Repost: PUA/Game: What – Besides Money – Are the Secrets of Older Guys Who Successfully Date and Bed Younger, Beautiful Women?

This is a post from a while back, but as long as we are on the subject of Game, this piece fits right into the conversation.

I am 59 years old and I still date attractive women age 18–28, even models. I do not have one nickel. But the vast majority of men my age in my shoes could not do this. In a sense I am doing the impossible. Or the near-impossible. It’s that hard. Like climbing Mt. Denali maybe. It can be done, but it is so difficult most guys will just give up and not bother.

Money: This is actually not necessary, but it sure helps. You can do it without a nickel as I do, but it is extraordinarily hard, like climbing a mountain. I think most men my age could not do it. Even if they could, most would not bother, as you have to wade through an avalanche of hundreds of often-angry flat-out rejections to get anything even slightly positive. Older man – young woman is a very discouraging game.

Power: This helps but is not necessary. Women are powerfuckers. Period. Get power, get women.

Status: This helps but is not necessary. I ran a Facebook group that was full of single women for a while. The women in the group were always coming after me, apparently because I was the owner of the group. Top dog. Boss man. Guy in charge. If I was not in that position, hardly any of those women would have come after me.

Fame: This helps a lot. I have gained a tiny bit of Net fame as a writer, and even that was good enough. There are actually blog groupies, and I understand that some big male bloggers actually have blogger groupies after them. There will be groupies in any line of work or play who will go after the top men in that line. 

Looks: Lacking any of those, the older man should be very good-looking for his age group. Say top 20% in his age range. As a young man, he should have been handsome or better yet very handsome, possibly even with male model good looks. I know a few former male models who still date young women, even teenage girls 18–19 years old, far into their 50’s. Sure they’ve been beaten with the age stick, but they still look great compared to other men their age. You’re not really competing with 20 year old guys as far as young women are concerned. If she’s interested in you, she’s comparing you to the other men your age and noticing that you are hot as Hell for your age bracket. And that right there is a turn-on.

Game: Game is simply the style, skills, appearance, vibes, behavior, charisma, charm, manipulation, etc. that men use to get women.

Even married men may well have good Game. This good Game may have been what attracted his wife to him. Even monogamous married men could still have fantastic Game if they are the sort of very hot married men who attract women everywhere they go. A man with great Game need not be a player, though many are. A man with great Game simply has an excellent ability to attract women. If a monogamous married man is still attracting women everywhere he goes, he still has great Game, even though he is not acting on it because he already has a wife. The idea is that if the wife were not there, he could be meeting quite a few women with skills like that.

This Game is really the end-all of the whole art of seduction. I know men in their 50’s who still get hot young women, and I asked them how they did it. Over and over I heard words like Game, x-factor, magic, telepathy, psi skills, spell-casting, mindreading, or hypnosis. I was shocked at the number of men who told me that they used almost psi-like skills to get women. I do not know whether there is anything to any of these things. Perhaps they all work on some known psychological mechanism. But at any rate, these men are working very hard at psychological manipulation of female minds in any way they can.

These men were expert seducers. They had the best Game I have ever seen. Their Game was usually better than most young men’s Game because they have been at it for longer. They pretty much had a PhD in Game.

A number of these men told me that over and over women told them that they were irresistible. Women felt actually powerless in their presence as if they were under some seduction spell. And this is part of the essence of good Game.

Barring all of the first four, an older man 40–60 with Looks + Game should be able to get women of any age, though young women will be difficult. They will be easier at the lower end of the range and they will get progressively more difficult towards the upper end of the range.

And really with Looks + Game, any male of any age can get females. It’s the deadly duo. Females can’t resist it.


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4 responses to “Repost: PUA/Game: What – Besides Money – Are the Secrets of Older Guys Who Successfully Date and Bed Younger, Beautiful Women?

  1. SHI

    INTELLIGENCE and CONFIDENCE is a guaranteed combination. Lots of prized women get aroused by intelligent talk. They hang on to every word you have to say. If you make your intention clear with self-assurance, she will go weak just can’t say No.

    Don’t forget to TOUCH all over her body while you’re being intelligent, witty and smart.

    MONEY? Doesn’t matter. You can be broke and it won’t ruin your chances.

    FAME/POWER – It depends. Are you her kind of celebrity?

    LOOKS – It definitely helps but should always have a pleasing attitude to go with it. There are plenty of douche muscled dudebros who repel women due to their lack of concern and empathy. Someone who looks like a Ladies’ Man will nail it every time.

  2. SHI


    By God, I live for it. Teasing girlies with light-hearted banter, a strong hint of mischief always makes my day, and is the best way to get close to her. I’m a natural flirt and can go on and on for hours at a stretch. I really enjoy it when they laugh along. If you can make a chick laugh, you get to keep her. She loves every single moment with you.

    Guys nowadays esp. in the 20s but even 30s –
    the repetitive dudebros, just have no clue when it comes to flirting. When they meet girls, they talk about stuff like weather, movie shows, college exams, gym routines, tattoos and anything not related to sex. What a waste, you gotta flirt with her straightaway. You can keep it casual but she isn’t here to talk about weather!

    The question is how do you flirt in the first place! It’s really a lost art but with little practice, and chutzpah, you can pull it off. Just an example here. Every situation is different but the bottom line is flirting never goes out of style.

    –> If she’s married or has a boyfriend, encourage her to cheat on that bloke. With a straight face. Chances are great she’ll laugh along with you while confessong how much she hates her man. It’s direct, brutal and honest. Then give subtle hints. Kiss her gently. She knows adultery is cool, just needs a man to reinforce that idea. This is addicting I tell you.

  3. Jason Y

    I bet South African white trash can’t get any dates. Well, they do have the macho thing going, but certainly no power – just white power lol

  4. Phil Adley

    Is it common for girls about 12-16 to be attracted to 30-50yo men? Asking for a friend.

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