Just Got Interviewed by Al Jazeera

Just got interviewed by a writer from Al Jazeera for an upcoming piece on the Alt Left . The real Alt Left, not this fake crap the conservatives refer to as Alt Left, which they mean the Hard Left, PC Left, SJW Left, or Antifa Left. The real Alt Left is opposed to all of those factions in one way or another.

I just counted up members of Alt Left sites on Facebook and there were over 18,000 members of groups that appeared to pushing real Alt Left ideas. On the other hand, I would probably renounce 50% or more of those people. Alt-Leftist Empire is the largest group with over 10,000 members, and I completely renounce them. These entryists have captured the movement and turned it into some sort of Cultural Left Libertarian Nationalism. Or something. Most support Trump and neoliberal capitalism. Supporting either is grounds for expulsion. No Alt Left person should support Trump except in a perverse way (accelerationism) and of course you can never support neoliberalism.

This movement is like a runaway train and it has gotten out of the hands of the people who started it in a very bad way, but a lot of political movements are probably like that.

So an article on me and the Alt Left, including quotes, should run in Al Jazeera fairly soon. Another may appear in Alternet at some point later. The author was not real friendly to the Alt Left, but I would not say he was extremely hostile either. I really don’t care how they portray us. In Hollywood they say all publicity is good publicity and that may well be true in politics also.


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44 responses to “Just Got Interviewed by Al Jazeera

  1. Jason Y

    The alt-left would never gain many followers because racism seeks to dehumanize and divide people while the goal of progressive groups is to improve mankind. As Schwarzenegger said in this recent video, the only way to deal with it is to eliminate it (like a tumor).

    Now, of course, I will admit a lot of the cultural lefty protesters, like at Charlottesville are “cunt-ish” Rosie O Donnell types. See that’s the problem. They’re as retarded as the people they hate Well, actually, that’s not saying what the cultural left is saying isn’t always correct, BUT, it’s saying they’re always bitching. That’s why a lot of people don’t like them. And those people include Schwarzenegger and other moderately culturally conservative people.

    I mean, I hated Robert’s blog piece over Trans-negroes. OK, fine, that’s my opinion, but outside this blog, I’m not going to have a protest over it. Because it would be counterproductive. I would simply get labeled an over sensitive cunt and then I’d get teased with the “n word” like I have in the past.

    Anyway, I agree that racism should be rooted out and I was surprised to find my of my buddies on Facebook were more liberal on this than I thought (even in Tennessee). But again, people are ignoring the utter stupidity of (in-person) protesting a bunch of racist psychos.

    Who are these racist psychos? Ironically a bunch of bitches, just like the cultural left. Just a bunch with a chip on the shoulder, an axe to grind. They’re the types who bully, who try to enforce dumb crap on people.

    • Why do you keep insisting that the Alt Left is a racist movement? Look at one of our main manifestos:


      In areas that are already diverse, nondiscrimination and non-racism as general principles are good things. People ought to get along, and an Alt Left should not be a racist movement.

      • Jason Y

        I do find it funny when I see cultural left hypocrisy on this stuff. Like when the Communist Party USA (it’s on its main page today) says Charlottesville racism is bad, but then has an article defending North Korea (an unapologetically racist place).

    • All that stuff about transniggers is just a joke. I think the whole idea of transrace people, transniggers, etc. is simply absurd. But I would like to identify as a transnigger for no reason other than to annoy people and piss people off. I don’t have enough enemies yet. I always need more, and identifying as a transnigger hopefully will makes even more people hate me.

      Me identifying as a transnigger is a JOKE. It’s NOT SERIOUS.

  2. Jason Y

    The cultural left hates Nazis. Good, those people deserve it. But these same protesters attacking statutes and the flag are also the type trying to be environmental and health police, going way beyond giving helpful advice. I know these people personally. They’re terribly tyrannical people – worse than what you’d find living among a bunch of nuns.

    • Bobo the Ban Bot

      Free speech is under attack. It’s not just Nazis being shoahed from the internet. Jim How, Christian Truthers, and random Youtubers are being flagged and shutdown for “hatespeech”.

    • Jason Y

      This stuff is worrisome – not that I agree with racists, though. I mean it’s a warm cozy feeling to know most people despise the alt-right, but I also feel like a better message would be sent by simply ignoring this Nazi, Neo-Confederate stuff. Definitely, that young woman would still be alive if she hadn’t been caught up in this “Hey Hey Ho Ho, Nazis got to go” baloney.

      Also, why wasn’t the mother concerned her daughter died – enough to out of the public arena for a little while. This shows she’s a nutball.

      • Magneto

        Yep, if she wasn’t a man-hating feminist bitch who was looking for any opportunity to protest against WHITE men, she would still be alive. I have zero pity and zero fucks given about her death.

        • Lyn

          Yeah, those people are protesting against White men of the past and present, and I vehemently disagree. However, look at the White men protesting themselves.

        • Jason Y

          The only solution is the Boston one. Masses of people telling the Nazis to get lost.

        • Jason Y

          I suppose now the Nazis will put on pun on “masses” and accuse the protesters of being fat, lol.

          Whatever, the point is, lots of people here, so leave.

      • Jason Y

        It would be wise for people to shut up. But in all fairness, nationalists on Facebook have the same problem.

      • Jess

        Jason Y, Maybe a mere sight of a boot lipped sow gives you a hard-on And wet dreams for several nights.

        • Jason Y

          Again, probably 0.02 percent of the US population shares your extremist views. Not true? Where are the protests against the Confederate monuments? I mean, real protests, like thousands or millions of people?

  3. It’s been of great concern that the media are calling the Antifa Alt-Left. For many, this will be their first exposure to the definition, and such an image would hard to shake.

    Look forward to reading the interview.

    • Jason Y

      Anti-fas are getting free speech advocates worried even on the left. Nonetheless, there is no other way to deal with these alt-right punks. Note, in Charlottesville, the police were pretty much not giving full effort.

  4. Magneto

    Funny how it’s always white women getting killed as a result of multiculturalism, feminism, and cultural Marxism. The australian woman by the somali cop, that fat feminist SJW chick in Charlettesville, and so on.

    • Jason Y

      Who said she was fat? I saw no proof of that. You guys are just steaming with hatred.

      • Magneto

        her pics were posted all over 4chan. And fuck off with that “you’re steaming with hatred” crap, you sound like a cuck when you say that. Quite frankly, I am happy she’s dead. She was just a useless fat parasite man-hating feminist and so the world is better without her.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, there are tons of people protesting all over TV, millions, and they say FUCK OFF with WN views (I mean, literally) – I nearly want to die laughing.

          So all of these millions of Americans cucks? Do you think you could take on most of the men in those protests? They didn’t seem weak to me.

          Again, we see that WNs act boldly only against weak targets, maybe the occasional “cuck idiot” that comes on their forums etc..

        • Jason Y

          Note, above comment is about the recent Boston protests.

      • Lyn

        Jason Y,

        What WN “values” are you talking about, specifically?

        • Jason Y

          Jason Y,

          What WN “values” are you talking about, specifically?

          Looks like some attempt to derail the subject.

      • Lyn

        “Looks like some attempt to derail the subject”

        Actually, the subject was already derailed by others.

        So, back on topic. I am happy for you Robert. I hope that your blog has continued growing success, and that your writing career flourishes.

    • Jason Y

      No doubt, blacks are killing whites all the time. For instance, just before this hoopla in the south, a gentle Tennessee trucker, doing his last job of all things (approaching retirement), was robbed and killed by a teenage black thug (in Lousiana).

      • Jason Y

        The above statement seems two-faced considering what I said about WNs, but not really. I don’t think my recognition of this fact, justifies white supremacist ideology. Anyone else feel the same way? When did “bad blacks” become a representative for all blacks?

  5. Jason Y

    It would be funny to see how many fat chicks these fat shaggy bearded crackers have as girlfriends. ha ha..

  6. Jason Y

    No, I don’t agree with Bill Maher’s assessment. On his show this week, he said the lefty protesters were not violent. I doubt that. There were violent types there (but that was probably a smart move on the left). But unfortunately there weren’t enough to defend the killed woman, so I question her wisdom.

    Bill Maher’s comment that liberals get in drum circles is correct, but that’s why they are lambs for the slaughter when facing sociopathic Nazis.

  7. I don’t get your interest in taking back the “Alt-Left” term. Pretty much everyone in the mainstream associates it with SJWs.

  8. Jason Y

    The WNs are being such pussies. I already insulted them from kingdom come and totally ignored. Just like their total silence on social media (after the Charlottesville incident) Again, we see they just want to come out against weak targets, not Boston protesters, or in the wake of something that made them look bad.

  9. Jonathan

    As someone who is inclined to the left, I don’t like the contents on dailystormer but I felt the banning of it from the internet by Google and cloudfare is way off the line and is literally stifling our free speech clause. DS being retreated to the dark web sets a dangerous precedence. In the future entire contents in the internet risks being censored according to retarded SJW ideas. There are far too many sites that celebrates antiblack racism and antiwhite racism and cheers over the death of eitherof them but any site that talks about Jews are immediately cornered and taken off the web. In this latest purge along with Anglins dailystormer many altright podcasts, YouTube channels, social media accounts have been taken down. Weev of DS is trying to get the site up but every hosting company is being blackmailed to refuse service to the stormer. Sorry Jews, ive been philosemitic for most of my life but as Robert said in one of his posts you can’t survive without being ridiculed for your evil machinations. 109 times haven’t taught a lesson it seems.

  10. Far-Rightwing Hacker Known As 4chan

    you need to make national news to bring traffic to your site. Do something controversial, write pieces on famous bloggers/journalists, and bait them into name dropping you. Be a piece of shit Robert, you will get much further in this sewer of a world by being so.

  11. Far-Rightwing Hacker Known As 4chan

    Al Jazeera is a good start, but see if you can bait a CNN journalist into name dropping you. Find some feminist SJW and start tweeting black crime stats at her or find evidence of her being a piece of shit and then write pieces on her, and she will take the bait. Do it for the cash Robert.

  12. Jason Y

    Al Jazeera. That’s interesting. Just got done watching an interesting TV documentary on how Hitler’s ideology lives on in the middle east. In fact, direct Nazi military and propaganda training has funded all the terror in the region (Kadhafi, Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat etc..)

  13. Jason Y

    Hand it to Jess, she’s fighting back, but her arguments are still nothing, just like the percentage of Americans who support her views.

    • Jess

      Don’t care about changinga ultra whigger who’s bluepilled. Keep ploughing your sow. I wonder how you’re gonna feed your sow and her pickaninnies from eight different jungle bunnies that she’s going to pawn on you to provide. Maybe you’ll realise that day…

      • Jason Y

        Ignoring the problem, lady. I don’t really care about your middle school bullying – but just focus on the facts. Where are the stats? Stats about the fucking problem.

        • Jess

          Lol you’re such a timid weakling Jason y like the shegroids you go out with. Stop it before you start to give that rancid odour like them.

        • Look you two. This is a huge thread derail. The topic of the post is me getting interviewed by Al Jazeera about the Alt Left.

        • Jason Y

          Blah blah blah – you little monkey (refering to Jess)

          Yes, no more derailing, but what do you expect with these types?

  14. Did this article get published in the end? I can’t find it anywhere on google.

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