Teen Sex Mass Hysteria Kills Another Kid


Boy takes photo of himself having sex with a girl classmate. Somehow the photo gets found by some adult and reported to police. Idiot cops get involved. School administrators, even more boneheaded than the police, stick their big fat noses into the mess. The dumbass adults threaten to the poor boy with criminal charges for distribution of child pornography (surely a horrific abuse of that statute) and threaten to put him on the Sex Offender list for life.

What follows, logically, is the boy kills himself. Of course he did. How did you expect him to act? And he’s not the first one. There have been more, and many kids have been arrested and jailed on “child porn” charges. Quite a few have been put on the Sex Offender list for life over this idiotic nonsense.

It’s a moral panic. Let’s call it Teen Sex Mass Hysteria.





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7 responses to “Teen Sex Mass Hysteria Kills Another Kid

  1. Steve

    That’s a fucked up lack of judgement and common sense. It is truly some bullshit.

  2. Steve

    You are right to be mad about this.

  3. Jason Y

    This stuff shouldn’t be illegal and the fact they’re doing this extra torture to this poor kid is horrible. Anyway, in such an insane state – especially with Trump/Pence in there, it’s good reason to leave – NOW.

  4. Melon John

    Weren’t they trying to pass a law making teen sexting punishable by 15 years in jail? Retards.

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