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Attention Delphi Murders Private Forum Members!


I am seriously considering changing the password to the site. In fact, I am going to do so right now. Everyone who donated will still be able to access the site. Unfortunately you will have to email me for the new password. If you have made any friends on here who you email with, you can get the password from them or you can distribute it to other known members with whom you talk.

When you write me, remind me of who you are. If I know who you are, I will give this new one right out. If I do not remember you and you donated, just tell me what email or name you donated under. I have tried to keep records of all donations, and anyway even if I missed you, Paypal has a record of you. If I waived you, remind me of that. I may have records of that. If not, search in your records. Problem is I did not necessarily keep records of all of my waivers. If I can’t find you, I may not be able to let you back in. No soliciting the password on the main site. Some of you talk to me by phone. Just call me for the new password. Others were given my # but never called me. You may call me or not as you wish to get a new number.

This is all because of some loathsome piece of dirt named Desirably Torn who is impersonating me and has somehow obtained a password to the forum. He is leaking data from here in a very dirty and evil way every day, and lately he has started leaking some names of some of the posters. Two women were named today, and they seem a bit frightened about that. I swear to uphold the safety of my commenters, especially my women commenters, as they have more needs in this area.

There are also scumbag trolls in some of the Facebook sites who have gained the password somehow. At the beginning I was giving out passwords for free, and they may have gotten in that way.

If any of these loathsome worms somehow paid me to gain access to this forum, this trick will not work. We will just have to see if this works or not. I seriously doubt if any of these scumbags were willing to give me $10. They hate me so much. When you hate someone that much, you don’t want to give them one red cent in general. I know I would not piss on my enemies if they were on fire, nor would I throw a nickel their way for anything. If you are paid to be a spy, of course it is different, and you will pay all sorts of money to your enemies to get information.

New password will go into effect on Post #3 tonite. LE has been given the password, and they will not have the new password. I suppose they need to get it from me, or if any of you know any LE who read the site (and yes, they definitely do read the site) simply give them the password. Access is free for LE as a general rule.


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