Homosexuality Reduces Life Expectancy: Gays and Lesbians Live 20 Years Less than Straights

James Schipper:

Dear Robert

Your claim that gays and lesbians live on average 20 years less than heterosexuals of their gender is incredible. That is a huge difference. What are your sources? I’m quite willing to believe that gays live on average not as long as heterosexual men, but 20 Years?! As to lesbians, what could possibly cause such a big gap in life expectancy between them and heterosexual women?

Regards. James

I don’t have the studies right in front of me, but this is a repeated finding in social science. The gays refuse to accept it though, so we have to keep going back and doing it over and over. It was thought that discrimination had something to do with it, but the finding was recently replicated in Sweden and Denmark. Also this finding goes back to the pre-HIV era I believe. It is notable that only 2% of gay men are over 65. Most of them simply do not make it that far.

To be completely fair, the most recent study of all in Canada did not find a 20 year reduction. They found a 14 year reduction. Just as stereotypes would suggest, lesbians are often overweight. Obesity is a chronic finding among lesbians and it is thought that it contributes to the reduced life expectancy. Also lesbians smoke far more than straight women. They also drink quite a bit more alcohol. These findings go back forever. In addition, lesbians have extremely high rates of breast cancer for obvious reasons.

As far as why gay men don’t live as long, I am not sure what the reasons for that are. Obviously HIV is a factor, but this was going on even before HIV. I suppose the best answer is that the lifestyle that many gay men choose to live is not a healthy one that leads to a long life.

The reason most of you have never heard of these figures is because of our fanatically pro-gay culture in the West. You simply cannot write anything negative about these saints in human form called homosexuals. If you do, you’re a bigot. The gays are getting to be just as bad as the Jews and the Blacks about wearing their glorious victim status as a proud badge. Furthermore, there are people who do talk about facts like this along with many other less than flattering facts about homosexuality (mostly about gay men) but there has been a decades long campaign waged against these people calling them liars and basically evil people.

A very prominent one is Paul Cameron. There have been calls to throw him out of the American Psychological Association and the American Sociological Association due to his findings. Furthermore, he has had to publish his findings in obscure journals because no mainstream journals of psychological “science” and sociological “science” will accept his work. Further, these groups have claimed to speaking in the interests of science when they bash Cameron’s work. It is frequently stated that everything Cameron says about gays is a lie. His finding that homosexuals live 20 years less than straights has been bashed because he did this study over a period of time simply by reading obituaries and adding up the ages of the people who died. Nevertheless, there were a number of studies after Cameron done with much better epidemiology that replicated his findings. Psychological “science” never discusses these studies.

To be fair, Cameron is a pretty nasty fellow and he definitely hates homosexuals, especially gay men. He recently came out in favor of a bill in the Ugandan Legislature that called for the death penalty for men arrested for homosexual acts. Nevertheless, ad hominem is a logical fallacy as old as man himself and anyone with a brain knows that ad hominem attacks are always false on their face. Still humans simply cannot accept how a horrible person could be right about much of anything (presumably they can’t even tell if it is day or night) much less that could be right about many things.

Here’s some news for all of you out there who can’t think, which is the vast majority of you:

Good people are often wrong, and bad people are often right.



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14 responses to “Homosexuality Reduces Life Expectancy: Gays and Lesbians Live 20 Years Less than Straights

  1. Regarding homosexuals you cannot deny they have a hyper-sexualized lifestyle may also impact longevity, just look at the sick Gay Pride Parades, they really are disgusting!

    There have also been many studies to show that Same Sex relationships are far less monogamous than straight marriages. 20% of Straight marriages have infidelity (over 20 year period) almost ALL Same Sex Marriages have infidelity over 20 years (most less than 5 years)!!

    Also marriage is the bedrock of any civilization it is there to rear children. Naturally as Gays/Homos are sterile “Gay Marriage” is a no-brainer!

    Finally IMHO Gays/Homos is about Lust/Desire/Sex/Hedonism/Wants rather than needs and requirements and that deeper emotional and physiological love attachment.I think the Human relationships need a strong Masculine/Feminine dynamic to work and be successful long term.

    On a final note (just based on my observation not a scientific study) I know/knew about 9-10 Gay Couples ALL but 2 of them have separated and it was down to infidelity and they got “sexually bored with each other”. The two that have been successfully united and together for about 15-20 years, have strong Male/Female dynamics.

    So the two the that lasted both relationships are not your regular LGBT relationships, they have a Masculine guy (so goes out to work/Alpha type etc) and a Femme-Guy (homemaker/nurturer) and the Femme seem to dress Androgynous and come across and very feminine, their kids call he/her Mommy for both relationships!. I think having young family/kids (6 to 14), living with them helps as well. Their kids seem healthy and normal most likely because these 2 relationships DO NOT fall within the usual “gay lifestyle type relationship”. They live on my street/local neighborhood and seem very happy together!

    I have no problems with Individual gays, so long as they DO NOT ask for special rights/treatment and expect government and society to bend over backwards to their whims! I do have a problem with the Gay Lobby or any Hyphenated Lobby!


  2. Johnny Caustic

    Paul Cameron, Kirk Cameron, and William L. Playfair, “Does Homosexual Activity Shorten Life?”, Psychological Reports 83:847-866, 1998. Last sentence of the abstract: “The four lines of evidence were consistent with previous findings suggesting that homosexual activity may be associated with a lifespan shortened by 20 to 30 years.”

  3. Jason Y

    Gays might be drawn generally more to a life decadence: cigarette smoking, drinking, unhealthy eating, perhaps because of the pain of dealing with homosexuality – either the inner-shame and/or a reaction to bullying. If it’s bullying, then how can you really say it’s their fault?

  4. Zed

    58 years old and shamelessly calling yourself a faggot, fuck spacey and Hollywood dykes and homos. These Hollywood Jew tools are just nauseating. They just keep pushing the boundaries with regards to what is deemed as normality.

    • HOOD

      ZED My Apology

      Alleged rape occurred in New York City not London.

      I am not sure if Spacey’s drunken impulsive homosexual assaults on children (Proving gays indeed are often pedophiles) was planned by his Zionist masters.

      Spacey was so obviously gay that I had a tough time buying him as a married suburban man in any of his films. The prissy mannerisms, the swishy walk, the smug silky voice…he seemed gay to me.

      • 14 year old boy is pretty much statutory rape or illegal intercourse. Pedophilia is pretty much 12-under. Most normal men are turned on by 14 year old girls, just not as much as by mature females.

        On the other hand, did you not know about gay men and their extreme predilection for teenage boys? Gay men like em young. Everyone knows that. And they are much more likely to commit stat rape or illegal intercourse than straight men are.

        Men age 24+ who have had sex with teenagers under 16:

        Gay men 25%
        Straight men 6%

        They have been going after teenage boys since Antiquity in Greece. It’s an institution in Afghanistan. Actually studies show that the peak of female beauty for straight men is 24-26. Peak male beauty for gay men is actually 18-20.

        Gay men who like teenage boys are called chicken hawks. VERY COMMON.

  5. HOOD


    Weinstein is a Jew and he sure did not have much luck actually getting what he was after from Jewish and non-Jewish women alike. You cannot have that much power when you are forcibly attempting to rape chicks. That seems like a desperate loser to me.

    Kevin Spacey, an actor who made his name playing prissy and smug smart asses turns out to be gay?

    Some Jew back in 1986 was urging Spacey to rape this kid in London when he drunk in the hopes of degrading American morals?

    Most film and television is crap these days and people seem to have forgotten how to play instruments so it is all a bunch of blacks chanting over an elevator Muzak beat but I just don’t buy that Jews have a master plan here.

    • Spacey has been known to be gay for a long time now. He just never came out. You guys never knew he was gay?

      PS John Travolta is absolutely gay/bisexual. He won’t admit it either.

      • HOOD



        Me personally, no. I have no interest. Spacey ALWAYS seemed gay as the ace of spades-the smugness, the prissy walk, the silky voice-and played gays so I am not surprised.

        A well-known gay porn star alleged to have had sex with John Travolta in the 1980’s. After telling horrified patrons at a restaurant that “I f*cked John Travolta in the ass and he loved it” Travolta got some lawyer to threaten him. This was a big case towards the tail-end of Travolta’s fame as a teen idol in the dying days of Disco around 81 or 82. I recall reading about it PEOPLE MAGAZINE or somewhere as a kid.

        Considering the power that Harvey Weinstein supposedly wielded he does not seem to have been very good at his approach. His actions smack of being desperate and pathetic, not a sophisticated sexual predator.

      • HOOD


        I think it was Debra Winger who claimed to have walked into his dressing room or been at a wrap party and stumbled on some man screwing in the ass.

        When I was 11 or something in 85 I remember PEOPLE Magazine published an article that his lawyer threatened Winger with libel or something.

  6. HOOD

    Spacey was actually working for Brits in London when he got drunk and tried to molest that kid. I doubt any Jews were present or that this particular behavior had effect on US public morals.

    I’m not defending Spacey per se but I suspect a man with his power in Hollywood was making Jewish men suck HIS dick, not vice versa.

    So Spacey is gay. He always seemed a little gay. I think he played a gay once. What a shock. A man who made his name playing prissy and smug smart asses with rather gay voice turns out to be…gay.

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