Alt Left: If the Rate of Homosexuality in Populations Can Increase or Decrease, What’s to Stop It from Going Full-blown to 100% or Even 0? Do Humans Just Reap the Most Benefits by Having Homosexuals at 10%?

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The 10% figure is one of the biggest lies out there, but everyone believes it. It is repeated by gay activists and the Gay Lobby like a mantra, but it is almost certainly not true. It is based on the Kinsey Study, but even the Kinsey Study did not find that 10% of the population were truly gay in the way a gay person is now.

Like anyone else, gay people would like to increase their numbers. I don’t blame them.

If I were gay, I would want as many hot men available to date as possible. The fact that 97% of males are not gay must be very depressing to gay men. I think it would make me not only depressed but confused. How could I tell which men were gay and which were not?
Gaydar is another lie of the Gay Lobby. The truth is it doesn’t even work. Gay men hit on straight men all the time thinking that we straight men are gay. Obviously their Gaydar is broken. So if Gaydar doesn’t work and is just a conceit, and you really can’t figure out if a man is gay or not, what is a gay man to do? I am thinking it must be Hellish. What infernal confusion!

The truth is that many population studies in the US consistently find that at the most 3% of the US population identifies themselves as gay. There may be some closet cases lying in the surveys, but I doubt if there are many. In some studies, half of those 3% are married to women! How is that compatible with these studies being flawed by mass hidden closet cases? They keep doing the surveys, and they keep coming up with at the most 3% of men are gay. So we have to use the 3% figure in talking about the gay percentage of the population.

Gay activists and their Lobby hate these low figures because they think there is strength in numbers. They think that if people think there are only a tiny number of gay men, people will be freer to bully and persecute them. Whereas if they are a large figure like 10%, people will accept them more. I am not sure if it is true. Maybe it is. But they’re still lying, even if they are lying for a good reason. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

I would like to differentiate between gay men in general and gay activists and the Gay Lobby. Quite a few gay men dislike the Lobby and the activists. I have a gay friend who despises both of them. He says gay men just need to get married, move to the suburbs in a nice house and live quietly and unobtrusively like the rest of their neighbors. I concur!

So please do not think that by attacking the activists and the Lobby I am attacking all gay men. Certainly not. In fact, I encourage gay men to reject both activism and the Lobby. They’re counterproductive, and ~80% of the things they say are flat out lies. Gay activism, like all the other Identity Politics, is just propaganda. As feminism is nothing but propaganda for women, gay activism is nothing but propaganda for gays.

Nevertheless, I encourage all gay men to fight for their basic rights. I just don’t think lying is the right way to get what’s due to them. Not only will I support them, but I will help them, as I participate in some worthy gay political campaigns!

Surveys done with medical students found that ~3–4% of men identify as gay, gay being 0–100 to 20–80 on a scale orientation where 0–100 = completely gay. Another 2% identify as gay-leaning bisexuals, these being 30–70 to 40–60 on the same scale. Only 1% of men identify as fully bisexual, showing the stereotype about few people being purely bisexual is based on fact.

Adding up the numbers, 6% of men in these surveys identify as leaning gay, either bisexual or fully gay. Keep in mind that 2% of those men have a pretty strong lean towards women too, so they are not that gay. Another 1% are the “pure bis” who cannot logically be seen as gay either, neither can they be seen as straight. These are the people most perfectly identified as bisexual.

So population surveys get 3%, and medical student surveys get 6%. I don’t know what to do. Let’s go by majority rules and take the population surveys and say that 3% of men are gay.

This figure tends to be pretty steady for whatever reason. My research leads me to believe that true biological homosexuality (which surely exists and is the case with most gay men) is caused by hormonal aberrations and abnormalities in the womb. I doubt if it is genetic. There is some pretty good evidence leading to this conclusion. For whatever reason, these hormonal aberrations seem to occur in only ~3% of male births, and at least in the last few decades, nothing changes that.

Adding weight to my theory, there is research out there that shows that after 1990 in the Czech Republic, great efforts were put into monitoring pregnant women, adjusting their hormonal levels to the proper level, and keeping them from going off. Incredibly, research showed that this effort caused the rates of homosexuality and transsexualism to plummet. Not collapse but plummet.

Therefore, there may indeed by a “cure” for male homosexuality or at least a way to prevent it. I assure you that the Gay Lobby does wish to do anything to prevent homosexuality and transsexualism even if the mother desires this. But this shows how we might be able to artificially lower or even raise the rate of male homosexuality.
Now since the rate seems to be at a steady rate of 3%, and all evidence seems to be that the 3% rate (or lower) is the norm all over the world for biological male homosexuality, I would say we have nothing to worry about gay men taking over the world, though some of the real radicals would love to do that, trust me. Go read some of their documents. But the vast majority of gay men reject this gay chauvinism or gay imperialism.

The rate is 3% now, and it will be 3% in the future, unless we start lowering it as above.

This is why the question does not make sense. If biological male homosexuality occurs at a steady low rate everywhere on Earth without change, the rate of such cannot go much higher than 3%, certainly not to 100%, and it will not go down zero either, at least naturally on its own.

On the other hand, straight men have a tremendous potential for bisexuality. There are societies currently and in the past where very high percentages of men (up to 95%) engaged in regular sex with men (while also having lots of sex with women) throughout their lives. So you can definitely end up with societies like Afghanistan where many straight (by sexual orientation) men engage in homosexual behavior.
We must distinguish between orientation and behavior. They tend to follow each other pretty well but not always. Ancient Greece and Rome are good examples of where they can diverge a lot.

Now if you want to ask what would happen if 100% of men were behaviorally bisexual and were engaging in sex with men on a regular basis as in Ancient Greece and Rome, that’s another question, and I don’t think you questioner is asking that here. Personally I think it would be utterly catastrophic, although gay men would think they were in Paradise. Then again, the sky has not fallen in Afghanistan, where something like this is already going on.

Male homosexuality is bad for society. It brings along a whole host of problems and yes, diseases, along with it which impose considerable cost on society. I would like to add that these problems impose these costs on gay men themselves in terms of mental and physical illness, a whole lot of very sketchy behavior, and a culture that does not seem to be healthy at all in many ways. Despite the societal effects, the overwhelming costs of these problems are borne by gay men themselves.

Nevertheless, I feel that these are gay men’s problems. It is unspeakably rude and selfish to say that gay men’s problems which hurt them so much are terrible for the rest of us for whatever reason. It’s like someone walks into your house with a broken leg wanting help and you scream at him for ruining your day. How rude! How selfish!
Gay men’s problems are for them to solve. We need to stay out of it. If they want to deal with this stuff, let them go to it. We will help them, but the ball’s in their court.

I would like to point out that lots of things are not good for society, but we allow or tolerate them anyway, as it’s just not the place of society or the state to regulate people’s behavior, lifestyles, and choices.

In terms of the costs to society, yes there are some, especially in disease burden and medical expenses, but keep in mind that gay men are only 3% of the male population and a tiny 1.5% of the total population. Basically, whatever problems male homosexuality causes, we in the US can handle them very easily because gay men’s numbers are so small. If the percentages of gay men were to climb radically beyond 3%, the costs to society would be much more severe, and it would be something we could not deal with well. But that’s a whole other hypothetical problem.

As far as benefits go, I am going to be a radical here and say that society as a whole probably reaps exactly zero benefits from homosexuality either male or female. The effects on society are either negative or (mostly) neutral, but even when they are negative, their tiny numbers allow us to handle these effects well.

For the life of me, as a straight man, I cannot fathom any benefits from having gay men in my society. Somebody needs to clue me here. What’s in it for me, or for straight society as a whole? Color me confused!

Most straight men would probably be perfectly happy to never deal with another gay man for the rest of our lives. It’s not that they are horrible for us, but there’s no benefit at all, and there is a certain downside (they constantly try to seduce us). Most of us don’t really hate them at all (we are more indifferent towards them than anything else) but we don’t feel any special love for them, and I wager they would not be missed.

Nevertheless, despite this fact of there being no benefit to us, we straight men need to support full rights for biologically gay men. We need to wish for them the same happy and healthy lives as we do for ourselves, not even 1% less.

Please realize that these men did not choose to be this way. We straight men are straight only due to sheer luck and a roll of the genetic dice. Any of us could have ended up gay too. If you are straight, try to imagine if you had been wired up gay instead. Imagine yourself just as you are, except you are a gay man instead of a straight man. That’s called empathy. What would you like to the world to be like? This is the world that straight men need to create for gay men, not for any particular reason, but only because it’s simply the right thing to do.

No matter what we straight men think about male homosexuality (and a lot of us are profoundly repulsed by it), nevertheless at the end of the day, we have to be kind.


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51 responses to “Alt Left: If the Rate of Homosexuality in Populations Can Increase or Decrease, What’s to Stop It from Going Full-blown to 100% or Even 0? Do Humans Just Reap the Most Benefits by Having Homosexuals at 10%?

  1. Magneto

    if you’re a gay male and want to have sex with normal straight men? Get a surgery done so you have big tits and perhaps get facial surgery too to make you more feminine looking. Combine that with estrogen and boom, you are now a hot ass shemale and many guys are ready to bang you.

    • HOOD


      Not really. A small minority of Asian men in Philippines or Thailand will engage in sex with “Ladyboys”.

      You’re best bet to get banged by horny men is to be a bank-robbing transvestite. Then you will get lot’s of sex in prison.

  2. Jason Y

    Please realize that these men did not choose to be this way. We straight men are straight only due to sheer luck and a roll of the genetic dice. Any of us could have ended up gay too. If you are straight, try to imagine if you had been wired up gay instead. Imagine yourself just as you are, except you are a gay man instead of a straight man. That’s called empathy.

    I’m trying not to laugh here. 😆

  3. Lin


    The point is homosexuality has become a religion.

    What are the attributes of a religion? Lets go through a YES or NO or 50/50 check list.

    1) Has God/gods/supreme authority — Hinduism and the Greek pantheon do have FaGods, but they are usually not emphasized by modern homos — 50/50.

    2) Tribal or the notion of ‘good vs evil’ — As Robert said, many queers have the notion that males are either anti-fag or consider homosexuality to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. I was suspected of being gay at another forum by someone who is apparently queer just because I am well read on the subject. Its well-known that queers are very hostile to their critics. — A resounding YES.

    3) Evangelism/proselytizing — It’s well-known that queers want to convert all hetero males to bisexuals and abandon ‘gender differences’. They want to lower the legal age of consensual sex just to recruit converts. Dan Savage said, “I hope boys grow up fast to fuck men.” — A resounding YES.

    4) Apologetics — All religions contain elements of irrationality, and these elements, like Creationism in Fundamentalist Christianity and bloodshed like killing Egypt’s first born and such are usually overlooked if not condoned by the believers:


    — Usually deny they were largely responsible for the first stage of the AIDS epidermic.

    — Deny they’re health care burden on the rest of society.

    — Deny that have much a higher frequency of child sex abuse.

    — Claim their sex is ‘spiritual’ even when it’s sex across holes dug across male washroom cubicle separator panels. —- A resounding YES.


    Let me put it this way, the Holy Ghost converts a person into a Christian, while the Prostate Hormonal Ghost converts a male into a prostate orgasm-yearning queer.

    • HOOD


      Female prostitutes end up being the biggest burden on society to be honest. At least in the West where these women are usually feckless drug addicts.

      Your average Caucasian female sex worker is going to end up half-crazy, destitute, alone.

      I realize that in the East many female sex workers become Mama Sans or the smarter ones just save up enough money to open a store (Chinese prostitutes seem to end up running shoe stores a great deal of the time) or they marry some foreigner.

      But female career sex workers would be right at the top in terms of disease, social problems from violence, drug addicts and so on.

  4. Lin


    5) Paradise — Yup, I posted it before as some kind of April Fool’s joke: The gay paradise is CUM-munism

    “To respond to President Pence’s announcement of national emergency to ban sodomy after 100’s of 1000’s of homos publicly ‘marched-in’ and ‘daisy-chained’ in major US cities to the tune of Hava Nagila which literally means ‘Let’s be Gay’, the gay militant Dan Savage announced the long-awaited ‘CUM-munism Manifesto’.

    Besides advocating a radical, broad LGBT liberation front to counter Christian fundamentalism, the manifesto also wants literally the public or collective ownership of all anatomical components, body fluids, and technical devices associated with orgasm. He also propose establishing CUMmues in all US cities and towns where sex to whatever fancy is free and unrefusable. All voluntary services at the CUMmues will carry tax credits.” — Well, we all know communism is a religion to the adherents.

    8) Hell: here it comes, and watch your ass:

    Anal Cancer: The New Gay Epidemic the Media Won’t Talk About
    By Megan Fox September 28, 2017

    The Los Angeles Times calls anal cancer “the next big crisis” for the gay community. According to the American Cancer Society, the future looks grim.

    The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 8,200 new anal cancer cases in 2017. In the absence of national screening recommendations, more than 50 percent of these individuals will be diagnosed at stage III or IV, where five-year survival is less than 40 percent. This creates a major public health concern.

    The study shows that anal cancer comes from the sexually transmitted virus HPV. What it doesn’t mention is why the gay community is so susceptible to contracting HPV. Perhaps the answer is too politically incorrect for the L.A. Times. NBC reported on a similar study that was done in Hawaii involving women who contracted anal HPV.

    They danced around the cause in an almost laughable way. According to NBC, it’s not clear exactly how the women contracted anal HPV. Those who developed infections were more likely to be young and white, with lower levels of education and income and a history of multiple sexual partners, the study showed. Women who engaged in anal sex were also at higher risk, though transmission could have occurred in other nonsexual ways. The findings are important because anal HPV infection is strongly linked with anal cancer.

    Really? Nonsexual ways? What ways are those? The article does not elaborate but goes out of its way to deny the very findings discovered!

    The Hawaii study showed a greater risk of HPV infection in women who recently had anal sex, though the association wasn’t as high as researchers expected. Non-penetrative sex and use of fingers and sex toys also may have contributed to transmission of HPV, or the virus could have been shed from cervical secretions, the report said. “It is also possible that responses to our questions regarding anal sex were less than candid,” the authors wrote. Study participants were twice as likely to contract the high-risk strains of the HPV virus associated with cervical and other cancers than the low-risk variations of the virus, the report showed.

    • HOOD

      LIN Visit the US Gay Districts (China does not have them)

      1) No single mothers requiring tax-payer assistance. Malays are this way through and through. You know that, I am sure. The Malay extended family exists because males impregnate females randomly whose parents then raise the kid in a weak extended tribal structure.

      2) No juvenile delinquent children of exhausted single mothers committing crimes. Half the problems police face is a result of poor teenagers from single-parent families which reaches a peak at 14-17 when they have the power to really wreak havoc on society.

      3) No domestic violence as men beat up their wives. You see this with Lesbians but “gay” men are just that. Gay happy.

      4) No violence between males in lover’s quarrels as one woman is cuckolding a male (Women are not wired to be monogamous in my opinion completely). No women shooting a man for having a mistress. Gays don’t even bother with the pretense of monogamy.

      5) No street female street prostitution with its attendant pimping and organized crime.

      6) No rapes. A man who wishes to get a blowjob every morning on his way to work to clear his head can drop by the nearest gay toilet. George Michael talked about this.

      7) Less macho “what you looking at me for?” run-of-the-mill violence between males in the bars and streets. Violence and assault are low in gay neighborhoods (They have the odd serial killer of course).

      8) Clean. Women and children leave messes. So do straight men. Gays don’t.

      9) Most gays have jobs. Both partners work, no dependents.

      In fact Lin, gays tend to “gentrify” or clean up bad neighborhood

      • Lin

        Trash, categorically I’m not trying to pass judgment homosexuality good or bad besides the obvious. I want to point out homosexuality has attained many features of religion:

        — “LIN, Visit the US gay districts (China does not have them)”

        I visited US (I’m a U.of Windsor, Ontario graduate, and I’ve relatives in NY) a number of times, though not recently, and I see no point of lingering in ‘gay neighborhood’ just like if I visit Bangkok, I see no particular need of paying pilgrimage to their whoring area. I’m confident I’ve good intuition regarding the Yankee gay scene.

        Actually you have reinforced my claim:

          a) “Gays tend to “gentrify” or clean up bad neighborhood.”

          b) ‘A man who wishes to get a blowjob every morning on his way to work to clear his head can drop by the nearest gay toilet..”

        Why not compare them with:

          “Muslims tend to clean up bad neighborhoods.”

          “A Roman Catholic who wishes to pray every morning on his way to work can drop by the nearest cathedral.”

        Ha, ha….my sympathy, gay public toilets are like secret places of congregation of early Christians. That’s why I suggest they should build ‘CUM-mues’ where sex is free, unrefusable, and carry tax credits; just like early Christians started to build churches.


        — “No street female street prostitution with its attendant pimping and organized crime.”

        Are u kidding me? Gay prostitutes do exist, though I admit their number is smaller than female prostitutes. And apparently a good % of ‘gay’ hookers are straights who want to make a living or pay for drugs.

        — “Female prostitutes end up being the biggest burden on society, to be honest. At least in the West where these women are usually feckless drug addicts. Your average Caucasian female sex worker is going to end up half-crazy, destitute, alone…”

        Look, it’s well known the gays are a lot more venerable to diseases like AIDS, hepatitis, digestive canal parasites…and the list is long. Not to mention they have higher frequency of mental problem and pedo sex offense. Drug problems are also more serious. Ask Milo Yiannopoulos who is gay himself. Overall they’re a healthcare burden.


        • HOOD

          LIN I’m amazed that posters can identify me so easily.

          I don’t defend felch-breath gays taking over public toilets. I think males having sex with other males is pretty repulsive.

          Nor do I believe a gay religion of clerics instructing boys how to felch and “rim” would improve society much.

          But in terms of the sheer damage that sexual assaults, women being trafficked by pimps (Your point about male prostitutes is pretty ludicrous; gigolos living off older widows are not being beaten up) and illegitimacy are lower.

          San Francisco’s gay district of clothing shops and bistros is not nearly as seedy as a heterosexual red-light district. There is crime, violence and drugs but no segment of society is free of this.

          A Windsor graduate would no that Detroit has a higher rate of AIDS than an Ontario city and it is not because of gays. We know who lives in Detroit and has AIDS. Latest studies suggest that some resistance to malaria in Sub-Saharan Africa created some blood adaptation that made their ancestors more susceptible to HIV but that is only a scientific study.

        • HOOD

          LIN I’m amazed that people are able to know who I am.

          I would not want to get a reputation for being a defender of gays. I’ve known a few in the publishing world, which is a big employer of gay males. One man I knew perforated his colon during an Ecstasy-fueled weekend orgy (E was the drug of choice for gays when I was in my twenties).

          However if women were willing as promiscuous as gay males I suspect sexual assault rates and lover’s quarrels would decline somewhat and that this is why gays have lower rates of sexual assault than straight people. Imagine a world where straight guys could “cruise” a public toilet to get a blowjob (Free) from women whenever they wanted. I am not sure that would be a good thing however.

        • HOOD

          In the name of Confucius I reply that:

          You are 100% correct about digestive problems because I was a caterer in university and Larry the gay Head Waiter was essentially incontinent although a young man. He had to race to the toilet because he had been so sexually active in his life.

          The only straight man I knew to die of AIDS was an English teacher in Korea who frequented the Seoul red light district where AIDS was prevalent.

          Canada and America deal with a sexual trafficking problem with China. This is not strapping young men from Northeast cities who are forced by Hong Kong pimps to sell their bodies in East Vancouver brothels. Trafficking is mostly young women being exploited by males (And sometimes females).

          Asian cartels battling it out with White biker gangs for drug territories in Vancouver or maybe California are not gays on “Molly”. They are heroin traffickers. I suspect most of them do not accept homosexuals as members.

          Gays in my opinion, as well as female addicts, lack the aggression to commit the really violent drug-related crimes. Women will peddle ass to support a habit and gays as you say will do the same. Straight males will rob a business or kill somebody with a hammer to get their next heroin fix.

        • Trash the digestive disorders are actually caused by parasitic infections which are epidemic in gay male populations in the West. These include giardiasis, shigellosis, and amebiasis. I have been studying these diseases for a long time too even though I doubt if I am particularly at risk for them. The thing is that these epidemics which periodically rage through the gay community generally do not go outside their community.

          You are not going to get these illnesses from food preparers not washing their hands as with Hepatitis A. Hepatitis A also rages through gay communities in the West on a regular basis.

          However, straights are hardly affected by these parasitical infections even though they are transmitted by sex acts that straights engage in also. I believe that we are dealing with the concepts of infectious pools here. The gay male pool is profoundly infected with these parasites while the straight poll or men and women hardly have them at all. Therefore the same sex act which cause rampaging epidemics in promiscuous gay male populations hardly affects straights at all. Straights are far less promiscuous for one and also they are simply dealing with a relatively uninfected pool. These parasites could well go into the straight population sexually, but there’s been no sign of it yet.

          Straights hardly if ever get Hepatitis A from sexual activities. I am not aware of a single case. However, gay men can get it and transmit it to straight communities via food preparers not washing their hands. However, I am not aware that gay men are spreading huge numbers of Hep A cases via gay food preparers.

          Bottom line is that all of these illnesses have the potential to go from the gay community where they are often epidemic to the straight community. However, for the most part that does not seem to be happening for whatever reason, so it’s really not an issue.

          BTW, all of these illnesses are transmitted in the same way. I am not going to tell how that transmission works. I will let you figure that out on your own.

        • One man I knew perforated his colon during an Ecstasy-fueled weekend orgy (E was the drug of choice for gays when I was in my twenties).

          That’s very interesting. Actually I am very interested in the subject of whether anal sex of various types causes injuries to the anus and of what type and degree. I have been studying this for a long time now even though I have barely practiced anal sex with women at all. I am interested in all sorts of things that I don’t do and will never do.

          Did he perforate it with a penis? I am dubious and I am thinking it was more likely with an object like a large dildo or a fist.

          What happened as a result of him getting a perforated colon? That’s a pretty serious injury, pretty much a medical emergency. And yes, you can die. Peritonitis.

        • You are 100% correct about digestive problems because I was a caterer in university and Larry the gay Head Waiter was essentially incontinent although a young man. He had to race to the toilet because he had been so sexually active in his life.

          Thank you. I am also very much interested in the notion of anal incontinence from anal intercourse as I have been studying this also for years, even though I have almost no experience with this sex act! It just goes to show you that people can be interested in things that they never do. There is a lot of debate going on about whether this even exists, but we get enough anecdotal reports like this to indicate at least to me that this does happen in certain people. There are also reports on the Net of women developing anal incontinence from too much anal sex. However, I am not aware of any female porn stars who have a permanent problem with this, although I have heard a couple of reports of female porn stars who had temporary problems with this.

          How old was this man? Did you ever talk to him about his problem and how he got it?

          Thing is that if you go on gay forums and talk about this, you will get all sorts of gay men on there saying that they have lots of anal sex or even that they have been having lots of it or at least doing it for decades with no problems whatsoever. There are even reports of gay men who have been getting fisted regularly for decades, (one is in his 60’s) and they do not have this problem.

          I have known some women who were into this type of sex, in fact, twenty years ago, I had a girlfriend who was an anal freak who had done it ~2,000 times and she had had no problems like this. She had an “easy gape” though if you catch my drift. Observed by me in person. And she had a pretty easy back door. I remember once I went to put my finger in her pussy and I missed (lol) and stuck it in her ass instead, just like the old jokes. Finger went right up there no problem, straight highway all the way, Autobahn, no speed limit. I never did have that kind of sex with her though. I’m not really into it.

    • Lin

      Homosexuality as Religion Part 3

      9) Like pre-Constantine Christianity, pre-Obama Faggotry was a persecuted institution. Pre-Constantine Christians congregated in ‘underground’ churches, and fags congregate in public toilets.

      10) Eucharist/communion fluid:

      — Christians have consecrated wine as communion drink.
      — Fags have semen as eucharist drink.

      Incidentally or as actual pagan lineage, the worshipers of Baal also drank a mixture of semen and wine before their ‘fertility rites’.


      However the homos can look forwards to future queerdom as pre-Constantine Christians longed for Political Christendom. The future marriage norm could be polyamorous – group marriage – and involve males, females, parents, siblings, non-human species, androids…even ET aliens.

  5. HOOD


    Confucius might have been gay.

    “Gay prostitutes do exist” Try “pimping” a Toronto Portuguese bodybuilder-type who trades his body for cash or drugs. These men are not being “trafficked” like Chinese village girls in a Vancouver brothel who were told they would have waitress jobs. Gay men like big, muscular males as “rent boys” and good luck taking their earnings. Sure, some males trade their bodies for cash. When they wish to stop, they do. Female sex workers end up stuck in a cycle of prostitution and become society’s problem when they are 40 years old and used up.

    Gays are a lot more vulnerable to digestive parasites. Well that does not really affect society as a whole. HIV is a different matter but blacks also seem to contract it more frequently. The average straight male in society is not likely to get AIDS unless he frequents black prostitutes with no rubber or he is a porn star. AIDS is sort of a lifestyle choice. We can argue that it affects society as a whole but outside of Africa it seems as if the number of straight women and men who have AIDS is low because it is hard to contract it from vaginal sex unless you are “bare-backing” in Africa.

    “Cathedrals” Gays don’t have to resort to sexual assault to get off. They just go down to the public toilet and stick their penis through a glory hole. Gays may be raped occasionally and particularly in prisons but society does not bear the burden of thousands of sexual assault victims who will be traumatized for the rest of their life.

    “Milo”? Sorry, it is hard to take any Millennial figure seriously. You just have yet to invent anything like Political Correctness or produce a Bill Gates or even a Kurt Cobain (I’m 43 and born in 1974. Straight up Gen X). Maybe you invented FACEBOOK. My generation invented PC in our 20’s in the 1990’s so I guess we can be blamed for the Millennial backlash to that.

  6. HOOD


    Sir. I do not want to clutter things up here but “LARRY” was an example of debauched homosexual depravity:

    Larry was in Teacher’s College and was 32 years old in 1995 when I met him. About 10 years older than the rest of us working in the Student Union.

    Years later he was jailed for molesting a student in his early teens. He also worked as a baby-sitter, so it might not have been the first time.

    He was gay and came on to young dudes when I was a head waiter. We smoked pot a few times at his apartment too and he would talk about how so and so had a cock as big as his arm.

    At that age I was relatively unworldly and he told me (And others) about gay coke-fueled orgies where he had fisted and been fisted by other males.

    “Billy” was his straight “rent-boy”. Billy was an older (Seemed at the time, he was about 27) fork-lift driver and coke head who had a kid but Larry was his sugar daddy. Billy was an ominous white trash redneck cowboy type.

    Larry was always in the toilet. Three to four times a day. What was disgusting about it was that he was a head waiter. He joked about this when we were doing a reception and he laughed about how he had just taken a shit during handling food.

    • Larry had some sort of anal incontinence (but not the real bad type) from getting fisted way too much for too long. That’s how he got it. It’s hard to get that much damage to your ass from regular anal intercourse.

      • HOOD


        Larry like most gays seemed to have a scat obsession of sorts. He was always taking a shit or talking about how he had just taken a shit or had to take a shit when you ran into him.

      • HOOD

        Men do not have a G-Spot between their anus and vagina like a woman does. What is the pleasure of having a fist rammed up the anus?

        • Lin

          I’m deeply amazed by your statement: “What is the pleasure of having a fist rammed up the anus?”

          2 versions of meta-biblical origin of male homosexuality I ponder:

          1) God is male, and when He created humans from the dust and earth from the ground, His intelligent Design was to place the prostate gland inside the scrotum together with the testes. Satan perverted His design and placed the prostate gland near the rectum, thus created a channel of orgasmic perversity.

          2) God is omnipotent and can take up any gender form; Yahweh is technically a hermaphrodite. When He created ‘man’/humanity in his image, naturally He intended ‘man’ to be a hermaphrodite like Him. Satan cautioned that creating man in Yahweh’s image could amount to sacrilege, so Yahweh agreed to create human in 2 genders but left a effeminate option to the male gender in the form of a orgasm-capable organ known as the prostate near the rectum.


  7. HOOD

    ROBERT Larry the Typical Debauched Gay

    Larry was 32 and attending college as a mature student of sorts.

    He was a portly, ugly farm kid but had the squealing bickering manner of a total fairy. He was savagely sarcastic and disdainful faux elitist the way gay men sometimes are about everything with pretentious tastes.

    There was a sadistic element: he would boast of coke-fueled gay orgies where men fisted him and he fisted men and how one man had been forced to walk on his hands and knees like a dog while men masturbated into his open mouth. Real CRUISING type stuff.

    NB One “fag hag” attended this orgy he bragged that she had been sodomized by two gays who pulled her hair until she screamed. Rough, rough stuff.

    A few years later Larry was jailed for raping one of his students not long after becoming a teacher. He loved kids: he had made a living as a baby-sitter for a period of time. I’m sure he molested more of them.

    Some of us younger guys hung around selling or smoking pot with him until his Butch rent-boy Billy showed up. Billy was an ominous redneck who drove a fork lift and had a kid and Larry was his sugar daddy who would buy his cocaine, which Billy sold on the side. Billy gave us a bad vibe and we stopped hanging around Larry.

    Larry was always racing to the toilet. Always. He would joke afterwards about serving people food that after just taking a shit. He was actually quite disgusting.

    One thing about Larry was how anally-fixated he was. Both sexually and always talking about scat and so.

    • Yes many gay men are utterly fixated on anuses and all things thereabouts, and yeah that can include scat. 8% of gay men had scat sex in the past year. 3% of all men are gay, but 50% of all scat porn is gay scat porn, so gay men are vastly more into this stuff than straight men are. The only straights into this stuff hardcore and hardcore submissive men who get with very hardcore dominant women.

      These are seriously hardcore BD/SM lifestyle freaks. Most of the women are doms and most of the men are subs. The women shit and piss in the men’s faces and in their mouths and they often make them eat the shit and drink the piss. I have seen a number of ads of male submissives looking for a mistress to do this to them. They call themselves toilet slaves. The dom women who do this act like they completely hate these men and they treat them like absolute total shit. The guys get off on this.

      The # of women into getting shit on and eating shit is quite small. It’s mostly a male thing. But it looks like gay men are into this stuff in a huge way, far more than straight men are. Personally, I think they do so much anal sex and asslicking that there are times when they deal with shit. They go lick some guy’s ass and he’s not clean and they do it anyway. Or some guy’s fucking another guy in the ass, pulls it out and it’s covered with shit and some gay sucks on it. So they deal with shit and eat bits of it in their course of their normal sex lives and I think they start to enjoy it after a while. Anyway that’s my theory about this DISGUSTING SUBJECT OF THE DAY!

      Oh yeah I have also done lots of research on scat people, shiteaters, etc. It’s so sick and fucked up. Of course I have never done this and would never do it. Once again, it just shows you that people can be very interested in things they never do. I think I am just fascinated in anything sick, fucked up, horrible, awful, disgusting or insane that humans do even though I never do any of those things myself and I don’t get off on any of this sexually. It’s like the more sick and fucked up, the more I’m interested.

      I am a student of human perversity and fuckedupedness.

      • HOOD


        I contracted Amoebiosis from pic feces in water in the Philippines. I lost 60 pounds, am permanently lactose intolerant and basically spent a month recovering.

        One would think that eating feces would kill you.

        I’ve rimmed women’s anuses a few times who asked me to. These were the absolute hottest chicks. But I was noid afterwards. Rimming women’s anuses is not something I would want to do every night of my life.

        What is disconcerting is how many gays work in food service or as cooks. There is something infantile about gay males (Cannot speak for Lesbians) in the sense that they seem trapped in the early stages of development-but I am not the psychologist and you are.

      • Lin

        Bob, ever heard of Mr. Hands, the Boeing engineer who was literally fucked to death by a horse?

        I read ‘gerbiling’ is fad among some yankee queers, among them the actor Richard Gere was said to be a practitioner.

        The HK equivalent to ‘gerbiling’ seems to be ‘eeling’; haha…

        • Gere never did that. It’s an urban myth.

          I am quite familiar with the story of Mr. Hands. I have actually been to Enumclaw, Washington. It’s a beautiful place.

        • HOOD


          Stallone and Gere hated one another for the majority of their careers: they had been briefly been roommates as struggling New York actors and were then cast together LORDS OF THE FLATBUSH about Italian-American punks in 1974.

          Stallone would finally elbow Gere in the head after Gere smeared a chicken sandwich on his face. Gere attended college on a Gymnastic scholarship and Stallone had been a bouncer and there was a fairly brutal fight that required some people to separate them. Gere was fired and hated Stallone afterwards.

          Gere would later accuse Stallone of spreading the Gerbil rumor. You can read this under Stallone’s biography.

          The in the early 90’s when both men were by this time in their 40’s, Stallone had a short-lived affair with Cindy Crawford and Gere got into another scuffle with him over it.

          Did Stallone start the gerbil rumor? I tend to doubt it. He strikes me as the kind of man who uses his fists and not words.

          Of note, when Gere was a young motorcycle mechanic in New York taking acting lessons he was mugged by some punks who thought he was gay because of his leather jacket and his preening manner.

  8. HOOD

    ROBERT Colon Perforation


    I was working for a publication in Dubai and James was a London homosexual who was in his thirties.

    He was an affable gay guy, as many Brits in the Middle East were then.

    One day he came in distraught because one lover was in the hospital. I asked him about it and he simply told me that during a gay Ecstasy-fueled rave (Ecstasy was everywhere gays were in the 1990’s even in Dubai) he had gone overboard inserting objects into his lover’s rectum and simply perforated his colon. They had been high off their heads on “E” as Brits called it. His lover Sabre had to be rushed to the hospital.

  9. HOOD



    In Dubai I knew many expats who slept with Arab women. I tended to avoid this as I knew a German stabbed by the brother of an Arab woman he had been having sex with. If the woman is married you are dead meat. But guys that did this told me many Arab women enjoy anal sex.

    I also had sex with one Filipino woman who requested it. Maybe 1 out of 25 women truly love anal sex. The rest can tolerate it and a few despise it.

    My first experience with anal sex (Only women) is limited. The first time was with a Spanish girl I met in London who in the middle of sex asked me if I wanted to “f*ck her in the ass” so I said okay.

    What surprised me was that this Spanish girl’s anus was much much looser than her vagina.

    I suspect that some women’s G-Spot is located somewhere near the entrance of their anus and is stimulated by this act.

    I contracted genital warts this way. This was a high-priced aging call-girl. She said I could remove the condom and simply ejaculate around her anus. I did so, and wished that I did not. Within five days I had genital warts which had to be burned off with dry ice. A painful experience I’ll never want to experience again. This was one reason I eased up on the prostitutes.

    Other guys I knew also claimed to have contracted genital warts and herpes from women as a result of anal sex or doing doggy-style sex and rubbing the tip of their penis around the woman’s anus when they ejaculated.

    It seems that certain STD’S like warts are more likely to be around a woman’s anus than her vagina. I cannot speak for gay males. I’ve never wanted anything to do with males.

  10. HOOD

    ROBERT Larry’s “Fag Hag”

    Larry despised women and would not touch them. However he boasted of what happened to one who showed up at this cocaine-fueled orgy he had thrown on the weekend.

    It was probably consensual or maybe semi-consensual but anyhow he laughed about how this woman-an alternative goth type of the early 90’s-showed up at this all-male gay orgy.

    She snorted some cocaine and then had sex with two willing gay dudes in the toilet.

    Larry and others watched as her hair was pulled and her head shoved against the toilet wall as she was sodomized roughly but two of the gay men.

    Afterwards another gay man had urinated on her.

  11. HOOD


    Sir. Please issue me a warning at any time that I am being annoying or in anyway an obstruction to the thread.

    James as I recall actually shoved a staple gun or something like that into his lover’s anus and this was the cause of the colon perforation. I THINK that was what he said. This was 1999 and my memory is fading.

    One thing about gays is that many of them have chem-sex. So have I but with gay males it is really louche and dangerous.

    When men and women have chem-sex the object is usually to bring a woman to a deep vaginal orgasm (Not clitoral). This is usually what to heterosexuals are trying to do in a sexual frenzy.

    Gay males are more focused (It seems) with the sort of pain-pleasure threshold that must come along with having anal sex in the first place.

    When one thinks about it, gay sex is intrinsically painful. A man has to enjoy a bit roughness to begin with to want stovepipes shoved up his rectum.

    So it seems obvious that the anal insertion would get rougher and rougher with seasoned gays.

    I’m only guessing.

  12. HOOD


    Musings on Homosexual Idiocy:

    I know that James’ lover was in the hospital. This was a week after it happened. If I remember right it was a staple gun and the man’s gay lover actually pleaded for him to shove the end of the staple gun into his anus and staple it.

    This is typical of how gays think they push the human body past its point of design and then complain about how they have medical problems as a result.

    • That’s how he perforated his colon! He had a staple gun shoved up his ass and a staple was fired into his ass out of the staple gun! So he got a perforated colon and yeah you can die from that.

      I hate to say it, but LOTS of gay men do sick, fucked up shit like this ALL THE TIME. This is an almost normal and typical lifestyle for a Western gay men. They’re insanely depraved sexually to degrees most of us hets can’t even fathom.

      • HOOD


        Clive Barker, who is really gay and admitted being molested as a child by adult men, wrote HELLRAISER with the Pinhead character.

        If you remember the plot an SM guy named Pinhead promised ecstasy to men by pulling their bodies apart with hooks.

        This underscores the S&M pain and violence of gay sex. And in the end, anal sex does have an element of pain to it to begin with.

        Some of the worst serial killers were gay. Gacy, Dahmer.

      • HOOD

        LAWRENCE YATES Michigan Sex Offender Registry

        Lawrence Robert Yates (Born March 19 1963) was convicted in January 2007 of raping a child.

        The picture was 10 years older than the last time I had seen “scary Larry” when I was 23 in Spring of 1997. I say talked because he was taking a shit in a fast food bathroom.

        Sometimes I will download a name on the internet of somebody I knew in my past because when you move overseas as a very young man you’ll never see anybody again. So it is interesting to look at the faces of people you knew when you were young.

        You can look at “Scary Larry’s” photograph. He had been known by this nickname behind his back by us younger guys in college.

  13. HOOD

    “Lawrence Yates” Criminal conviction sentence records.

    Lawrence Yates is actually on the Michigan sex offender registry for fourth degree sexual misconduct with a child of 14 and was convicted in 2007. At the time he was 44 years old. The offense took place in Birmingham, Michigan (Near Detroit) and I would assume he was probably a school teacher by then.

    This can be looked up under Michigan Sex Offender registry. Lawrence Yates, white male, born 1963, 5’10, 230 pounds.

    I had last seen “Scary Larry” (As he was known at the Central Michigan Student Union) 10 years before in college when he was taking a shit in a toilet and talked to me through the stall door.

    Sometimes I will type the name of an old acquaintance into the internet out of curiosity because I never returned to my home state after college or saw anybody I knew in the US ever again except a few relatives once in 2003.

  14. HOOD


    Gay lifestyle risks are the definition of “self-inflicted”.

    Just as the public feels little sympathy for the guy who does”Double Anal” in porn films with women because it pays $1000 a scene the public knows exactly why gay males are at risk:

    HIV and colon perforations are all the result of pushing the anus past its point of design. A few Heterosexuals fist but it is not the norm. The only reason heterosexual porn stars get AIDS is because they are directed to perform anal sex acts like double Anal.

    This is not women raped while jogging in the park or the straight guy stalked by some woman he had sex with once AKA “Play Misty For Me” Eastwood character.

  15. HOOD


    My viewpoints are secular.

  16. HOOD


    What is the biblical purpose of the G-Spot which similarly is located behind a woman’s bladder and can only be stimulated through anal penetration?

    Is this so that women can choose to be a gay man?

  17. Zed

    Damn Kevin Spacey just came out and revealed he’s a faggot. Why dont these Hollywood faggots keep this in the closet for too long. Hey, comeon we know they arent ashamed to pull some mostly depraved acts on the scene at the behest of their Jew masters and also conspicuous by their weird life choices. Why is that they constantly regret something only after inflicting a heavy damage?

  18. HOOD

    I doubt any Jew was ordering Kevin Spacey to commit sexual acts on male children after drinking too much. Not that Jews are not involved in the crap coming out of Hollywood (But then so are Irish-Catholics, blacks, Hispanics) but in the case of Spacey I suspect that it was alcohol-related. Exactly why is a 14 year old getting drunk with a 26 year old man anyhow?

  19. HOOD



    Homosexual incidents between adult males and male children seem to often involve violence. It is not a case of a grown man seducing a teenage girl but rather a bigger male brutishly forcing himself on a smaller weaker male.

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