Donald Trump – The Ultimate Jewish President

Trump is utterly unhinged.

He has already ordered several attacks on the Syrian military. There were several attacks on the Syrian military and some false flags under Obama but it seems they were done by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter without the president or his advisers knowing about it. It was a case of insubordination on the part of the US military. The President opposed attacks on Syria, so the CIA and the Defense Department went around him and ordered them anyway, later either saying they were accidentally or turning them into false flags and blaming the Russians.

He did that for a ((certain group of people)). Donald Trump is fanatically pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. Under Trump the Jews* have never had so much power and control over the US government. The US now is effectively completely controlled by the Jews* now for the first time in US history. In the past, they had partial control, but now the neoconservatives, the pro-Israelis and their Gentile supporters have got the US government by the balls worse than they ever have before.

It is important to note that the Jews have the support of vast swaths of the Gentile population in enabling neoconservative and pro-Israeli control of the government. The Jews are only 2% and they could never take over the government without the help of huge numbers of Gentiles. Donald Trump is an example of what happens when Jews take over your government. Very quickly there is huge military clash on your hands as the Jews attitude is “constant war against all non-Jews.” Hence, Jewish control is usually followed by wars or threats of wars. The stupidest thing Americans have ever done is let these psycho people get America by the balls.

What is completely insane is that almost 100% of the wildest antisemites in America are wildly rooting for the most Jewish president in the history of our country. Absolutely incredible.

Trump is the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel president in the history of America.

* Note: The Jews refers to Jewish neoconservatives and strongly pro-Israeli Jews and the huge percentages of the Gentile population who support the neoconservative and pro-Israeli project. If you are a Jew who is opposed to neoconservatism or Israel-firster Jews, I am not talking about you.


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113 responses to “Donald Trump – The Ultimate Jewish President

  1. Magneto

    OH VEY! Robert “The One Man Shoah” Lindsay strikes again! THIS IS LIKE ANOTHER SHOAH!!!!

  2. Magneto

    White people who want to vote for their own race’s interests are “rednecks” and “chauvanists”. Of course if Indian people vote for indian’s interests first, there’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s empowering. Or if black people vote for black interests first, it’s totally fine and acceptable.

    Do you non-whites think we white people are retarded and don’t see your fucking blatant hypocrisy?

    Of course Trump is not for the interests of the white race. He’s been a jewish puppet all along.

    • Magneto

      What it really comes down to is- Brown people saying “HOW DARE YOU WHITE PEOPLE VOTE TO STOP BROWN PEOPLE (PARASITES) from coming into your countries!”

      Unless white people bend over backwards and allow subhumans from 3rd world countries to flood into their pristine white countries, they are being “racist”.

      If the host decides to remove the parasite that is sucking his blood, the host is being racist against the parasite.

      Do you indians really think we whites are stupid enough to not know what your real game is?

      You want to flood into nice white countries and trash them up and turn White countries into shithole 3rd world countries. Once you guys have succeeded in turning the entire planet into a 3rd world country, where will you go then?

      Multiculturalism SIMPLY DOES NOT WORK.

      • While people DON’T vote for their interests Magneto. Especially White Nationalists.

        The number of so called “White Nationalists” who are rabidly pro-Free Market Libertarians, pro-Conservative, pro-Trump, anti-wealth redistribution just tells me that that whole sphere of politics is a basket case. They consistently and repeatedly push policies and support people who are for mass immigration and screwing over the workers.

        I’ve seen enough of the Alt-Right to conclude that it is mostly blow-hard wannabe-kings who have a bigger hard on for being the top-alpha dog than due to any concern about the welfare of their own nation. They keep dominating the narrative again and again.

      • Lyn

        Unfortunately, many Whites are that stupid. There are the stupid ones and the evil ones. The evil ones make money off globalism/immigration. They are traitors who only care about their bottom line. Then, more perplexingly, there are the stupid ones who hold to immigration like a religion. They think it is noble to allow it and somehow “racist” (the most evil thing one can be in their eyes) to even slow it down, or to speak of it.

        There have always been traitors and greedy people, so at least I “get” that part of it. I don’t understand the second group at all though. It’s like they are mentally ill.

    • Trump is not a Jewish puppet. Trump is a Jew, period. He can best be described as a Marrano, that is to say a rather hidden Jew that makes an official career as a member of another tribe or creed to enjoy greater power over non-Jews.

  3. Magneto

    Brown men have zero respect for white women (can’t blame them there), and simply want to fuck and dump white bitches like the whores that they are. Once again, I can’t blame brown men for simply using and throwing white whores. White women are the reason why the West is collapsing. Someone has suggested that we REPLACE white women with artificial wombs. Then we can produce only white male babies. White women are the Achille’s Heel of the white race. We can’t take the chance of white women destroying modern civilization with their short sighted selfish behavior. White men are truly the only useful members of the white race. In the same way, brown women are the only useful members of the brown race.

    The ideal society would be thus:

    A white male world government controls all reproduction, and if the baby is either a white female or a brown male, the baby is aborted immediately. We use artificial wombs to produce pure blooded white male children, and brown women are used simply to produce more brown female babies.

    THIS is the ideal world and the world would truly be at peace.

    • Magneto

      And we can keep a few white females as public sex prostitutes so that guys who still like white women can sexually satisfy themselves with them. But those white female prostitutes must be sterilized so they cannot breed.

      • Magneto

        Also, dating surveys show that most white men PREFER Asian women over any other race of women. So most guys would be happy with the above situation. The same polls show that white women PREFER black men. So if white women are given freedom, they will breed with the lower races and thus cause the human gene pool to de-evolve. White women thus cannot be allowed to breed and some would say they shouldn’t even be allowed to exist, the same as brown men. Brown men and white women both show the same characteristics of extreme selfishness, immaturity, arrogance, etc. So they are both useless classes of people. The world doesn’t benefit at all from white women or brown men. EVERYTHING has been created by white males. White women haven’t done jack shit but screw up white men’s lives and go hop on a black man’s cock.

        • Jason Y

          I doubt if Magneto’s assessment is true. From what polls are these taken? Again, as Mayur has stated, and facts bear out, most people prefer their own kind. Of course, that’s not saying race-mixing is wrong – but just the way humans behave.

        • Lyn

          Please put up the source/a link for those surveys. I don’t believe you. The only survey I have seen is from OK Cupid, the dating site- and White women requested to date only within their own race to a significantly higher degree than any other women. I believe Black women were next. White men were fairly high in requesting to date only within their race- the highest of any of the men I believe. Men were, in general, more open to dating “whatever” type of women. Asian women were the most likely to be open to dating out of their race.

          You say EVERYTHING has been created by White men- well, that would include the laws that has thrown things in the direction you don’t like.

        • Tata

          Whites men prefer asians women for the same reason brown men prefer blonds women: Asian women are superior to white men. East Asian people are smarter than whites. White men seek to increase the intelligence of their progeny by mating with Asian women without having to go through the process of evolving their own race.

          Asians women don’t need you. Asians men are better than you.

        • Tata

          If you procreate with brown women, your offspring will have lower I.Q. than they could have with white mothers. They will be average intelligence between the whites and the browns, because I.Q. is hereditary. The average latina and south east asian have a I.Q. of only 85. Your kids will have I.Q. of 90 to 95, inferior of the average of 100 in Europe and North America.

      • Jason Y

        Isn’t it funny they hate the Yankees so much, but globalism is taking all the Yankee jobs?

    • Jason Y

      Interesting to note you said in another comment interracial pairings are indeed rare. However, in that case, why are WNs acting like there is some movement to destroy whiteness (via race-mixing)? Obviously, threats to whiteness are coming from immigration, not “brothas” dating large white chicks.

      • Jason Y

        Why would you assume “self-hating negroes” would be attracted to white women? Maybe they just lust after them. Well, I know I’m not ashamed to be white, but I find Japanese, Korean, and Filipina women hot.

      • Jason Y

        What’s wrong with being a beta type Mayur? I mean, Mark Zuckerberg is no farting, loud-mouth, fat pig, but he makes billions. What does he care if some WN calls him a Jap-lover or something?

      • Jason Y

        My brother is definitely the beta type – though married to a white woman. He is also a liberal or at least centrist, but he is no pussy for sure (likes sports, hunting etc..). But your typical loud-mouth alpha pig would love to pick on him – assuming he could even get into his rich suburban neighborhood. HA HA fat chance !!!

    • Jason Y

      Indeed there are brown or black guys wanting white women as whores, but I’d say they are maybe only half the number and also the whole group of race-mixing blacks etc.. isn’t large compared to whites who date their own kind.

      • Jason Y

        Believe me, the threat is exaggerated. You’d have to go to a college campus and really look to find such women. I mean, why are WNs, Republicans etc. so obsessed with these semi-dykes? Give me a break!

        Note, if you don’t want to deal with cunts of that nature – just don’t go to a college campus, but ironically plenty of alt-right freaks go to college (incognito) and they never run into hippies etc.. much.

    • Jason Y

      Why would white nationalists abort white females? What in the hell or you talking about?

      • Jason Y

        People with strong emotional agendas need to avoid these blogs. It lowers the credibility for whatever they are trying to represent. For instance, enemies like me can tear Magneto apart – simply pointing out the emotional bias.

    • Lyn

      Well, I hate to tell you- but you would wind up hating the brown females as much as you hate the white ones. You obviously feel weak and like you have no control, so you blame white women. White women did not make all these messed up laws that have led to our destruction.

    • Jason Y

      Given the parade in Charlottesville VA, we see the situation is getting nasty – even with Trump being a Jewish president. So the best call is to leave the US. But most won’t leave cause they have jobs, money, and attachments. Especially the rich or upper middle-class anti-Trump people won’t leave.

  4. Jason Y

    Nothing wrong with sane white nationalism, but all that’s coming from Stormfront or TheDailyStormer is of the insane type.

    So what is sane nationalism? It’s saying. yeah, we are such and such, we are not ashamed, but were not asses about it either.

    • I’ll add the Socialism is necessary as well. A recognition that the political, economic and social institutions have validity because they serve the welfare of society. Nationalism defines the boundaries and the who.

      This is vastly different to what Der Daily Sturmer seem to put forward.

      • Jason Y

        Few of those types are socialists. They associate socialism with being a parasite, something they accuse blacks, Latinos, so-called “cuck whites”, etc.. of being.

        Basically, these alt-right types are only a step down from the Republicans.

      • They’ve created an application of r/K selection theory which is supposedly applicable to people, which puts a biological basis on why some people are “moochers” and others “creators with a low time preference”.

        You see, if you’re not a Free Market loving, Conservative Capitalist White, you’re probably ‘r selected’ and therefore icky, yuck and a threat to the noble K selected Conservative.

        Stefan Molyneaux did some videos on this too.

      • Jason Y

        Stefan – “King of the basement weenies” – is someone to believe – for sure.

        How can what he’s saying be true when there are so many blonde haired blue eyed parasites? I mean for all the blacks etc.. on welfare, you will also see poor whites.

      • Jason Y

        If my 20 something-year-old relative is watching that guy – and he is – then I’m really scared. I mean practically that kid (another basement weenie) is practically a proto-Nazi. And his fairly well-off parents are totally blind to the fact. It’s comical.

  5. Jason Y

    Now WNs are saying Trump is a Jew. Well, of course, HE DARED, to say cuck things like “Oh, we need to stop the hate in Charlottesville.” So now David Duke claims Trump backstabbed his base, but Trump’s base was probably never them anyway. I mean, just cause Trump opposed immigration doesn’t make him pals with these racists.

    • Did Duke say that Trump backstabbed his base?

      • Jason Y

        Yeah, recently, due to Trump’s (what seems heartfelt) condemnation of the Charlottesville protests (specifically the racist ones)

        • SHI

          According to SJWs, he didn’t condemn them strongly enough. Trump refuses to condemn the 2 words “White Supremacists”. Maybe, he has a secret Stormfront account.

          Trump may be kissing Jewish ass for now, but he’s very much behind the White Nationalist agenda considering he won the election riding on the coattails of Alt-right online trolls from Breitbart.

          Also, have you heard about the latest Alt-right covert sign, “The OK” symbol which gives you a go ahead to like go and shoot at some Muslim/Black people. Nazi salutes are a thing of the past. This is the real White Power shit. Not very old really. I knew of this sign since at least 2010 when I used to frequent Stormfront.

          Here’s Trump’s go ahead.

          Liberals, your times’s up.

        • Jason Y


          I thought that was the devil or Illumaniti sign, LOL.

          OK, the whole WN and Republican thing is a bit confusing.

          Anyway, I don’t take Trump to be a WN – but just some guy with moderate white nationalist views who is using WNs to get into power. Well, actually, a lot of Republicans have moderate WN views. It’s nothing shocking. Definitely, Ronald Reagan did, as he seemed to ignore blacks while in power (publically).

        • Jason Y

          HA. Michael Jackson also made that sign and who knows what other rock artists. It’s a common thing pointed out by these writers who claim pop music is of the devil.

        • Jason Y

          I seriously doubt Trump is anything other than a businessman with moderate populist/white nationalist views. However, though, money talks – bullshit walks. In that case, he’s going to bow down to the globalist/Fox News agenda. Can Robert back me up on this one?

          Possibly Trump is just a narcissist/sociopath who uses whoever that is convenient.

        • Jason Y

          Funny expression on Trump. Is he taking a shit while holding that sign? 😆

      • Lyn

        I think he called out the kkk and neo-nazis specifically, but only used the term alt-left (maybe “radical left) and not the specific terms- such as antifa and black lives matters. Not sure on that because I hate listening to presidential speeches/statements.

        • Jason Y

          As much as we might hate Trump, he made the right call. The radical cultural left is indeed bringing on the Nazis. The radical cultural left also has an insane agenda that goes beyond stuff like (interracial marriage and socialization and mild gay rights)

        • Lyn

          Jason Y,

          I agree- both sides need to be called out, and the radical cultural left are intentionally inciting some very bad things and trying to cause disaster- and their agenda is frightening to me.

  6. Jason Y

    How could have WNs elected Trump (David Duke says “White America elected him.) when they don’t even comprise probably even 1 percent of the voters? No, more likely, Fox News watching Republican types elected him.

  7. Jason Y

    Trump is a fool. I can get most info about him from Mad Magazine. No joke.

  8. Jason Y

    A lot of guys are the feminine type – though not actually gay or something like that. It sort of goes with the territory of being smart. Anyway, beta types are more alpha than you think. It depends on what environment they’re in.

  9. Jason Y

    Of course, betas seem stupid and probably get farts coming their way at a sports bar or football game. Nothing shocking there. But it isn’t their scene.

  10. Jason Y

    Mark Zuckerberg ain’t a Gentile. He is an American Jew. Jews quite seem to be looking for ‘growth’, these days.

    My brother isn’t a Jew and is massively successful. Note, a lot of this anti-Jewish stuff (or anti-beta stuff) is cowardly insecurity.

    • Jason Y

      No, actually, it’s more like they study in school while the alpha male is letting farts and throwing nerds into lockers.

  11. Jason Y

    I don’t get what you’re saying here. Please explain in more detail.

  12. Jason Y

    I doubt if those bozos at the march in Charlottesville are anything more than 1 percent of the population. I mean, look at the real numbers regarding whether or not people actually favor their insane agenda (banning interracial marriage, putting back segregation).

  13. SHI

    I seriously doubt Trump is anything other than a businessman with moderate populist/white nationalist views. However, though, money talks – bullshit walks. In that case, he’s going to bow down to the globalist/Fox News agenda. Can Robert back me up on this one?

    Possibly Trump is just a narcissist/sociopath who uses whoever that is convenient.

    Jason Y

    Of course, Trump is a complete opportunist. He doesn’t care about the Republican Party. If the Democrats are willing to embrace him, he’d switch sides in a New York minute. All is forgotten.

    OK, the whole WN and Republican thing is a bit confusing.

    I saw a documentary yesterday which deep dives into the Alt-Right movement, explaining why it played such a huge role in Trump’s unexpected victory. The basic premise is that people with a prejudiced bent of mind are far easier to manipulate than normal and reasonable people.

    It’s surprising but true that very few people would totally qualify as unprejudiced. Think about that nice Geography school teacher who everyone used to like,she’d be an exception. Most of us need an object of hate in our lives. I can’t place this quote correctly but goes something like “I love my prejudices. They make good pets.”

    You don’t have to be a neo-Nazi racist to have jaundiced views. You just need to feel very passionate about your object of hate – that’s where the seeds of Alt-RIght can germinate properly. It doesn’t matter what you hate – Muslims, Blacks, Jews, Women, Gays as long as you are capable of hating the stigmatized group to the point of complete genocide.

    There are reasonable Alt-righters who say they aren’t racists. It could be true as they probably have a lot many Black friends and don’t really got no beef against Jews. But, the very thought of Muslims/Arabs is enough to drive them ape shit.

    What Steve Bannon was able to achieve through Breitbart was activating the prejudice hot buttons for the uninitiated through very subtle brainwashing. This is how it went, “We know you hate Group ____ but you aren’t allowed to by Political Correctness. We feel you brother. Come to the Alt-Right for good company.”

    So, what does the Alt-Right comprise of? You have someone very prejudiced like “Dr.” David Duke, who despite his education and intelligence, cannot think beyond a zero-sum game where in order for one group to win (Whites), others (non-Whites) must lose badly. But, the bulk of the Alt-Right is made of people who weren’t the brightest bulbs to begin with. Most are online addicts with no real personality. The Proverbial basement dwellers – the Internet Trolls. Trump did admit in one of his campaign speeches, “I love the poorly educated.”

    There are many examples of this kind of Zero Sum thinking, e.g. the PUA movement which is dominated by misogynists like Roosh and Tucker Max. Their whole movement is about hating women, failing to see them as human beings.

    [p.s. – I’ve myself made some disparaging comments about women on this blog, but I don’t mean them that much. I actually love women despite their flaws, and don’t see them as objects unlike the PUA losers.]

    Basically, here’s how the whole thing went in Trump’s case.

    1- Websites like Stormfront, 4-chan and 8-chan spring up around 2005-08, and quickly become a safe refuge for anonymous posters seeking to vent their latent racism, homophobia, and misogyny. Of course, there are fringe-dwellers like David Duke repeatedly podcasting their bigoted views till they went all over Google.

    2- Then came in people such as Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer. For some reason, somehow, their careers weren’t looking very bright. So, they wanted a new entrepreneurial venture which would make them instantly famous. And rich and powerful.

    3- 2005-10, Bannon tried his hands into buying and selling virtual gold online, for games like World of Warcraft. That’s where he caught into a huge amount of gamer angst. An army of monster online trolls who could predicate the outcome of a game, due to sheer. Incidentally, Bannon got fucked over by these same video gaming trolls causing him to lose great amount of money. That butthurt taught him a valuable lesson – those same trolls could be used to sway political opinion through online memes. Richard Spencer coined the term “Alt-Right” around the same time.

    4- In 2012, Bannon takes over from Andrew Breitbart, and reorganizes the website as a single portal where you can bash away at any INSERT GROUP that you feel deserves extinction – gays, Muslims, feminist women, Blacks, Jews, Mexicans.

    5- 2014- Bannon meets Milo Yiannopoulos, an English woman-hating douchebag who knew very well how to tap into the angst of online trolls. Milo was like the King of Trolls at 4-chan and 8-chan. He becomes the head of Breitbart’s tech section and soon attracts a huge audience who quickly push Breitbart at the top of alternate media outlets which basically say “Fuck you,Establishment.” The trolls are attracted to that website, like flies to shit. Breitbart gives them a face and identity. The trolls really came out of the woodwork on this one. Their ideas become mainstream.

    6- 2015/16 – It was the perfect timing for someone like Donald Trump to fit snugly into the Alt-Right’s manosphere as someone who could say “Fuck you, Establishment” as loudly as they could. Suddenly, Tru, but thmp, without his own volition, found himself as the figurehead of the Alt Right movement. Basically, he was a businessman with plenty of shady dealings, who never paid his taxes and defrauded his business partners and consumers. Trump wasn’t really serious about running for President – he just wanted to say “fuck you” to the establishment by trolling them as far as he could. For the Breitbart trolls, however, Trump’s words were like music. They suddenly started feeling like REAL MEN instead of basement-dwelling pussies.

    Let us remember that even on the night of the election, Trump wasn’t expecting to win. He was already making up excuses about election theft, but the Troll army succeeded in a) hijacking the Republican party at his behest and b) Defeating Hillary Clinton with insulting memes

    In order to understand the significance of Trump’s Breitbart Alt Right troll army, we have to remember that had received 37 million unique views on the date of the election. That’s a staggering number.

    Of course, Trump may have won with a bit of Russian help but it was the Alt-Right and Steve Bannon that earned him this victory.

    Nothing like this has ever happened in history before. The rules of engagement have changed completely.

    Trolls have taken over the real world!

    • SHI

      Hitler could not have been helped by online trolls because the Internet did not really exist back in the 1930s.

      What were you saying again?

      • SHI

        You’re a juvenile low IQ shithead with the personality of a jelly bean, and no real world experience.

        I wasn’t talking to you, kiddo. Look who my comment was addressed to. Time to learn your manners, stop butting in on adult conversations.

    • Jason Y

      They suddenly started feeling like REAL MEN instead of basement-dwelling pussies.

      A nice mix of narcissist autistic nerds and dumb jocks.

    • Jason Y

      I can understand the hate against “cultural left overkill” Nonetheless, the racist right is just as bad – as SHI was sort of saying.

      • SHI

        I was explaining that the Alt-Right movement and your current President, are a creation of online troll armies, the likes of which the world has never seen before.

        It’s something unprecedented in terms of the power of virtual bots taking over the real world through their subversive tactics. All you need to do is gather losers and rejects of every shade, and create a monster army of trolls to do your bidding. Sociologists and marketers are at theit wit’s end, trying to grapple with this bizarre phenomenon. It’s a dangerous world we’re living in now. A world run by the likes of Milo, 4 Chan and the Dark Web.

        Move aside The Illuminati, Goddamned Jews and the Rockfellers. The world will now be run by angsty Generation Zs with an axe to grind against the Establishment, and a touchscreen mobile phone in their tiny palms. Most are incels who don’t move around much in the real world and hate existing societal norms. They want to blow up everything literally, with a nuclear holocaust if necessary. For what? Just some shit and giggles really. It’s deeper than you ever thought possible.

        Steve Bannon’s monster army of trolls will dominate the future discourse about the planet. It’s going to get so bad in the future that most sane and normal people will be like, “Fuck it! I don’t wanna live anymore. Will someone nuclear holocaust the Earth already?”

        • Jason Y

          Definitely, our democracy is finished. Technology has destroyed it, just as it has popular music.

        • Jason Y

          Generation Z; Wussy basement dwellers mixed in with dumb jocks and tattooed prison thugs. Nice…. What a combo, lol. Only in the alt-right !!

        • Jason Y

          The look on that one dumb jock (the one who ran his car into those people) sums up this Generation Z, in my opinion. He in is fucking stylish new onion hairdo, so common now, with that “I’m going to bust your lip Marty McFly look.”

        • Jason Y

          I would call them “Young Republicans from Hell”

    • Jason Y

      Generations of evil seem to crop up all the time. I mean along with the good hippies etc.. comes these meathead young Republican types.

      • SHI

        That girl this asshole killed was so beautiful, almost angelic. Let’s give Mr. Joc the the benefit of doubt, it’s just a road accident. Though I really feel unhappy when such a pretty little bimbo has to pass away like this.

        • Narselvam

          Worry about your north india Brahmin boy. You will never be an USA citizen rather you must worry about what narendra Modi is up to? What bothers a mumabikar about dailystormer and likes is beyond us?

        • Tata

          This girl don’t deserved to die, but she was not an angel. She was an extremely violent and radical Antifa.

      • Jason Y

        Well, I have to say, though, that these extremist leftists brought on this trouble – leading to this death. In a lot of ways, they are as stupid as the people they hate. I mean, who cares about some dumb Confederate memorial? Just leave it alone; let it pass into history.

      • Jason Y

        Extreme cultural leftists and maybe blacks also. They are always complaining about the flag, and I’m sure that’s why the local government was removing all the Confederate stuff.

        But I don’t think that stuff is going to stop, so that’s why this place is become a unsavable war-zone and it’s best to get out – along with the fact Trump and neo-con Christians are making a police state.

      • Jason Y

        Blacks bitch quite a bit, and though I am not racist against them or mixed raced people, I have to say that, well, they do bitch. And I think, since there are so many, 50 percent in the south, that this kind of conflict is inevitable. All the basement weenies and thugs will be brought out of the closet to come out to these rallies – where people get killed – bystanders, and also idiot extreme cultural leftists.

        • SHI

          Speaking of bitching, even the Blacks have got nothing on the God’s chosen. Now Trump is being seen as anti-Semitic. Holy Mother of Dragons, the Heebs are beyond insufferable when it comes to victimhood 🙂

          Events this past weekend took America to an even darker place. The site of gun-toting Nazis chanting “Jews will not replace us” is enough to put a chill in the body of any Jew with a glimmer of historical memory. (Boo-Hoo, cry me a river)

          No one thinks America is about to turn into Nazi Germany. But Jews always fear that anti-semitism lurks just below the surface — and recent events certainly increase that fear.

          The “Trump effect” on American politics has led to a strengthening of the extremes, and a hollowing out of the middle. Jewish history has shown us that when the extremes get stronger the danger to Jews and minorities increase.

          I want to be a Jew in my next life.

        • SHI

          GoDaddy just pulled he plug on Daily Stormer after they posted a vitriolic tirade about her appearance, calling her a drain on society.

          “We informed The Daily Stormer that they have 24 hours to move the domain to another provider, as they have violated our terms of service,” GoDaddy said on its official Twitter page.

          The Daily Stormer post in question slandered Heather Heyer, the 32-year-old woman killed after a car drove at speed into a crowd of anti-fascist protesters in Virginia, for her physical appearance and what it said were anti-white male views.

          In the post, the founder of the site, Andrew Anglin, claimed Ms Heyer has been killed in a “road rage incident”. He also launched into a vitriolic tirade about her appearance, saying she was a “drain on society”.

          “Despite feigned outrage by the media, most people are glad she is dead, as she is the definition of uselessness,” Mr Anglin, the site’s editor, said. “A 32-year-old woman without children is a burden on society and has no value.”

          [Read that line again. Shocking and unbelievable. That’s a very nasty thing to say about someone who got killed by your buddies.]

          Ms Heyer was one of hundreds who converged on the city to protest against the largest gathering of white nationalists the US has seen in decades. The rally was attended by neo-Nazis, skinheads, and members of the Ku Klux Klan brandishing flaming torches, carrying assault rifles and wearing paramilitary clothing.

          Amy Siskin, a Twitter user, made an appeal to GoDaddy to remove the site in a post which has been shared over 5,000 times, saying: “You host The Daily Stormer – they posted this on their site. Please retweet if you think this hate should be taken down & banned.”

          GoDaddy, a domain registrar which has served approximately 17 million customers, has been accused of providing a platform for hate speech in recent month

          The Daily Stormer is an American neo-Nazi and white supremacist site which is associated with the alt-right – a political movement which has been accused of racism, antisemitism and misogyny and of sharing an ideology with far-right parties such as the French National Front.

        • Jason Y

          WordPress could pull the plug on Robert, even though his site is nothing compared to Daily Stormer. Note, it’s never a good idea to use well-known companies for controversial websites, but there is so much SEO (website optimization) tied into this blog and traffic, that it would be tough to move.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t know about Jews, but dumb hippie cunts shouting “Nazis Go Home” are really not helping the problem. I mean “Do you think the Nazis will heed thier advice?”.

          Also, blacks don’t like the Confederate anything. They associate it with slavery. What Jews have to do with the matter is irrelevant.

        • Jason Y

          This whole thing, aside from the tragic murders, reminds me of The Blues Brothers. It’s just so ridiculous.

        • Jason Y

          Do blacks have a grudge apart from whites – aside from Jews pulling strings?

          The article above says, YES.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t like it that one young woman died. But … These extreme SJW fools are sort of asking for it. I mean, murder is murder, but they’re really going out and looking for fights. The best solution to deal with these aut-right types is to ignore them – cause they’re such a small group that they pose no credible threat.

        • WordPress will never pull the plug on me. They will pull the plug on Gilad Atzmon before they pull it on me, and they would never pull Atzmon.

          This site ain’t exactly Daily Stormer you know. I believe that WP has a strict free speech policy. Show me how many sites they took down for racism. And this site is barely even racist at all in any real sense.

        • SHI

          No, they can’t pull the plug on this blog for reporting news stories.

          But, the knives are all out for Nazi like websites. American Vanguard is also down. A few others like VNNForum are well within range.

          It’s the cry baby Millennials who easily get offended over every tiny thing. Daily Stormer was a loathsome site, but I support its right to exist. I am unhappy with Godaddy and Google for taking down that site over one comment (granted, it was a sick thing to say about someone who recently died.).

          Maybe you can have a disclaimer on top of your website to appease some super sensitive WordPress Admin. It can go something like, “This site strongly denounces racism, bigotry, Neo-Nazis, White Nationalists and hateful actions against women and gays. Some of our commenters may hold such beliefs but we support their free expression, within reasonable limits wherein they don’t threaten or intimidate others. Any threats of violence and blackmail will not be tolerated.”

          It may be a cringeworthy exercise but there’s nothing you can do about it. Millennials and Generation Zs need super duper reassurance to be convinced you’re really on their side. Deal with it. 🙂

          You must watch a few episodes of Game of Thrones to understand how Millennials and Gen. Zs think.

        • Shi, do you know how many times SJW filth have reported this site to WordPress for racism, sexism, bigotry, anti-Semitism, hate speech, homophobia and transphobia?

          They report me all the time apparently and have been doing so for years. I know this because they come to the site and say they are reporting me or they talk about me on other sites where everyone on the site talks about me and reports me. In those cases, I guess WordPress gets 30 complaints at once.

          I have already talked to WordPress staff and the bottom line was that they are hardline pro-free speech people.

          Anyway, this ain’t no Nazi site. It’s a million miles away from that.

        • SHI

          I guess when you’re a celebrity, you must learn how to take bouquets and brickbats in equal measure.

          I have lost my appetite for fighting authority figures who give you a hard time for no reason. I play it way too safe nowadays. You don’t get anywhere around in this world without ruffling feathers.

          This used to be my favorite quote:

          “You can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs.”

        • Jason Y

          On this one forum. this one owner is bitching about my opinions and you all know for sure I’m not racist – in fact, I’m mocked on here. But that goes to show you that Generation Z sensitivity is off-the-wall.

          I mean, all I said on there was something like “Well, you know the I’m not into the rebel flag. it’s not my cup of tea, but some guys light-heartedly like it, a long with NASCAR, and other country boy things.

          But this guy was ripping me apart with all this “Oh, the Confederate flag is absolutely racist. I mean he was putting me thru some kind of Spanish Inquisition.”

        • Jason Y

          No doubt, retarded stuff like tearing down Robert E Lee or something is only leading to a massive backlash. But this dude from a blue state doesn’t get it. I mean, otherwise, he’s a cool dude.

        • Jason Y

          I find Nazi sites an abomination and Nazis in general. Nonetheless, SJWs are way in the OTHER direction and they are unreasonable. They cannot fathom the idea that non-white identity politics leads to the white kind.

  14. SHI

    @ Robert

    If this juvenile prick called Mayur something continues to hijack and derail my threads, I wouldn’t contribute to your blog again.

    You better put your boy on a leash, and teach him some manners.

    I’m not the one who starts fights. Not with fools like him anyway 🙂

    • SHI

      Well, you’re the one who keeps tailgating my posts, not vice versa. Maybe the “love” is one-sided.

      I never bother replying to your comments except the ones in which you attempt to troll me.

      Unlike you, I work very hard, and a lot of it has to do with the Internet. I occasionally come to this blog as a healthy diversion, and you’re trying to ruin it with your stupid, irrelevant comments. That’s very selfish of you.

  15. SHI


    Don’t you remember when I told you, “I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire.”

    You’re the one derailing my threads and posts with irrelevant garbage. Not that you’re capable of saying anything relevant in the first place.

    I get it. You’re just envious of the fact that you have zero real world experience compared to most other regular posters on this blog. Instead of learning from your betters, you have to lash out with your ignorance.

    You have no idea how badly I treat people like you in the real world. I can make you cry.

    • SHI

      Only a fool would reveal their true identity on an online blog filled with weirdos like you.

      Are you so dumb that you cannot grasp this simple fact?

  16. SHI

    I sure as hell know who you really are, lame fuck er Sahil Mukherjee.

    That’s not my real name!

    Not even the initials are right, in fact. I have a lot of online pseudonyms but this is the one I use for this blog.

    Look, I got nothing against you really. Just bugger off somewhere else and play with others. OK? You’re being an unnecessary diversion. That’s not fair.

    • SHI

      For the last time, I have a reputation online as well in the real world. Most successful people do.

      You’re being a persistent pest. Trying to get someone’s personal data against their wish is illegal. Even in a corrupt backwater like India, there are cyber-security laws in place. I don’t think you can afford lawyer fees.

      Just because you don’t agree with someone on the Internet does not mean that you deserve their phone number so that you can “teach” them in real life. That’s unethical on so many levels.

      And no, you aren’t getting anywhere with my personal data. Even my email address is not correct. In fact, the email address I use on this blog hasn’t been logged into in years. It has expired most definitely as it’s a Yahoo email.

      A lot of personal information I provided about myself may not have been factual.

      For the last time, why don’t you stop kissing my butt and focus on something else?

  17. SHI

    Damn, you’re a good for nothing pesky moron.

    Thanks for wasting my 30 minutes. Never again. Unlike you, my time is precious.

    Have fun jerking off to my fake email address and other misleading information.

    I’m outta here seriously.

    • SHI

      Here’s my good byes. Go suck your own dick.

      Drive safely, and don’t cause any accidents because I have a feeling that it’s not going to be your best day.

      I can see it that I have burned you up completely. That explains the obsession, and a desire to give your phone number and email.

      In my case, I don’t think about this blog once I refresh this page.

  18. Mayur you are hijacking threads. If you do not stop hijacking Shi’s threads, I am going to have to ban you, ok?

  19. SHI

    I don’t get it, why this obsession with me? Would love an explanation. I don’t go around hating online strangers. Not that it doesn’t happen but it feels so weird to me. Let me guess, you’re someone who stalks ex-girlfriends at night on their cellphones. Right?

    As far as I remember, I don’t ever comment on your posts for the heck of it. It’s just a damned online blog and we all have equal privileges. You’re taking things way too personally.

    Who cares what you do in real life? Chartered accountant? Right!

    Lay off that cheap vodka or whatever you’re drinking.

    Seriously, think about it. You ruined this blog for me. This was my healthy diversion. That’s not a nice thing to do. Very selfish and mean-spirited of you.

  20. SHI

    This is really crossing the line, man. You’ve been making threats online to a complete stranger. Assuming the data you provided about you is real, that could be bad news.

    I wouldn’t return to this blog again as it’s been compromised badly. Not even if Robert bans you which I’m sure he will someday.

    • Jason Y

      No offense to Mayur, I have no beef with him. But why are Indians so obsessed with American Nazis? I mean, I saw an another guy like that online. He was a Trump lover, over-the-top white ass kisser.

      But that’s normal in the non-white world. Every once in awhile you’ll run into a wannabe brown/black/yellow Nazi.

      • SHI

        Don’t have a racist bone in my brown body. But, here’s the thing, I do enjoy a few ideas associated with Nazis, strictly for parody and satire.

        1- Undercut/Wavy hairstyle – I have been told it looks Hitleresque but I love the neatness and clear partitions. And I love hair gels.
        2- Telling Jew jokes on penny-pinching cheapness – No harm intended ever. (Never made jokes on gas ovens or any of the other ghastly stuff).
        3- “Sieg Heil” – I love the way those two words sound together. That’s about it. I sometimes use Sieg Heil as a mild expletive.
        4 – Ideas of death, destruction and carnage – e.g., Heavy Metal music

        All this is like reverse appropriation, considering how those goose-steppers first appropriated the Swastika symbol.

        As for the Donald Trump fascination, weren’t we all enjoying the circus-like comedy show with the biggest clown ever? But, he’s stopped being funny for a great deal of time. I’m tired of looking at his face on every YouTube feed. Somehow this girl’s death has left a bad taste in my mouth concerning this man. I did like him as a clown before, but not any more.

        If you deprive the Trump family of the rich attention they’re getting right now, they will become irrelevant in due time. It’s important to carry on with our respective business.

        • Jason Y

          Everyone has the Hitler hairstyle nowadays, the SJWs also. It’s the new style. I call it onion or whatever. But the goofiest fad is the twirly mustaches, but I haven’t run into that too much. And of course, beards are in with many.

        • Jason Y

          It doesn’t look that bad. But it hasn’t been popular since the 30s and 40s.

  21. SHI

    @ Robert

    I hate to say this but I never thought your blog would be a channel for obsessive weirdos to make online blackmail threats.

    It’s been seriously compromised. Even if you ban this cyber-stalker, it would be difficult for me to comment again as he’ll be prowling around here fishing for personal data.

    It was nice knowing you. I wish you the best, and further success.

    Good bye.

    • Sorry about that. I just warned him. Hate to see you go, though.

    • SHI

      Robert, I have always treasured your friendship, and will continue to be one of your anonymous benefactors. I value your research and excellent writing.

      But, seriously, for me, this blog is now on a “read only” mode.

      This rat called Mayur Varshine has been all along trying to collect information about me. It’s very fishy.

  22. Jason Y

    What did Mayur do? I mean, he’s no saint, but I didn’t see him as that rude.

    • SHI

      It’s called online blackmail. He was trolling hard to get into my real personal details, such as phone number, first/last name, address, job data, maybe credit card stuff.

      This guy gave up his own personal data for some axe to grind with me. Who does that, I mean, really?

      I’m the sort of person that makes online enemies very easily, I saw this situation coming with Mayur. There’s something about me that makes some people hate me passionately. Even in real life. I have received death threats before.

  23. Gay State Girl


    Can you come to San Francisco between August 29-September 6?

  24. Tata

    Mr. Linsday, your interpretation that Trump is pro-Jew is plausible and I will not contradict you on this point.

    But if Jews control all the media in the Western world and Hollywood, why do they hate Trump so much? Why did they wanted Hillary to be elected? All this would be a staging? Explain me why the world Jewry is crying day after day of her defeat?

    Like many leftists, you are completely blinded by Obama the Holy Man, the rock star, the hero. Obama is an image made by the media, just like Trudeau in Canada and Macron in France. Obama is an actor and everything you read about him is unreal.

    Today, the dictatorship neocon is hidden behind the left and the progressive, to better deceive the people. Being on the side of the Gentiles, generosity, equality, good, living together, lgbt, seems much better in the media than being a Conservative. Obviously, Obama is none of that. Everything about Obama and the progressives is only marketing (and also social experiment). In fact, neocons are hidden behind the left and the right. If you’re American, you’re not going to escape them.

    Under Obama, tge US has committed many war crimes, started new wars, regim changes, false Arab Spring, Libya, Ukraine, Syria, Yemen and so on. Under false pretexts to bring about democracy and chemical weapons. Bush destroyed Iraq with exactly the same pretexts and people of the left is smart enough to realize that Obama has repeated exactly the same lies? You are still blinded to the belief that Obama did not know that he did not want him and that he is responsible for nothing? Come on! Obama knew very well what he was doing.

    Obama placed the Muslim brothers, ISIS, and Boko Haram wherever he could to destroy these countries. The Muslim Brothers and Obama are one (Israel is implicated in this trick, like always). People die in Europe, and nobody explain them why. Obama used the rights of lgbtq to blackmail economically African countries where people were starving, and had far more important priorities. He wanted to start a new cold war with Russia. Obama hates the whites and caused the rise of BLM to destabilize the US as well.

    Soon the Democrats will organize you a “Americans Spring” using the useful idiots BLM, la Raza, the feminists, the LGBT, the Antifas and the fanatical left. They will apply their regime change technique to remove Trump of the office with the help of the silly left, like they did to Mubarak, Ben Ali, Kadafi, and tried with Bachar. You who were blind enough to glorify the the Arab Spring and close your eyes when what was to happen happened: The Muslim brothers and daech were propelled to the top of these countries. There migrants crisis in Europe and open borders in the US. The rise of terrorists attacks in Europe, is because of the left. “Oh! Obama is a Saint! He can’t do nothing wrong!” I wish you the same in the USA. The American Spring! And it will happen soon. Good luck and don’t come find refuge in Canada please.

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