Hillary Clinton on Iran


Hillary Clinton: Consistent, Tough, and Effective Leadership to Counter Threats from Iran

What threats from Iran? There are no threats from Iran! Iran is not a threat to anyone, not to Europe, not to the Arabs, not the US. Well, they are a threat to the Jews*, ok. So? Are we Jewish? Is America a Jewish country? Are all the nations of the West Jewish countries? I guess so!

See, this is how the Jews have been working for decades now. “All of the enemies of the Jews are the enemies of America,” and “all of the enemies of the Jews are the enemies of all of Europe.” Of course, that lie won’t work with the Arabs for obviously reasons, though the Saudis have been in alliance with the Jews forever now.

The US has fallen for it. The West has fallen for it. Hence, the endless wars for the Jews they have been getting us to fight on their behalf. Clever trick, huh? Smart people.

(((Hillary Clinton))). Screw it, if you’re in with (((them))) you get brackets. The people in bed with them are just as bad as the real deal, and the Jews couldn’t do crap without hundreds of millions of Gentiles backing them to the hilt.

Want more?

Hillary Clinton and Israel: A 30-Year Record of Friendship, Leadership, and Strength


Like I said, (((Hillary Clinton))

* “The Jews” means Israel, Israel-firsters and neoconservatives. It doesn’t mean merely someone who is Jewish. In fact, under this definition, the vast majority of Jews are actually Gentiles.


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5 responses to “Hillary Clinton on Iran

  1. Jason Y

    I don’t think Iran has nukes to hit us, but no doubt, North Korea does. So the next move could be an insane North Korean launch – taking out a major urban area – assuring a Trump dictatorship, and virtually guaranteeing the annihilation of North Korea.

  2. James Schipper

    Dear Robert

    Where is your grip on your reality? Iran is not a threat? Isn’t Iran a Shiite power? And aren’t Shiites the mortal enemies of Sunnis? Enlighten yourself about the Shiite threat by contacting the Saudi government. They will tell you all that you need to know about the extreme dangerousness of Iran to all peace-loving, democratic Sunnis. The Middle East really needs a Sunni alliance, supported by the US, to counter this Shiite threat. Wake up!

    Regards. James

    • Far-Rightwing Hacker Known As 4chan

      Oh how I missed you James. I haven’t been on this site for awhile. I loved your comments back then.

  3. Far-Rightwing Hacker Known As 4chan

    I used to support Persia in this conflict. Now I just don’t care either way. I certainly hope we sanction Israel for every illegal nuke they have. I hope we embargo them for their U.S.S. Liberty false flag attempt.

    I don’t like either Iranians or Jews. Both of them claim to be white when it suits them, both of them claim to be POCs when it suits them. Iranians and Jews deserve each other, Arabs deserve both of them. All of these Middle Easterners are not our problem, their Semitic religions have devastated the planet and caused much suffering.

    I don’t care about the Saudis, the Jews, or the Persians. The Kurds and Turks can go fuck themselves too. Quarantine the Middle East and Africa. Take their natural resources if we have too, but don’t take their human resources.

  4. Far-Rightwing Hacker Known As 4chan

    All of our politicians are with (((them))), although McMasters and extremely ironically Kushner seems to be keeping Trump from going full Zionist. Kushner actually seems to be a lot better than I thought he would be, I thought he would be some sort of Jewish Supremacist but he is instead a moderate voice of reason. Bannon was more of a Zionist than Kushner. I will give credit where it is due, good job Mr. Kushner on the Israel question.

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