Leftist Christians


I knew these people existed, but I always thought they were a small group. A magazine called Sojourners is put out by these folks. Also, they do not all appear to be Catholics – quite a few are Protestants.


Radical fellowship

Christian anarchism (!)

Christian mysticism


A typical post:

Looking for a pen pal to help me grow. I am genderqueer, leftist, and interested in philosophy and Buddhism but I think that I need to integrate Christ back into my life. (self.RadicalChristianity)

You know, if more of the Cultural Left was like this, I might support them a lot more. One of the most annoying things about the Cultural Left is the extreme atheist (except for Islam and Judaism!) and hatred for Christianity. According to them, religion is evil, except religion only = Christianity. It’s almost anti-Christian hate speech. I mean if you are a radical atheist, OK, at least you are consistent. But to claim to be an atheist and they throw all your hate at Christianity while letting Judaism and Islam off the hook is completely disingenuous and irrational. But then again, the Cultural Left is all about Irrationality with a capital I. They cloak themselves in all this sciency stuff, but the sad thing is that the science is just not there for almost everything they say.



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2 responses to “Leftist Christians

  1. Jason Y

    The obsession with science can ironically throw leftist Christians into a trap. For instance, note that globalists like Ted Turner and Oprah Winfrey are as pro-population control as Stormfront – and of course, they favor the same eugenicist ideas (though maybe in a less “pro-white” fashion). Basically, in fact, the whole university scene is crawling “inner-Nazis” just dying to crawl out. I mean, there are some real psychos in there – especially after having to deal with so many lazy students, lol.

    Case in point, one professor (a notable mean one) who suggested the US should use the English system and weed out students before they go to college and also this same guy would emotionally abuse students. I mean, Trash and Robert are no match for him.

  2. Hold the mayo

    Very good post Robert

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