About that Evil Study I Did

Bumface the bestest: Also they’re not pre-pubertal at that age but peripubertal. Plenty 11/12 yo girls have boobs and pubes and want to fuck.

In case you are wondering, this person is a pedophile-hebephile who has been coming to my site for some time now. He’s also a troll, and I do not appreciate him linking to little girls and Lolitas in the comments. He’s been banned a number of times, mostly for trolling, but he keeps coming back. I’m not a pedophile or a hebephile of course despite widespread popular lies insisting that I am. I hope I would be OK if I was one and just happened to get wired up that way, but it was not in the stars. I like my females fully developed and in this day and age, definitely over the age of consent. It’s just not worth 10 years in prison for hot little teenage girl piece of ass. Why risk it?

The line that he repeats above seems to be something that most pedophiles believe. They all seem to believe that prepubertal children of both sexes have raging sex drives and are dying to have sex with their peers and even adult men. This sounds like a self-fulfilling fantasy on the part of the pedophiles who want to believe that what they are doing is perfectly OK with children as the kids want it anyway.

I always suspected it was a myth and that was what set me off on the quick and dirty study I did on the Net for which I have been ripped to  pieces over. However, I told my female FNP about this little study I did, and she was very interested and urged me to continue my research. She specializes in Female Health including sexual health, so she had a great interest in this topic. She was adamant that all teenage girls should have access to free contraception.

What drove me to want to do this little study was an attempt by me to try to test a notion that pedophiles kept tossing out that little kids are sex-starved, horny as Hell, and dying for sex, including with adults. Obviously it is convenient for pedophiles to believe this as it validates their behavior and makes it seem non-harmful or even beneficial. But I was always suspicious of this theory, and I suspected that the pedophiles were lying. My working hypothesis was that prepubertal children had no real sex drive the way we adults did.

This led me to the question of exactly when the sex drive begins in females, as I care nothing about males. Despicably, there is almost nothing about this in any sort of scientific literature. Once you put “sex drive” and “prepubertal children” together in a  sentence, most people fly into crazed hysterics and lose all rational thought. They’re effectively insane for the whole time they are thinking about this subject. It’s sets off their Mass Hysteria.

So I set out to determine when the sex drive in human females comes on anyway. Along the way, I wanted information about milestones such as breast onset, pubic hair onset, and menarche, as there is a lot of talk that the ages of these events were lowering in recent decades.

I put some words into Google and was quickly led to some bulletin boards where teenage girls aged 13-15 were giving the board questionnaires with these questions in them. The boards were teenage girl only. Of course they were all very enthusiastic about answering these questions, whereas adults apparently think that girls this age having these interests is despicable, vile, sick, and evil. This attitude is terrible and shows our profound hatred for teenage girls in denying them the right to experience these feelings in a normal and rational manner.

So the impetus for this little was based on my anti–pedophile ideology! I was trying to prove that pedophiles were lying about this and to catch them in their lie! Somehow this little anti-pedophile study I did has been twisted around by 95% of people to mean that I am a pedophile or pro-pedophile myself! Isn’t that insane?

This just goes to show that we are currently experiencing a Moral Panic and Mass Hysteria on the subject of child sex and teenage sex. Really it’s Teenage Girl Mass Hysteria because no one seems to care what teenage boys do their dicks. I would like to point out to all the idiots pushing this mass hysteria, 90% of whom are women, that they are being profoundly misogynistic about this matter. They are showing extreme hatred for teenage girls while letting teenage boys off the hook. It’s disgusting to see many women engulfed in self-hate like this.

In the course of my study, I found that pubic hair onset was age 12 but sex drive onset was not until age 13. Menarche also seemed to be around age 13. I only found one case of pubic hair onset at age 11. Only one girl was masturbating at age 12, and only one did not start until age 14. Age 13 seems to be the magic age nowadays. I did have a female client who started masturbating compulsively to Internet porn at age 11 though.

In response to the pedophile’s comment above, I have some remarks. I tell you what. I have met quite a few 12 yr old girls around here the last decade or so in this town. Some of them lived in my complex.

One thing I can tell you for sure about 12 year old girls is that they absolutely do not want to fuck, they have no interest in either boys or men, they mostly have stick little boy bodies, many have little to no observable tits, and basically they are still little girls, not a lot different from a 10-11 yr old girl who has no sex drive at all.

Also they seem very worried about, frightened and suspicious of men, and it is very hard to talk to them. They act like they are terrified of us. They still have high pitched little girl voices and they call their fathers “Daddy” just like little girls do. They’re not ready for the sexual game. It’s basically a little girl!

But by age 13, something revolutionary happens to their bodies and minds, and they are just not little girls anymore. That event is the onset of a full-blown adult sex drive.

I still don’t think adult men should be able to have sex with 13 year old girls – it’s just not right, but they have full sexual rights as sexual beings, and they should have a right to legal sex with their peers all the way up to age 17. In other words, it ought to be legal for them to do that. Now whether it’s a good idea or not is another story. But arresting teenagers and convicting them in a court of law for the crime of having sex with their 13-17 year old peers is utter madness. It’s cruel and insane. This needs to be dealt with inside of the family itself, but good luck with that. Ask around about how well parents can control hormonal boy-crazy teenage girls.


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18 responses to “About that Evil Study I Did

  1. I bet, you have quite had some real fun with your sister(s) and cousin(s), and, daughter(s) and niece(s).

    I am quite curious about the ‘other’ exploits of yours.

    I am quite the ‘wild’ one myself but I still am quite proud of myself.

    • Rofl. I am from the country of ‘grass eaters’. You guys seem to fuck like ‘savages’ anything and everything which catches your wild imagination.

      Much of the ‘fun’ is mostly after marriage. and marriages tend to last much longer. Therefore, our girls, in general, tend to last much longer.

      I can have sex throughout the day even with my wholesomely grass eating ways throughout the year though. I am quite infamous here actually I am quite the ‘hippy’ one i.e. quite the ‘wild’ one…. a real freak in my part of the world.

    • I bet, you are ‘quite’ fond of porn. I am quite in love with ‘Sophie Dee’.

  2. I think, it is mostly somewhere between 14-15 years, here in the land of grass eaters.

    By the way, I quite became aware of ‘women’ and the ‘infinite’ joys they have to offer, accidentally, at the ‘ripe’ age of fourteen years. Actually, got carried away with watching a late night movie while preparing for the ‘entrance exam’ to grade eight. Happen to be the quite night owl. The ‘dick’ suddenly came of ‘age’ that night. Barely managed to get through that entrance test. Never was the same ‘innocent’ self again. Always ‘fantasizing’. ‘They’ say, there is some kind of ‘mad’ lust in my eyes.

  3. Retarded Fuck

    ‘Stupid is as a stupid does’.

    ‘Pervert is as a pervert does’.

  4. Retarded Fuck

    It quite seems, you have never heard of India and Hindus er the grass eaters.

    I find it hard to believe that you are ignorant of ‘kamasutra’.

    • Indians are the masters of learning by the rote. Therein lies their ‘real’ wisdom. Quite physically and intellectually retarded for ages now thanks largely to the ‘ancient wisdom’.

      With a ‘dick’ like ‘yours’, I could very easily quite ‘enjoy’ those seemingly awkward positions as laid out in Kamasutra. Besides, the Indian girls, after marriage, are quite submissive even though not even remotely wild. All the competition ‘ends’ after marriage. One can always ‘explore’.

  5. Sir

    In case, I was even remotely ‘disrespectful’, unknowingly, I apologize profusely.

  6. Allowing the ‘kiddy’ girls to evolve ‘comfortably’ and ‘fully’ is definitely more ‘responsible’ besides being ‘safer’.

    That is what I was saying, it is mostly all about ‘vitality’ and ‘meat’, to a ‘layman’. Girls seem to ‘grow’ much quickly there and thanks to the ‘excesses’ tend to grow ‘old’ a bit sooner.

  7. Most excellent sir, you quite seem to have gone ‘overboard’ with the tongue-in-cheek humour, in the article.

    Nevertheless, it is not very ‘responsible’ to get carried away with the ‘freshness’ of the beauties and all the ‘curiosity filled’ fantasies.

  8. Of course I do! All men do! 16-17 yr old girls are pretty damn hot, a lot of them. That’s a really young girl though. And some girls that age DO want men, even all the way up to men in their 50’s. They’re SO young though. That’s SUCH a young girl. Crazy. Also though a 16-17 yr old girl IS DEFINITELY a woman in some ways. And she’s also a GIRL, I mean a REAL girl. Like way too young.

    But even 18 yr old women are still pretty much girls in a lot of ways. I had an 18 yr old gf a few years back and although she was delightful, she was also sort of a GIRL. And I did not find that attractive, a least at my age. At my age, I want a woman not a girl! I had enough girls back in the day, and girlishness is not that charming anymore. It mostly just seems silly and immature.

    13-15 yr olds are ok, but that’s way too much of a young girl. They’re underdeveloped, and I’m just not interested.

    A 13 yr old girl is almost a little girl in some ways. It’s NOT a little girl developmentally, but it sort of acts like one.

    Even 14 yr old girls are often very immature and they sort of act like kids. I think we men past a certain age (21?) need to be kept away from them. I am very happy to have a law keeping me away from them. Take away that law, and who knows what I or a lot of men might do? Mostly those girls need to be protected from us men. Also 14 yr old girls are sticks! I don’t like those lame boy bodies of theirs.

    I don’t know 15 yr old girls very well anymore, but they are pretty damn young. I see them in the store buying candy, and to me they look like they’re in junior high. Very silly, young and immature. It’s not a woman at all.

    Not 11 and 12 year olds though. Are you nuts! That’s full-on pedo all the way bro.

    • Women are extremely safe once they end up getting ‘married’, here. Adultery is the gravest sin, here, in the ‘real’ domain of the Indo-Aryans. Divorce is still a taboo, here. Besides, the ‘grass’ is always extremely helpful in retarding the ‘libido’ for an eternity.

      The White folks are a small minority, globally, howsoever ‘alpha’ and ‘organized’ they might be, as is clearly apparent these days, except to the ‘pretty ordinary’ bitches in the Third World. They have to look at the ‘tropics’ for the ‘numbers’ i.e. for their ‘riches’.

    • All right, look hebephile. I run a pretty open blog here, and you can say whatever you want, but I can’t have you promoting your hebephilia on here, so I am banning you. I’m not a hebephile, so I am not sympathetic to your concerns, wants and needs. Also you have been rather hostile and trollish for a very long time here. I do not appreciate you linking to photos of pretty 11-13 year old girls, or even 7 year old girls, as you did once.

      I think you need to find some site that appreciates your orientation. This site is not a good fit for you. Good luck, and try to stay out of trouble.


  9. Indeed. It’s late night here even though I quite happen to be quite the night owl. Besides, I ain’t very fond of blathering like an incoherent idiot and I ain’t even remotely a compulsive liar. Besides, I am still stuck here in the land of grass eaters and this is an ‘American’ blog. I have to show some real respect here which I quite manage to unless I am provoked. I quite happen to be quite thin skinned.

  10. How common is it for men to have interest in girls under, say 16? I have absolutely no interest in them.

  11. XY

    I don’t know at what age females develop sex drive. But I will be very surprised if there is a universal magic age like 13. I would imagine that it varies from person to person.

    But whether you consider that age to be 13 or 14 or 15, one thing I don’t understand at all is that why is it ok for that girl, say 14 year old, to sleep with a 17 year old boy, but not a 97 year old boy if they like each other and if there is no coercion involved? That makes no sense at all.

    Yes, many 97 year olds can be quite immature and many 14 year olds can be quite immature. Maturity is not a product of age, but of life experience.

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