The Truth Is Anti-Semitic Part 73,759

Stupidity of the day.

Idiotic dumbass Jews freak out and scream anti-Semitism over harmless article that tells the truth about Jews and isn’t even anti-Jewish. In fact, it could be seen as pro-Jewish. The article basically said that the two highest paid BBC presenters were both Jewish women, and the author noted that this was probably due to the fact that Jewish presenters tended to drive a pretty hard bargain when it came to salary negotiations. Well, good for them!

Hell, everything’s anti-Semitic I guess. I guess the sun is anti-Semitic. I mean it rises in the East and sets in the West. I’m sure that paranoid Jews can ascertain some insidious anti-Semitic conspiracy in our life-giving star. Damn that Nazi sun! Damn it to Hell and back!

Apparently telling  the truth about Jews is anti-Semitism. I guess we need to lie instead then.

It’s long been that case that telling the truth about Blacks is racism. So much better to lie then – we need to play it safe after all.

And everyone knows it’s misogynistic and sexist to tell the truth about the fairer sex. We need to lie to these women so they don’t go into hysterics and all develop Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. That’s what happens when you cwiticize the poor blubbering dears, that’s how dead sensitive the poor things are.

The latest is that it’s obviously homophobic to tell the truth about gays. We can’t have any of these facts now can we? People please! Stop telling the truth about gays! Don’t you know that the truth is homophobic? C’mon please, get with the program. You tell the truth about these hypersensitive gay men, and they will start self-loathing and go on a condom-less promiscuity spree and screw 50 guys in the next year. And a lot of them will catch HIV! The truth causes HIV! People, stop telling the truth, dammit! The truth is killing people! Lie, lie, lie, lie. Lies save lives!

And the least controversial of all is that the truth about transsexuals and all of their various crazy genderless fellow travelers is transphobic. Lies are necessary for transsexuals. Trannies need lies! Lies save lives! Truth kills!

People please! Just stop right now! Stop telling the truth. Truth is bigotry, dammit! The only way to be tolerant and multicultural and all-inclusive and all that crap is to lie your fool head off. Get with the program. Lie, dammit! Lie lie lie lie lie!

Lies save lives!

Truth kills!


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44 responses to “The Truth Is Anti-Semitic Part 73,759

  1. Jason Y

    Well, a lot of times these racists go too far in their judgments. Remember, Santo-culto’s subjective remarks (which he viewed as objective) about mixed raced people? The bottom line is that the racists are heartless and even worse they’re flat out lying. Therefore, in my view, as I’ve stated before, they’re as much cunts as these SJWs they hate so much.

  2. Creaders

    It is just like everything under the sun is anti-Islam, anti- women, anti-black, and anti gay.

    This is how western elites frame guilt into white man, and make white man self castrate, in order to destroy the white Christianity culture.

    Today, Blacks can assult white man, go to court and shout white assult them. The judge will send white man to jail and assholes like Hilary will jump to support blacks.

    • Jason Y

      So what? Poor whites do the same. It’s human nature. But you won’t hear about the poor white thing – just as you won’t hear about the blacks etc..

      I mean, there is some bias in the media, but I bet 90 percent of the racist stuff done by rednecks never reaches the news – just as it didn’t when they drove out a black/white couple with kids out my mountain valley.

      Take it from me, growing up in these mountains, these people don’t’ like blacks, Mexicans, gays, nerds, and liberals, and there are normally no movies – even by a so-called Jewish media – made about them or even news reports.

    • Jason Y

      Or what about the massive harassment I got at a community college – simply for stuff I said on Facebook? Now is that “n word” mob mentality or what? I mean, so what? Big deal? A few words. But it’s just the same way blacks or most ethnic groups (Koreans etc..) react when they anyone says anything they don’t like.

      OK, I get labeled a cunt and crucified? Just like someone in a black or Korean neighborhood gets the same – called a bitch and harassed. But in these neighborhoods, you will never see the Facebook posters who side with the majority called cunts – even though that’s what they are.

      I mean, how much more of this subliminal white racist, pro-guns, persecuted white bullshit can we take? Note, posts 10 on the hour from these comedians.

    • Jason Y

      Oh, yeah I read the article now. it’s just the same thing that happened to me at the community college. The majority is claiming to be the minority. The majority is bullying people claiming to be a persecuted minority. For instance, the idea of whites calling blacks “nigger” on a college campus with so many blacks is ludicrous. Just like the idea that my little sissy words I said on Facebook could really hurt white people in a majority white area is also a joke.

      It’s just a lot of bullshit – but there are real cases of an asshole white majority bullying a black or visa-versa in a black neighborhood. That could demand real sympathy.

      • Jason Y

        But I will say the lady on the right, the Puerto Rican looks hot, but I wouldn;t want to be involved with such a psycho, to be frank..

      • Jason Y

        Though this stuff is a travesty. It’s not a reason to become a white supremacist, though., Just like my experience at the community college doesn’t justify becoming an SJW or Black Panther or something.

  3. Mayur Varshne

    You are making it sound like there are no genuine liberals in the world, and, all liberals are Jews and all Jews are liberals.

    By the way, Muslims are mostly quite conservative. Indian Muslims are different though; they have been thoroughly Indianised.

    It ain’t that easy to take an elite, imperial and extremely proud race for such a big ride. Nobody is that naïve, these days.

    Leave aside taking the White folks for a big ride, moving to the White domain, in itself, is like moving to another galaxy, unless the same is done at an appropriate time.

    There are always simpletons, everywhere but then there are diehard conservatives everywhere.

    Ohhh yes the middle classes are almost the same everywhere.

    Ohhh yes fabulous wealth means real power in the capitalist era everywhere.

    • Creaders

      The liberals want white man and white Christianity culture dead, and liberalism is just a pretext. Western White elites are Jews.

      Today, the blacks can come and rape your white man, and the criminal is not black, but white. The Jews will shout white deserve it because they marginalized, discriminate and exploited the blacks big time. Next the Jews will brandish Jesus 70×7 forgive theory and tell the white man it is their responsibility to forgive any harm that people did to them.

      When Muslims kill white, the white MSM will pour out sick video as below. “Hug me I am a Muslims”. This is to brainwash white man that any thought that Islam is shitty is bad.

      • Muslims especially the Arabs are far worse and far dangerous than the Jews. Jews are quite in tune with the essentially White capitalist culture. The thing with the Jews, seems to me, is that they are always up to some kind of mischief, on the sly. Letting the Jews run away with too much wealth can probably lead to a disaster, for the others.

        Islam is almost the anti-thesis of Liberty. Besides, the kind of intentions many Arabs harbour for women in general and White women folk,in particular, are repulsive.

        I don’t really think, the White States of America will ever lose it’s White Protestant Christian character; there is simply too much lose.

      • Creaders

        Sunni Islam is controlled by USA and Jews. The entire Al Saud family rely on USA for protection, knowing the Hejaz and east province people want them dead.

        The moment USA want Sunni dead, it will be dead.

        Shia being enemy of USA is far more progressive.

        • The Al Saud family ain’t exactly Sunni Islam.

          Islam ‘manufactures’ fanatics and martyrs like no other faith.

          The White States of America, or for that matter, any other country, can render Islam impotent only by wiping out Middle East.

        • Jason Y

          The White States of America, or for that matter, any other country, can render Islam impotent only by wiping out Middle East.

          Who knows if Trump would do that or not – especially after another major terrorist attack like 9/11 (false flag or not)

    • Jason Y

      The liberals want white man and white Christianity culture dead

      GOOD. I’m looking forward to it. 😆

      • Mayur Varshne

        It will be the biggest calamity in the history of mankind to finish off the charming, enterprising and passionate White race who happen to bow only to Jesus, on the sly.

        Taking the ‘bull’ by it’s horns will be a little too much for the ‘others’.

        The Blacks themselves have a large number of ‘bad apples’ among them. I sincerely hope, the Black intellectuals are taking concrete steps to reform them or to keep them in check.

        You can not really justify the wrongs of the present with the wrongs of the past because equality was never won by the Blacks, singlehandedly.

  4. I don’t really think, the White States of America will ever lose it’s White Protestant Christian character; there is simply too much to lose, for an elite, robust and supremely arrogant race.

    • Creaders

      Samuel Huntington already say white USA are loser. The White conquered the world due to Christianity culture with help of Jews.

      But Jews today want to destroy Christianity culture and set up caste system in USA. They are incredibly successful.

      Unfortunately they miss out that once White culture are destroyed, White man land will be another India. And China will become Champion.

      In 20 years time, it will be white women fighting to marry China man.

      • You are making it sound like the White folks ain’t obsessed with the aesthetics.

        Whites tend to stick together pretty well, thanks entirely to Christianity. That is one of the principal reasons behind their fabulous success.

        No I don’t really think, the White folks, in general, and the Americans, in particular, are even remotely a passive lot. Trump the crooked Chump was pretty quick to capitalize on their preferences and insecurities.

        I don’t really think, the demographics of the White domain will ever change fundamentally without there being an overt racial war. Do I really need to remind you of what the Nazis er the Germans really did to the Jews in Western Europe and Central Europe

        • Creaders

          The demographics is less a problem than degenerated culture.

          China has 56 races and China do not have problem because every race recognizes the supremacy of Han culture and are willing to correct the wrongs.

          In 2 generation time, Uighur will be totally sinicized.

          Below a Uighur Muslim girl playing role of gentile legends.

      • The Jews ain’t a very masculine race. It is not incredibly difficult to kick them around and kick them out. It has quite been done in the past. All one needs is the will to do it.

        • Jason Y

          Yeah, those rednecks need the freedom to bait them queers all right – only dem rotten Joos stopping them. Darn shame…

  5. Creader

    The White folks, in large numbers, literally, worship aesthetics, fanatically. The White race is, beyond any doubt, blessed with surreal beauty. No other race is even remotely as beautiful as the White race.

    The Americans hardly have much of a culture if one takes away their basic Christian character. In fact, they are the ones who have destroyed the culture of far more traditional and conservative White societies.

  6. Jason Y

    Sure the media is biased toward siding with non-white groups when they are hassled. Nonetheless, as I pointed out in another post, neither scenario, the rednecks starting crap with non-whites OR the opposite makes the news. If it does, yeah there is bias, but it normally doesn’t make the news.

    • Much of the mainstream media is run by the Jews. There possibly could be heavy bias against the White majority.

      But the thing is, the White folks are quite capable of almost anything, if and when, pushed beyond a reasonable limit.

  7. Jason Y

    I don’t know any white guys bowing down to blacks in majority white areas, believe me. It just goes against human nature. Note, it’s not really a racial thing – it’s just white guys aren’t going to bow down to any ethnic group – they probably won’t even bow down to their own. Mostly they just don’t like bowing – get it ???

    But white nationalists are simply taking the fact the news under-reports racist incidents of blacks against whites to make this myth that these cucked out whites exist all over our land (in need of liberation).

    OK, in reality, there may be a few cucked out whites, BUT THEY’RE NERDS anyway. I mean, do you hear of white football players opening the doors for blacks – cause they’re black ?? Give me a break !!

    Nerds are treated horribly among everyone non-white and white alike.

    OK, anyone want to correct me on these paragraphs I wrote above?

    • I get the impression that ‘decent’ White folks gradually ‘flee’ the areas where blacks start showing up, in big numbers.

      I get the impression that areas such as Detroit, are quite the ‘dangerous’ places to be in, for ‘decent’ folks.

      I get the impression that the authentic Black ‘rednecks’ are incredibly dangerous ‘people’ to hang out with, for the ‘decent’ White’ folks, in particular.

      I am quite under the impression that the nerds including the nerds from third world countries find the White States of America the most ‘charming’ place on planet earth. America, indeed, has a stupendously successful immigration system.

  8. Jason Y

    Most of this stuff, like the U Albany instance, is just more tribal warfare among tribes equally matched. Note, in that case, I can see the white nationalist viewpoint.

    Myself, on the other hand, am more concerned with genuine cases of an incredibly outnumbered minority being bullied by an asshole majority. That’s the case in my area among blacks,. It’s the case of Sam in Atlanta dealing with the black majority or me in South Korea getting my faced shoved in Korean nationalism.

    • Jason Y

      It could be tribal warfare among the equally matched or maybe a black majority area. Either way, the blacks are not a real minority in that situation.

      • White majority areas seem to be pretty alright as long as people of colour ain’t loud. Of course, they quite have to display the ‘gratitude’ for ‘being’ there among the ‘decent’ White folks. Of course, there is always an element of ‘volatility’ and ‘unpredictability’ in the ‘decent’ White folks. In fact, that is what really makes the ‘decent’ White folks so very interesting!

        • Jason Y

          Blacks aren’t really a big deal in my hometown, normally. But occasionally they will get hassled like when I mentioned them being driven out of a mountain valley. Anyway, though, there are definitely no “cucks” here, but that doesn’t mean blacks and whites don’t get a long on an equal level.

          I don’t know anywhere where cucks would exist OTHER THAN a majority black area where whites would turn into “white uncle toms” to survive.

          I also suspect a lot of ESL teachers in Korea are cucks of a sort, especially Canadians. They basically sell out “white pride” for money. But then again, they’re probably good at teaching, but still, it doesn’t excuse the “cuck” behavior. The thing motivating the Canadians is Canadian pride. They’re so full of hatred against America for colonizing Canada that they cannot see the evil and fake nature of Koreans.

          Well, maybe they’re good at teaching, but probably it’s due to them being “David Bowie-ish” of a sort. See, the whole WN thing of saying SJWs being ugly might be true, cause you see the people that these intolerant races like are all really beautiful – hence why they’re loved so much.

        • Jason Y

          Definitely, the intolerant races are attracted to “model types” like what you see in the movie Zoolander, sort of “shit for brains” beauty men.

  9. Jason Y

    Nuking any place will drive almost everybody ‘nuts’. There quite possibly will be complete ‘pandamonium’ all around. I don’t really think, Trump the crooked Chump has the heart or the will to go to that extreme.

    One need not really nuke the Arab domain. Denying the Arabs their petro dollars will literally bring them down on their knees. In fact, that is exactly what will happen, some very fine day.

    On a personal note, I will quite like to see the Chini ‘bhais’ getting kicked back to Mainland China, especially from the developed countries. Greatest power to the most common White folks! Amen.

    • Jason Y

      I don’t know. Not everyone is so sane I mean, don’t you think WNs would like to nuke Africa – or send African Americans to Africa? And Trump is beloved of the WNs.

      • African-Americans are quite American in their basic character.

        Hardcore WNs do not represent the typical White American mentality of the recent times.

      • David Duke Nukem

        Whites love animals too much to nuke Africa.

        • Germans are supposed to be quite fond of animals. That didn’t really stop Kaiser Wilhelm Two, the Vons, Hitler etc. etc. from almost singlehandedly venturing out on two gruesome World Wars entirely in pursuit of imperial conquests.

          Luckily for the rest of the world, nuclear bombs did not exist in those times.

          Too bad, America chose to ‘atom bomb’ Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

          However, the White societies especially the American society have truly atoned for the racial abuses of the past, to some extent, in the post World War Two era.

        • Jason Y

          Yep, see what I mean? Assuming that wasn’t some joke, you see how WNs claim to love all races of mankind – but really don’t’. Anyway, that is sort of funny in a very evil way.

  10. Racial arrogance does not really make authentic Christians un-Christian in their basic character. Liberals have quite come up in the White world and consequently in the rest of the world in the post WW2 era largely due to the horrors and shame of WW2. One should not expect the White folks to treat the others as absolute equals within a short span of seventy odd years. Evolution mostly takes place gradually.

    Besides, arrogance and snobbishness are universal. Mostly what one can really do is fight the same, at the individual level; they can not be eliminated.

    • Jason Y

      Whites are quite arrogant compared to poor blacks – say living in Knoxville, TN. I was there recently and I was moved about how humble they seemed
      But of course, there are bad elements among them, I’d say it’s a mix of really evil people and people really at a Jesus Christ level of poverty.

      • Hmmm. It will remain the same in the near future. In fact, it will probably get worse now that the White conservatives are quite back in the reckoning. They, however, must be hoping that the Trump the crooked Chump does not really ‘fuck’ things up, for them.

    • Jason Y

      I really think maybe people weren’t meant to have much on this earth – like those blacks (not the gangbangers) in Knoxville. So if anyone has more – than they had to sell out to evil in some fashion.

  11. Magneto

    Robert “The One-Man Shoah” Lindsay strikes again

    • Mayur Varshne

      As a matter of pure intellectual curiosity, I will love to learn your views on:

      1)Who actually should be on the correct path


      2)what actually is the correct path

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