Never Trust Any Promise America Makes about Anything Ever

  • 2002: If Qaddafi disarms, he can stay.
  • 2002: If Saddam disarms, he can stay.
  • 2014: If Assad disarms, he can stay.
  • 2017: If Kim disarms, he can stay.

Mr. Kim is a very smart man. He doesn’t trust one damn thing we see because any promise America gives to any other nation is obviously completely worthless.

Are we ripping up treaties yet? We’ve been backstabbers forever. If I led a foreign nation, I would never sign any agreement with the US about anything ever. We simply cannot be trusted to keep our word about anything.


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5 responses to “Never Trust Any Promise America Makes about Anything Ever

  1. Jason Y

    I think both sides are evil. I mean, I don’t like the tyranny and 1984 police state in North Korea, but I realize the US brought it on. Anyway, in the final chapter, a rude awakening might come when New York is nuked. I mean, wouldn’t that be just revenge for all the suffering North Koreans have endured (the child starvation etc..) for 20 years – as well as the bombing of rice fields etc.. during the Korean War?

    • Jason Y

      Oh, by the way, I am no extremist (just to warn police – I don’t want my travel right banned) I’m just speaking of general karma here. Perhaps the karma of the US is paid by another nation – also evil – in this whole tug of war of karma.

    • Jason Y

      Oh yeah, a North Korean attack either started by us or by them is perfect material for pumping up the Trump dictatorship – maybe by 90 percent. Again, I’d be getting out of the US ASAP – if you can afford it.

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert
    The situation in the Korean Peninsula could be defused if the US did the following:

    1 – Establish normal diplomatic and commercial relations with North Korea.
    2 – Withdraw all American military forces from South Korea.
    3 – Announce that the political future of the Korean Peninsula should be decided solely by Koreans.
    4 – Make clear that the US will not provide any aid to North Korea for whatever reason.
    5 – Declare that the US will regard a nuclear attack by North Korea on South Korea or Japan as a nuclear attack on the US itself.

    It should be obvious to any objective observer that the North Korean regime is motivated by fear of Washington, which has never recognized North Korea and is still pursuing regime change in North Korea.

    Regards. James

  3. Lin

    I personally found it amazing the Vietnamese ‘boat people’ fled with great desperation to US the country that bombed/poisoned the fuck out of them with napalm/Agent Orange. I have encountered self-proclaimed Viet ‘nationalists’ from that group of people during web forum discussions on Sino-Viet relations.

    ‘Nationalism’ can sure take very strange forms.

    Chinese prez Xi told Trump Korea was once part of China. My understanding is at least part of Korea was once part of China or a Chinese kingdom. That immediately drew protest from Korean nationalists. Strange enough many Korean nationalists also claim Confucius was Korean.

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