Hobbes Versus Rousseau

Check out the video of a rather typical day in a large Yanonamo village as captured by legendary anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon. I read the book he wrote about these people, The Yanonamo – The Fierce People.

A massive whirlpool of sheer Cultural Left nonsense has swirled around Chagnon and his work with the Yanonamo. Turns out these were noble savages after all, and these evil White men went into their peaceful villages and stirred up a bunch of trouble just so they could make lurid films and make a White Supremacist  point about the inferiority of non-Whites.

None of the charges against Chagnon were true. All lies. But the toilet bowl of Cultural Left bullshit swirled around this poor man for many years. He was nearly tossed out of the American Anthropological Association over this.

Anthropology, after all, is one of the most Cultural Left-poisoned fields of them all. Linguistics, a close cousin (there is actually a sub-field called Anthropological Linguistics), is not far behind, right on the tail of the Students of Men.

So we come to Rousseau versus Hobbes. The field of anthropology is now on the side of Rousseau, and Hobbes is the man whose name must not be uttered, the Leviathan in the living room that everyone pretends is simply not there. Let’s look at the evidence based on this video.


Noble? Are you kidding?

Savage? You got it.

Rousseau is 1-1. Now let’s see how Hobbes scores.


Short? Yo.

Nasty? Damn straight.

Brutish? Oh yeah!

Hobbes wins of course, 3-0, clean sweep.

Anyway, I don’t think this video has anything to say about superiority or inferiority of Whites or non-Whites. The Yanonamo are simply what humans are like in their raw, native condition once you take off the fake civilizational veneer. This is us – you, me and everyone else. Killers, born killers. A bunch of Goddamned animals. As if you needed reminding, we humans are indeed animals, giant two legged monkeys if you wish.

Hobbes redeemed once again.


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13 responses to “Hobbes Versus Rousseau

  1. Maybe the donkey-riding tribes live according to Rousseau and the elephant-riding ones according to Hobbes.

    • The elephants actually used to singlehandedly win battles throughout North India in the olden, golden period.

      They quite had an unnerving impact on both the Greek infantry, and, the Greek cavalry.

  2. Mayur Varshne

    The most sophisticated animal on earth….MAN.

    The biggest crimes of humanity are perpetrated, mostly on the sly, by the classes against the masses.

    What feels good is good.

    Whatever works is good.

  3. Steve

    Humans have positive and negative tendencies and there are tribes where the negative tendencies are dominant and tribes where the positive tendencies are dominant. I don’t think you can look at one tribe and say this reveals human nature in a complete way. People can be socialised in different ways, into different kinds of social dynamics.

    • Mayur Varshne

      I quite agree. I wonder the infinite times uglier things the elite White folks would have done to the people of colour in the absence of Christianity.

  4. Steve

    btw where were the clubs and axes? All I saw was some posturing with thin sticks.


    I’m reading his latest book “Noble Savages” at the moment. Being a bit of a pervert that I am, I was very interested in the chapter on the sexual behavior of the Yanomamo.

    In Yanomamo societies a girl is forbidden to have sex before menarche, which usually happens at about 13-14 years of age. But Chagnon found that 2/3 of girls become sexually active before then at about 12 years of age.

    It looks like these rules against sex before menarche are just as much social inventions as the age of consent in our societies, and just like in our societies, they are often broken. It seems that girls have evolved to become sexually active slightly before menarche and the beginning of their fertility, which occurs about 2-3 years afterwards.

    Why is this? What’s the evolutionary purpose in being sexually active (and attractive) before becoming fertile? Is it something to do with the fact we form long-term relationships and that girls are often chosen as wives several years before they reach reproductive age? Maybe being sexually available and attractive gets male attention and incites them to compete for the females?

  6. Jason Y

    Bossy and condescending people exist among all groups. Note, myself, I’ve been accused of bowing down to blacks, but the reality is that the personality type I mentioned exists among all groups.

    Now once people become condescending, resentment ensues and then violence. But then again, there is the argument that people should have balls and stand up for stuff – but the problem is that both sides will take up that claim.

    • Jason Y

      Another problem is using subjective stuff and claiming it to be objective. Like let’s say a retarded or fat Yananomo exists – so then, a few of the “angel-like” Yananamo will say, “Oh, he sucks 😆 . He looks stupid compared to us.”.

    • Jason Y

      And of course, there will be projection going on – with people having so called “negative traits” pointing out the “negative traits” of others so the attacker can feel better about themselves.


    Correction: It’s Napoleon Chagnon, not Nicholas.

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