Repost: Robert Lindsay Through the Years, Plus PUA/Game and Vanity Stuff

Return of an eternal favorite, as I need a dose of vanity these days, not that there’s anything to be vain about anymore, but one can always reminisce, eh? I added in a lot of reminiscences about my days as a pussyhound long ago in another world.

This is the photo you are all familiar with. Taken in the 2000’s.

Let’s look at some other photos from the 2000’s.

In this one I look like I’m stoned.

Another one from the 2000’s.

I think I look kind of conceited in this pic, but I don’t care. I am vain, so what, what of it?

Some emotions.

Smile for the camera.

Hamming it up.

Big kiss for all my friends, but especially for my enemies.

More hamming.

Neener neener.

Recent photos.

Trying to be nice.

I do not know if I was goodlooking during this era, but women sometimes said I was handsome. Actually I hear that about these pics to this very day, even from women in their 30’s. When I used this pic on dating sites, a lot of women came and messaged me with variations of, “Hi handsome!” Unfortunately, I cannot use it anymore as it’s not that recent, and I really got scolded for using an out of date pic on a site recently. I had a date with a woman who thought I looked like some pic taken ~15 years ago lol. She came over to my house but was freaked out that I did not look like the pic.

The date was going to be pretty good – she showed up with an overnight bag and promptly announced that she would like to spend the night if I didn’t mind. Of course I said ok. I even offered her a choice of sleeping locations, but I always do that anyway.

So I replaced by older pic with a newer pic, and way fewer women come to me, and no one ever says, “Hi handsome!” I am afraid I am being attacked by an artillery weapon called Time. I have definitely hit the Wall in the worst possible way. But after all, the Buddhists say, “When you bet on the body, you bet on a losing horse.” Actually some women my age (47-58) still think I am hot, I guess compared to the competition, which at my age ain’t much if not zero. I even had an 18 year old girl going on about how cute I was a few years ago, so I guess all hope is not lost yet.

From the same session.

Hi everyone.

Ok, I Walled Out some time ago, and now I am an Omega for all intents and purposes. Don’t know what to say except a shoutout to all you Omegas out there – I get it! This Omega stuff sucks! If I had been this way my whole life, I think I would have bought it by my own hand by now. I don’t see how Omegas keep from suiciding. How do they do it?

One from the old days.

College graduation, California, 1982, age 23. Looks something like the oldest son on the Brady Bunch, eh?

Once again, not sure if I looked good back then. I have no opinion on my looks because my view is not important. I figure out whether I am goodlooking enough by other’s people’e opinions on the matter. If lots of others think I am hot, well maybe I am. If no one thinks I am hot anymore, I guess I Walled out. Welcome to the Omega Life. I’m just not used to being butt-ugly or unattractive, so I don’t handle it well. Are there some classes I could take or books I could read to learn how to accept myself if I’m butt-ugly?

Well, anyway during this period, age 23, people were falling all over themselves tell me how handsome I was, and a year after this photo was taken, I got three offers to be a male model in one year. I turned them down because I was crazy homophobic back then and I was terrified of “the fags,” as I referred to them. Never got any offers before or after, but I guess my looks peaked out at age 24. Interestingly I was also quite thin that year – 5’11, 150. Do they want models to be thin?

These looks killed with women. I used to pick up women just walking own the sidewalk or driving down the street. I would be walking down the street, and some woman would be rubbernecking me the whole way on the other side of the street, so I would go over, get a number, or if lucky, get her to hers or mine right there in the middle of the day! Some women would just stop their car in the the middle of the road if there was no traffic with this frozen zombie stare on their faces, and I would stop, get out, walk over to her car and and get a phone number or get her to my place or hers right then and there!

I went to a friend’s wedding party, and the bride of my best friend kept throwing herself at me, saying, “Bobbbbbbb,” and hugging me and shoving me against the wall. I didn’t go for it because I didn’t want to fuck my best friend’s wife at his wedding party, come on.

I was doing student teaching around this time, and my female Master Teacher, who otherwise hated me and was said to be a lesbian, once whipped out a $20 bill and waved it around. “Is $20 dollars enough? $20 to fuck me, how bout that?” I guess she was not totally lesbian! I turned her down as she was ugly and a dyke, and plus I was worried it would ruin my Master Teaching with her. Only time any woman ever offered to pay me to fuck her!

Later my other Master Teacher out and out propositioned me on the night the Master Teaching was over.

I went to a bar once with an older woman I was dating and three of her older friends. I danced with one of her friends, and in the middle of the dance, she stopped dancing, froze in place like she was turned into stone, and blurted out, “I am going to Europe all summer. You want a place to stay this summer? You can stay at my place, rent-free, all summer, I’m serious!”  I thought “What the Hell?” I mean I literally only met this woman two or three hours before.

I think she was trying to steal me from my girlfriend. Women and girls do this all the time. They are always stealing their sisters’ and best friends’ boyfriends. Most people don’t know this. Women compete like mad for men, and man-stealing is extremely common with women and even girls. Most people have no idea how viciously competitive females can be.

I dated older women during this time (age 28-37), and they would always pay my way everywhere, so I got to feel like a gigolo. It was fun. Crazy times!

One more from the real old days.

LOL it’s Tony Orlando! From the hippie era, 1978, age 20, junior college graduation, California. Most people nowadays think that hair looks hilarious, but back then, this look was tres cool. My Dad totally hated that hair, and he used to threaten to punch me out unless I cut it. He also kept saying that I looked like some actress called Veronica Lake. To him, born in 1921, long hair meant you were queer, but to us, long hair was a way to get the chicks. I kept telling my father that, but he always acted like that was insane!

Maybe I was goodlooking here too because women were always raving about me. About the hair, well, this is how you did it back then. If you wanted to get laid, you grew your hair like this. Women went ape-shit over long hair back then and shunned short-haired men as “geeks.” Women are girls were always running their hands through my hair at this time. “Ohhhhhhh I love your curly hair…..” with hypnotized stares on their faces. This look was great for women and even girls, as I was still screwing girls down to age 14 at this time (age 20). Hey, they were throwing themselves at me, asking me out on dates, walking right up to me and propositioning me. What was I supposed to do? Just say no? I quit the next year due to fear of jail.

Once I was at a party, and all of a sudden, completely shocked, I caught a mother and her daughter both staring at me with locked stares. The mother was saying, “Damn I want to fuck him so bad, he’s so hot.” I could not hear the daughter, but she might have been agreeing with Mom. She looked a bit frightened with a withdrawing vibe like she was scared of me, and she was sort of clinging onto Mom. I would think, “Whoa! Did I just hear that? Did that girl’s Mom say to her own daughter how bad she wanted to fuck me?” They went on like this for an hour or more. I finally left with the girl and took her up to the roof of the apartment complex and had sex with her up there at 2 AM.

I mean, a mother and her own daughter talking about how bad they want to fuck me? What the Hell, man? I never did a mother-daughter team at once. That must be like a dream. How many men get to do that? I know Casanova did a couple of times, and David Lee Roth was notorious for taking on mother-daughter groupie teams.

I went to a Playboy Playmate signing once at the mall in around 1979. The Playmate was very young, and she would not stop staring at me with this blank robot stare. My friends were ribbing me, “Bob! Go for it dude! A Playboy Playmate is hot for you! I’m jealous!” I shyed out, but I could have gotten her number for sure.

These were the days! I would do stuff like pick up two girls at once, walk by a woman in some guys lap and just reach my hand out and pull her hypnotized out of his lap and around my arm. Sisters competed with each other to fix me up with their friends. Damn, this was the life, man! I would kill to live this life again.

Ms. Lake for comparison purposes, 1940’s.

The famous Veronica Lake, known for her curly hair. The “Veronica Lake” hairstyle came back a few years ago, in 2007.

Th-th-th-th-th that’s all folks.


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18 responses to “Repost: Robert Lindsay Through the Years, Plus PUA/Game and Vanity Stuff

  1. Jason Y

    Definitely, Weird Al Yankovic would be out of place now. What does he look like now?

  2. Jason Y

    Yeah, the homophobia is dumb now with any long hair getting a guy called a lesbian, LOL.

    But actually, that hair was making a comeback around 2010.

  3. Jason Y

    I think certain rebels nowadays have long hair, like this black guy with a big Afro at Wal-Mart. But it definitely takes a bold person, and at least now it isn’t bandwagon – like the beard and tattoo thing.

  4. eva.g

    Definitely cute and no way “butt ugly” and the hair is nice.. Handsome is different…think Paul Newman. If now you’re sticking to age appropriate women my guess is you aren’t having problems getting women. What some men don’t realize is that many women are attracted to intelligence, good character and loyalty.

    • Sure, I do quite well with women my age if I put myself out there. A lot of them look really bad, but you would be amazed how many women even 50-60 look damn hot. As you age, you have to adjust what you like upwards and keep getting used to the women your age otherwise you end up like Tulio, 35 year old guy on here who thinks all women over 40 are ugly and says he is going to move overseas so he can continue to get young women as he gets older.

      With every 5-10 years, you have to adjust up so you can learn to like the women in your age bracket. I have been able to do this, but women 63+ are definitely going to be a challenge.

      I still date young women a lot, say age 18-28. It usually doesn’t work. They fall in love with you but then they fall out of love with you and angrily deny they were ever in love even if they said it 100 times. I think it’s humiliating for a young woman to fall for a guy 30-40 years older than she is. And with the really young ones, I am almost not even Daddy territory anymore (LOTS of women – and girls for that matter – go for Daddy types) but now I am heading into Grandpa territory. How many young women want to go out with Grandpa?

      The relationship blows up after 5 weeks- 3 months and she angrily falls out of love. Along with this, she says she is not attracted to you. That’s if she’s being nice. If she’s not, she says you are old, ugly and disgusting. Even if you don’t have money, you can get young women at my age, but you should be goodlooking for your age, maybe top 20% and you need to have out of this world Game skills. Given that, you can get young women by pure charm and Game, but attraction via Pure Game does not last long. It’s like a charm or spell that wears off.

      Also young women are nuts and a lot of them have a lot of sexual hangups about all sorts of things. Many have never been in love and even have no idea what love even is. They play push-pull games all the time, and a lot have all sorts of sexual guilt stuff. A lot hate their bodies and looks. Many have psychological problems and are often in some psychological crisis of some sort.

      A lot are sort of background chronically suicidal – it’s like they have a drive for self-annihilation. Young women are still rather immature, though some are more mature than others and they learn fast. And 18 year old woman is legally a woman of course, but a lot are still 50% girl. If you still like girls, it’s great, but if you don’t, it’s annoying and maybe even uncomfortable if you are worried about things that feel a bit pedo.

      When I was 33 years old, I had sex with an 18 year old Asian girl who was very girlish. In a way, it was charming and sort of beautiful, but in another way, it was creepy and felt pedo and I actually had a hard time finishing, though I eventually did. I guess you could c call that pseudo-pedophilia or pseudo-hebephilia. After a certain age, having sex with a female who acts very girlish can feel quite uncomfortable unless you have a girl fetish.

      Mostly they know very little about life, and you end up being their mentor, which is fun if you like that sort of thing.

      Thanks Eva. What was your phone number again? J/k.

  5. Magneto

    you’re a baby boomer? i thought you were a generation X guy

  6. I guess you look kind of handsome on some of them but you should maybe get rid of the trying to be nice and hi everyone photos from the internet and don’t wear those big glasses on photos.

    • The trying to be nice photo got raves at the time and I assume it still does. Women love those pics. Especially the Hi Everyone pic. I was using it on dating sites and these women were always coming up to me saying, “Hi handsome!” and things like that. Those glasses may have been in style at the time, but apparently they are not now. I now wear modern glasses that are very much with the style.

      You would not believe it, but some guys with glasses can do great with women. It’s all in the attitude, brother.

  7. sloop864

    So, how about some current pics then?

    I echo Eva’s point about women being attracted to intelligence–knowledge in general is good, but knowledge about women is great…with some caveats, I’d take intelligence over looks any day, and most women I know agree.

    I was born the year after your “porn-stache” picture, so that era is alien to me, but in the recent pics you are quite handsome!

  8. SHI

    I used to wear a moustache many eons ago. Lots of birds, I mean chicks, I mean young human females would be attracted to my superyoung good looks, the moustache completed the perfection. But, being in my 20s, I didn’t always have the swagger to clinch a deal as I was intimidated easily, especially. by confident women. Ageing does improve your natural game. You’ve seen some life, so it makes you fearless and more at ease, even with the icy bitches. As they call it, Alpha male.

  9. Johnny Caustic

    I know I’m not supposed to post here, but I just want to suggest you get contacts or find a better pair of glasses. Your first “recent pic” looks quite good–especially the smile–but those glasses are just dog-ugly. (Also, if you can ever afford to go to a country where 80% of women aren’t competing for the top 20% of men–South America or Southeast Asia–you’ll clean up.)

  10. Love the 1978 one. Disco king!

  11. When were you back to back Player Of The Year of Los Angeles?

    1985 & 1986?

    • 1977 and 1978, ages 19 and 20. Weird thing is I don’t think I have ever been as good at this as I was then. In some ways, I was more chicken, but in other ways, I was almost more confident than I am now. I will say I was not as confident in my sexual abilities then as I am now. I was terrified of impotence, for one thing. That led to me bailing on opportunities out of fear that that might occur. Now I have a real reason to worry about that due to age, but I honestly barely even care. I just don’t give a damn anymore.

      It helped back then that those hotties were more or less throwing themselves at me, so it was not that hard on my end. I mean they gave me very clear signals that they really liked me a lot. Sometimes they even asked me out or for my number, but a lot of other times, they just gave such obvious signals that it was clearly a go-ahead. Man that sure helps when they come onto you man, let me tell you. They’re doing half the job for you right there.

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