Homophobia Is Normal for Straight Men

Jason Y: My limited experience with gays is that I don’t like them. They’re always coming on to you. But I haven’t been around enough to know the whole story on them. Anyway, though, gay guys pressuring you is akin to some Trump/Andrew Dice Clay type pig harassing women. It’s unwanted behavior.

Yes, this is exactly what they do, this is exactly how I feel about them, and this also seems to be the way that most straight men I know feel about them.

On the other hand, I support most of their political project, and I even work on their damned political campaigns. But they won’t stop calling me homophobe!

And nowadays, any man who feels like you and I do about gays gets labeled conservative, Republican, reactionary, fascist, bigot, etc. Isn’t that dumb? So the Left is shoving every guy who feels like we do into the Republican Party! Way to go, geniuses.


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12 responses to “Homophobia Is Normal for Straight Men

  1. Jeremy Butler


  2. Jason Y

    I think America is lost cause – because on one hand, you have PC extremists (who by the way are now going to be driven underground by Trump) and then Trump Nazi – who already have Taliban-like control in Tennessee (my home) among other places.

    So there isn’t anything left for a “good man” (not a cuck, mind you), a decent empathetic human being who isn’t a condescending preachy douche.

    The only solution I think is to leave the US and let these extremists destroy themselves.

  3. Jason Y

    The main thing that so-called straight white men hate isn’t really sissy-ish-ness, but rather just condescending cunts, so to speak. It’s just this preachy stuff from the cultural left – kind of like what you see with Rosie O Donnell types.

    However, the religious types and the racist right aren’t much different. Also, they are always self-righteous – in-your-face, trying to promote an agenda and punishing those who disagree.

    That’s my take on it. I mean, there was a time in America when people are cooler and laid back and things weren’t being shoved in people’s faces.

    • Jason Y

      If you don’t think the racist right is as cunt-ish as the left, then look at ep-gah’s “high and mighty” defense of western imperialism – I mean, it’s comical. A lot of crap that’s simply ignoring the fact most of the world has no interest in being the “n-word” to the white man.

  4. Ricky James Moore II

    I think of flamer homosexuals like tweakers. It shouldn’t be illegal, but they’re not allowed on my property,and I reserve the right to be a dick to them if they annoy me.

  5. MJ

    As a straight woman with a gay male colleague/friend, I’m just very glad that I’m not a gay man. My friend is obsessed with appearances (how hot does he look? Is he a pound overweight? is his new facial hair hipster, hot, or passe?) and seems to also think nonstop about sex with hot guys. Maybe straight men think about sex nonstop too, but the constant checking for hot guys (and snapping camera phone photos of particularly good “pony butts”) seems exhausting. The whole thing about being seen and checking others out constantly seems exhausting. I’m exhausted of it after a few texts (which is why I probably haven’t heard from this guy in a while – I don’t appreciate the pony butt views enough).

    • Yep, this is pretty much the way they are. And if you study descriptions of male homosexuality going way back, it seems they have always been a lot like this. It’s sort of a “syndrome.” It’s not a mental illness, but it sort of looks like one due to the “syndromal” nature. Now that’s if you think it’s abnormal or maladaptive, which is dubious. Homosexuality is not a mental disorder, but it is a “syndrome,” which itself is odd. But maybe a lot of things in life are “syndrome.” The womanizer tends to be a sort of a syndrome, and it’s not a mental illness.

    • Jason Y

      This is a new one: facial hair is a mark of gays? I thought it was the opposite.

    • Even hornier than straight men, and much more shallow.

      The more good of a thing you get, the more you want it. It becomes compulsive and obsessive. Gays get so much easy anonymous sex, that it becomes an addiction. It’s like money. If you come into a lot of it, you want even more.

      Gays can easily become sex addicts, because there aren’t any women to inhibit their behavior.

  6. Gil

    Homosexually is abnormal.

  7. HOOD



    When I was doing manual labor in college sometimes gays would actually come around.

    It is wrong to harm people for being gay but gays do put themselves in harm’s way sometimes by hanging around masculine settings like construction sites or whatever offering to suck men off.

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