In Latin America, Hispanics Are Much Better off Catholic Than Converting to Evangelical Protestantism

At least Hispanic Catholics have the potential to go in a Left direction, and there is a long history in Latin America of them doing just that, especially with the explosion in the great Liberation Theology movement of the last fifty years. The Catholic Church, always a mechanism of stasis and reaction in the reaction in the region, has now also become a nearly revolutionary force since the early 1960’s. Camilo Torres is not some made-up person. He really existed.

The Sandinistas and the FMLN are both Catholics and Leftist. The ELN Colombian guerrillas were always Catholics, and their original leader was a priest with an AK-47. The Chavistas in Venezuela are Leftist and very Catholic.

Believers are now allowed to join the Cuban Communist Party, and there has been a lot of intellectual ferment in recent decades in Cuba around notions of Catholic Communism and the like. Actually there is a long tradition of Catholic Communism predating even Liberation Theology going all the way back to the 1930’s in Eastern Europe. Leftwing Catholics have been arguing that Catholics can be Communists for nearly a century.

How many Protestants do you see making arguments like that? Along with all of the idiocy and reaction of their backwards rules, at least Catholics in general seem to have a much greater tendency to go left, socialist or even Communist, and that tendency seems to be baked right into the religion. The Catholic Worker movement in the US is a good example. How many Protestant movements like the Catholic Worker movement sprung up back then? Basically zero.


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8 responses to “In Latin America, Hispanics Are Much Better off Catholic Than Converting to Evangelical Protestantism

  1. Jason Y

    Evangelical Protestants are these globalist neo-con types and a small minority are into this psychotic “white identity”. In that case, yes, it would be better to stay Catholic. However, though, whether Catholic theology like the Pope is correct, well, that’s up for debate.

  2. Jason Y

    American individualism runs counter to leftist ideas, so yeah, the Catholic way of life is a better fit.

    • Jm8

      There are some strong individualistic (extreme in my opinion) tendencies in Evangelical Protestantism (and Calvinism, which is one of its roots, and a strong early influence in American culture).

  3. Catholics are more diverse and open-minded after all. Yes, there are all political tendencies within, and I love it!

  4. TJF

    To Rob:

    How many Protestant movements like the Catholic Worker movement sprung up back then? Basically zero.

    I would agree in the last few decades Protestants have generally been much more associated with the right. However the Abolitionist as well as the Civil Rights movements were heavily driven by Protestants. One of the first major breakthroughs towards integration in the segregated South, the Montgomery Bus Boycott, was organized through (Black) Protestant churches.

    Some examples of left leaning Protestant ministers:

    Reverend Martin Luther King Jr
    Reverend Ralph Abernathy

    Modern era (One might argue the list of men below is more focused on issues facing Blacks and not society as a whole, albeit Jesse Jackson definitely spoke of class and poverty in broad terms in the 70s and 80s)

    Reverend Al Sharpton
    Reverend Jesse Jackson
    Reverend Jeremiah Wright

    The Abolitionist movement (and the Underground Railroad) was almost entirely driven by Protestant Christians, using bible passages to argue slavery was evil and un-Christian:

    Quakers and Mennonites have also been heavily involved in various peace movements.

    Various Protestant Christian (Mostly past) communities which focused on peace, harmony, and cooperative living:
    Founded The Amana corporation, effectively a cooperative at the time, grew out of this community – developed the first upright freezer and microwave oven.
    Founded Oneida silverware (Originally a cooperative).

    • Jason Y

      Right, I wouldn’t say that all Protestants are reactionary semi-Nazis. Also, not all Catholics are like the new Pope. Some of them are practically like Mussolini.

      But anyway, as it stands now, a lot of the new Protestants are simply very corrupt. I mean, their support of Trump is a big clue. So I don’t think it’s in Latino interests (especially since conservatives are heavily anti-immigration anyway, especially the alt-right) to support Protestantism.

  5. Jason Y

    Robert is mostly referring to mainstream Protestantism, which to its credit isn’t bowing down to ridiculous PC, but on the other hand, is also reactionary political wise, of course.

    Anyway, especially, “The Prosperity Gospel” Is insane.

  6. Frito Pendejo

    Catholic Church beliefs in social justice,especially within over the last century, provides the fertile ground, from which gives the believer, the potential to go leftward, if given the right circumstances to do so, as so manifested by the ideologies of Chavesism, certain elements of the Nicaragua Sandinista movement.

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