Thought of the Day

One of the best ways to describe Canada would be to say that it is a “Europeanized United States. Or call it “US Lite”.

I never thought of it that way, but you know what? That makes so much sense.


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5 responses to “Thought of the Day

  1. SHI

    A lot of Canadians seem to be very negative people. They have such a fine country but not the attitude to go with it. They are the polar opposite of Americans despite seeming so similar. I can now tell a Canadian apart from a bunch of random people speaking in American accents.

    Canadians despise material success resulting from hard work. They’re always on about how the Canadian government pays for all their needs from cradle to grave. You can expect a Canadian from discouraging you because they really have a low opinion of anyone working hard to improve their lives. Also, I have known Canadians in professional lives. These motherfuckers won’t lift a finger to help you, even though the help you seek is very minimal.

    Canadians have no concept of quid pro quo, and are lying backstabbers with a fake, cheruby smile and a sanctimonious look that screams, “Oh, we are no. 1 in humanitarian aid. No. 1 in helping refugees. We’re so much better than Americans. We’re not racist. ”

    I have now begun to hate these people. I see nothing wrong with a slacker lifestyle but if someone chooses to succeed by their own hard work and merit, I wish them Godspeed. Never try to knock them down. So fuck you, Canadians. And all the negativity your country stands for.

    The best Canadians are really US citizens now. Your Prime Minister Trudeau looks like a Beta male cock faggot. Really your country’s global importance is declining each year. Yes, you have a lot of cheap energy resources but no one really likes to deal with you maple syrup licking cocksuckers.

  2. Jason Y

    SHI is sort of right. The incessant self-righteousness and nationalism are incredibly annoying – and note I cannot do the same with my country. In fact, even other nations, without the bad rep of the US wouldn’t even dare to be as nationalist as Canadians – rubbing in their flag at every moment (supposedly to prove a point). Note, even southern US people aren’t as irritating with Confederate stuff.

  3. Bill Brinks

    It’s interesting. She has NO interest in returning to Canada except to visit relatives.




    • SHI

      SHI is a “he”. Thanks.

      I’m not Canadian. Just had a few bitter experiences with those selfish pricks.

      There’s nothing of value in Canada anyway. The French-speaking Quebecois are extremely insular even by Canadian standards. I read somewhere on the web that even 9-11 operators can refuse to assist you during an emergency if you cannot speak French. I would probably be OK because I can communicate in basic French but my accent is very rough.

      Toronto and Ottawa – the only Canadians you’ll meet overseas. They all try to pass as Americans unless someone brings up the Iraq War and Donald Trump. I tell you, I never met one Canadian that didn’t hate/envy America. They always compare themselves to their Southern neighbor to make them feel better. They may have cushy government jobs but are miserable company so always drown their sorrows in alcohol. Overseas Canadians are too cheap to buy you a round. And they always think they’re right, would never admit how much their country sucks. These people are incapable of introspection and empathy. Then they accuse you of envying their great nation Canada, the humanist utopia they like to project to the rest of the world. Most Canadians don’t like other human beings, all their talk of humanitarianism is a sham.

      The rest of Canada is like a cold desert. Edmonton and Calgary are so far inland that no one will ever want to travel there. It snows like 9 months of the year. The people even more frigid and insular.

      So that leaves us with British Columbia. I’ve been told that people living in Vancouver are the best Canadians out there, and don’t really get along well with the rest of the country. Maybe it’s the relatively warm weather, and proximity to Seattle. I haven’t met anyone from Vancouver yet but hope to be pleasantly surprised someday.

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