PUA/Game: Do Players Hate Gay Men?

Actually, most players do not particularly hate gays. And they are more likely than non-players to experiment with homosexuality. A few of them even get into heavy duty bisexuality. A couple of my player friends experimented with homosexuality, and one of them became heavily bisexual. This was rather traumatic for me, as he was one of my best friends. We used to talk about this sometimes, and he always told me that he would never do that ever. He acted like he would rather take a bullet then do it with a guy, and there he is, getting cocks up his ass. WTF. I ended the friendship because honestly it was mandatory. I will explain why if you ask. I am still a bit traumatized that he did that. It’s like betrayed me. It was as if we made a brotherhood blood pact that we would never do that crap and then he dives headfirst into it. He violated our deal.

Players are hedonists. They don’t particularly give a damn about how other people get off. A lot of them are not wild about gays, but they don’t really hate them. They are mostly just indifferent to them and prefer not to be around them.

I will tell you one of the reasons that some players don’t like gay men very much: because gay men would not stop trying to fuck them!

Also many players are goodlooking or even very goodlooking (which is basically why they are players in the first place), so a lot of them have to fight off gay and bi men trying to seduce them continuously, and it starts to piss some of them off after a while.

Two of my very goodlooking player friends were offered jobs and places to stay by gays.

In one case, the job ended, and the fag said either you fuck me or it’s the streets. So he started fucking him. That really made me mad. The fag basically preyed on him, recruited him and converted him to bisexuality, which is something gay men try to do to all goodlooking men. To this very day, I hate that fag for blackmailing my friend.

The other guy was offered a place to stay and a job by a fag. It was all cool, etc. until a month down the line, and the fag said you either start fucking me or it’s the streets. My friend moved out. Even that didn’t make him hate gay men, though it should have. That made me furious too and I still hate that fag for blackmailing my friend like that.

I was fired from a job by a fag boss for not having sex with him. I still hate him to this very day.

I have known a number of male models and still know a couple. All of them were straight. Without exception, they all told me that gay men tried to seduce them constantly. One told me it was “like mosquitoes in Alaska.” Most of them were sort of starting to hate gay men because of this. But they couldn’t hate them too much because they had to work with them all the time.

I was pursued incessantly by gay and bi men as a young man. It was so bad when I was young that I sort of started hating gay men for a while. Also, one of the ways they try to seduce goodlooking men is to try brainwash them into doubting their masculinity and thinking they are gay. They did it to me, and they did it to one of my very goodlooking friends too, so I am thinking this is just something they do for some reason. Whether they actually believe this or whether it is just some sleazy seduction game (probably the latter), I am not sure. But that seriously gets old real fast, and I really hate the gay men who did that to me. I basically want to kill them.

In addition, when they try to seduce you, they never stop, like, ever. You almost have to punch them in the face to get them to knock it off. And that starts pissing you off bigtime. At least it does it to me.

As a result of all of this experiences, I am rather bitter and cynical about gay men and mostly I prefer “Them over there, me over here.” But I continue to support gay rights. I did so decades ago when people insisted you were gay if you supported gay rights, as it was so unpopular a stance. I even work on their political campaigns.

But a lot of gay activists and Gay Lobby types are starting to seriously hate me, and they bash me all over the Net, calling me a vicious homophobe. They come to my site all the time and leave the most vicious and evil comments you could imagine. In other words, they are basically gay SJW’s. The vast majority of gay men are now extreme SJW’s, so that is another reason to keep away from them. I support full rights for them, I even work on their political campaigns, but because I won’t jump up and down and scream about how men sucking cocks is the greatest thing since sliced bread, they declare war on me. They’re like Pink Nazis, the gay equivalent of Feminazis.

Most players simply prefer to avoid or not be around gay men, mostly because a lot of them are really sick of gay men constantly trying to fuck them. It seriously gets old real quick. But most players also are strong supporters of gay rights, as they tend to be social libertarians.

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