Major Changes to the Private Delphi Murders Fora

To access the latest posts on the site, please scroll pasts the first two sticky posts. 

Despite or possibly because of the smashing success of the private Delphi forum, we have had to make some major changes in the forum.

First of all, someone called Desirably Torn on the Topix site has declared war on the site, trying to destroy it in the process. Apparently he simply hates me. He is extremely self righteous, and he seems to think I am evil, so he is determined to destroy my site. Either that or he is just a destructive person who likes to destroy things for fun.

This person and an equally self-righteous woman he is in cahoots with also posted the names of some forum posters, all women, and started posting on the Topix public forum using the names of women on my forum. In one case, the pest used a woman user’s maiden name and married name. These women got very upset and threatened to quit. Everyone felt that the forum had been compromised, and the women were seriously concerned about their personal safety. So this man and woman were terrorizing the female posters on my site. You proud of yourselves? Later he somehow got access to the paid forum and posted the passwords on the open Internet for everyone to see. Obviously this is a very serious security breach.

Another troll actually paid $15 to join our site, and then strolled in and started picking fights with me of all people. Posters immediately launched into him, resulting in a huge fight spanning maybe 100 posts. He then went over to the Topix forum and started trashing our site. He was banned, all warring posts were deleted, and his money was kept.

This is a very serious problem. We have had have people who dedicated much of their time to destroying our site. These are extremely serious security breaches, and we had to take immediate action.

From now on, the donation requirement has gone up to a minimum of $20. We figure the higher fee might keep the pests and destroyers out, but who knows? If you have already paid at least $20, you are in. If you have paid less than $20, you will have to pay at least $5-10 more to equal a $20 contribution. I have records of all of your payments, so don’t worry.

Donation page.

Each post in the forum now has a separate passcode that is pretty much impossible to remember. The passwords are secure from a dictionary attack also for reasons I will not go into.

In addition, we have undertaken even further security measures to safeguard the forum users.

Hopefully these new policies will at least keep the security breaches to a minimum.

I would like to point out more thing to the people who are  dedicated to destroying  this site for whatever insane reason they have. I realize that you and quite a few others out there have an extreme, off the charts hatred of me for some retarded self-righteous reason. Fine.

But do you any of you realize that this site is very important to the LE working on this case? Well, it is. I know that for an absolute fact. I am not going to tell you how I know that, but I do know it. So in trying to destroy this site, do you realize that you are trying to destroy a valuable trove of evidence that LE is utilizing to attempt to solve this case? You are directly attacking the LE who are working on this crime. Why don’t you just go over to the Delphi Center and start slashing police tires and cutting phone lines to the tip lines? You are doing something similar when you deranged haters try to destroy my site. You are hurting LE efforts to solve this case in a serious way. Why do you want to do that?

Protected thread 1:

Protected thread 2:

Protected thread 3:

Protected thread 4:

Protected thread 5:

Protected thread 6 – Non-Delphi murders and mysteries:


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104 responses to “Major Changes to the Private Delphi Murders Fora

  1. Charlene Godard

    Just donated $10. Please send passwords.

  2. Winston84

    Thank you Robert , for your expeditiousness and passion in preserving the integrity of this fora. Your hard work and quick reaction is commendable!! You have provided an invaluable service to your authentic readers.

  3. Jay

    While I completely understand the need to keep certain people out I unfortunately don’t have the funds to read along. It is a shame because I’ve been following along from almost the beginning on this page but again do what you have to do.

    • Dennis

      Same here Jay. I just found this site today and very interested in it. There’s a lot of very interesting facts that I never knew about. Thanks for your hard work on this.

    • J

      You are not alone on this Jay, I feel you’re pain!!

      • Jay and J are both on the new pages now.

      • J, a woman named blueeyedpea (below) has donated $100 with the instructions to use everything over $20 to grandfather in you folks who paid $10 but cannot afford the other $10. I am using part of her $80 to cover the remaining $10 of your fee.

        • J

          I just want to say that I am truly grateful for what greeneyedpea and Robert has done for me. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to continue with this great group of people.

        • You are so welcome, J. I really enjoyed your contributions on the earlier posts and I am looking forward to your continuing contributions.

        • Sally Brown

          Robert i have no money for six months because of a deadbeat dad not helping pay for his children. Can you please include me? I would be forever grateful. this case has broken my heart truly.

        • Unless you can get someone to pay your way in, I don’t think I can help you. We were letting some people in on hardship waivers, but the members were adamant that there be no more hardship waivers let in as they might be spies or trolls and we can’t take that chance. The members demanded that the fee go up to $20 to keep the trolls, spies and stalkers out. These types were wrecking the forum.

          Maybe someone can pay your way in for you.

    • Delilah

      Same here. Bowing out. Thanks for all of the great work and insight.

  4. Nik

    I have paid how do I receive the passcodes for the Delphi fora?

    • Nikki, PayPal has put on a hold on your donation because they say they want to investigate it. They say they should be done in 24 hours. I guess it is in limbo right now, and it is definitely not in my account, I assure you that.


      Payment Under Review

      Payment Under Review

      Number of transactions under Payment Review: 2

      Pending balance for transactions under Payment Review: $28.53 USD

      To help protect you, we’re reviewing the transaction(s) below to ensure your safety. The Payment Review will be complete within 24 hours. You should not ship the item until we’ve cleared the payment.

      • Nik

        I just received an email that they are done reviewing the transaction and approved payment, please send passcodes when you can. Thank you

  5. Nunyabusiness

    Mr. Lindsay, could you email me please? I am having some issues opening an account to follow your posts. Something about having to create a blog or website etc. Im not real tech savvy per say haha.

  6. Hi Robert…I am out I guess. I cannot afford to pay more but wish you all luck and hopefully you can keep the bad ones out.

  7. Sun

    Hi Robert, I believe I have donated $20 already over multiple donations. May I please have the new password(s)? Warm regards.

  8. Wow. Just wow.

    This case has gripped me since Valentine’s Day as I read on of these beautiful young ladies who were tragically taken at the hands of a monster. I’m from NJ and still this hit close to home. I too had an old railway in my backyard that friends and I often trailed to explore and take pictures.

    Robert your work is incredible here. Thanks for using your gift of writing and sharing it.

  9. Lyndsay

    I am unable to donate more at this time. It really sucks because I visited this site daily, paid previously to be able to read the private thread. Followed you since day 1 in regards to this crime.

    • Lyndsay, a woman named blueeyedpea (above) has donated $100 with the instructions to use everything over $20 to grandfather in you folks who paid $10 but cannot afford the other $10. If you wish, I can use part of her $80 as your $10 to let you in.

      • Mayur Varshne

        That’s mighty socialist on the part of the noble Samaritan lady. May her tribe thrive and increase.

      • Lyndsay

        PLEASE do so- I miss reading this daily, also a HUGE thank you to blueyedpea. That is very kind and thoughtful of you.

  10. How will you be using the proceeds from these subscription fees? $20 is awfully expensive.

    • Right now most of it ($1,820) has gone for car repairs. I have quite a bit of loans – $5,500 – from people close to me I really ought to pay back. For instance, that $1,820 above did not even cover all the repairs. The total came to ~$3,000 and I got loaned the other $1,250 for the rest. They are not demanding it back, but I probably should. They went into debt to cover that for me and they already have $12,000 in credit card debt out.

      • Looptyloo

        Robert is that how much you have collected? $1800\5months that’s $360/month. I hope people don’t think you were getting rich off of this for all the hours that you put in it

        • This site was making virtually nothing for the longest time. I worked full-time on it for nine years and received almost no money for it. In recent years, I have made some money off it but not much, maybe $1,000/yr., something like that.

          Last two months since the fee requirements went in, I made an average of $1,025/month. July is doing a lot better though, I must say. But $1,000/month is not much money.

        • Looptyloo

          No it’s not much but at least you’re making a little money you do spend a lot of time on this site and working

        • Lately it is seriously full-time. Some days I am on here seems like 10-12 hours.

      • Winston84

        Robert is providing a service (a rather great service), not simply a subscription. You have a right to know what you are getting for that service and questions about that information, or the subscription itself.

        I provide a service. My boss pays for my services. Both boss and the people I serve have a right to know how I send my time during the service and ask questions about the service.

        No one has the right to ask me what I do with the monies from my boss. Neither does anyone else have the right to ask Robert what he does from the monies collected because of his service. I think it is rude and frankly none if anyone’s business.

        Robert does not owe an answer about his finances and how he manages them.

        I think the question you ought to ask yourself is this service worth it to you or not.? That’s your decision. If $20 is too expensive, then either save up for it or pay what you can when you can. You have read how generous Greeneyedpea is. Capitalize on that. I find your inquiry inappropriate.

        • Winston84

          Just wanted to say what a marvelous thing it is that you have done. I wish I could afford to do that. So kudos to you and your thoughtfulness!!

        • Oh my God, I whole heartedly agree! No one has the right to ask you what you do with your money. Gimme a break!

        • I was hoping it would be going towards something related to Abigail and Liberty. I do not find it at all inappropriate to want to know what my money is being used for in a situation like this, with no contract, TOS, or receipt. It’s entirely within Mr. Lindsay’s power to take our money on the premise of special access and then not give out passwords, or delete his material, or continually as for more and more money for access. Upon looking into this site and it’s users, I do not choose to donate my money towards it.

        • fauxgetaboutit

          I was hoping it would be going towards something related to Abigail and Liberty. I do not find it at all inappropriate to want to know what my money is being used for in a situation like this, with no contract, TOS, or receipt.

          Why? This is how I earn my living these days. It’s how I pay my rent, my bills, gas, food, everything, you name it, especially car repairs these days. $1,800 went to fix my car. Why don’t you give all your income to “Abbie and Libby?” No one else is giving all their income to “Abbie and Libby” so why in the Hell should I?

          Most people donate by PayPal, and they do get receipts.

          It’s entirely within Mr. Lindsay’s power to take our money on the premise of special access and then not give out passwords, or delete his material, or continually as for more and more money for access.

          None of which has happened nor will happen. If you knew me you would not even be making a statement like that. Obviously you don’t know me.

          Upon looking into this site and it’s users, I do not choose to donate my money towards it.

          You will not be missed.

          PS You’re banned.

          HAVE A NICE DAY!

  11. Winston84

    And Robert, you are also bring generous with your ability to work with folks and set up. “Budget payment plan.” that’s how valuable this service is!

  12. Charlene Godard

    I donated my extra $10 Just this past Sunday, and you sent me all 4 passwords. However, when I try to enter them, they don’t go through.
    Not sure if I’m doing something wrong or if information got crossed somehow. Could you check on your end?

  13. I just got into all four posts via the passwords. Are you typing them in?

  14. greeneyedpea

    My brother once told me when dropping me off at the airport “You ARE a socialist”, to which I replied, “why, thank you!”. He then told me he didn’t mean it as a compliment. 🙂

  15. G

    Rob, I’d like to send a money order to you (old fashioned mail). Where do I mail it? I’ve never posted, just a reader. Been with you since the beginning on Delphi. Thanks, G. Rambo.

  16. Greg Rambo

    Rob, I’d like to send a money order to you (old fashioned mail). Where do I mail it? I’ve never posted, just a reader. Been with you since the beginning on Delphi. Thanks, G. Rambo.

  17. Jared Terry

    I am posting from the U.K and I am rather perplexed that it is possibile to name a suspect many times over (presumably with supporting evidence) without it being illegal in breaching defamation and slander laws. I know the information is behind a paywall but I do not see how this effects matters. As far as I am aware the suspect nor the police have asked you to cease and desist which actually makes me wonder if you might have the right suspect or be on the right path. I suppose I am writing out of ignorance to an extent as I cannot yet access the private forums. I know you are concerned about trolls so I’d just like to say my interest is genuine both in this specific case and web sleuthing in general ( the work on the Maura Murray case hooked me in). I am happy to share my academic credentials with you if need be, not they are directly relevant to criminology. Finally, is the min payment of $20 only through paypal or do you accept any other platforms? Best. – Jared.

    • It’s not illegal. US laws are much more lax than UK laws. If we were doing this on the open Internet, we might have problems. And LE not only does not care that we are doing this, they have actually requested all of our evidence in this case. And they are on the private forum themselves. The private forum is like a closed room. It’s like we are talking about someone behind the closed doors of a house. You can say anything you want about anyone in a situation like that. No one else can hear it. The only things that are actionable are things that are out on the public net.

      Defamation and libel:

      1. It must be false.
      2. We the people saying it must know it is false are continuing to say it anyway.
      3. It must be done with malice aforethought.

      None of the three are true.

      PayPal is acceptable or you can send by snail mail if you like. UK is a ways away, but I have received packages from there from girlfriends.

  18. Kathie Jones

    Hi Robert is it possible to work out a payment plan if I can prove to you im on social assistance? i have three kids and a deadbeat dad so you can imagine its tough. but I want to pay i just need time and could send one payment every two weeks?

  19. Zuma

    Robert, did you reveal the piece of evidence you got, but had keep on the down low b/c at the request of the police? I’m not on the protected forum anymore and wondered if you had any info for a public update. Thanks!

  20. Lyn

    Hi Robert,

    So it’s still $10 to post on the regular forum and $20 to have access to the private threads? I have donated $15 so far- long ago.


    • No you can post on Delphi posts to your heart’s content. But if you want to be a regular commenter on the non-Delphi posts, it’s $10. Yes it is $20 for the private threads. Are you on Post 4?

      • Lyn

        I just got back from vacation and was seeing the changes. Are the passwords still the same for Delphi threads 1-3? I have not been given the password for #4 and suppose I owe $5 more?

        As I said, I paid $15 months ago so that I could sometimes post on the regular threads, ($10 required and $5 extra for the heck of it) and at that time the Delphi threads/passwords were free. Then I was covered when the charge for private threads went up to $10. So, just wondering what to do now for access to the Delphi threads as things now stand.

        • Five more dollars would be great. So sorry it had to go up, but we had issues with spies and then trolls broke and released all of the passwords on the open Internet. The people on the forum actually demanded that I raise it to $20 so they could feel safer. We figure that if we raise it high enough, spies and trolls hate me so much, they won’t dare give me $20 just to mess with me. I’m so sorry about all of this. I’d like you to join, and I actually miss you in there. You were one of my best sleuths.

  21. Lyn

    OK, Robert, no problem. I’ll email you when I make a payment. Thanks for the information.

  22. Jason Y

    Getting hacked or trolled is always going to be a threat – considering what a lot of your subject matter (outside of the Delphi thing) is. Anyway, getting hacked might not be a problem since WordPress runs the site, but if you ran it on your own server, then you might want to get some DDOS attack protection and stronger passwords.

  23. Megan

    I just made payment of $20 USD – I am from Australia so I am not too sure if this will clear right away but wanted to advise you of payment so I could get the emails when it is cleared.

    TY 🙂

  24. Lyn

    Hi Robert,

    Just donated more for access to private Delphi threads. Please send the passwords when you have a chance.

    Thanks a lot,


  25. Michelle

    I donated 7/18 and didn’t receive any code. I figured you were busy then I actually forgot about it until I read something on a FB page so I thought I check in on here.

  26. Sally Brown

    Robert, have you seen what they’re saying about you over on Topix and Reddit? Horribly things. That you’re a pedophile and that you beg for money. It’s awful. You may not want to pay my way and that’s fine. I don’t expect men to help with financial matters. The father of my child is a deadbeat and probably an example of a typical man. I hope you don’t discriminate based on sex.

    Anwyay i’ll continue to stick up for you on those sites even though they vote me down.

    all the best.

    • Yes I know. I am sick and tired of it, and none of it is true.

      Of course I am not a pedophile. I have nothing someone who got wired up pedophile biologically as their sexual orientation and as I work in mental health, I have worked with a couple of pedophiles in the past. Neither was offending I thought they were both fine people. But pedophilia is just not my thing, sorry. Not that there’s anything wrong with it.

      This is a pay site, so what do you expect, of course, there are nag posts sometimes asking you to go paid. All pay sites are like that.

      Of course I do not discriminate based on sex.

      One of the members may be able to pay your way in. I will see what I can do about that.

      Thank you for sticking up for me. Really nothing they say about me over there is true. None of it! It’s all just lies.

      • Sally Brown

        thank you, robert. I alway stick up for you. and i’ve reported every post on Topix with these pictures so they’re taken down.

      • Rambo

        Rob, tell these pedo accusers to bug off. They’re idiots. By the way, I’ve had no trouble getting into page 4. It’s page 3 and page 2 that have been problematic. Any suggestions as to how to make it easier? It’s probably because I’m doing this from a phone. Character recognition might be an issue. Your thoughts would be most welcome. Aloha, Rambo.

      • Chase Howard

        There’s nothing wrong with pedophilia? What?

        • There’s nothing wrong with the fact that someone got wired up as a pedophile against their will. I would go so far as to say that there’s nothing wrong with pedophilia at all for any reasons. Pedophilia is just an attraction to children. Most pedophiles simply got wired up that way through no fault of their own. Pedophilia is a sexual orientation. There honestly is nothing wrong with any sexual orientation whatsoever. Anyone can get turned on by anything they want to. It’s a free country and we haven’t made thought crimes illegal yet, though I am sure scumbags like you are working on it.

          Pedophilia is simply a thought process, a sexual orientation. Most people truly oriented that way got wired up that way out of no fault of their own. It’s simply a way of thinking. It doesn’t harm one single soul and it’s not their fault anyway.

          Child molestation on the other hand is an act. This seems to be what you are referring to. There is not really anything wrong with pedophilia (a sexual orientation) as its just a way of thinking that doesn’t necessarily hurt a soul. On the other hand, child molestation, sometimes but not usually associated with pedophilia, is I would say a problem. In many cases, it seems to harm the girl, and in a lot of cases it’s not really consensual. Even if she goes along with it (and trust me, they do sometimes) I still think it’s wrong because we as a society simply don’t want adults having even consensual sex with kids. It’s one of our values and we have a right to enforce our values with laws.

          To summarize:

          There’s nothing wrong with pedophilia. It’s just a way to think.

          There’s absolutely something wrong child molestation. It’s not a way to think; it’s a type of action, and it most cases it seems to be harmful, and even where it’s not, we don’t want that bullshit in our society.

          You see, people like you think like little children. You are engaging in magical thinking. That’s what little children do. Apparently you cannot think like a adult because you never matured that far. Newsflash! Your magical thinking is that thoughts and actions are the same thing and that a bad thought is just as bad as a bad action. But you’re wrong! Thoughts and actions are completely different things and it’s insane to mix them up. We have crimes against behavior. We don’t yet have crimes against thoughts, but I am sure you scum are working on it.

          I do not think adults should be having sex with children under the age of 12. If you want to talk about adults having sex with teenage girls, it’s a lot messier but it’s not child molesting anyway. It’s statutory rape or illegal intercourse. The laws vary all over the place, so it’s hard to say it’s evil for an adult to have sex with a 15-17 year old girl when it’s legal in half the places on Earth, including most of Europe. I actually do not think there is usually anything wrong adult men having sex with teenage girls if it is consensual. No one’s hurt and most of the time the girl seduces the man and wants it anyway. Teenage girls are horny as Hell and they chase after adult men constantly.

          However, it doesn’t matter what I think. The laws say that sex with girls under 18 or 16 or 15 (depending on state) is illegal for adults (except for Romeo and Juliet clauses). Even though I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, it’s not smart to do it as you could well get caught and then you will probably get screwed with a criminal conviction and jail or prison time. So I advise all men to try not have sex with teenage girls where it violates the law.

          I realize it’s probably pretty hard to do sometimes when she is throwing herself at you, but men need to control themselves. I have had teenage girls come right up to me and ask me to come them, sometimes right in the middle of classes I was teaching at school. I turned them down. If I can turn them down, you can too. I have teenage girls after me sometimes to this very day, and I am 60 years old! I am still able to not pursue them, thank God, but I think a lot of men are weak and just cave especially when a teenage girl comes right up to you and grabs your dick and starts rubbing it, which is not uncommon. I worry that I might cave too some time, but I haven’t touched an underage teenage girl since age 21, and I hope it stays that way.

  27. Sally Brown

    Rob, look at these. You need to make a complaint!

  28. KJ

    Hi, I just donated, please send password to private threads when you get a chance. Thank you.

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  30. Lolopgo

    Hi Robert. I donated. How do I access the protected threads. Need pass codes. Thanks

  31. sen

    Just curious about connection with the man they just arrested in September in my county in Colorado, Daniel Nations. There has been some speculation about him and the Indiana case. I don’t consider myself a sleuth but I am interested in what, why, where and how we can stop people like this. Daniel Nations was arrested in connection with the murder of a trail bike rider here, menacing several people with an ax and there was an interest in him for Abbie and Liberty’s murder.

  32. DB

    Donated $20. Please send passwords

  33. KS

    Hi! Just donated $20. Please send passwords. Thanks!

  34. anonymous

    Maybe the haters are responsible for the crime.

  35. Sandy Ridgeway

    Oh Wow I love your site. You most definitely did your homework. Just wondering, have all the Mears family members been investigated? There Brothers , nephews etc? The guy across the street , Logan.. he would not dispose of bodies on his own property. Thank you and God

    • All cleared. They had nothing to do with it. You should join our Delphi forum. Hottest site on the net for the Delphi Murders. 10,000+ comments, hundreds of photos, over 200 members. It’s not free though.

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