Look at What My Haters Say about Me

Ground Zero for my haters is Reddit. I do not know what there is about that place. So many subs on Reddit seem to exist only to ridicule people writing various things on the Net. It’s like the Kingdom of Snark. The running theme is “This guy is wrong.” What’s so bad about that? What wrong with being wrong? I would never beat someone up for the crime of being sincerely wrong. I’m not that snarky and I don’t go around beating other people up all the time. True, I will go after people for their politics, but I am not going to get on my high horse and ridicule others on the Net for what they write. It seems to be such a Hater enterprise and I’m not really into being a Hater. I would rather deal with things that I like than things that I hate.

The Delphi Murders thread is the worst place of them all. I assume most of these folks are from Indiana? I can’t believe how much they hate me. It’s crazy. A lot of the things they bash me for are things I do not wish to change, but a lot of their charges are just flat out wrong. I will change a few things to address their concerns if I feel like changing in that way. But it just seems like I can’t win with these people. They’re just going to go on hating me forever no matter what I say or do.

Here is the latest one.

Here is an earlier one that is even more vicious.


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25 responses to “Look at What My Haters Say about Me

  1. TAKE THEIR HATE as a compliment. you can judge your character by your hater or enimies. people like them lack characterand substance. They live in a holographic bubble. I’d say you are a good man in the midst of bad characters.

  2. Mayur Varshne

    Sir Robert Lindsay, almost, has the patience of a monk.

    Besides, he is quite the White liberal, without actually being a ‘hippy’.

    He’s a typical Libran male;measured and balanced.

  3. You sure you meant Indiana not India? Indians probabaly have a fatwa againt you. lol.

  4. Mayur Varshne

    …..as long as you have something substantial to show, to your credit.

  5. Magneto

    Reddit is for fucking faggots. 4chan is where the cool people hang out. I met some SJW type bitch and she loved Reddit. So Reddit attracts SJW filth

  6. MJ

    Reddit is insane. There is a board dealing with the Danielle Stislicki disappearance in Michigan (a sweet young woman who, it increasingly appears, was the victim of a creepy security guard at her job – check out that case and the parties involved if you want some interesting demographics) and half of the people on the board are less concerned with justice or Danielle and more concerned with trying to dox others, or accuse anyone else of being one of the security guard’s family members. Then a few get liquored up at night and post abusive messages at 2 am – once again, only about their own BS and not about the crime. Insanity…

  7. SHI

    Screw those losers, Rob, They couldn’t produce original research much less write something remotely legible.

    Reddit is for losers anyway. I’d rather hang out at Stormfront all over again (that was the Steve Bannon phase of my life but seriously, these are time wasters). I have never posted in Reddit even once.

    I know exactly one guy with hard core addiction to Reddit. He’s a confirmed loser, lacks courage and will power to do anything, still sleeps in his parent’s basement and cannot get laid with God’s help.

    You aren’t missing out on much when these cry babies trash you on Reddit. If it were some other form or WordPress blog, it would be worthy of consideration.

    Remember this site – https://dumbasslindsay.wordpress.com/ that’s a more worthy opponent

    You owe one. I defended you on that site and it’s been dead for 3 years now!

    • SHI

      You you wouldn’t have the balls to say shit to my face. Plus, you’re like Robert’s “pet” so that gives you immunity.

      Anyway, I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. Go suck your own dick because that’s probably the only thing you’re good for.

      I wouldn’t piss on you if you were on fire. But,

  8. jgwcom

    Bullying and snark is en vogue. Just ask Trump, lol. I suppose the vast majority of those Reddit commenters are trumpsters. There you have it. Give it as much credence as anything the cheeto says.

    • Kim2

      Robert you put out creativity and encourage the thoughts of others. Thats a gift that the haters dont have. Take their criticism as dislike of themselves for being consumers and not producers like your thread followers.

  9. Staples

    All your haters from Reddit seem to be the snobbish people

  10. SHI

    Mayur Varshine is a hater and a loser.


  11. Magneto

    I created an original meme:

    • I bet, even the World Wars never happened. I bet, the ‘colonial bastards’ never really sucked India dry. I bet, the New World came up entirely on its own.

      • Jason Y

        India’s perhaps “lesser hatred” for white nationalism might be due to the hypocrisy of Britain holding India as a colony – while condemning German conquest and racism.

        • Trust me, the Indians have absolutely little to no clue of what the Western Civilization really is. In fact, the Indians know little to nothing about the world. In fact, that is why pretty ordinary remotely Caucasoid ic bitches have had quite successfully been deluding themselves and the others with a non-existent ‘ greatness’ for ages.

          A large number of the militant Hindu types still think that the Christians er the Whites are a race of blood sucking vampires. However, they, like the rest of the world, do find the White girls to be the very epitome of physical beauty. ‘Hot’ without really being the wife material.

        • Jason Y

          True, even in a place like Haiti, the lighter blacks are snobby bitches, male and female alike, believing themselves to be superior in brains (maybe could be the case) and beauty (subjective).

      • Magneto

        why do you brown people shill so hard for the jews? Oh that’s right, because you secretly enjoy watching the jews destroy the white race with their feminism, multiculturalism, homosex movement, etc

  12. DUDE, only God can take your soul or allow it be delivered to satan.

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