Donald Trump – The Penultimate Neoconservative President and the Most Warmongering Maniac President since Teddy Roosevelt

Any sort of conventional attack on North Korea would be sheer lunacy.

Trump has already attacked Syria a number of times. That is Nazi like aggressive war and is banned by the Geneva Conventions. He has ramped up the war in Yemen. He has urged on Saudis in their war against the Shia of Arabia, now a full-blown insurgency. Trump has been menacingly threatening Iran. Trump is now threatening to invade and conquer Venezuela.

Trump cannot attack North Korea in any way, shape or form unless or until they launch an attack on us.

Preventive war is always illegal in all contexts. Preventive war is what the Nazis and Japanese engaged in. All wars of aggression are staged as preventive wars. Preventive war is outlawed at the Geneva Conventions. Many Germans and Japanese were executed for waging preventive war.

Pre-emptive war is legal, but you have to have excellent evidence that the other country is going to attack you and is about ready to do so in the very near future. The pre-emptive war championed by the US is almost never the actual pre-emptive war that is actually legal.

There is no sense in saying anymore that Trump is never going to attack anyone.


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8 responses to “Donald Trump – The Penultimate Neoconservative President and the Most Warmongering Maniac President since Teddy Roosevelt

  1. Mayur Varshne

    I was mostly talking about using the nukes.

    Mr. Donald Trump is too much of a political novice to be taken seriously at all. Besides, he is probably not a White conservative at heart. He is much more of a hardcore capitalist than an American nationalist. His personal interests and preferences lie somewhere else. A full fledged war that too with a totalitarian regime in a country like North Korea should be the last thing on his mind. And let us not forget that North Korea ain’t a Syria or an Iraq.

    Besides, an impulsive and entirely uncalled for misadventure on the part of Mr. Donald the crooked chump Trump will only hasten his expulsion from the White House, exponentially. Besides, there are some very passionate Liberals in America. Besides, Trump was never elected to wage unnecessary wars in the first place.

  2. Jason Y

    All this should be expected as that’s the Rush Limbaugh/Fox News agenda. But some were thinking we were electing Ron Paul – when it isn’t possible to elect such a person in – not even with populist rage.

  3. Jason Y

    Trump cannot attack North Korea in any way, shape or form unless or until they launch an attack on us.

    Some pictures of NK countering it’s official propaganda

  4. Jason Y

    I don’t see Trump as doing anything other than being a puppet of the neo-cons – regardless of whether or not 15-year-old Bret-Bart weenies got him in there.

    • He has to deliver on those two fronts I quite clearly pointed out in the recent comments of mine. As long as he delivers on those two fronts, he quite possibly has both his hands full with ‘opportunities’.

      • Jason Y

        The normal Republicans got him, but the alt-right cheered him on. But the alt-right is so small and weak that it’s of no importance now – about as much as Hannibal Lecture (from Silence of the Lambs) In fact, it’s funny mainstream news actually gives David Duke any coverage at all.

      • Jason Y

        But mind you, normal Republicans are very dangerous – and will turn the US into a police state.

        • I understand that the land of the free the home of the brave is indeed quite full of passionate liberals but let us not forget, even for a minute, what is at stake now: the demographics of the behemoth called the White er the United States of America.

          Let us not forget that White folks are as a matter of fact an elite race. Let us not forget that every society has it’s own share of diehard conservatives. Let us not forget that people are people not mere numbers. Let us not forget that the White ones indeed are the Wild Ones.

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