Alt Left: Liberals Lie Like Rugs Too

Well, of course they do. And they especially lie about the people they hate the most – conservatives – for good reason I would argue, as American conservatives are easily some of the worst conservatives on Earth. I  mean my God, we have the worst leftwingers on Earth (the infectious pustules known as liberal Democrats). So it would figure that our conservatives would be orders of magnitude worse than even our awful liberals. Our whole politics is slanted to the extreme Right. In many ways, this is nearly the most rightwing country on Earth, and that’s mostly why the US sucks so bad these days.

And the Left lies like rugs just like the conservatives. The latest is an article by this poor conservative fellow named Jerrold Laber, who penned an unfortunately titled piece for the execrable Federalist called Your Refusal To Date Conservatives Is One Reason We Have Donald Trump. I will discuss the content of the piece in a bit. As soon as this article appeared, liberal jerks all over the Liberal Jerkosphere started piling on this poor guy, saying that he had written an article complaining that women would not date him because he was a conservative.

This guy claims women don’t want to have sex with him because he’s conservative. No, its because he’s a creepy racist bigot.

The comments that followed all said that the poor guy could not get laid because he was a disgusting conservative and also that he, get this, looked creepy. I looked at his photo very hard. He’s actually a very nice-looking man. He’s some egghead at a think tank. He looks about as creepy as an egghead at a think tank looks, which is not at all.

Then these liberals proceeded to call him a loser because he could not get laid. This is the last thing we on the Left should be doing. We don’t care whether you guys get laid or not. Saying we hate men who don’t get any means we are acting like Republicans. The guys who get some are winners and the guys who can’t get any are losers. We love the winners and hate the losers. That’s how Republicans think.

It’s so shameful to see liberals talk this way. Another thing you often see is liberals slamming some conservative saying he works for minimum wage! Wow! So now we liberals hate the poor! And the only decent people are the rich! And we judge humans as good to bad based on how much money they make! I can’t tell you how many liberal Democrats I have met who talk exactly like this.

If you’re going talk that way, why don’t you just get the Hell out of the Democratic Party and especially, why don’t you quit saying you are on the Left. I mentioned above that we have the most horrific and despicable Left on Earth (liberal Democrats). Well, I just gave you a couple of examples of why the US Left blows so much. I could go on but you get the point.

The thing is, the guy who wrote the piece never said he couldn’t get laid. He discussed OKCupid, but he never said he was a member. He only said that OKCupid now let’s users put Planned Parenthood badges on their profiles if they support abortion. He never says he is a member of OKCupid or not, or even if he is single or married. Even if he is a member, he never says how successful he was on the site.

In short, there is no reason at all to see this article as a guy complaining he can’t get laid on a dating site (actually an extremely common problem for men, take it from me, and I am good with women).

Instead, he uses this anecdote to discuss assortative mating, that is the tendency of like-minded people to mate with each other. Like mates with like. Similarities, not opposites, attract. This is well-studied in social science. The author warns about this and notes that we are getting increasingly polarized on our political views. Whereas 23 years ago, only 15% of Republicans and Democrats hated each other, now it’s up 38-48%. I still think only 38% of us hating the other side is way too low, but then I am Mr. Polarized. Polarization? Bring it on! More, more, faster, faster! And no, I am not (((Michael Ledeen))).

He opines that the fact that Republicans and Democrats are not bonding together nearly as much as they used to (apparently inferred by polarization numbers) means that the parties split more and more and polarization increases even more. It’s a feedback loop. We start hating each other more and more, so we start bonding with the other side less and less. The fact that we are mating with each other less and less means increasing polarization, which leads to more mating avoidance which leads to…OK you get it. It’s a dog chasing its tail here, like so many things in life.

He then quotes Charles Murray about how the wealthier and poorer Americans are growing further apart to the point where they almost seem like people from two different countries, if not two different planets. Murray thinks this is not a good thing. And since the author quotes Murray that means he is a racist. Why is Murray a racist? Because he wrote the Bell Curve (a book I love by the way). So if you quote Murray about anything, even when Murray is not discussing race at all, that makes you a racist because Murray is a racist and hence anyone who quotes him is a racist.

People wonder why people have had it up to here with the Cultural Left, PC and SJW’s and are voting Republican in protest? It’s because of crap like this. This man did not mention race at all anywhere in his piece, yet we on the Left smear him as a racist. Murray writes a completely nonracist book full of 100% pure and proper science at least in terms of hypothesis, and he’s a racist for the rest of his life. We may be on the right side, but we are just as ugly as Republicans. Even if they are on the other side, we must be fair to them. If we cheat and lie and fight dirty about and towards them, what right do we have to complain when they do it?

I so wish we on the liberal-Left would knock this crap off. And the fact that the Left acts this way is a huge reason why the Alternative Left even got formed in the first place.

An honorable man is judged by his behavior in war and peacetime. It’s not enough to be a gentleman in peacetime. An honorable man also fights fair. He doesn’t fight dirty. If he does, he is no longer an honorable man. He’s a lousy person along with the hundreds of millions of others out there.


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10 responses to “Alt Left: Liberals Lie Like Rugs Too

  1. Jason Y

    A lot of this is dirty politics. For instance, my attacks on Jess weren’t really how I felt. I don’t think the white poor are trailer trash. Nonetheless, though, white supremacists groups often attract people from the ranks of poor whites – and some of these people are massive cunts, bitches, the worst people imaginable. I mean, it’s definitely easy to hate certain low-class whites just like it’s easy to hate certain high-class whites – and in the hate-fest, poverty is thrown around as a put-down.

    Looking at it another way, in the heat of battle some poor white might call a black the n-word but not really mean it. But though, there are psychos among poor whites and other groups who do mean it. There are also people who screw other races and at the same time maintain a KKK hatred against them. Pretty messed up, huh. But among some poor whites or at least blue-collar ones that’s the case. Basically, they’re using boy toy blacks etc.. and then smearing dirt in their face (of the worst sort) when they have romantic fights with them.

    • Jason Y

      Oh, by the way, unlike what Jess was stating, it isn’t liberal muh-dikers and liberals using blacks as toys – but rather white supremacists who sadistically want to control blacks. I mean, it was these dumbasses on Django Unchained (a movie Jess criticized) who were abusing, brainwashing, and profiting from African-Americans.

      • Jess

        Lol its the sissy Jews who have benefited out of your pet bucks and sows. Boy-toys? Nope southerners don’t commit bestiality. Jewlywood shills like tarantino will keep pushing antiwhite agenda in his movies but no one’s buying it, whining weakling.

        • Jason Y

          Jess – It’s pscyho women like you who would have owned and abused negro slaves. The whole Django thing is directed at you

          So do us a favor and hang yourself. Please.

        • Jason Y

          Remember the scene about the man talking about “the beast of the field” before punishing the negress for breaking the eggs? Now Imagine Jess in that scene. I sure can.

          I know the type. They’re even somewhat associated with parts of my family. One time they even joked of cooking a nigger’s head Now, am I supposed to respect these people, and view them anything but insane?

    • Jess

      You sjw libturd cretins’ constant hatred of white working class was the reason for the emergence of alt-right Rich republican oligarchs had no idea.about the struggles of the working class whites and were busy serving the interests of the Jews, alt right was a show of defiance – showing middle finger to the oligarchs who were conning the working class whites and pandering to the undesirables.How can any of you sjw turds understand the trials and tribulations of the white working class when you constantly pander for the underbellies in the society.

      • Jason Y

        I see it more as exploitation of the cheap labor thing. I mean, I’m sure a lot of poor whites don’t want economic competition, but they don’t favor racial segregation either. So your group is simply extremists taking advantage of a situation for an evil end.

      • Jason Y

        I mean seriously, what NASCAR watching good ole boy would take Jess’ ideology seriously (at least most of it) unless they were stoned on Jack Daniels 😆

        These humble folks have no interest in calling blacks bucks and sows and insulting them every 10 seconds.

  2. Jason Y

    I really believe that (percentage-wise) white supremacy – just by the nature of the name tends to attract more cunts, bitches, bullies, overall psychos. I’d really be surprised if that wasn’t the case.

    Note, though, conservatives love to call SJWs cunts, but then again, I’d say only a minority of SJWs actually are – say like Madonna and a few fringe people (like in my family (health police)) Anyway, they all have a good heart, though, (usually) something white supremacists don’t.

  3. Jason Y

    Oh, yeah, a lot of white supremacists are indeed creeps, Stefan Molyneux being the worst. I’d even say that guy (with his popular YouTube show) is probably more than half responsible for Charlottesville, given his candy coated poison given to Young Republican “alt-right” types.

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