Why Homosexuals Are A Signalling Hazard In Traditional Societies

Why Homosexuals Are A Signalling Hazard In Traditional Societies.

I would reprint the article, but it says copyright Hestia Society, so I’d better not. This is yet another neoreaction blog. I despise reactionaries in general, but as the Cultural Left gets more and more insane, it starts making sense to not only be a social conservative (let’s stop all this change right now, enough is enough) but to be an actual social reactionary (we’ve gone way too far already – it’s time for a rollback to a saner era). That’s in part what the Alternative Left (at least my vision of it) is all about.

As far as the subject in the post, I have noticed this too, and I have been discussing it for some time now. I think I have ever written about it a bit.

Extremely out gay men have ruined all sorts of things.

I used to be a glam rocker. My favorite band was the New York Dolls, a bunch of straight men who dressed up like women for an in your face gag.

I wore silk and cotton scarves and bandanas. They drove women crazy with lust. I was told this by a few women I had sex with. Good luck wearing anything like that now. I would not do it if you paid me.

I wore velvet pants routinely. Who would dare do that now?

My favorite shirts were silk shirts. When was the last time you saw a straight man in a faggy silk shirt? I can’t even remember when.

I loved to wear platform heels, and my favorite were – get this – four inch high blue platform heels! God I loved those high heels! No straight man in his right mind would dare wearing platforms (really just another word for high heels) these days.

I used to wear very short shorts. Even back then, people were dubious about them and called them faggy. You last saw a straight guy wearing those when?

Ever see men wearing those nicely trimmed beards or very nicely trimmed mustaches? Nope, sorry. That’s for the Castro Clones now. One more thing gay men ruined.

I used to wear speedo like underwear. My brothers hated those things even back in the day. They said they were faggoty. I really didn’t care though because every time I stripped in front of a new woman, and she saw those speedo speedos, she would give out a wolf whistle or an “Awoooo!” I have a lot of those still in my drawer, but I refuse to wear them anymore. Instead I wear these boring and lame white jockey shorts. They’re dull and lame, but at least they aren’t suspect.

I also loved wearing something called a short kimono. Supposedly Japanese men like to wear these things in the house and maybe even outside the house. The short kimono is for men and the long kimono is for women. I would wear it over my shirt and pants like some sort of a robe. Even back then, this garment was very suspect, and I remember once when I met a friend wearing that, I could tell he was just barely resisting the urge to punch me in the face. But I even wore them on dates, and no one cared. I also used to wear Hugh Hefner style smoking jackets over my shirts and pants. I only wore them on one date, but the woman cooed over it. I would not wear that stuff nowadays if you paid me.

Back in the day, a lot of men wore pink. I rather like the color actually. You could wear pink on a date with a chick, and she would think nothing of it. The line back then was, “I’m secure enough to wear pink,” said with a nonchalant shrug. When was the last time you saw a straight man wearing pink? I recently met a woman originally from Colombia, and I was chatting her up. I told her I liked to wear pink, and she flipped out and started yelling at me and calling me a faggot in Spanish. I insisted that I was straight, and she modified her insult to some word that meant “wimpy, pussy, faggoty straight guy.” It was not much of a consolation.

Back in those days, the general assumption was “straight until proven otherwise,” and the barrier for proving homo- or bisexuality was quite great because few men were doing these things, and those that were acted pretty quiet about it. Arab men at my local store and even a lot of Mexican men still believe in “straight until proven otherwise.” Homosexuality is simply never discussed, and anyone who brings it up is suspect and the conversational shift is greeted with shock and open hostility, though the older Arab man my age found male homosexuality to be ridiculously hilarious.

“Straight until proven otherwise” is a great way to run a society. I love it. Nowadays it is actually homophobic to assume that men are straight until proven otherwise. In other words, what was once common sense and good manners is now regarded as hatred of gay men!

The fanny pack I wear is almost never used by anyone, though they were popular with men in the 1990’s. Now that gays are so much more out though, I suppose most men will not be caught dead with one. Women I am trying to seduce openly mock me for wearing a fanny pack, and they are my age! I like to play along and jokingly call it my “fag pack.” Nevertheless, I will not leave the door without it, and I am convinced that all men should carry some sort of a handbag. Purses are not just for women, you know. We men need purses too, call them whatever you want – handbag, fanny pack, etc. European men have been carrying them forever now. But here in the US with all these wildly out gay men, good luck with that.

I still like to wear my girlfriends’ clothes sometimes (assuming they fit). Sweaters, fur coats, socks and shirts work best. Pajamas are a tough call, but I do wear their pajamas, especially the silk ones. My girlfriends think it is hilarious, and they love to give me their clothes to wear. A recent girlfriend offered to put some eyeliner on me. I was going to do it. A gay man on my site heard that I wore my girlfriends’ clothes, and his assumption was that obviously I must be gay or bi. He simply could not comprehend a straight man doing such a thing. That did not compute.

Friendships among straight men, especially very close ones, have also been sort of weird, uncomfortable and somewhat hazardous, but nowadays it seems like they are getting rarer.

When I first moved to Los  Angeles, I had another man for a roommate. He was pretty damn weird, and he was not completely straight, but he was predominantly straight. He was just weird and hard-up. One night while I was watching TV the door to his room opened very slowly. The crack slowly widened. Soon there was my roommate standing the barely opened doorway, naked as the day he was born. He had a bizarre thousand yard stare in his eyes like some alien force or pod people had colonized his brain. I turned quickly away with a “I didn’t see that!” notion, and later on, his weird behavior that night was never discussed. What was I supposed to say about it? But he never did it again.

Anyway, I went to visit my grandma once, and she looked at me with a grave look and talked in sheer seriousness, “Yes, that was when you were living with that other man…” I didn’t say anything. What can you say to a comment like that?

But inside, I flipped. My own grandma thought I was a faggot! She should have known better. Did she have any idea of how I had lived my life? Me!? The guy who, at age 24, had already dated ~50-75 females and was a legend in my neighborhood? The guy who won Player of the Year two years straight and one year won Most Valuable Player? Apparently it was all a fraud and a cover-up. I was actually a closeted faggot the whole time! Who knew?

Ever since then, I have never roomed with another man. For guess what reason? I’ve lived alone and had to move back to my parents house a few times when it was either that or homelessness. The Hell if I will have another male roommate as long as I live. So there’s one more thing gay men ruined. Straight male roommates.

I had a friend who was in a sort of a glam rock band. Most of the other guys were these tough, half-Mexican guys, so tough they almost seemed like street gang members. They all had seriously hot girlfriends. But for some bizarre reason, they were into kissing the other guys in the band. I don’t know what it meant, but I think it was some New York Dolls type thing where they weren’t gay at all but they kissed each other as some gag. My friend hated that.

One time my friend was at a party in a bathroom, and the other band member kissed him. A young woman was entering the bathroom at the same time, and she jumped for joy and insisted that they were both gay. “I love gay men! I love gay men!” she gushed, plunking herself down on the toilet. They tried to explain to her that they weren’t gay, but she would have none of it.

I have told people about my friend’s band and they insisted that the band members were gay. I told a gay man once, and he stated that if they kissed each other, they were obviously gay. They simply not be otherwise. It made no sense.

One guy in the band was actually wimpy in some ways. He had a girlish face, very long dark hair, and loved to wear a bit of makeup (all the guys in the band were way into makeup, and my friend had to go along). He was so femmy in some ways that he would actually scream and jump up on a chair if he saw a mouse or if there was an insect in the house. On the other hand, he was this tough half-Mexican who gave off a street gang member vibe and he had a seriously hot girlfriend, so he was clearly a pure androgyne. I told the same gay man about this, and he absolutely insisted that the guy was gay due to his reactions to rodents and bugs. It simply had to be the case. There could be no other explanation for his behavior.

The mental and physical spaces we straight men can move around in without suspicion have progressively constricted as homosexuality has become more and more open.

Thanks a lot, gays!


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156 responses to “Why Homosexuals Are A Signalling Hazard In Traditional Societies

  1. The sad plight of the various types of straight men in the days of gay men. Thanks entirely to the era of excessive liberty and too much science and technology!

    The worst thing is that strong bonds between unrelated men quite arouse suspicion in the minds of passive souls.

    It is very hard to imagine the plight of the artistic types and the types who are into all kinds of hero worship.

    Women are, undoubtedly, the most ‘beautiful’ creation of God. Even the bisexual types have so much to offer.

  2. Matt

    Great article, although I remain a cultural libertarian of the “if it neither picks my pocket nor breaks my leg…” variety. I admit this position is getting harder to defend consistently in the current environment of SJW oneupmanship and mandatory celebration of what is objectively deviant behavior. But I find most social conservatism and social conservatives very unappealing, and would sacrifice quite a lot to not live in a world where they set the agenda.

    The comments on the Hestia article were also quite interesting and thought provoking. I can’t accept the reactionary/neoreactionary thought universe, but they are smart as hell.

    • That is precisely what the great article is saying; the ‘situation’ is becoming ‘suffocating’ slowly but surely; the various types of straight men are increasingly losing the freedom of choice all because of the gays.

    • Jason Y

      I can tolerate the culturally right online – but in real life, I’d have to turn them in for harassment. In fact, I regret when in school I didn’t turn more of them in.

      • Interesting! It seems that you are a very ‘slick’ kind of ‘beta’.

        You chose silence on the ‘bad apples’, huh.

      • Jason Y

        Isn’t that what Robert does to trolls on his blog? Tells them to get the hell out?: Isn’t that how a grade school teacher operates?

        • Most excellent Sir, I do put in a lot of genuine effort to act in the most dignified manner, here. My efforts are definitely paying some ‘dividends’. But, I happen to be an extremely thin skinned individual.

          I am only ‘curious’ about ‘your’ stand on the ‘bad apples’ among the blacks. There is definitely a lot of noise about them. There can not be a lot of smoke without some serious fire.

          I am going a bit off the topic but I am still conducting myself in the most dignified manner.

          Sir Robert Lindsay is definitely the slick type but he tends to be quite fond of the authentic Anglo-Saxons.

          ‘Ebonics’ is so very different. Alas!

        • Jason Y

          I think most blacks in poor neighborhoods are decent people but there are a couple of “El Guapos” (to quote the comedy The Three Amigos) terrorizing them. Also, I’d say the same about a poor neighborhood of whites or any other ethnic group.

  3. Magneto

    just be a swagfag. Get a pair of colored green or orange shorts, a t-shirt and some plastic sunglasses and a baseball cap worn sideways.

    That’s the fashion nowadays and it’s called swag.

    • Jason Y

      Guys with sideways and backward ball caps are now fag? Gosh, it seems like there isn’t nothing gays haven’t invaded, lol.

  4. Jason Y

    How about how Nazis ruined the word “storm”? I mean, that’s a beautiful part of nature, but now you can’t have a website with that name or anything associated with it.

    • I think that the Muslims er Arabs and Iranians are quite ruining ‘it’ for the prospective immigrants from the developing countries. Terrorism was a disaster for ‘us’ and the so called refugees are making it all the more difficult by seemingly having a really ‘good’ time ‘there’ especially in the Scandinavian countries.

  5. Jason Y

    My brother does all those stereotypical gay “yuppie” things, but he’s laughing to the bank with his 200,000 a year job. The squirmings and mockery of some loser “macho” guy amount to as much a threat or insult as something coming from an ant.

    Oh, too bad Trash can’t comment on this one, lol.

    • The ‘macho’ er ‘alpha’ types, sure as hell, do manage to find quality takers in good numbers in the White States of America. The White Americans do have tastes very peculiar to them.

      • Jason Y

        A lot of people would simply ignore Alpha losers including poor Americans who, unlike my brother, cannot buy their way into better neighborhoods where they are less numerous.

        • I think that I should be saying that I quite beg to disagree. America……a good part of it…..especially the South, quite celebrates the authentic ‘cowboy’ types.

        • Jason Y

          Not all cowboys are annoying bullies. If you did run across a bad alpha, you’d know it.

  6. Jason Y

    I recently got a haircut, but honestly, I hate short hair. I’d rather have it long and femme. But sometimes I like a change.

    • I ‘love’ the butch cut! It feels so ‘light’. I prefer to keep a very thick moustache though; I have ‘one’. It quite gives me a very ‘unique’ look.

      Of course, what feels good is good, and the gays have almost ruined it for the rest of us. If you are an alpha then you are deemed to be pushy etc. etc. and if you are a beta even then somebody will try to get under your skin. One really has to be thick skinned to survive, as a non-gay man, these days.

      I am ‘somewhat’ glad that the conservatives are back in the reckoning, in the first world.

  7. I don’t know if Robert would allow this comment, but whatever.

    This is a problem of American culture and it has nothing to do with the Queers

    Russian, Italian and French men still wear speedos. I live in EU, and heterosexual men can wear short shorts, pink shirts and tight shirts/pants

    I know some of you see EU men as less masculine than the American alpha, so I won’t debate it as you won’t change your minds.

    Again, this is an problem of American culture.

    European men still kiss and hug each other in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Don’t believe me?

    Even the most alpha neo-nazi soccer thug cries, hugs and kisses his buddies during soccer matches. I live in medium size city of 700k with 2 fútbol teams and when one of them wins a match, perfectly masculine shirtless alpha males celebrate it hugging and kissing their buddies.

    Another example: we do not a have a distance when we talk with each other, that’s an american thing. Here it’s totally normal to touch the face of another men, his belly or his back, an example: some days ago I was walking my dog, as he looks so old -he is 11 years old- a man asked about his health and then put his arm over my shoulder and start talking about his own old dog. Again, this behavior is normal here, as he was with his wife and children.

    Try to open a bank account in Spain or Portugal, if you are a young man, the male bank clerk will slap your back o even put his arm over your shoulder. This is because they celebrate a young man is finally opening a bank account.

    There are exceptions, of course, but this behavior is widespread.

    America culture and the fabric of civil society is broken. That’s the reason you cannot do male bonding anymore.

    Curious stuff: opposition to gay rights in EU has been minimal.

    • Mayur Varshne

      American males, in general, tend to be loud but not necessarily ‘alpha’. American males tend to be a bit ‘bigger’ though. American males are definitely more thick skinned than the more ‘White’ males.

      Try being quite ‘in your face’ or ‘rude’ to a proper ‘Anglo-Saxon’, for a change. There is still plenty of the ‘old world charm’ in the old continent.

      LGBTQ are having it easy there quite possibly because they have had already gained a lot of ground there in the land of the free. America has had been quite the trendsetter for the rest of the world, for quite sometime now.

  8. SHI

    I was at Berghaim, a nightclub in Berlin frequented by gays which I didn’t know of until very late. Apparently, it was the trendiest place to be in whole of Germany. Would soon find out.

    I had chatted up two chicks just outside the gate. We hit off rather well and they agreed to escort me inside the club bit qualified their statement with, “You know we could get thrown out as well.” I called bullshit on that line. But, boy, they knew that place better.

    Sure enough, as soon as our turn came, the bouncer didn’t let any of us in. I had to cross-check, “Are you sure?” I mean I had one chick on each side of me and still got ejected by that bouncer, a big, beefy guy but who seemed reasonable. He looked at me for 3 secs, and said “No!”

    The club did let girls in, but only to maintain the stag to chick ratio. I was told they usually let you in if you try another night, persistence is the key. But, a certain faggy vibe is what they wanted in their male patrons. Most were bisexuals, bicurious or something like that, but mainly into chicks.

    • Mayur Varshne

      Naturally. Only a remotely Caucasoid er Bengali can end up in a bar quite frequented by the ‘gays’.

      Bengali, I can quite see that you are not quite bullshitting, as usual.

      • SHI

        Read that post again. I didn’t really know the club was a pit stop for gays.

        I have seen more pussy action compared to one hundred “men” like you. Anyway, they won’t let your types inside a straight nightclub due to your stinking attitude, and body odor.

        • SHI

          I mean you well when I say this. Your attitude is low class, undignified and trashy. Compared to me, you’re a peasant.

          I suggest you travel a bit before forming negative opinions of people you have never met. It’s an unhealthy obsession which won’t carry you far.

          If you have a good job and earning money, try travelling a bit overseas. Living in India continuously can corrode your brain and desensitize you as a person.

  9. Jason Y

    I’m quite stand-off-ish with alpha males, but I know that if you have anything to do with them they will make you their bitch within a week. One is at my house now and bells will ring from heaven once he’s gone. Those guys are just pure evil – plain and simple.

    • Jason Y

      Always I am accused of being a cuck, but the reality is I cannot stand alpha males (any ethnic group) at all – much less want to be their slave.

      • Slavery in any overt or covert form is pretty much unjustified and very much despicable.

        Bot not everybody is a Christian at heart, really. Might definitely seems to be one big right in the mad, bad and sad world. I truly wish, the things were far less ‘inhumane’.

    • Not necessarily. The slick beta types are far more ‘dangerous’; one can not really trust them.

      Extremely ‘alpha’ types are despicable. I am definitely not one. I am quite the Christian at heart even though pretty thin skinned.

      • Jason Y

        What;s wrong with being a slick beta – when the other option is being a cuck? Isn’t that what you guys hate so much – people who suck up to other people who are enslaving them?

        • Absolutely! I quite abhor slavery though the slaves do manage to ‘win’ some of my sympathies. Not all can be extremists. Not all can afford to be extremists.

          I do not have much against the beta types but I ain’t exactly a big fan of sophistication. I simply abhor deception. The slick beta types are actually quite capable of doing ‘mind blowing’ many things, on the sly. Jews, authentic Brahmins et al.

        • Jason Y

          But why is it when I am simply being a compassionate person, that is assumed I am some prison bitch to alpha blacks? Obviously, this is simply a technique of “demonization of liberals” by white nationalists. Saying “You have to support our ideology – if you’re a man.” But that’s not new; they were saying that in the 60s during the Civil Rights Movement, but then again, the rioting in northern cities, was aiding their propaganda.

    • David Duke Nukem

      Jason You’re likely more effected by this Alpha than he is by you. The same applies to race. Why wait for your masters bells to to ring when you could be worry free and in heaven constantly?

      • Mayur Varshne

        Actually, of late, I have quite been enjoying ‘his’ company. Some serious thanks to ‘him’ for giving some real insight into the world out ‘there’, again.

        Too bad, I ain’t a exactly ‘White’. Too bad, the immigration system is all too fucked up. Too bad, I got quite carried away with my own ‘crusade’ here and too bad, I am still ‘stuck’ here.

        • David Duke Nukem

          I was refering to the Alpha in his house. I think Jason would be happier as an non-oppresive Alpha.

        • Jason Y

          In prison that’s the main problem. Whites are afraid of being ruled over by sociopathic non-whites, forgetting there are also tons of sociopathic whites

          But real life isn’t a prison and most people who are around non-whites chose to be there, correct me if I’m wrong.. So these whites have to adjust to the minority status or get out – cause the majority (in their non-white neighborhood) don’t care about whining – considering it “being a bitch”..

  10. ……Not all cowboys are annoying bullies. If you did run across a bad alpha, you’d know it…..

    I quite get it; you quite find the loud ‘bullies’ to be repulsive. I find all kinds of bullies pretty abhorrent. Too bad, I am too very thin skinned.

  11. Jason Y

    Ohhh! But, some of the ‘Blacks’ quite seem to be quite taken by their ‘hate’ for the Whites. And, such ‘blacks’ can quite be the savages. Besides, we quite live in a world quite plagued with lies and deception. I sincerely hope, such ‘types’ are in small numbers. Some serious thanks for quelling my little curiosity!

    By the way, I simply abhor slavery in any form.

    Yes, I am quite fond of the ‘happy’ sing-song stuff which the Blacks come up with every now and then. In fact, my ‘ex’ calls me a ‘crazy’ rapper from India. I must add, she has quite turned out to be one hell of a sophisticated, slick bitch.

    • Jason Y

      No shit some alpha blacks hate whites. Also, it’s no wonder some black girls are picking on a white guy (the minority there) on a school bus (the article that Creaders brought up).

      But note the same happens in overly- redneck areas like where I live – except in the opposite direction.

      Actually, what all this is – is scapegoating. For instance, those girls on the school bus are totally aware whites exist and know much about their culture. They weren’t encountering an alien from space. So in that sense, it’s not really ignorance – as some SJWs claim as the source.

      • Hmmm. But it still is the White States of America and World War Two ended only in the middle of the last century. Evolution is mostly gradual.

        Of course, the Black girls should be enjoying ‘equality’ and ‘liberty. After all, they are there in the ‘land of the free’. Besides, White folks do have a very ‘charming’ personality. Some of the black chics, with all those curves and decent looks are quite fantastic, actually.

        I sincerely hope, all this does not really happen with a ‘different’ intention.

    • Jason Y

      I remember going to this library in Atlanta and some gentle Korean was working there – and these 13-year-old black girls (as typical for their age) were snickering saying “Oh, look, it’s a gook.” hee hee ha ha…

      • David Duke Nukem

        Old black women from the South would never behave like that.

        • Mayur Varshne

          Some of the White women, there, seem quite to be ‘taken’ by the ‘alpha’ blacks actually. The sing song types were always likeable.

        • Jason Y

          Old black women from the South would never behave like that.

          They wouldn’t dare 😆

          But I’m sure they didn’t like white people – as they all had relatives lynched by white supremacists. OK, and I know this for a fact, cause there is the old black lady – who still hates whites (or at least is trying to overcome it) that I know of.

      • Jason Y

        That’s just how kids behave. But see, it’s little bitches like that who would call up grandpa or law enforcement or a local street gang if someone called them the “n word”.

      • Jason Y

        Small American towns have plenty of somewhat gentle blacks that are no threat – except to a white woman’s panties, lol.

  12. Jason Y

    I understand the ‘plight’ but demographics are demographics and hierarchies do exist in varying degrees throughout the real world.

    Slavery is awfully bad and excess of other unfair things, too, is bad.

    • Jason Y

      There is not much that can be done about it, but I don’t believe in official segregation etc.. Really there isn’t any solution, but maybe one in post-mortem existence.

      Anyway, though, there are ways though to reduce the bad aspects of living among a hostile ethnic group. For one thing, you should shut up at all cost. Also, try to practice some Mahatma Gandhi’s strategies.

      • ‘Decent’ Black folks quite seem to be clearly visible in the White dominated areas, there.

        Of course, I will, but Mahatma Gandhi er the ‘Great Soul’ Gandhi was actually a ‘miracle’. Indians er Hindus er a society plagued with both intellectually and physically retarded arrogant ‘bitches’ going by the name of ‘Brahmins’ did not really deserve ‘him’. Of course, I was never a fan of the ‘Colonial Bastards’.

    • Jason Y

      I suspect that white nationalists, some of them, are terrible socially. I mean what shit-for-brains is going to blab his mouth while living in an area where he is outnumbered 1000 to 1 ?? So I think their problems stem from mental retardation, to be frank.

      • It’s largely a matter of the strength of the ‘impulse’, in my humble opinion. Of course, ‘we’ have had quite been living in a world plagued with hyper sophistication for quite a long time.

      • David Duke Nukem

        SJWs are more retarded. Oh great, the approval of beta cucks and anti-White non-Whites….. The repercussions for not being a racial Alpha seem worse.

        • Jason Y

          Well, yeah, of course, you need the approval of non-whites (but that doesn’t mean they are anti-white – only anti-white-supremacist) when living in a freaking non-white area. What simpleton couldn’t figure that out?

        • The ‘implications’ are pretty interesting, even though quite erroneous in my particular case.

          A Christian at heart can never really be much of a ‘hater’ despite being extremely ‘thin-skinned’.

        • Jason Y

          The fact remains that alpha white supremacists or American supremacists are only considered assholes by non-whites (or white Europeans for that matter). But yeah, of course, a minority of non-whites are racist and do “rub your face in it”. But there is no real answer on how to deal with them because fighting back only makes the situation a billion times worse.

        • Jason Y

          Back in the days of the old south, I bet many blacks would have liked to killed these alpha white motha-fuckas, but the penalty would have been a lynching of you and maybe your family also.

          So likewise – a white fighting back against some sort of non-white racism would get the same thing – assuming they lived in a totally non-white area.

        • David Duke Nukem

          “Fighting back will only make it a billion times worse.” Sounds like something a battered wife would say. Victim mentality and defeatist attitude will get you nowhere.

        • Jason Y


          The bottom line is that in a majority non-white area, they just don’t care. They don’t give a rat’s ass about a white person’s opinion – probably just viewing them as being a bitch. How possibly could someone fight back in that situation – without simply drawing more non-white moderates to the minority non-white racist cause?

        • Jason Y

          A pampered white bitching in Mayur’s India would get no sympathy for sure. No sympathy from the main public and especially no sympathy for the minority of Indians who REALLY hate white people. That’s just the way it is in non-white areas.

        • David Duke Nukem

          You get less shitty behavior as an Alpha White.

        • Jason Y

          Alpha behavior in an all-majority non-white means nothing. It only means something in a mixed area or one that’s totally white.

        • Jason Y

          But… let’s leave this discussion for a time when Robert posts something related to “race relations”

        • Jason Y

          David Duke Nukem or aka… Beau Anglo aka. Barack Thatcher keeps derailing.

  13. Mayur Varshne


    He was quite talking ‘sense’ there, actually. Not all can be the ‘extremist’ types and not all can ‘afford’ to be the ‘extremist’ types.

    Though being a slick beta seems to come naturally to him, he seems to quite ‘dislike’ the supremely racist ones, especially the ultra WNs.

  14. Mayur Varshne


    You seem to be quite ‘taken’ by ‘him’.

    Never mind, I quite made my ‘thankfulness’ known pretty loud and clear, here. I quite rely on my own perceptions and intellect and the ‘real world’ experiences always come in pretty handy more often than not.

  15. Mayur Varshne

    Jason Y

    Actually, the out rightly ignorant and pretty stupid yet supremely arrogant ‘bitches’ are quite ‘omnipresent’ here, as one sincerely ‘explores’ the hierarchies here. India is an extremely ‘snobbish’ place with a very ‘gentle’ soul, thanks to such types. I quite ‘dislike’ them and make it quite known at the personal level.

    I am quite the Christian at heart despite being quite thin skinned. By the way, I am quite the ‘burnt hot dog’ quite undone by the overt and covert ‘complexities’ of the developed world.

    By the way, I don’t really seek much of approval. I quite respect exchange being the cynic I really am.

    • Jason Y

      Christians are heavily persecuted – so it’s no wonder you would hate snobbish upper caste types.

      • Mayur Varshne

        Being a ‘gay’ has got little to do with ‘wealth’ or ‘material’ success.

        Being ‘born’ a gay is quite a possibility but ‘evolving’ into ‘one’ ought to be blamed entirely on the era of ‘excessive liberty’ and ‘too much science and technology’.
        The passionate ‘old school’ types simply can not ‘evolve’ into the gay types. There is simply too much to lose and they are never lacking in self-control.

        Of course, the quite possibly ‘born’ gays are human beings, first and foremost, and quite being the Christian at heart, I will never rob them of the basic human dignity. Besides, one must respect law and one has to accept evolution as a matter of fact because there is simply too much evidence to substantiate the same.

        Many ‘pretty ordinary’ bitches are, as a matter of fact, far worse than the quite possibly born ‘ones’.

        By the way, I am quite a high caste by birth. I quite am from North India and I am quite expected to be quite the ‘Hindu’ even though I am quite the Christian at heart. That’s why I am in a very precarious situation and in the grave danger of being completely out-casted.

        To make it worse, for somebody as thin skinned as me, Indians don’t really respect the ‘privacy’ of others, are extremely judgmental and quite have a newly found love called ‘money’.

        • Jason Y

          High caste would simply be a code word for “years of breeding among high IQ types”. But – and not to sound smart-ass, Hindus would add some silly religious element involving reincarnation – as though that’s what caused it.

        • Jason Y

          So obviously high IQ Indians would find the comment that sensitive, socially aware men are gay to be totally ludicrous.

          Why would such men be gay – unless possibly they were theater majors in college, lol?

  16. Jason Y

    The comedic thing is that a white nationalist’s complaints or even the complaints of some beta guy who is picked on by non-whites sounds like “Blah blah blah…like you hear the teacher’s say on Charlie Brown cartoons”
    They literally – don’t care – as I’ve said a hundred times. Note, even if a small number were paying attention, they probably just viewed it as wussy.

    it’s sad that people could be so inhumane and heartless, but it’s just how a lot of them are. But to a well-meaning liberal who goes to a non-white area and really wants to be a part of the people there, well, they could break thru with time and hard work – but the negative whining and hate, as said before, only makes the situation much worse.

    So the solution for WNs is just to stay out of majority non-white areas, as they are anyway in most cases.

  17. Mayur Varshne

    …..You get less shitty behavior as an Alpha White…..

    I absolutely agree, in totality! Being born a White is quite possibly the greatest gift a ‘mortal’ can get, any where.

    I am quite the Christian at heart and I am quite thin-skinned.

    • Jason Y

      Anti-black Alpha males in say, black Knoxville, Tennessee, a place I mentioned, would only be seen as stupid assholes. Soon some local gangbangers would show up to challenge this fool. And for whites who aren’t really alpha or tough, but are complaining about “black racism”, there would be a lot of verbal bullying heading their way.

      I absolutely agree, in totality! Being born a White is quite possibly the greatest gift a ‘mortal’ can get, any where.

      Not all whites are rich.

      • Jason Y

        It’s so subjective. Obviously, you’ve been in India too long. Believe me, whiteness gets old – in a white country. So in that case, a white man, especially of the liberal variety, might even lust after a brown, yellow, or black.

        Anyway, this is more derailing.

        • I never felt ‘charmed’ by a brother but I can definitely ‘hump’ all the ‘Heavy Duty Black Beauties’ there, even with that ‘average’ dick of mine. The surest claim to being a ‘straight’ male is ‘obsession’ er ‘fascination’ with those mesmerizing ‘curves’.

          For your information, men from the ‘grassy’ North of the East Indies are mostly ‘macho’ while the ones from the ‘fishy’ East of the East Indies are mostly quite ‘feminine’. Never completely trust ‘one’.

  18. Ok everybody. You are all seriously derailing this thread.

    The title of the thread is Why Homosexuals Are a Signalling Hazard in Traditional Societies.

    This and this related to this are what you are supposed to be discussing here, not race relations or any of that crap. If you want to talk about that stuff, take it over to Open Topic please.

  19. Jason Y

    Going back to gays. OK, I see how perhaps to a lot of males – there is a feeling of being threatened by the prospect of “being acccused of being gay” But a lot of really – let’s say – high IQ males like my brother – they don’t give a rat’s ass about people’s opinions of them. In fact, my brother even made a pro-Martin Luther King statement on social media – even in this racist-ass state.

    I mean if some low IQ Mexican, black or white guy is homophobic and makes mocking comments to my brother – what does he care – even assuming he’s in the same neighborhood to hear them – which he isn’t.

    So yeah, I think a big lot of the homophobia is spewing from idiots or maybe teenagers – and possibly other idiots and other teenagers are reacting by becoming more masculine. But the liberal elte – don’t care

    OK, in a funny story, a low-income relative of mine went to see my rich brother. Later he came back and was at my apartment. So he tells me with laughter about how my brother is soft and a homo ( HA HA). So I don’t’ really know if my brother caught wind of his real opinion – but I’m sure he teased my brother while he was there.

    What’s my brother’s opinion of the low-income person? He thinks he’s an idiot.

    Oh, by the way, along with the gay liberal elite stuff my brother does, he also enjoys hunting and stuff like that. He sure isn’t gay – but he’s not obsessed with being a pit-bull owning, shaved head, thug.

  20. David Duke Nukem

    Heels on men were always as gay as a cum stained chinstrap imo.

    • Jason Y

      The guys these homophobic dirtbags are accusing of being gay – are not gay and only a moron would think they are.

    • Jason Y

      Heels on men were always as gay as a cum stained chinstrap imo.

      And what normal liberal elite guys are wearing heels? Who are you talking about here? Well, no shit that guys wearing stripper heels are gay.

      • David Duke Nukem

        I don’t think gays made heels on men gay. I find heels on women attractive. I doubt many frumpy lesbians wear them either. Heels up in the back means open for business.

    • Jason Y

      I have no idea what you mean by heels? Do you mean soccer heels? A lot of trendy straight liberal elite men like soccer.

  21. Jason Y

    I cannot stand homophobic white nationalists due to the constant teasing they give me about gayness or something to do with race relations. This one guy, a friend of my military dad, came over often and said stuff like (mockingly) “Yeah I went to Brazil and I saw a lot of niggers ha ha ha. (a
    mocking of the fact I’ve been to non-white areas overseas)…” Stuff like that. Huh, the nerve. Or how about he said he’d like to tie liberals to a railroad track??

    This old fucker died and honestly, and I wasn’t crying. How could anyone love someone like that??

  22. So anyway, keeping with the theme of this post, who’s a better singer, Frank Sinatra or Perry Homo?

    Whoever gets it right gets a dildo up his butt.

    Don’t fall all over yourselves to answer, boys!

    • Jason Y

      I’d admire talented singers, but it’s a shame their profession is always associated with “fairy-ness”. So do you think they will hit more high notes being sodomized behind bars? 😆

    • ‘Frank Sinatra’ was definitely the ‘bisexual’ type; he had a far greater range and was more masculine.

      ‘Perry Homo er Como’ was quite apparently the genuine homosexual type.

      We definitely seem to be living in ‘crazy’ times; not even the ‘greats’ are spared.

      The movie ‘unforgiven’ quite had some very strong ‘ man’ quite in ‘love’ with another ‘man’ possibility.

      • Jason Y

        I’m thinking pretty much all music stars have a temptation to be gay. Note, they can get all the sex they want – so this leads to mass degeneracy – soon they might require men to get the same rush they originally got with chicks.

        • Despite personal experiences i.e. perceptions and emotions being the real tools for the so called artists, the fact that ‘they’ are extremely ‘sensitive’ can not be overlooked.

          America is a lot about money, though. Still, there is a thing called ‘conscience’ which is largely derived from the culture.

        • Jason Y

          Well, being sensitive is sort of a “must” for an artist. However, how that would automatically translate into liking the same sex seems ludicrous.

        • I have the most ‘crazy’ temptations even by the authentically ‘Liberal’ standards but I am here in the land of ‘grass eaters’ who are largely obsessed with the White Collared jobs. Besides, they have a new found obsession called ‘money’.

          Even a ‘nut’ case like me does not have the ‘guts’ to act on my ‘impulses’. Thanks largely to the general perceptions and traditions, here where I have had been stuck. Though America definitely seems to very faddist in nature, culture is culture all the liberty notwithstanding.

  23. Anyway, getting back on topic here, have you guys heard of the new gay movie out? It’s called Behind Gay Bars. Some sort of gay prison flick. Lots of hot rape scenes with big Black bears and skinny White twinks. Funny too, hilarious. It cracked my butt!

    • Jason Y

      How could skinny white twinks fight back, anyhow? I mean, they can say all the racist things they want (the twinks) and be covered in Nazi tattoos, but how is it really going to make a difference? See, nature just didn’t grant all men with large bodies.

    • The very thought of such an ‘exotic’ sight, in itself, is hilarious!

      By the way, this ‘Arab’ who seems to have quite been taken by the Indian girls is damn funny! As a rule of thumb, the Arabs do not fancy the Indians.

      ‘Pretty ordinary’ bitches from the ‘Third World’ managing some ‘pussy’ action is, definitely, without any parallel, though; ‘people’ are definitely ‘people’, not retarded fucks. I do not really consider the possibility of fucking such ‘retards’ as ‘fun’.

  24. Jason Y

    I think a lot of this gay phobia started with Calvin Klein’s “In and Out” and wasn’t he also in “The Bird Cage”? 😆

  25. Jason Y

    The seemingly never ending Hindu mythology does quite delve into the various ‘possibilities’. As usual, it comes up with a ‘gem’, thanks entirely to the supremely retarded, physically as well as intellectually, remotely ‘caucasoid’ ic bitches. Man definitely has a very ‘latent’ bisexual side. It can definitely be explored and it can become very strong. Implicitly, it only reflects the supremely ‘opportunistic’ nature of such bitches, even the not so authentic ones from the remotest corners of ‘Bharat’.

    On a personal level, I think that ‘vitality’ and ‘sexual potency’ have got everything to do with the ‘meat’. The more the better, the ‘bigger’ the better. Too bad, I never had any kind of opportunity to discover the true ‘joys’ of ‘beef’ during the real ‘growth’ stage. I would have been a lot ‘bigger’ than a mere 5 ft 7 in and would definitely have been the ‘real’ beefcake by all the standards. Too bad, I am quite from ‘north’ India. The ‘bitches’ from almost all the coastal areas of ‘Bharat’ quite ‘relish’ meat specially the sea food though, except the ‘authentic’ Brahmins from the state of Tamil Nadu.

  26. Jason Y

    The more sensitive a person is, the more he is inclined to listen to the ‘conscience’. Everybody acquires a consciences gradually as he develops and it is always there. Some can subdue it some can not. The artistic types, the sensitive souls they are, are less likely to be able to ‘succeed’.

    Culture is significant and it evolves gradually all the liberty notwithstanding.

    • Jason Y

      Sensitivity and conscience don’t lead to homosexuality. That’s something that conservatives and the far right believe. Now, note I do think it’s possible to become overly-sensitive. In other words, there is a time and place for it, but some people just blurt it out too much, and often it leads to a bad counter-reaction – even among those they want to help.

      Like my remark about blacks in Knoxville, TN was sweet and all, but too much of that would make me seem like an idiot.

      • You have taken the wrong road there. All I am talking about is that the possibility of getting carried way with the ‘artistic’ impulses is greatly hindered by the ‘strong conscience’ which most of the artists, being quite the sensitive souls they really are, must be having.

      • Jason Y

        Sorry, I don’t really understand what you mean here. Can you provide an example?

        • I was talking about the interface between the ‘compulsions’ the artists are having these days, and, their strong conscience i.e. an innate sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’, stemming from their innate sensitiveness,

          Of course, each society has it’s own unique culture. The perceptions greatly vary. The attitudes greatly vary.

          I will find it hard to give you any ‘real’ examples because the ‘poet’ er sing song writer in me seems to have long been gone on a very, very long vacation.

    • Jason Y

      It is funny, though, how lacking of a conscience people have in many places. I mean, it seems like people wanted to burn me alive – calling me a faggot and all that – just cause I dared to spout bleeding heart opinions on Facebook.

  27. Jason Y

    Mayur, are you saying certain artistic types are unwilling to go all the way with business plans and ambitions due to some conflict with their sensitive conscience?

  28. Jason Y

    I knew a pretty boy in Korea who was good at singing. I couldn’t understand him. I mean, I’m not the Marlboro Man or Clint Eastwood, but I was even tougher than he was. He was just too obsessed with personal grooming and cleanliness for a male. Come on, lol.

    • ‘Straightness’ comes in varying degrees. Besides, he’s an Asiatic while you are a Black. Even your ‘growl’ can quite possibly make him very anxious.

      • Jason Y

        Not black, white.

      • Jason Y

        Really why would I make some bleeding heart guilt trip thing about blacks in Knoxville – if I was black? It is obviously written by someone outside their culture – who doesn’t see it (first-hand) that much.

        • You seem to be a bit fond of the ‘ebonics’. That accounted for most of ‘the impression’.

          Besides, you seem to be ‘quite pissed off’ at the WNs.

          I am mostly interested in the ‘ground reality, there, in the land of the free.

        • Jason Y

          Does not really matter. I am quite straight, even though thanks entirely to the days of LGBTQ in the Land of the Free, I have quite become wary of developing strong bonds with males ‘blatantly’ because the people are quite ‘confused’ without actually being ‘corrupted’, here, these days.

        • Jason Y

          I’ve seen no evidence of me saying Ebonics, other than perhaps some typing errors that seem like broken English.

          Anyway, WNs are mean and evil. What more is there to say about it? Let’s not make things more complicated than the first impression.

        • Jason Y

          Come on Mayur, do you really think the average guy in America is gay? Odds are, and mean huge odds, he isn’t. Instead, this is some bullshit paranoia brought on by the macho meatheads.

        • Jason Y

          I think the thing in the US is coolness, not gayness. I mean, what retard actually thinks most other guys are gay – based on shallow first impressions? So when someone says “Oh, he’s might be gay, lol.” Well, that’s some sort of childish middle-school-ish way of saying, “Oh, he’s a geek. He’s not cool. He’s stupid. ha ha hee hee..”

  29. Jason Y

    As you rightly point out, it is pretty ‘okay’ being a gay, there. Besides, the gays are quite visible, there. Eg. the Craig list is full of LGBTQ s.

    Here, things are far more ‘conventional’. But the perceptions have quite been ‘confused’. As it is, passion was never celebrated here and now, it has become a lot more risky to develop ‘strong’ bonds with members of the same sex too blatantly, thanks to the days of LGBTQ, there and newly found love for money, here; Indians er Hindus tend to be extremely judgmental and do not really care much for the privacy. of the others. Not all can be thick skinned.

  30. Jason Y

    I told you, the ‘broken’, with a very strong Yankee flavor, English gave a bit ‘different’ feeling all this while.

    You can not deny that you, in particular, quite dislike the WNs, despite not being the Clint Eastwood type. Majority of the White liberals are mostly nonchalant about them.

    And, yes, Whiteness is not old anywhere in the Caucasian countries. Even the pretty ordinary White females, mostly, behave like beauty queens around the people of colour. Liberal White males are a lot different though but even then it is simply a White man looking for ‘variety’ or a very ‘beta’ type looking for ‘quality’. And, I am only talking about the Americans here. Europe is deeply conservative.

    • Jason Y

      The idea of beauty is so subjective – and that’s one thing liberals have been trying to show for last 100 years. But of course, white elitism is not seen as bad by WNs and attempts to counter it are considered anti-white by them. So as long as WNs paint themselves as a persecuted minority – when they aren’t, then nothing changes.

    • Jason Y

      There is no editing mechanism on blogs like on forums. If I don’t double check stuff before posting, then it often comes out with missing words.

  31. Jason Y

    I seriously believe tattoos and beards are not a reaction to homophobia but are just another style, just like long hair and afros for men were in the 70s. Hence, of course, due to the bandwagon effect, what one guy does, 50 others will want to do – no matter how dumb it is (tattooing yourself like a circus freak) Women also are into style so they will pressure men to jump on them.

    • Jason Y

      Note also tattoos are on the edge. Long hair is no longer on the edge, but for some reason mutilating yourself like a Tahiti native is some sort of test of manhood for a lot of guys – a sort of initiation, hence, the mass appeal.

      Now with beards, no mutilation is needed, so it’s not really a “tough” thing to do, it’s sort of like growing your hair out long.

  32. Jason Y

    Ultimately the true nature of WNs being evil is losing less appeal day by day because globalism leads to massive job loss. Also, there is the illusion that non-whites have already won their rights (so what are they bitching about?)

    However, there is no denying that – at the core, the movement is an abomination. You only have to read posts on TheDailyStormer or Stormfront to get the message fast. Note, if a lot of people are getting turned on by WNs, then obviously they ignoring their conscience – as the Germans did in the 1930s, in order to secure a better life (one without 3rd world job competition).

    • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_nationalism
      If that is what White Nationalism truly is then the WNs do have a cause.

      As a matter of fact, the use of ‘propaganda’ is quite universal. The pretty ordinary ‘remotely Caucasoid ic’ bitches have had been doing it here for ages. In the process, they have had quite fucked themselves and the others up pretty very much, physically and intellectually. Even with all those fabulous foreign degrees etc. etc., they remain the retarded fucks they really are.

      The only thing is the New World never really belonged to the White folks in the first place. If the Whites in the New World fear a possible genocide then they should simply ‘reproduce’ a lot more. It won’t be too difficult for them. Besides, robust, passionate and charming looking beings in large numbers will always be a boon to the human family. For the White folks nothing really is impossible. Besides, they have all the wealth in the world at their disposal for the ‘noble’ cause.

      I seriously think that the White folks are both a little too fond of themselves and a bit scared of the darkies. Having darkies in large numbers around them anywhere is quite possibly a real nightmare for most of them.

      However, they should retain their basic ‘Christian’ character. Islam is the very anti-thesis of liberty and oriental faiths are a little too Asiatic in their basic character besides being very loosely ‘defined’. Of course, the mythologies are always a bit ‘funny’.

      Physical beauty and aesthetics belong to the White folks, in conventional terms. There is absolutely no doubt about it. Nobody really takes the liberals seriously anywhere except in the Land of the Free but even there the White liberals are still a minority as the last U.S. presidential election has clearly proved.

      • Jason Y

        No, I still think it’s subjective. Just cause you like it, doesn’t mean it’s the god given truth.

        Also, you mentioned pampered, spoiled women in India who are lighter. OK, such an obsession among them with beauty and how their owed special rights due to it cannot be good for their emotional well-being I mean narcissism isn’t good for children either.

        In fact, the more intellectual white nationalists are often “look in the mirror” narcissists. However, they also have downsides, like being skinny or some other problem – hence there is massive projection.

        • I was actually ‘hinting’ at the ‘typical’ Brahmins who have had quite hoarded all the power and knowledge here for ages now. They are quite the ‘typical’ Jews in their modus operandi and the Whitest of Whites in their racial arrogance. I quite ‘dislike’ them and quite love ‘humping’ them as and when they try, even remotely, to ‘fuck’ with me.

        • Jason Y

          The elite nature and shallowness is exactly what white nationalist philosophy leads to. You can already see it on white nationalist message boards. What really sick thing about it is the fact that what white nationalists claim to have isn’t earned. But that’s not saying that shallowness can result from people who claimed to earn things also. Like some bodybuilder who thinks he’s the hot shit cause he’s worked out for years.

      • Jason Y

        You say that nobody has a problem with just (in a cruel fashion) just saying some are ugly. Well, apparently the world is fed up with white standards of beauty – among other types of white supremacy. If that wasn’t the case, then why were there all these colonial wars (Vietnam, Africa) etc.. telling the white man to get the hell out – and the superficial white standards also?

        • Asiatics, including the Indians and the Middle Easterners, find the typical ‘whites’ a little too hot to handle besides being very lewd.

          Besides, the White colonialists quite ‘ruined’ it for the common White folks as far as the development of friendly relations with the rest of the world is concerned. And, I am not talking about the Liberals in the rest of the world who are definitely there but they are in far smaller proportion. Only the Caucasian societies are quite ‘free’.

          The entire world, including the Whites themselves, literally worships all the physical beauty the White folks have been blessed with. Hollywood thrives largely on that.

      • Jason Y

        The superficial shallowness in South Korea, as I noted in other posts, is appalling. Like they might point out some women ESL teacher is fat (even if she is only slightly chubby) and deny her a job.

        Basically, the scene in a lot of these nations is basically a form of cruelty based on lies (due to subjectivity). Anyway, the whole shallow scene is why I think it’s unethical to have anything to do with their industry.

        I even once had a website (with good ranking power on Google). It was connected to some ESL job sites. So I just dumped the site, simply for ethical reasons (I didn’t renew the domain). Not trying to brag about morals, but I really HATE the scene in Korea.

        • I am seriously doubting, now, that you are a moderate. In fact, you are a bit ‘impulsive’.

          I do not really know much about the Orientals. They look and sound so very ‘exotic’. I am not fond of the Chinese ‘back stabbers’ though and the Japanese give a very Spartan and organized look to me.

          Ho Chi Minh probably witnessed some black lynchings and realized fortunately for his people how deeply racist the White societies really are.

        • Jason Y

          Vietnamese society is just as racist. In fact, the Communist movement was a nationalist one. However, though, even racists can be bought off with money. For instance, Michael Jordan can travel to Nam and be treated like a king – despite the typical Vietnamese white worship.

  33. Rational people don’t really go around ‘throwing’ their ‘riches’ at ‘poor’ people.
    Charity is mostly reasonable. The world is an extremely worldly place.

    I don’t really hate the WNs there in Western Europe. The WNs in the free world won’t ‘dissuade’ me though.

    • Jason Y

      A person without much exposure to the world might not care. They might care some, but it just isn’t that important. Myself, I’ve seen this shallowness first hand and that’s why I am more worked up about it.

      However, though, I don’t care as much for health police and environmentalism so I don’t get too uptight about it.

      Note I try to take a reasonable stand on white nationalism – but those groups are becoming a threat and unreasonable. So while I see some “egalitarian extremism” as ridiculous, I see the anti-egalitarian stuff as a larger threat.

      • Hmm. The White classes there seem to be handing out a lot of affluence and ‘penetration’ to the ‘others’. ‘They’ quite seem to be thriving but hey now the Conservatives are back with a bang even though with somebody as ‘classy’ as Trump. The masses ain’t just numbers, there. I am not a big fan of the no holds barred kind of capitalism. In fact, it is pretty scary.

        Talking about ‘shallowness’, I so wish I had a charming White personality. I would have been ‘there’ by now.

        • Jason Y

          Shallowness means little to those who feel jobs are threatened. It means more than some concern they might be getting into some pretty heartless racism. Note, unlike in east Asia or India, there is enough exposure to the outside world for American whites to realize real injustice exists – and they should feel guilty about it.

    • Jason Y

      Typical ordinary guys are libel to fart at what I’m saying – mainly cause it doesn’t mean anything to them. Instead, It comes across as SJW self-righteousness. But then again, those guys haven’t had much exposure to the world.

      Robert is trying to appeal to those kinds of guys, but a lot of times mixing egalitarian with anti-egalitarian is a bit like mixing fire with water.

      Note, I realize that there are elitism and hierarchy in different places, but certain examples of it are absurd and ridiculous.

      • Hierarchies are everywhere but what really matters is how free, fair and ‘full’ a place really is. America quite looks fucking awesome from here, to somebody like ‘me’.

        • Jason Y

          I don’t think a lot of people in America really take advantage of opportunities. Such opportunities which are impossible elsewhere. Anyway, despite Robert’s leftist sayings, I have to say the reason many people are down on their luck – is due to their own fault – their own lack of willpower – and their own bad decisions like drug use etc..

    • Jason Y

      A lot of the hate against people like me is often “a front”. Most guys don’t want to hear this stuff. So they will say it sucks, or that I suck (or called a cocksucker) etc… That’s a typical insult you get from them. That’s what I got at that community college from a lot of students.

      I don’t know. Maybe they think it’s self-righteousness or maybe being fake – like with Bono of U2 wanting to save Africa.

  34. The ‘capitalists’ quite seem to have fucked it for the pretty ordinary Americans. There hardly are any real manufacturing jobs in America these days. See who is supplying manufactured goods in bulk to America…China. Good God, this is awfully bad!

    The college education should be made more affordable to the young Americans. Americans ain’t very much in the ‘family’ thing.

    Besides, the demographics of the White States of America are in grave danger.

  35. Ok guys! This thread is on a serious derail here. The title is “Why Homosexuals Are a Signaling Disorder in Traditional Societies.”

    Comments should be about that and things related to that.

  36. Bruno

    Your argument has a missing premise :
    People (or society) hate gays.

    Gays are more and more out
    Society hate gay
    –> straight men (fearing to be seen as gay) have less liberty .

    Then, it’s weird and unfair to blame it on gays !

    Ps : I am biased, being a straight french

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