The Cultural Left Wants to Get Rid of All Social Rules, all Notions of Respect and Disrespect and all Tastes and Preferences

Social rules are there for a reason, although the Cultural Left seems to believe that all social rules are “bigotry” and “hate,” and they are furious at the idea that some of us believe in respect and disrespect and have these horrific things called tastes and preferences. After all, all tastes and preferences and notions of disrespect are simply evidence of “hate” and “bigotry.” We need to accept everyone, no matter how they look, act, or dress! Everyone’s fine. Nobody can be respected anymore than anyone else. Social rules are wicked clubs used to discriminate against whichever Freaks Du Jour the Cultural Left are promoting today. How dare we get upset in that man in a dress! How evil! So that woman says she’s a flamingo? So what? Maybe that’s her gender? Quit being so damned oppressive, bigot!

Really the Cultural Left is waging a war against the way that humans have lived as far back as we can determine. Ever read an ethnography? I have. Many. Trust me that all cultures have all sorts of elaborate social rules about all sorts of things. All cultures have tastes and preferences and rules, often strict and complex rules, regarding human behavior. The Cultural Left wants to throw thousands of years of human cultural history onto the bonfire and light it all up.

All of the things we take for granted, all of the rules that govern every aspect of our social intercourse, they want to light it all up because our rules are not kind to freaks, weirdos, perverts, deviants, idiots, fools and dumbasses. How evil that we don’t respect this glorious Cultural Left freakshow the same way we respect people who have the gall to try to act normal!

If you’re a man and want to turn into a woman, just do it! If you’re a woman and want to turn into a man, just do it! Hey if you’re a human and want to turn into a giraffe, just do it! Call it your gender, I’m sure everyone will go along!

If you want to act like a fag, just do it! Wade over into that group of auto repair guys, lumberjacks and construction workers and start pinching their asses and making passes at them! How dare they get upset! They must be evil homophobic scum! Put them in jail! How dare they have rules! Who do they think they are setting up rules for human behavior? Outrageous!

Want to take off your dress and don motorcycle boots, a leather jacket, a crewcut and a longshoreman’s swagger, honey? Be my guest! How dare anyone get upset at you for acting like a freak! They must be evil to expect you to act halfway normal like most everyone else.

Normality is evil! Normality is oppression! Up with freaks! Up with weirdos! Down with normality! Crush normality now!


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60 responses to “The Cultural Left Wants to Get Rid of All Social Rules, all Notions of Respect and Disrespect and all Tastes and Preferences

  1. They deem all cultural rules as being tools for oppression and for maintaining heirarchies of privilege.

    There is a degree of truth there. Nietzsche taught us that we should evaluate a moral system in light of its geneology. Why was it created?

    Some morals and rules do have to go.

    The Cultural Left’s flaw is its failure to discriminate between useful morals and customs which restrict behaviour, and perhaps deleterious ones, such as unquestioning acceptence of authority as a virtue. They want to throw the baby out with the bathwater because they are incapable, or maybe just uninterested in, carefully looking at the historical reasons for these customs. Especially since careful examination may yield unwanted answers, such as restrictions of sexually deviant behaviour being prudent to arrest social decline.

    There is an analogue on the far right, the Libertarians and AnarchoCapitalists. Instead of free licence in social behaviour, they want free licence in economy behaviour. One should buy, sell, pollute, destroy and exploit, monopolise and collude all they want! How dare you restrict me!

    • Jason Y

      As mentioned in my other comment, it depends on how extreme the weirdness is. For instance, I doubt if guys dressed in pink tutus are acceptable anywhere, not even multi cultural Hawaii.

    • Jason Y

      Being against the norm – to be an ass 😆 isn’t really found anywhere except college campuses – and you have to really be looking for it I mean, in my university, generally, normie thinking was the norm, and most people just minded their own business. But yeah, they’re are feminist and gay activists etc. there.

      Note being “against the norm to be an ass” isn’t what blacks guys with fat white girlfriends are doing, nor white MILFs with mixed kids (at the grocery store) are doing. If anyone wants to debate this, feel free.

  2. Jason Y

    It depends on what weirdness we speak of. Some things are more socially acceptable than others. I mean, where I live in Tennessee, nobody, other than sociopathic creeps like Jess, cares if some black guy has a white girlfriend (and by the way, the girl is normally overweight). In fact, it doesn’t even get that many stares.

    And of course, in Hawaii and other certain places, interracial marriage is so common that it doesn’t even give one strange thought to anyone.

    Anyway, though, guys in dresses really isn’t the same as interracial marriage. That’s bizarre in every culture everywhere – and the Nazi attempt to put all this stuff together is wrong and highly misleading.

    • Jess

      Have you ever wondered why SJW cretins like you have tough luck with women of other races and settle for Negresses? Most women look for real man and hate SJW wussy cucks like you except sows who want gibsmedat. and a boy-toy. Also such places with frequent interracial dating as a norm have become stinking pile of shit like Haiti

      • Jason Y

        Pile of shit? You mean like South African white shanty towns – with mealy mouthed white trash who would see their daughter for a quarter?

        Haiti is where interracial dating is the norm? Never heard that. They look pretty black there to me. Are you fucking blind, lol?

        • Jess

          Once you go black you won’t be back. All it takes is a bit of exposure cuck slob. By now after having spent years with your sheboon you must know it or has the pleasure of muhdiking sheboons blinded you completely.

        • Jason Y

          You didn’t ponder my question. I said that interracial dating isn’t the norm in Haiti – actually, in fact, it wasn’t even that way (in a small way) since the French colonial rule (200 some years ago). Come on NaziTard, aren’t you better at history than that? I hope your not the best of the bunch.

        • Jason Y

          Once you go black – you won’t go back?. I doubt if that’s true. Even white supremacists themselves admit tons of “brothas” leave their white partners in the cold. But that isn’t always the case and it would be racist to generalize as much as WNs do.

        • Jess

          Your repeated calling of white preservationists as supremacists says what kind of a tool you are. Whites do part ways with their better halfs only when the differences become Irreconcilable not for gibsmuhdat and nig-lotto suing. It seems all the thenkfurt school garbage you read and years of drilling oil has made you incapable of differentiating facts with fantasy.

        • Jason Y

          The bottom line is that your stupid propaganda has no historical or scientific basis. The tribe has always divided humankind and still does. The tribe doesn’t always correspond exactly to blood relation, they don’t all look the same (like there are darker and lighter Japanese or Filipinos), and the tribes that are more similar (say European or African tribes) hate each other (to varying degrees).

          Your invention of Jew globalism etc..(to a large degree) is as new as this concept of “all whites love each other” etc.. Neither has factual support.

        • Jess

          The problem is not animosity between whites, you slimy faggot. The problem is the white race, our western culture and Christianity. (((They))) have effectively gotten control of the poor and the faggot pope is bowing down to their demands. From welcoming undesirables to tarnishing western values, the idiot is simply pushing the limits. Jew globalism was always there. They were always aiming for global domination. Henry ford found it, before him queen Isabella in 1492 and the Russian tsars found out and kept them in abject poverty. Now go and fellate a rabbi and allow him to cum on your face, nighur.

        • Jess

          The idea that whites hate other whites is absurd. Sure there was clashes but remember in a forest lions have their own territories and are very protective. They have some infighting but they don’t allow chimpanzees to come and destroy their territories nor take advantage of the solution and establish their reign. Similarly a slow but systematical plot is in place schemed by the Jewish elites to replace white society and destroy even the last vestiges of whiteness from our society, you lefturds must instead pose these questions to your jewish buttbudies and ask them why do they want to see us extinct. Also, why can’t they have divershitty in their little shitsrael.

        • Jason Y

          Your dreaming Jess. Whites hate each other. You got World War I and II, the Napoleonic Wars, the US Civil War, the threat of US-Russia Nuclear War, the various national wars (English vs French etc.) in the middle ages, the list goes on and on.

          Face it. You don’t have any facts to back up the “new” claim that whites have always loved each other and there is really some bond now between them. And of course, I haven’t even mentioned how Africans, Amerindians, and Asians hate each other.

        • Jason Y

          They have some infighting but they don’t allow chimpanzees to come and destroy their territories nor take advantage of the solution and establish their reign.

          That’s total fantasy fiction. The whites of England and France, for instance, never loved each other at all. They never felt some deep bond as white people. It just wasn’t the case – and the same was true in other parts of Europe.

          In fact, the Amerindians, for instance, were conquered by the white man – because they didn’t give a shit about being an Amerindian, but rather about being Cherokee or Iroquois. But, then again, that’s only natural, cause they’re different tribes – even speaking different languages.

          Go to South Korea now, and see the deep love orientals have for each other. It’s literally nothing They only love their own country and possibly Canada or some other white nation they adore. That’s all they like.

      • Jason Y

        Also such places with frequent interracial dating as a norm have become stinking pile of shit like Haiti

        Based on what stats? Note, Africa is pure black and, though I don’t blame it on race specifically, the place is quite poor.

        This is more stupid fiction. When are you going to come up with real stats and not just racist driven stereotypes?

        If anything your dumb comments are simply reinforcing negative views of the alt-right, which, comically, are true, though.

      • Jason Y

        Most women look for real man and hate SJW wussy cucks like you except sows who want gibsmedat. and a boy-toy.

        How much of the white population are Nazi freaks? I assure you it’s only 5 percent, but probably less than that. So you’re saying 95 percent of the population are sissy guys that can’t attract thin white women? OK, your words, not mine. Why not see if you are your boyfriend or your comrades at the Hitler club can fight this 95 percent – in a fight?

        • Jason Y

          The nerve, the chutzpah, and arrogance, of thinking 95 percent of the American male population – or even 50 percent is sissy. Who in the hell do these delusional Nazis think they are?

        • Jess

          Most white Americans wouldn’t date outside of their race if not for the maleficent jewlywood movies promoting racemixing as cool and hippy. The sheer malevolence and cunning motives of your Jewish paylords have reduced even otherwise competent politicians to little monkey figurines. And with sissy fags like you licking their feet, they are streamrolling ahead.

        • Jason Y

          Lie !! Most white American males detest your stupid ideology. If that wasn’t the case, they’d be joining you, STUPID.

        • Jess

          If 95 percent were sjw vermins like you President Trump wouldn’t have been elected, you deplorable faggot. Nor do they all pander and coddle your pet groids and illegal beaners. Funny part is even beaners wouldn’t want nignogs around in their Barrios. Only degenerate filth like your kinds hang around with them and be a race traitor. Are you even a white man or a nigger trying to mimic a YT

        • Jason Y

          The white people voting for Trump weren’t racist for the most part. They’re simply voting the less of two evils Thier only other choice was a leftist, corrupt, globalist extremist.

          Anyway, more hateful name-calling and derogatory remarks – and she wonders why Nazis get such a hateful backlash from non-whites etc..

          Oh, 95 percent of whites voted for Trump? No, that didn’t happen. How stupid are you? Don’t you understand anything politically, historically etc.. ? OK, Robert, do you think 95 percent voted for Trump?

        • Jason Y

          Are you even a white man or a nigger trying to mimic a YT

          Racial slurs. Nice way to eliminate racial harmony. OK, what someone called you a trailer trash cracker? Would that improve your image of them?

        • Jason Y

          Funny part is even beaners wouldn’t want nignogs around in their Barrios.

          Nice street language,. You really are a sub-literate whore. Did you even finish 8th grade? Oh, definitely 😆 I want to hear your expert opinions on things! I mean it would be like hearing something from Newsweek or The New York Times, or even Fox News. Such delighting, intellectually stimulating conversation.

        • Jess

          Keep focussing on the ad-hominem, great! I said not everyone among the 95percent of the population you cited as she fucktards. People are sick of being politically correct and being subjected to moral policing all the time that’s the reason Trump was elected. What can you expect from a limp dick faggot like you anyway?

        • Jess

          *sjw fucktards I mean. Pussy pansies like Jason Y who are oblivious to the Jewish manipulations and nignog crimes, have the chutzpah to blame YT. Can someone be any nuttier than these loathsome sjw cretins?

        • Jason Y

          Either blacks, certain Mexicans etc. are Americans or they aren’t. I mean, Israel, and of course, this is a funny example, had the tribe of Dan, the tribe of Gad etc.. But they were all Israelis. Also, you look at India and the untouchables are treated like garbage, but they’re still Indians.

          So these so-called anti-one-world people want to bring up the Bible and other things to claim tribes don’t have mini-tribes within them, but their own sources say otherwise – when closely examined.

  3. Jason Y

    Again, only assholes are harassing people who have friends from other races or have visited other nations, like those hick kids calling me a “gook lover” in my neighborhood. Only assholes are harassing people who are gay – but not as flamboyant as say, Milo.

    Finally, in reality, it’s Nazis and racists who are weird and should get stares (and hate). Their banners and speech are highly offensive. In fact, they were even offensive back in the 30s and 40s when intolerance was supposedly more the norm.

    Finally, what’s the motive of those who are racist? Well, in many cases, they’re narcissists who enjoy hurting others (as you mentioned in your other article) Also, on top of that, and I’ve seen this in my own family as we are of a Cherokee/White heritage, that some of the males are projecting hate of their own mixed heritage by being super-racist (normally at blacks) In other words, they’re being these hyper masculine jerks to get back at themselves.

      • Jason Y

        Can you speak Afrikaans? I need to brush up for my sex vacation. 😆

        • Jess

          Tough luck with the sheboons and sows in your ghetto? Try harder they all have atleast 6 or 7 sistas. May be you can even try barrios where you will get beaner sows who are atleast little better

        • Jason Y

          How much are the white males in South Africa? Well, I’ve been wanting to explore my feminine side, so how is it to ram a couple of beggars up the ass? Maybe that will help them buy a candy bar.

        • Jess

          Sure try since youre so used to muhdik both the male and female species of the groids. But the question can you drag your sheboon all the way to airport given the way they knuckle drag and most important do any flights have seats as big as to accommodate your sow’s groidnormous ass?

        • Jason Y

          Hitler was the true Bohemian – selling his ass for bread. His Vienna days were a model for us all 😆

      • Jason Y

        Seeing their derogatory language about blacks, you really think such people (the alt right) should be normalized in the US, seen as something acceptable? Come on, these people need to be thrown in a loony bin.

  4. Jason Y

    We had a disabled guy with a weird voice as a college professor once. It was weird at first, but we got used to it and it got the point where it was boring. So the moral of the story is that weirdness (apart from extremities like bearded ladies) is something people get used to.

    • Jess

      Wrong analogy, we aren’t talking about disability. This is an issue thats been overblown time and again. For once you’re right we get used to it. But creepy stuffs like race mixing, LGBT, transexuallifestyle and other weird stuffs are scornful. It is an anathema to any society with a semblance of racial conscience.

      • Jason Y

        Interesting, cause the Nazis killed the disabled and what did they do? I mean, you could at least give the argument some blacks are dangerous, but what harm are people in wheelchairs?

      • Jason Y

        I’m sure your the type of person who would spit on a mixed raced kid or tell one they’re ugly (when it’s subjective). Maybe also you enjoy calling people fat. What other fun antics are you up to?

      • Jason Y

        There is almost no comparison with some black guy in a backwards cap strutting around Wal Mart with a slightly overweight female and coco kids and transsexuals. That’s just a lot of hate and paranoia and again, as I noted elsewhere, the world is divided by tribe, not race.

        • Jess

          Wrong as usual. WN actually offers a realistic path ofnl reducing ethnic hatred by limiting cultural diversity. Only some genetic similarity and a common culture will allow society to prosper and advance in harmony. No one wants friction, hate and divisiveness to get the best out of them. Only the Jew can survive living like that.

        • Jason Y

          Really, you stupid bitch? Maybe, though, your derogatory more superior than thou comments about non-whites are helping the problem. Don’t you think?

  5. brian

    hahaha, race mixing it’s wrong only for pussy nazis like you

    I’m going to mix with any hot woman of any race that I want because I’m a man, not a pussy nazi afraid of dark skin

  6. Jason Y

    Jess brings up the past US to say race mixing is weird. But the US is only one country. Brazil in the past, unlike the US, didn’t have a taboo about race mixing, at least not one so extreme.

    Anyway, if you want to get deep, it isn’t race dividing people, its tribes – and tribes aren’t always so black and white (or definite). Look how Japanese and Koreans hate each other’s guts, look how Arabs and Jews (though similar) hate each other. Look at the French and the English.

    This whole white vs black thing is as “new” a concept as Jess claims “race mixing” is. It’ more along the lines of “tribe mixing” being something people hate – but it’s more about “Which tribes?” For instance, a Korean would rather marry a Canadian or Filipino than a Japanese simply because of the grudge – even though, generally, they marry other Koreans.

  7. Jason Y

    Out on the international scene, it’s all about the tribe, not the race Believe me. So the dividing line is about “Where are you from?”. Are you the American tribe, the Canadian one, the French one? So in that case, the whole white supremacist logic is total nonsense.

    Well, of course, being American is generally associated with being white, but that’s not the defining characteristic when judged by non-Americans. I mean, it’s commonly accepted worldwide that Brazil has lots of blacks, they play sports, and they sure as hell are Brazillian, not African. Any fool in Korea or France or anywhere will tell you the same.

    • Jess

      From what I’ve read, blacks do complain of racism wherever they go. That’s hardly supportive of your argument being we are all the same. Many of my friends have been to Ukraine and Russia and they were all well received and enjoyed their stay. Could you show any travelogue written by a black person without hearing them whining about racism??

      • Jason Y

        A sub-tribe of blacks exist in the US and they do cause problems, much like certain Israeli sub-tribes in the Bible caused friction – friction which lead to the division and eventual downfall of the country. However, that wasn’t the way it should have been.

  8. Jason Y

    Can tribes turn into other tribes? Well, west African tribes have almost no relation to their motherland – despite all hoopla about Black power and whatnot. Also, Irish brothers in Ireland have a big problem with Yankees, despite American being quite a bit Irish. But it seems like white supremacists don’t really believe this. And especially, in certain parts of America, indeed, the whites and black are one tribe, American – and they’re seen that way in other countries like that.

    • Jess

      In your dreams. Every time a catastrophe strikes we can see a clear difference between the races. Ofcourse there are some hopeless junkies aming whites that are gonna be like blacks and beaners but their proportion is way too low to even make a case for an argument.

      • Jason Y

        Hopeless junkies among the whites? Yeah, of course, there is. And they’re no different than the mini-tribes (within the American tribe) known as African or Mexican-Americans.

    • Jason Y

      The white tribes don’t love each other Believe me. They didn’t for thousands of years, much like Amerindian, Asian, African tribes didn’t. The separation is a big deal. I know it from personal experience.

      I mean, it’s fucking obvious. Look at the hate between the Japanese and Koreans.

      Now, how the white supremacists can peddle this bullshit as fact – is beyond me.

  9. SHI

    I feel very sad reading news stories about Hillary Clinton, the 100% original poster child of the Cultural Left. How have the mighty fallen!

  10. SHI

    The US Presidential elections is a cruel joke that went too far but Hillary would have been an absolute nightmare for all straight men in America. Thank your lucky stars!

    Trump is like a bitter medicine that you must consume in order to preserve your manhood. Except he’s not really the strong, Alpha male he projects himself to be. The slightest hint of pressure, and he immediately rolls backward on whatever position he’s on.

    • Jason Y

      Most of them didn’t vote Trump in because of racism. I seriously doubt if the vulgar racism (use of the word nigger, cuck etc.) is commonplace among them. Only sub-literate trailer trash like Jess act like that – but unfortunately, they have a common cause with ordinary Republicans.

    • TJF

      To SHI,

      The US Presidential elections is a cruel joke that went too far but Hillary would have been an absolute nightmare for all straight men in America.

      That’s sort of the mantra from some alt-right and hard right web sites but I suspect in the long run the difference between a Trump and Hillary Clinton presidency will make little difference (You’re in India right..? Although I realize you have traveled in Asia and Eastern Europe). I’d say if there was any real contrast – Hillary was the more globalist of the two candidates but I doubt many (if any) of Trump’s nationalistic proposals come to pass or remain in place with the next President. Clinton after all the was the anointed selection by the wealthiest 1% (She received much larger donations from the Wall Street crowd than Trump). She paid lip service to feminists and the cultural left but I would guess predominantly to get elected. The cultural left in the US is not being driven by older politicians such as Hillary Clinton (Who tend to shift with cultural winds) but by the University system.

      • Jason Y

        I have never seen a real threat to a straight man except at a college campus – and you have to really be looking for it. The college world is a fantasy, but even there, most are conformists minding thier own business.

    • Matt

      Bah. Hillary would have been more of the same. She would have been highly annoying to straight, white, cisgender males (myself included) but in real terms life would have been no better or worse than it is presently. Most Trump voters were (I think) people who found More Of The Same to be intolerable to conceive of, while Hillary voters–outside of the few lunatics and weirdoes who actually found her appealing–were people who found the concept acceptable, at least to the extent that they didn’t want to make things worse by electing an irresponsible narcissist.

  11. Jason Y

    I don’t think Jess is less of a person, my comments were sarcasm. But..she doesn’t have facts to back what she’s saying – just like the other ones. In that case, she’s arguing falsehood.

    No, no way I am some elitist mocking poor whites or poor non-white either. Get real.

  12. Greg Rambo

    Rob. I know this might be off subject, but I was thinking about the Colin Kaepernick situation with the NFL. Since he has refused to stand for the national anthem, he hasn’t had a job in the league. My question is this: When did sporting events start playing the national anthem and why? What is the purpose? I thought maybe you could research this (if It’s not too much trouble) and let everybody know.

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