I Don’t Care If People Like Me or Pretend to Like Me

I pretend to like people all the time.

Even if I do not like the woman I am dealing with, I usually just fake and pretend to like her so I can get through the encounter without generating any hostility on her end. One therapist told me that this is “dishonest communication,” but I could care less what it is. I really don’t care if people like me or hate me and pretend to like me. What do I care? If they hate me and pretend to like me, I won’t know that they hate me, right? So what do I care what they think in their minds? They can think anything they want to about me. It’s a free country. I am not the Thought Police.

With my friends and acquaintances, I really do prefer that they like me. On the other hand, if they just pretend to like me, I am not sure if I care. If I never find out, what difference does it make? I am not in this world to solicit pure and honest reactions and emotions from people. I feel most people are lying a good part of the time and faking their reactions and emotions another part of the time. I really don’t care about sincerity. On the other hand, when someone sincerely likes or loves you, it’s quite apparent anyway, so it’s paranoid to worry about sincerity.

Bottom line is that honesty and sincerity are seriously overrated.

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