How to Get It Spectacularly Wrong


Yes, Hillary is a war hawk, but she is a fluttering dove compared to Donald Trump, the most wildly warmongering, militaristic, and hawkish president since Teddy Roosevelt. Donald Trump is the Ultimate Neocon.

That said, history will not be kind to Maureen Dowd.

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One response to “How to Get It Spectacularly Wrong

  1. Mayur Varshne

    Mr. Donald Trump the crooked chump neither has the balls nor the heart to nuke anything. He is simply taking everybody for a big ride in the now quite familiar bumbling fumbling over the top manner.

    But he sure as hell must deliver on two fronts: keeping the radically changing demographics of the White States of America in check, and, bringing the manufacturing jobs back to the American soil. He quite knows it.

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