Traffic Going Through the Roof on Beyond Highbrow

On Monday, we had one of our biggest days ever, with 60,587 hits and 40, 642 unique visitors! That is absolutely incredible traffic for this site which averages ~8,000 hits and  4,000 unique visitors a day lately. In fact, it may be one of the biggest days ever on this site.

Yesterday was also very good, with 21,349 hits and 13, 509 visitors.

The whole reason was this post. It has not yet been picked up by the MSM, but it is all over Facebook. I think on the big day, I got ~40,000 hits from Facebook.

The income coming into this site has also been very good in recent days. The past two months I made ~$1,000 of the site in addition to my normal income of ~$1,000.  $$2,000/month is more than I have made in a long time. You would have to go back to 1989-1990 and adjust for inflation. This month should be quite a bit better. So the decision to monetize the site appeared to be a good one. For those of you thinking of making money off the Internet, keep in mind that I have been running this site for I believe 12 years, four years on Blogger until I was banned from Blogger and eight years on WordPress so far. So it took me 12 years to build up to this point. A warning in case you are thinking this can be done in the wink of an eyes and a fortnight.

I would like to thank all my Delphi donators in the private forum for all their help. They are helping me to survive in life without having to borrow regularly from those close to me. So far, most all of the money has gone for car repairs which have totaled ~$3,000 this year so far. The large figure is because my car engine blew up recently after 228,000 miles. I do not think I caused it. I think it just blew from time and mileage. But hey, car repairs are a necessity too you know. You pretty much need a vehicle in the US nowadays.


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5 responses to “Traffic Going Through the Roof on Beyond Highbrow

  1. SHI

    Really happy for you. You’re doing great work, and deserve success.

    On a side note, did you ever come across this latest term LGBTQIA? It stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Queer, Intersex and Asexual. Couldn’t find much stuff online.

    I’m writing an article for an online faggot rights magazine. Don’t really believe in their cause but since it’s making me a small amount of money, need to play along a bit.

    The world is going crazy. Very few sane voices remain, this blog being one of them.

  2. Magneto

    ROBERT “THE ONE MAN SHOAH” LINDSAY is waging another SHOAH! 60,000 people a day are getting redpilled about Israel

  3. Every time you turn around, they add another crazy letter to their anagram. Soon it will be 100 letters long I guess. I’m not wild about gay men like most heterosexual men. I think most straight men are basically pretty damn homophobic. The worst thing you can be in straight male society is gay, I mean even 1% gay. It’s just not acceptable.

    On the other hand, there is this idea that there is no way in Hell we can do those acts or even act that way, maybe it’s ok for real gay men do act that way and do those things if they got wired up that way. That’s how I see it anyway. C’mon man, they can’t help it. If I got wired up that way, I’d be a fag too. Hell, I’d be one of the sluttiest fags of them all! I’d surely be dead of AIDS by now lol.

    In the past four days, the money has been incredible. Haven’t made that much per day in forever now. Last time I did, I think it was for some drug deal I did where I made $300 in an hour or two lol.

  4. Jason Y

    You could be shut down if WordPress becomes more politically correct. But if you moved to another server, you might not have the same search engine juice, so to speak. In that case, maybe you should just milk it while it’s hot and use some of the cash for a new project (on another server) where you wouldn’t be threatened.

    • Jason Y

      Maybe or something on another server and you could slowly redirect traffic from here to there, just as insurance in case WordPress becomes culturally left.

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