with homicidal fantasies), but Republicans are the ones that will truly not be missed.

SJW’s, as horrific and evil as they are, are really nothing but a black loud of Alaskan mosquitoes. I am sure Siberian-type mosquitoes are damned evil if you stuck in a crowd of them, but I imagine bug spray still works for them, and barring that, you can always just wrap up nearly every inch of your exposed body, which you probably want to do in Alaska anyway, as it’s so damn cold.

Thing is, I can think you can deal with Alaskan mosquitoes. I mean lots of humans live up there, and they are able to live there without dying of mosquito bites, so I am sure there is a way around the infernal swarms. Yes, they drive you crazy. Yes, they make you want to kill every mosquito on Earth. Yes, they are worse than annoying. Yes, they ruin your day. But at the end of the day, you can probably pretty much deal with the swarms one way or another. It’s like having a very annoying and unpleasant illness, with the upside that it is certainly not fatal. It sucks, but you can deal.

Republicans on the other hand are an actual man-eating tiger in your living room with no way to defend yourself and no way to escape. Republicans are literally a threat to your sustenance, shelter, transportation, medical care, retirement, physical health, mental health. Hell, they’re basically a threat to your health and life itself. They can literally make you dead or wish you were. They’re as bad as the tiger in the room. You never know when it’s going to try to kill you. In the meantime, you’re just buying time until it does.

Of course I fully understand why so many people despise SJW scum. I want them dead myself. I literally do not care if every SJW in the US lives or dies. I honestly do not care if millions of them dropped dead for no reason tomorrow. That’s how much hate I have for them.

But there is hope! There is a whole huge anti-SJW movement out there. You can just sign right up! It’s easy!

Problem: The cure is worse than the disease in most cases. The anti-SJW’s are almost completely conservatives, reactionaries, fascists, and real-deal type racists, misogynists, anti-Semites, homophobes, transphobes, etc. They are literally troglodytes, and almost all anti-SJW’s are vastly worse than SJW’s. Ugly, ugly people.

SJW’s are mostly misguided fucktards who keep sending whole armies out to put out house fires. They’re like an immune response in your body. They are frankly well-intentioned, but they take their moralizing vastly too far and turn into Comstocks and Puritans like all self-righteous jerks. There’s such a thing as too much good. Too much good literally sucks all the fun out of life. Everything is forbidden because it’s somehow haram. But their hearts are in the right place. They are literally trying to be good and do the right thing. They’re taking the “be a good  person” thing  vastly too far, but at least they’re promoting good and not evil.

I mean SJW’s attack your free speech, they might even threaten your livelihood, and they very deservedly make you want to murder them because of all the abuse and hate they throw at you. That’s annoying. Not being able to say what I want to say everywhere I want to say it is annoying. Getting banned from every other forum and group on the Net is annoying, but I can deal.

There’s always the blog, which has been reported to WordPress more times than I can count. I am on good terms with WP staff,  they know the site very well, and we have had some deep conversations about what I can post here in terms of content and what I cannot post. I know where the lines are that get you in trouble with them. As far as what I write about, they literally do not care WTF I say about anything, and they have told me so. WP are free speech radicals, true social libertarians in that sense. The only stuff that got me into trouble was videos, but I know the boundaries on those now too.

So I can still shoot off my mouth and be a social arsonist who sets social brush fires all day and then races to put them out. That’s the purpose of the whole site. I’m a provocateur. The site is a gigantic troll of the world. It is literally designed to piss off as many people as possible. Why? For no reason. For shits and giggles. Because I can and you can’t stop me.

Which is nice.

On the other hand, Republicans, conservatives, reactionaries, and fascists are far worse than annoying. They are literally a Code Red threat to life and limb – mine, yours, everyone else’s, and the whole damn planet’s.

So people who hate SJW’s logically run to the anti-SJW movement, which is actually far worse. That’s not a solution.

As usual, US society is offering you two flavors of shit sandwich with nothing edible in between. You can either pick one of the sandwiches, eat it whole, and then say you’ve made up your mind, right, wrong or indifferent, and try to make yourself at home with whichever lunatic scumbags you are hooked up with. Or you can you prefer not to eat shit sandwiches, but then you are politically homeless because there is no movement that says the Right and the SJW’s can both burn in Hell.

The problem is that US society literally throws you into one five alarm fire or the other. If you hate SJW’s, you are automatically Alt Right, Republican, conservative, reactionary, or especially fascist. If you believe in bash the fash and you despise the Alt Right, the conservatives, the reactionaries, the Republicans, and the fash, then you are automatically a Cultural Left SJW retard. You don’t get to protest and say you hate both of them. If you hate one side, then you get literally thrown into the other side. If  you hate them too, the other side tosses you back to your original  oppressors. It’s like Stalin and  Hitler are playing Mortal Volleyball and using you as the ball, which will be destroyed at the end of the game.

But since there is literally nothing in between two camps of raving lunatics and ferocious assholes, most people pick one side or the other as society orders them to. As every action causes an equal and opposite reaction, people who despise SJW’s almost always drift straight over to the Right, somehow adjust themselves to the new neighborhood, and after a while, make themselves a happy home.

And since the SJW’s are pissing off more humans than there are mosquitoes in an Alaskan mosquito horde literally every day, yes, of course, the SJW’s are actually causing the explosion on the Alt Right, the New Fascism, the whole nine yards. It’s 1920’s Germany all over again, complete with Friecorps and Brownshirts breaking skulls and people screaming “social fascists.” There’s fighting in the streets, and as both sides are batshit nuts when they are not stone evil, the end result is, as in 20’s Germany, simply total chaos and societal dysfunction.

So the article is correct. SJW’s literally caused not only the election of this Frankenstein Trump Monster Thing, but they also literally caused the Alt Right, and these boneheads are literally causing an explosion, of actual, real deal, unreconstructed fascists straight out the 20’s Germany that I discussed above. Or better yet, 30’s Germany because that was so much worse.

I don’t know what to say. US politics is a toxic War of Dueling Assholes like it’s been forever now.

Solution? I ain’t got one. There’s always this bottle of beer I am going to open in about four minutes. That’s about the only palliative I can think of. That or take to bed, sleep all day and engage the false hope the endless nightmare somehow ends.


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  1. Christopher

    If you hate Democrats so much and you hate Republicans even more why not just vote Green?

    The fact that millions of people vote for parties while holding their noses with a clothes peg is the reason why we are in this mess.

    Also SJWs are not well-meaning. They want to destroy Western civilisation just so they can look cool and rebellious. Anti-SJW may not always be perfect but at least they don’t want think Western Civilisation is the most homophobic, racist least tolerant on Earth when actually it is the best place to be an ethnic minority or gay.

    • I like your views on the menace of SJW’s. I don’t necessarily agree with it, but it is provocative. I may use it in a post. Thanks.

      • Magneto

        Robert, the whole thing is just one giant false created reality. Literally every single historical event over the past 300 years has been nothing but a false staged reality using literal actors from the same illuminati bloodline 12 families. I’ve realized that if we subscribe to ANY political concept, we are playing right into the hands of the Illuminati. And the elite doesn’t even bother to change the actors. Here’s a quick list of some main ones:

        -Donald Trump is the actor Ron Masak
        -Adolf Hitler was Walt Disney and Kermit Roosevelt
        -Jimmy Hendrix is Morgan Freeman
        -JFK was Jimmy Carter
        -Ulysses Grant and Robert E Lee were brothers
        -Casper Van Dien is Paul Ryan
        (the above is just a tiny list of the illuminati bloodline actors)

        Think about that, the amount of energy people are putting into hating Trump (WHO DOESN’T EVEN FUCKING EXIST, and is the character “Donald Trump” is being played by the actor Ron Masak).

        Imagine if we put that same amount of energy into personal liberation. The whole game is just one false reality to keep us wasting our energy on THEIR paradigms. What if we TURN OFF, TUNE OUT, and DROP OUT of the illuminati’s false reality? And spend our energy figuring out what we want to do with our own existence? THAT is the only way to become free.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think it’s as much Illuminati as self-righteousness. OK, so Michael Savage says the bums of San Francisco should get a job. OK, at first hearing that sounds reasonable and funny. But on 2nd thought, though, look at his motivation. Both the left and right are trying to boss people around, sort of like the former commentator ep-gah saying Africans should make a statute to Cecil Rhodes or an SJW demands transsexual rights
          or the removal of Confederate statutes in thinking he’s making a better world.

        • Magneto


        • Jason Y

          Michael Savage would seem to be one of your homies, tbh – minus the hatred of Muslims.

      • John E.

        Well Robert, I think it’s a matter of degree. You point out how bad SJW’s are and that they constitute a threat. The question is where are you and Robert on the spectrum?

        I agree with him that there was a bit of a contradiction when you clearly stated that SJW’s can shut down your free speech, get you fired, and spew hatred your way, but that they were “well meaning” and that they were in doing it “for good”. Robert, this means that SJW’s aren’t well meaning or doing it for good.

    • John E.

      Yeah I noticed a bit of a waffle on this as well.

      He makes his distaste and well justified abhorrence for SJW’s very clear, as well as their threat to free speech and new ideas. This clearly makes them very dangerous.

  2. Jason Y

    The SJW crowd is more complex than it seems – but you can be assured that they are insane transhumanists of a sort – in fact, Nazis. It’s because their focus on self-improvement has become out of control. However, though, they will try to justify their mess – in my family’s case, by claiming to be adults. Adults? Well, that basically reaffirms their bossy attitude – which they deny, of course. Note how SJWs view everyone as children – so naturally, they’re into parenting- well, over-parenting.

    OK, so my family is full of lazy retards. Fine, but it isn’t SJWs which is going to save us. Possibly we would just wallow in our own vomit until we come to the light – but not without comment.

  3. Jason Y

    Oh yeah, the madness progresses as these schoolteachers, soccer moms, concerned citizens become bossier each year – but you have to realize they’ve been brainwashed by this transhumanist ideology for most of the 20th century and beyond. So anyway, the motive is noble, but the method is an abomination.

  4. Jason Y

    SJW’s are mostly misguided fucktards who keep sending whole armies out to put out house fires. They’re like an immune response in your body. They are frankly well-intentioned, but they take their moralizing vastly too far and turn into Comstocks and Puritans like all self-righteous jerks. There’s such a thing as too much good. Too much good literally sucks all the fun out of life. Everything is forbidden because it’s somehow haram. But their hearts are in the right place. They are literally trying to be good and do the right thing. They’re taking the “be a good person” thing vastly too far, but at least they’re promoting good and not evil.

    I mean SJW’s attack your free speech, they might even threaten your livelihood, and they very deservedly make you want to murder them because of all the abuse and hate they throw at you. That’s annoying. Not being able to say what I want to say everywhere I want to say it is annoying. Getting banned from every other forum and group on the Net is annoying, but I can deal.

    I don’t see anything wrong with being a good person or even a saint. But the SJWs are not going about it with humility – and you can be assured they’re hypocrites. So a world with the elimination of “fun” could even be a great thing – but it isn’t SJWs leading people to it.

    Case in point, they might spend all day on social media but then comment on social media (true case) about how video game screens are bad for children’s health, ha ha.. But I suppose the SJWs are using mobiles and not laptops, right? What is their excuse this time?

  5. Jason Y

    . Or you can you prefer not to eat shit sandwiches, but then you are politically homeless because there is no movement that says the Right and the SJW’s can both burn in Hell.

    That won’t cut it here in Tennessee, anyone who suggests the right is wrong – even while bashing the left, is still mocked and hated. “Oh, look this guy has a heart for the downtrodden. ha ha..”

  6. Jason Y

    From Robert’s link:

    After that, Ashley began to face a non-stop barrage of doxxing, harassment, abuse, and threats. In the name of “social justice”, Tumblr users proceeded to post Ashley’s Facebook, her mother’s Facebook, her work information, her mother’s work information, her parents’ home address, her school information, and her phone number. Numerous users have threatened to murder her and to burn down her house. They have also bombarded her university’s Facebook page in the hopes of getting her expelled. As of right now, Ashley tells me, she cannot even have her phone on due to the sheer volume of calls that she is receiving. The threats have not only been sent to Ashley, but to her mother as well. Here, for example, is a message sent to Ashley’s mother on Facebook:

    The alt-right and other townie types do the same. Well, they haven’t attacked anyone’s FB pages or burn crosses, but they do everything short of that. Oddly enough, though, they seemed to be harsher on actual mixed-race couples.

  7. Jason Y

    All victim frameworks work upon single “oppressors”, and an “us vs. them” mentality is a very simple way to justify ideological dichotomy. The “social justice” movement is not at all about social justice, but about relentlessly bullying anyone who does not subscribe to their Stalinist ideology. Stormfront is often held up as an example of “online hate”, but it must be noted that the white supremacists on Stormfront do not participate in organized harassment campaigns, do not send gruesome rape and death threats to people, do not regularly call for violence, and do not engage in doxxing. Compared to the people who claim to be on “the right side of history” and crusaders for “social justice”, Stormfront is a bastion of kindness and civility. What does that say about you, SJWs, when you make neo-Nazis look positively civilized by comparison?

    Actually, I disagree here. Both the alt-right and SJW types are the same. In fact, they’re engaged in a civil war. Note, I couldn’t stand being around neither as they’re both bossy and hateful. For instance, among SJWs, all efforts to have fun are curbed and among the alt-right, your required to be racist – you can’t even probably have a non-white friend.

    • John E.

      Jason Y. “For instance, among SJW’s, all efforts to have fun are curbed and among the alt right, you are required to be a racist – you can’t even probably have a non-white friend”.

      Spot on. SJW’s have become the uptight squares. Fuck man, I have to watch my step with everything under the sun? I can’t even enjoy normal playful flirtatious banter with an attractive woman because I’m ‘objectifying’ or ‘sexualizing’ her? I can’t watch adult anti-PC comedy anymore? You mean every fucking comedian now has to have cringeworthy segments in their stand up material that pay lip service to SJW bullshit?

      The alt-right racists (we have quite a few here in Texas unfortunately) have actually tried to use my abhorrence for SJWs to try to recruit me. It goes kinda like this ‘Hey brother, we’re not uptight like these SJW lefties. We don’t have speech codes and you can hang out with us with no judgements”. Except the with these idiots, the caveat is that you have to agree with right wing fiscal and economic politics, and the big one is that you have to be an actual racist, not the fake kind that SJW’s rave about.

      However I do see

      • John E.

        Jason Y

        Oh so you are incorrect on one point. Visibly it is quite obvious that I am not an Anglo, yet these alt-right dip wads have tried to recruit me. Maybe I would have been a token? Lol

  8. Jason Y

    The answer to that question is no. No, this is not what “social justice” is all about in the least. But it IS, however, what SJW-ism is all about. Like the far-right that they claim to be so staunchly opposed to, the far-left is based entirely around hate. Humans are perpetual morons who always need a bad guy. To neo-Nazis, the bad guys are Jews, “degenerates”, and non-whites. To SJWs, the bad guys are people like Communismkills: not only is she a white person who isn’t self-flagellating, but she’s also a woman who doesn’t see herself as a victim of some evil patriarchal conspiracy. To an SJW, that’s heresy: all white people are evil and all women are victims. If a woman doesn’t think that she’s a victim, then she has “internalized misogyny” and she just doesn’t know any better, so she needs SJWs to speak on her behalf. Likewise, if a black person doesn’t tow the SJW line exactly, then they will be immediately labeled an “Uncle Tom” or “house nigger” by the extremely patronizing SJWs who see minorities as nothing more than political props and tools and who view all races as monoliths with intrinsic characteristics (which, ironically, is the absolute definition of racism).

    People hate fundamentalist Christianity, but it’s the only escape from this civil war. Ultimately, those in the middle, unless Christian, will be drawn into the fight in one way or another. But Christianity is boring to many.

  9. Jason Y

    There is an alt-right troll type in my own family and his moron SJW parents are totally blind to the way he really is – probably thinking he’s some Reagan-ish young Republican or something. It sickens me to think he hates degenerates (probably thinks I’m one), non-whites, Commies whatever but the fact remains – that’s how those people are. I mean, we’re dealing with zombies here – much like their opponents are.

    And of course, his home situation (health policing and other over-parenting) made him that way.

  10. Jason Y

    Finally, what SJWs do not realize is that they are single-handedly cultivating a generation of fascists. The more extreme the left becomes, the more right-wing and reactionary people will become as a result. It happened in the 1980s as a response to the left being overwhelmed with hippies and it will happen again in the future as a response to the left being overwhelmed with SJWs – only, this time, the right-wing will be far more extreme than the likes of Ronald Reagan. SJWs are paving the way for a future dominated by far-right extremists. These so-called advocates of “social justice” are the best gift that neo-Nazis could have possibly asked for: the most extreme and unpleasant aspects of the far-left amplified for all the world to see. The more absurd and outrageous SJWs become, the more the far-right gains support and sympathy. If SJWs think that they’re “oppressed” right now… well, they had better be prepared for the future that they’re helping to create.

    This nightmare has been in the making for many years and there wasn’t any real way to stop it. It’s just the price of freedom. If people are free, then they will tend toward this roller coaster toward destruction.

    As said, the SJWs become more idiotic, bossy, transhumanistic as time continues bringing on their opponents who are much the same.

    So the question is “Can people handle real freedom without heading toward this?” Obviously, the alternative is a probably living like a monk or something.

  11. John E.

    Man! did you encapsulate what has been bugging the shit out of me with this whole SJW/anti-SJW fucktardery.

    I still identify as Liberal but every time I talk about the SJW lunacy on college campuses, in politics, in the MSM, social media, and the entertainment industry, I get called alt-right, a Nazi, or a white nationalist (which is funny because I’m of middle eastern decent). Yeah I guess believing in free speech, due process, skeptical inquiry, and vetting new and different ideas – you know, ACTUAL liberal principles – I guess makes me a fascist lol.

    I remember the first time I was on the receiving end of the venom the SJW’s spew; on Huffpost I commented that it was inconsistent as fuck to only point out the hatred coming from Christian fundamentalists, while remaining silent whenever Islamic fanatics did something horrible. The mental gymnastics required for a largely secular community to pull off this selective and reflexive defense of a religious ideology, still boggles my mind; they have become theocrats by proxy.

    You are absolutely correct that all of this SJW crap has helped to create and embolden the alt right and white nationalists; it is also a big reason why so many swing voters and registered democrats jumped ship and voted for the clown we currently have in office. I wish more Dems would get this rather than the denial that they have cocooned themselves with. I had these conversations with many people before the election.

    Basically it would go like this: someone that was sick of all the SJW identity politics, white bashing, and calling everyone racists or sexists that didn’t agree with them, would tell me that they were going to vote for Trump rather than vote democrat like they normally do, and essentially my response would be “Hey I know the SJW’s and regressives suck, but PLEASE don’t vote against your self interest”.

    The observation that an unfortunately large number of anti-SJW’s happen to be on the right or even true racists, is correct. A guy that was on the Dave Rubin show I think put it in perspective; he said that it’s ironic that the right is taking up the free speech torch when the right has such a history of being anti-free speech, but they are filling the vacuum created by the left on this issue because the left has largely ceded the game.

    My one quibble with your take on this, is that it’s not quite accurate to say that people are by and large automatically jumping over to the right when they become anti-SJW. The guys that really turned me on to being anti-SJW were all liberals or independents…guys like Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Dave Rubin, Morgan Freeman, Joe Rogan, even some of the left leaning YouTube folks.

    • I get called all that stuff too. I am not a fascist, nor a Nazi and I am not even a White nationalist.

      Come join the Alternative Left or Alt Left. It’s a movement that I started a while back that has now taken off into a somewhat significant movement. I counted 18,000 members of Alt Left groups on Facebook last time I checked. They have not written us up in the media much. Calling Antifa and SJW’s Alt Left is a misnomer. That name was given to them by their enemies. They don’t even accept it themselves. While we on the other hand proudly call ourselves Alt Left. There are all sorts of Alt Left tendencies now – I last counted 12 different tendencies. Beyond that, each Alt Left has their own separate take on it. My original view was “everyone form your own wing.” My tendency is called The Original Alternative Left. There’s a group called that on Facebook. There are other Alt Left groups too, but some of them are full of rightwingers and many Alt Left types are actually more or less rightwingers. The movement is also full of Libertarians, who I mostly reject. The more the groups focus on the anti-SJW stuff, the more they bring in rightwingers and make people go rightwing. So I don’t want to focus on that right now. Right now the main task is defeating Trump and the Republicans.

      If you want to know what the Alt Left is – well, it’s just like you. More or less anti-SJW liberals and Leftists.

      • Beauregard

        Common use of “Alt left”= Marxist, regardless of whether it is SJW or not.

        I really don’t think this blog is classical liberal, it is more ‘traditional Marxist’ pure class struggle, not the application of Marxist class principals to social groups apart from class, as post-modernism as post-modernism.

        So in summary, most people would see your distinction as semantic (they are wrong), but this is the present reality.

        • Beauregard

          Common use of “Alt left”= Marxist, regardless of whether it is SJW or not.

          I really don’t think this blog is classical liberal, it is more ‘traditional Marxist’ pure class struggle, not the application of Marxist class principals to social groups apart from class, as post-modernism does.

          So in summary, most people would see your distinction as semantic (they are wrong), but this is the present reality.

        • We are taking back the name. The Marxists reject that name. It is a slur given to them by their enemies. We invented the term before they did, and we are keeping it. Plus we actually call ourselves that and they don’t. Rational Wiki already says that we are the real Alt Left and the other name is a fake slur. We have 18,000 people on Alt Left groups in Facebook. That’s a real movement.

          Liberal in the US means Democratic Party liberal, not classical liberal. No one uses it in that classical liberal sense here.l

        • Beauregard

          Wow, that’s impressive. Is that Ryan England’s handiwork?

          But the scale of SJW-ism should not be scoffed at. How many dyed of the wool (blue-haired) SJWs are there? 1,800,000 ?

          Pretty much every single feminist in the United States (40%?) is basically a crypto- SJW or SJW-lite or at least believe in the ‘Patriarchial’/ social oppression aspect.
          BLM supporters are similar, although there aren’t near as many.

          So you’re talking 10s of millions.

        • Beauregard

          Also, would you say that there’s a massive overlap with “The New Right”?

          Marine Le Pen apparently was a Socialist.

        • It’s not Ryan’s. I am not sure what happened but sometime I think in 2016 or 2017 all of these Alt Left groups started forming somehow. I started it in September 2015. There was no one else for a while and then Brandon Adamson registered Brandon is like a leftwing White nationalist but for a WN he is very mild and rather nice. His project will not hurt minorities at all. He just wants to go to Patagonia or the Moon and found some White state or colony there.

          Well all of these people sort of thought that they thought up the Alt Left by themselves. It was just some sort of a wave effect where a lot of people were maybe seeing some other people doing something and setting up their own groups. Last I counted there were at least 12 different tendencies. I reject some of them because they are not even on the Left. A lot are just rightwingers or more properly Libertarians. Libertarianism is very strong on the Alt Left, but I reject it and threw all the Libertarians out of my group. My original idea was “everyone form your own wing.” I can elaborate if you will.

          Rationalwiki points out that I coined the term and says the other use is an illegitimate smear. Also the Dem Party Clintonites used Alt Left to mean Bernie Bros during the campaign. That is also an illegitimate use of the term as Bernie Bros reject it. It is just another slur. A few places on the Net noted that there was a real Alt Left started by me, but they said it is a tiny movement. It is still pretty tiny. And I got interviewed by Al Jazeera as the founder, but the article never ran.

          We know we are outnumbered but that’s ok. I am even thinking about forming a Gay Alt Left or a Black Alt Left. Hopefully they could do something different from Gay Politics and BLM. If they would form just Black and Gay SJW crap, I would reject them. They have to be Alt in so me way or other.

          That said, some of the wings ARE SJW’s. They are just SJW’s who are somewhat less insane than the rest of them. There is a group of them attacking the TERF’ers. Trans-exclusive radical feminists. I was in their group once and BOTH of the moderators were trannies. I freaked out because I thought they were both women and I went on an anti-tranny tear. They threw me out of the group.

          There is a group of Islam and religion hating Sam Harris types who seem to be Libertarian.

          There is an MRA wing or anti-feminist wing and a Gamergate wing.

          Also Brandon’s wing was called the Left Wing of the Alt Right. Now it is just the Left of the Alt Right as Brandon has left the Alt Right for good now. The latest thing is they are calling Brandon’s types Alt Center.

        • The Alt Left was an Alt Right split in the beginning. People like Brandon and I had been hanging out on the fringes of the Alt Right for a long time, but we had never felt much at home there for various reasons. And the name Alt Left or Alternative Left was coined by the Nazis at Right Stuff. That was before I came up with the idea. In the year or so before, I saw some threads on Alt Rights where people were saying, “Ok, we are Alt Right but who’s Alt Left?” And a few people would laugh and say over and over, “Alternative Left is Robert Lindsay.” So I thought that over for a while and then I wrote Call for An Alternative Left in September 2015. Really this grew out of Liberal Race Realism. Brandon had followed me from back in LRR days.

          We have been written up in a couple of Polish language political journals. One man who wrote us is a political scientist and an author.

          Brandon points out that what we have in common with the Alt Right is everything is up for grabs. Race realism, gender realism, sexual orientation realism, ethnic realism, gender identity realism, on and on. The Alt Left says truth is a defense against all of the isms. Brandon and I are quite leftwing, but most of the later Alt Leftists have been more rightwing.

          Quite a few are Keynesian social democrats, which is fine with us. There is another movement called the Realist Left, run by Lord Keynes. I would say they are a sister to the Alt Left, but they are not part of it. They are different in some ways while being close to us.

          Brandon’s wing could pull White nationalists who are into Left economics. I see a lot of growth there. Generally Left WN’s are a lot less nasty than the other types. These racists are going to be racist. No one can stop them. As long as they are going to be racist anyway, I would rather have them voting for our guys.

        • Beauregard

          Sam “anyone who criticizes Neo-conservatism is an Islam apologist” Harris.

        • John E.


          I think you are right about the scale of SJW’s and the merging of feminists.

          The line has become so blurred that it’s almost accurate to say feminists are SJW’s and SJW’s are feminists. I have asked SJW’s at UT (University of Texas) many time if they are feminists and the answer has always been a resounding ‘Yes’!

  12. Don’t tell me. Let me guess. He hates Islam so he loves Israel and neocons, right?

    • Beauregard

      He says American intervention in the ME had good intentions and could’ve resulted in successful national-building but the Muslims are such savages that they fucked it up.

      That’s the thing with the alt right, you’re either a neocon or a frothing at the mouth Ziocon warlord, or as you’ve pointed out, often both.

    • Jason Y

      The anti-Muslim hate of some racists, the more neo-con friendly, is basically frustration with their attempt at “The White Man’s Burden”. Also, it would expand to blacks and other who just refuse to be “The Mr. Ben’s Guy or Aunt Jemima” LOL

      • Jason Y

        Case in point, the laughable case of Apartheid South Africa, one which smarter WNs are beginning to wise up on.

      • Beauregard

        A lot of dislike of Muslims is just Stockholm syndrome afaict.
        Jews and White women (most victimized by Muslim migrants) abuse Chrisrian/atheist men almost constantly.

        A lot of men just don’t give a fuck anymore. I just worry that the rad feminists would be made of an example of once this is over and history will repeat quite quickly.

        • John E.

          You are correct. A lot of men don’t give a fuck anymore. But it doesn’t help that a lot of men won’t put down the remote and fight for their rights. It usually takes something dramatic like say oh, getting fucked in family court and losing their kids, before some men get their asses in gear. I belong to a father’s rights group, and the complacency of some of these guys before they got shafted is amazing. It’s like it’s happening all around them to other men, but they are shocked when it happens to them. However it is also true as you say, that the constant scapegoating and male bashing is having a ‘If you keep kicking a dog when it’s down, it will eventually bite back’ effect, as well.

        • Beauregard

          It’s interesting that the leadership of the New Right parties in France and Germany are female dominated….Marine & Marion LePen, Petry in Germany.

          It seems that women are now telling men it’s their DUTY to save the West, but men have either
          1. Been emasculated and couldn’t fight if they wanted to
          2. Don’t give a shit
          3. Are censored by the establishment.

          It’s also ironic that the more far right wings of those parties are where you’ll find the men. They seem to agree on wanting to ‘save women’ but want women to behave in return. The Le pen wings want to be saved without any price.

      • John E.

        You mean Sam Harris? I don’t get that from him at all.

      • John E.

        There certainly is hate against the Muslim people from racists and neo-cons. My family is from a town right outside of Damascus Syria; it’s called Sednoya.

        One of the most annoying thing about SJW’s though, is the total conflation of condemning a religious ideology and bigotry of the Muslim people. People get killed over fucking cartoons, and gays get gunned down in a club and there’s either crickets* or saying stupid apologist shit like (paraphrasing) ‘Well they TOLD us they were gonna be pissed if there were images of the prophet’. Yeah sure, imagine if some right wing Christian fundie nut-jobs gunned people down because there were cartoons of Jesus; gee I’m sure something like ‘Well they told us they were gonna be pissed if there were cartoons mocking their Lord and savior’, would have flown. Yeah right.

        Again, I know we are talking about an anti-logic movement, but the mind boggles at how a largely secular community has erected a criticism proof shield over one religious ideology, and thereby becoming theocrats by proxy,

        • Beauregard

          Yeah, Muslims have a lot of issues. Apparently the religion advocates dominating the infidels through violent and political means.

          But you know what other religion advocates violence against the non-believers? Judaism. Except with Judaism, because it’s based on bloodline, you’re not given an opportunity to convert, you’re just killed in genocide. This can be seen in there wars of aggression and complete lack of respect for the sovereignty of goyim nations.

          So the NeoCohens are extremely disengenuous.

        • Beauregard

          And the only law in the US banning free speech (that’s not an immediate danger to others) is the BDS laws, backed by Israel.

          So censorship when Muslims do it= end of the world
          When Jews do it= what are you, an antisemite?

        • Beauregard

          “Again, I know we are talking about an anti-logic movement, but the mind boggles at how a largely secular community has erected a criticism proof shield over one religious ideology, and thereby becoming theocrats by proxy,”
          Hate to sound like a paranoid anti-Semite, but this is probably by design. The Evangelicals are the pets of the Israel lobby, who will blindly do their bidding due to an end times fantasy.
          They couldn’t have an atheist movement exposing the lunacy of Evangelicals, so their like ‘oy vey, Evangelicals are fine, it’s Muslims you have to worry about’. Look at Bill Maher. This is basically his manifesto. He is half Jewish by blood.
          I have cousins that were Coptic Christian Syrians. I have family in the United States armed services. The Israel lobby is working to kill them both.
          Hopefully the Evangelicals are right that God will smite them first.

        • Beauregard

          ignore the bad grammar on these, lol.

    • John E.

      To clarify there is a lot that I disagree with Sam Harris on, but I don’t recall reading or hearing about this from him.

      • Beauregard

        He goes after the critics of neoconservatism on his interview with the Rubin Report- though he does deny he is one.
        He was concern trolling 😀

  13. Jason Y

    Well, basically the racism of the alt-right, Nazis is heartless. It’s like calling a sight challenged person, four eyes. So the alt-left seeks to address that and also the idiotic right wing economics of the neo-cons (take Facebook posts demanding military service (you know those SJW sissy-boys) for college tuition.

  14. Jason Y

    I don’t know any racists overseas who support free market economics. Also, as Robert said, Europeans generally hate right-wing economics. However, though, there are a few Europeans fed up with the status quo and I think Robert ignores them. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger was fed up with European socialism (upon his immigration to the USA).

  15. Jason Y

    OK, concerning the Post Title “SJWs are creating a whole generation of fascists”, Well, yes and no. I mean, look at what the Nazis did. In that case, it is it a shock SJWs and possibly other concerned citizens would just like to set alt-right types on fire ??? (As in with actual gasoline and matches)??

    • Jason Y

      Not to mention how fucking annoying they are, these alt-right. Probably they would even make some comment that SJW “My Little Pony Types” have never played with fire and gasoline. LOL

    • Beauregard

      Antifa isn’t even attacking fascists anymore. Fascist= ‘anyone who disagrees with me’.

      I don’t think as many people objected to the clocking/cucking of Richard Spencer as they do to assualting passerbys at a free speech rally.

      • Jason Y

        From my experience with one relative, and I think it’s representative of many, they are hypocrites – not really believing in justice for all – watch how they snicker and make fun of people, including “so-called” oppressed groups of all things. They’re normies. They secretly want to have sex with non-whites and that biases their stuff. They’re into SJW stuff to get even for bullying and/or sexual rejection.

        • Jason Y

          But it’s no crime or shame to want sex with non-whites or love their culture – only that SJW stuff is often motivated by a motive of revenge, much like with Jews.

      • Jason Y

        Some SJW stuff is massively vile like calling mixed raced kids “garbage pail kids” on Daily Stormer. But they have a right to say it. I mean, massively offensive stuff, I see like animal cruelty (experimentation etc.). I know it’s there, but I try to avoid watching it. And since vile language is just words, not puppy dogs used for boxing glove experimentation – it can be ignored.

        Anyway, lesser WN stuff is mostly tough guy talk that’s easily dismissed, only snowflake SJWs would get upset.

    • John E.

      Hmmm I dunno. Having been on the receiving end of SJW ire many times, I don’t think they were ever about just going after true Nazi’s. Nazi has been code for ‘anyone that criticizes my ideas’ among SJW’s for some time now.

      I am an artist and for the most part have been called a fascist, Nazi, or alt right simply because I am against speech codes (gasp) that would limit artistic expression.

  16. Jason Y

    I think the SJW mind view has been shaped by progressive religion (Take the new Catholic Pope etc.) Anyway, when you see school teachers and soccer moms into it, better get ready for hell I mean, these ladies are bossing around their kids, trying to be idealistic (Idealism is the root of this evil).- so no wonder they want to boss around adults too – especially vulgar ones they see as bullying everyone (calling people fat, saying racist things etc..).

    • Jason Y

      Who else they hate? Dirty people as much as the army hates them. People not into green ecology etc..People not into being health.

      Anyway, no harm in these things, but well, you catch my drift..

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