Alt Left: Max Weber Reloaded

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American capitalism is a bad cocktail of Protestant unworthiness and an erotic hyperindividualism.

Genau, perfect.


No, but as religion, especially Puritanical Protestantism, was the driving force, culturally, in the states (and I’m guessing the America’s tho I can’t really speak for Canada), it’s not to far off to say it was one of the primary influencers of capitalist thoughts about wealth, and the poor.

Yep. And this despite the fact that a number of the early Puritan colonies were actually socialist! The much more capitalist colonies tended to be down Virginia way.

And it’s more than just Protestantism, it is a particularly nasty type of pie in the sky when you die Protestantism with specific roots in the US. The predetermined nature of it and lack of social mobility is as bad as the Indian caste system. In fact, Calvinism is best seen as a uniquely American caste system.

Calvinism is a sect of Protestantism that glorifies work, this idea took root in the developing American culture as the persecuted Calvinists migrated to the New World. This culture is beneficial to capitalists.


And the brutally painful final diagnosis of America and Americans.

Yup, narcissistic Calvinist fuckheads, , that’s what they are when you strip everything away.

Ouch! That hurt. Also hit a nerve, and that makes a blow even more painful.

It’s not like religion created Capitalism, but the idea that one should work to justify their existence, that is more markedly expressed in US ideas than elsewhere, has its roots in Calvinism.

The Preterite and the Elect. Obviously the Trumps are the Elect. The 99% are pretty much the Preterite, whether they realize it or not.

Most of us are born in the footnotes and stay there until we die in the appendix. The plot just goes right on by without us as if we were not even there, but the whole time we think we are not only part of the story, worse, that we are actually not only starring in but authoring the very story itself, which is one of the primary delusions of the modern American citizen.

The show’s a fraud, but everyone is hoodwinked into thinking that not only are they isolated in that tiny spotlight of light on the stage, but worse, that we actually wrote the damned script of the play. And nobody gets it. They live this whole life with this charade and then die in arrogant ignorance.

Not only are we not in the spotlight, but we are nowhere even near the stage in first place. Perhaps we are in the theater, but if so, we are way up in the cheapest balcony seats.

Not only did not we not write the script, but worse, we don’t even know what’s really in it. We think the plot is one thing, but actually it’s another thing altogether. It’s the Great Con.

See: Weber, Max. 1913. The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.


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11 responses to “Alt Left: Max Weber Reloaded

  1. Jason Y

    Another thing to note, though, was that early America was an all-you-can-eat buffet of natural resources. It was like an empty Canada. I mean, with that much stuff for the taking – even a total loser could be somebody.

  2. Jason Y

    I think much can be said for hard work and effort. But it’s like with a blog, if a person has a lot of capital for advertising, then they can make it profitable (and ironically a lot of people don’t’ believe that). However, though, the gaining of capital is a hard challenge. You either have to work hard for it, get a loan (fat chance), get people to partner with you (fat chance).

    Well, of course, I’m assuming your business, blog etc.. is a good one. A bad one would be foolish to advertise.

    • Jason Y

      So why is Africa, India, Latin America, etc.. so poor? It isn’t cause they jigaboos like Jess would say :lol:, it’s cause there isn’t any capital there, nothing to build a business.

      • Jess

        Simple. They aren’t YT. YTs invented much of the technologies that Asians and latrinos use. The so called advanced races like easy Asians have done jackshit except some whacko spiritual bullshit. The only thing that came good from east asians was some martial arts. Even in sports that require prowess easy Asians falter even below nigs. The only thing they excel in is plagiarizing and recreating (east asians alone) not the currypakis nor towelheads.

        • Jason Y

          There isn’t any capital in Africa, much of Asia, and Latin America. There isn’t any in small-town America either. Let’s not try to make a racial issue of something that isn’t.

          Also, it doesn’t take many brains to use the capital, but it has to be there. I mean some dumb fool can run a blog, but if he/she happens to have capital to advertise to a million people, they would have money – same with a vending machine operator.

        • Jason Y

          I’ve seen no evidence Asians cannot create things. Maybe (and this sort of goes into your Jewish control thing, ironically) Asian stuff gets no attention cause it’s never marketed in the west.

        • Jason Y

          The so called advanced races like easy Asians have done jackshit except some whacko spiritual bullshit. The only thing that came good from east asians was some martial arts.

          What a bunch of ignorant crap 😆 This is definitely the product of some small-town nobody who hasn’t been anywhere. I mean, and she’s calling –
          me a nig??

        • Jess

          Ignorant crap, eh? Tell me cuck what Is that one thing that you use regularly that was invented by the East Asians.? Remember I’ve given credit to them for martial arts which I believe was one of the good thing we borrowed from them. One more area where I could give them credit is their love to remain as a homogeneous society. You don’t see muh-dikers running wildly in their lands. That said they aren’t that advanced like YTs . Enlighten me with some empirical data if you want to make a statement

        • Jess

          Could you bother to come up with some evidence or sources to support your claim. Your hatred of YT working class completely blinds you from pursuing the truth on who’s really pulling the strings.

        • Jason Y

          The working class doesn’t love Nazis, Even the most redneck ones, wouldn’t espouse your views unless stoned.

          Also, just cause Asians didn’t invent things don’t mean they couldn’t have. Finally fuck racist Asians I hate them as much as Nazis.

        • Jason Y

          Asians aren’t a hetero society (as in race speaking) because they’re composed of one tribe in respective nations – while the American tribe is also one tribe – but also consisting of smaller sub-tribes like the sub-tribes in Ancient Israel.

          Now I’m in no interest in forcing multiculturalism on Asia, but then again, though, the US isn’t Asia. That’s something white supremacists don’t understand.

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