What Is the Maximum IQ a Human Can Possibly Have?

Answered at Quora.

There has been a lot of writing on this at genius.com. The man who writes that estimates that Goethe and a few others had IQ’s up to 220. That’s about the limit.

William Sidis was estimated by a psychologist who examined him to have an IQ to 250–300. This puzzled me for some time, but that estimate was based on SD +16, which can go up to 250-275. The corollary for that score on SD +15 would possibly be 200-220.

The smartest man in the world, Christopher Langan, is said to have an IQ of 200.
It gets very hard to measure very high IQ’s.

Children can have very high IQ’s because their IQ’s are measured in terms how smart they are for their age. Using that scale, childhood IQ’s of up to 400 have been calculated. Of course, once they hit 18, you start counting the scores the other way, and they can’t have much above 200.



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3 responses to “What Is the Maximum IQ a Human Can Possibly Have?

  1. Jason Y

    I’m scared. At what point will these high IQ people use their eyes to melt steel ??

  2. Tulio

    The problem is the people writing the IQ tests are probably in the 140 range. How do people of that IQ write tests designed for people with IQs of 200? You have to be smarter than the people you are testing I would think. Maybe there’s someone with an IQ of 250. He should be the one writing the tests for those of extremely high IQ.

  3. Jason Y

    You cannot divide a tribe based on IQ. Like I was saying in the other post, black Americans – being a sub-tribe of Americans, have to be taken care of – cause, ironically as the white supremacist Sam said once, “We should look after our own.”.

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