The Land Where Little Girls Turn into Little Boys


Wow, that is too weird.


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8 responses to “The Land Where Little Girls Turn into Little Boys

  1. Most ‘bizarre’. I will quite prefer the ‘bisexual’ types though.

    By the way, India never won more medals than China anywhere. The Indians are not more stupid and ignorant than the ‘Chao chao mao mao paao paao s’. The Chinese are far more homogeneous and integrated than the Indians and had a Mao Zedong at the most critical time, though. That is, they are quite lucky and they got luckier.

    The Indians are more ‘alpha’ than the Chinese all the grass notwithstanding.

    ‘Authentic’ Christians ought to be ashamed of the class some of their own kind quite seem to be displaying, these days.

  2. Quite astonishing. Never ‘knew’ that the penis and the balls could ‘appear’ out of nowhere, naturally.

    Quite the ‘disorder’.

  3. Jason Y

    This situation wasn’t self-mutilation.

  4. Jason Y

    This could be the result of inbreeding, something that is truly bad – not race mixing. Note in there have been cases of this happening in Arab lands due to cousin marriage and the like.

    • Mayur Varshne

      Inbreeding is mostly fucking one’s own cousins etc. etc.

      The ‘intermingling’ of the races is not very common even in the land of the free.

  5. Magneto

    bunch of low testosterone pussies

  6. Of course, they probably can. That is what the article seems to be saying. Those dicks and those balls are natural. Even the ‘unnatural’ transitions are quite successful, these days, in the first world.

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