As US Gays Became More Open, Clothing, Grooming and Behavioral Spaces for Straight Men Shrunk

Social Democrat wrote:  I don’t know if Robert would allow this comment, but whatever.

This is a problem of American culture and it has nothing to do with the Queers

Russian, Italian and French men still wear speedos. I live in EU, and heterosexual men can wear short shorts, pink shirts and tight shirts/pants

I know some of you see EU men as less masculine than the American alpha, so I won’t debate it as you won’t change your minds.

Again, this is an problem of American culture.

European men still kiss and hug each other in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Don’t believe me?

Even the most alpha neo-nazi soccer thug cries, hugs and kisses his buddies during soccer matches. I live in medium size city of 700k with 2 fútbol teams and when one of them wins a match, perfectly masculine shirtless alpha males celebrate it hugging and kissing their buddies.

Another example: we do not a have a distance when we talk with each other, that’s an american thing. Here it’s totally normal to touch the face of another men, his belly or his back, an example: some days ago I was walking my dog, as he looks so old -he is 11 years old- a man asked about his health and then put his arm over my shoulder and start talking about his own old dog. Again, this behavior is normal here, as he was with his wife and children.

Try to open a bank account in Spain or Portugal, if you are a young man, the male bank clerk will slap your back o even put his arm over your shoulder. This is because they celebrate a young man is finally opening a bank account.

There are exceptions, of course, but this behavior is widespread.

America culture and the fabric of civil society is broken. That’s the reason you cannot do male bonding anymore.

Curious stuff: opposition to gay rights in EU has been minimal.

There’s no way that the degeneration of US culture, if it is even occurring (I say it is) would have anything to do with males not bonding. Why would cultural decline cause men to not bond anymore? Even in nations completely destroyed or significantly destroyed by wars, males bond as well and as intensely as ever, possibly even more so because the increased violence means that women spend more time at home and have relinquished the street to men. Yemen, Iraq, Eastern Ukraine, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Palestine are all war-destroyed, and it has not harmed male bonding. In fact, it probably increased it. Turkey and Saudi Arabia are partially war-wrecked, and males bond as closely as ever in those places.

So this argument is simply not valid.

The truth is that as gays got more and more open, flaunting and out, the spaces for straight men’s clothing, grooming and behaviors progressively shrunk. It’s almost a linear curve.

The commenter is half-right and half-wrong.

It’s has all to do with the queers. And it has to do with US society.

I would say that it has to do with US straight male society’s reaction to increasingly out gay men and open homosexuality. I told you that when they were more closeted, straight men had so many more freedoms. And as gay men got more and more out, straight men reacted to that by becoming more and more hypermasculine. I would hate to be a young man nowadays. There’s no way I could live up to modern standards of masculinity. Nowadays your average male looks like a tatted up street thug, biker, truck driver or parolee, often with behavior to boot. I’d be called gay and accused of being not masculine enough more than ever. It looks like a total nightmare.

It’s also the fault of gays though because gay men have bought into the whole project, and like straight men, they assume that all men who are not hypermasculine are gay. So straight male society has gone increasingly hypermasculine as a result of more open gay rights, and both straight and gay men have reacted to that by radically restricting the behaviors by which straight men must uphold. Gay men demand that straight men act hypermasculine also, and if you don’t, they will insist that you are gay, and no amount of evidence or arguing will convince them otherwise.. So the gays are at fault here too. I am not letting gay men off the hook here.

Gay men have been in on it! And they stole a lot of our clothes, grooming styles and behaviors and made them gay-only and punished any straight men trespassing on what is now gay territory by accusing those straight men of being gay.


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18 responses to “As US Gays Became More Open, Clothing, Grooming and Behavioral Spaces for Straight Men Shrunk

  1. Jason Y

    Hmmm again, you can get away from alpha pricks by simply buying your way into a nice neighborhood.

    Oh, yeah, definitely the tattoos are ridiculous and also the huge beards on 18-year-old boys maybe younger.

    Well, anyway I don’t think a guy is gay for being cleanly shaven with no tattoos, and even for being skinny too. I mean, it’s not like such people could be in the band Wham!

  2. Jason Y

    I suppose men will have to start splashing battery acid in their face once gays start adopting tattoos and big zz-Top beards.

  3. Jason Y

    I don’t think Robert really believes half the stuff he rights on here. I think it’s an inside joke and he’s giggling in the back ground. 😆

    It’s sort of like how I don’t think George Carlin believed half of the crap he dished out.

  4. Jason Y

    Hey, I thought of something, if these bearded young men are so macho and un-gay, then why don’t those mama’s boys move out of their mom’s house? Hmmmm.. Note, lots of guys still live at home.

  5. Magneto

    well if men no longer have connections with each other, it’s that much easier for the Elite to engineer a destruction of other men through divorce and false criminal accusations and other men won’t defend each other. So that is one problem of destroying any sense of community amongst men.

    • Destruction is one thing and penetration is another; the ‘colonial bastards’ never really ‘slaughtered’ the Indians of the East Indies, rather chose to quite ‘suck’ them dry, with finesse, poise and elan. Jews will always need the robust and the passionate Gentile ‘masses’ for their ‘riches’. Besides, the Jews quite seem to be too docile and too sly a race, to come up with something as ‘nutty’ as ‘gradual evolution’ into gay hood of otherwise straight males. As a matter of fact, they quite seem to remind me of the remotely ‘caucasoid’ ic, and, physically and intellectually retarded bitches who somehow manage to run the show, on the very sly, here.

      Besides, the White ones have always been the wild ones. Experimenting and chasing every single whim and fancy of theirs comes only too naturally to them. But this time, it quite seems that they have quite surprised even themselves.

      • Ohhh she’s always there in the first video. Pardon my grogginess.

        Here’s her again. I mean, she can even ‘fascinate’ the ‘potentially’ gay ones, in my humble opinion.

    • By the way, I do think that she is quite hot. I can quite hump the likes of her for an eternity. I do think that the mere tantalizing sight of hers can save the manhood of many who are gradually evolving into the gay types.

    • She appears in that video a bit late.

      More ‘direct’ evidence.

  6. Jason Y

    I think the trend is also happening with music. For instance, a bunch of guys could sing “My Girl” (the Temptations) back in the 60s and it was cool, but nowadays such bands would be derided as “fags”, as retarded as that seems. Anyhow, that’s a darn shame, cause it was such good music.

    • Jason Y

      Even Boyz2Men got ridiculed like that – called sissies and it was only the 90s. Also, getting the treatment was that band singing “I want to sex you up.” Anyway, I don’t think that music matches the 60s Motown (but some of it does), but you get the point.

  7. Jason Y

    Pretty much all soul music has went gospel nowadays as secular soul etc.. sung by men is seen as gay. The assumption is that anyone singing sensitive or soft stuff is gay – even if it’s clearly directed toward a girlfriend etc..

  8. Jason Y

    The racist right is always saying their opponents are cucks (wusses, fags), but they might be correct

    In fact, I think a problem with the left is it’s too soft Instead, the left needs to be aggressive like in the August Boston Protests. In other words, tell the racists to get lost. The problem with Charlottesville was that too few lefties were there; they were too “nice” etc.. So one of them got ran over as the result.

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