HBD: Why Do People Speak so Highly of IQ Tests?

Because IQ tests test how intelligent you are! That is a fact, a pure, 100%, absolute fact. IQ tests are the best and most accurate way we have of determining intelligence. Basically it is a measure of raw brain speed. The faster the brain, the higher the IQ. It is also a measure of how big your brain is. The bigger the brain, the higher the IQ. People with high IQ’s have better short and long term memory. That can store more things in memory and retrieve them faster. They are better at abstract thinking.

In a word, they are simply more intelligent.

We could reword your question like this, “Why do people speak so highly of human intelligence?”

Doesn’t that sound silly? Don’t you think human intelligence is a pretty important thing? Are you prepared to argue that human intelligence has no meaning at all for human beings? What sort of an argument is that? Why would you want to argue such a thing?


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7 responses to “HBD: Why Do People Speak so Highly of IQ Tests?

  1. Jason Y

    Again no doubt some self-righteous bozo living in the suburbs is more intelligent. There is no doubt there. However, though, that person likes to rub it in on the druggies and other poor people on the outside. In their view, they should be like him, if they’re not – well, as stated before, it’s either genetics or dumb choices to blame.

    Anyway, Robert, no offense, wants to say that some of the more intelligent are benevolent, have empathy? But why should they? Note, most of those more successful types, mainly due to a self-righteous nature, are simply going to side with right-wing globalist or the alt-right.

  2. Jason Y

    An obsession with IQ is transhumanism (as discussed by santoculto) in its true form, not some race-mixing (or something) which isn’t. These types are seeking to become immortal, but many of them, due to their clean yuppie cover just seem like nice folks.

    I mean, you would never associate them with prison yard Nazis – even though their outlook on things is the same. In fact, a lot of these yuppies aren’t even Young Republican alt-right, they could even be Clinton voting democrats for all we know.

  3. Jason Y

    Transhumanism is a lot about seeking to be immortal and this is what those obsessed with IQ want. Also, we aren’t just speaking of prison-yard Nazis or alt-right Young Republicans, but also Republicans and even yuppie Democrats.

    Well, you can’t really blame them? They’ve been brainwashed with this ideology all thru the 20th century. They see it as only good and noble – and many of them are not outright eugenicists but are rather just Arnold Schwarzenegger army types. They’re your typical soccer moms in any suburb or schoolteachers.

  4. Lin


    That IQ thing has become some kind of tragicomic theater. As humans and machines are merging (cyborgisation?), IQ will become irrelevant.

    It’s more a racial pride thing because those (elite included) who belong to ‘ethnic’ groups at the IQ lower end inevitably take it as racial offence as if they have ‘low IQ’ tattooed on their butts. Before people discuss IQ, they should study human insecurity first, then PC politics. Whether IQ is scientific or not is very minor concern. The Ashkenazi Jews, known for their high IQ, usually seldom brag about it; actually why bother? Here’s a statement from Subramanian Swamy, Hindu politician& Harvard professor:

    “Thus, since India has now been gifted through unintended consequences with a young population…India can develop a superior species of human beings — youth who can be relied on to contribute to making the country a global power within the next two decades.”


    As a Chinese, I always maintain Chinese are Ice Age bleached Black Africans (a Chinese with his hair curled and his skin painted Black would certainly look Negroid). I must side with my African cousins:

  5. Frito Pendejo

    What makes someone truly intelligent is them understanding what they know, & best of all, knowing how to apply it effectively.

  6. HOOD

    The average HBD who touts his IQ in comparison to a black has to face the fact that Jews be influential because their verbal IQ is even higher than the average white male.

    So it is a double-edged sword.

    • Thor

      I see more Jews claiming Jews have the highest IQ.

      Ashkenazi Jews seem to lack social graces, genius, and often come off as dumb regardless of high IQ average.

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