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Repetition in OCD and Other Disorders

Optimus Prime: Fair enough, he’s said what he wanted to say and has repeated it a gazillion times. As you said, the man cannot control himself. Robert, apart from NPD does he suffer from OCD as well?

Sure, I actually wish Trash well honestly. He’s just not a good fit for the site.

OCD does not = constant repetition. The thoughts repeat in the brain (definitely in my case), and some of the compulsions can be repetitive, but that is because they are trying to get it right or perfect or make perfectly sure they did it right.

That’s not what is going on here. This is different. We are looking at NPD as the primary process here.

It’s like he’s not sure you heard him the first time, so he’s saying it again or shouting it to make sure you heard. Also I think he is in love with the sound of his own voice.

I will admit that Trash is a talented and even entertaining writer. He makes this cool statement or analogy and then he repeats it in the next post because he thinks it’s such a neat little bit of prose. It often is a nice sentence or phrase, but you are not supposed to repeat it no matter how damn good the image is. You say it once and move on. He’s saying it again because he thinks it is a nice image, and he is impressed with himself, so he says it again to make sure you heard him the first time, like what people do when they say something and get no response. They often repeat it because they are not sure you heard them the first time.

I do not wish to single this man out as being “Mr. Crazy.” Face it, we’re all nuts.

And as we are dealing with a personality disorder here, I would like to point out that in my opinion, we all have disordered personalities of varying degrees. I think we all have adaptive personalities to varying degrees too.


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Face It: No One Has a Healthy Personality

All of us have healthy and sick aspects of our personalities. It’s more or less normal to be nuts. Life takes its toll. Life wounds all heels and all of the rest of us too. I am not sure if there are any truly healthy people. If you went through 25,000 people, you might find one healthy person. I had a therapist once who told me that he had dealt with 20,000 in his career, and he hadn’t met one healthy person yet. He was of the opinion that there was no such thing. The general idea then would be to try to be least nuts and the most healthy that you can be and banish ideas such crazy, sane, unhealthy and healthy.

Sure we all have disordered personalities, but some people have personalities that are so disordered that we say they have a problem. We do not like to dole out diagnoses like candy, and there has been a strong movement nowadays to avoid pathologizing normal behavior. It’s a huge backlash against the DSMization of mental illness or the medical model as they put it. But I am a fan of the medical model. In my work, I have found that it is pretty much valid.

We call something a disorder if it making you miserable or seriously impairs your ability to function. It also may well be getting in the way with other people as others may  be reacting badly to your disorder.

In the case personality disorders, these folks generally think they are fine and that there is nothing wrong with them. The problem is with everyone else.

So who says they’re nuts? Well the problem is that in the PD’s we are dealing with a personality that is so far along the disordered spectrum that even other people start thinking that there is something  seriously off about this person’s personality. It has to be pretty bad as humans are tolerant folks, and most of us are aware that we’re at least a bit nuts themselves. People with PD’s are abrasive, annoying and exasperating and often cause a lot of impersonal chaos and drama. In other cases, the PD makes it very hard for the person to function socially. The person seems so strange and weird that others simply do not wish to deal with them. We think this is a problem because the PD is seriously getting into the way as far as functioning.

There continue to be arguments about the validity of some disorders.


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Self-Defeating or Masochistic Personality Disorder

SDPD or MPD is an interesting concept. It’s more than being a battered woman.

Ever heard of the guy at work who meekly says, “Hey, it’s Friday night at 5 PM. You all go home. It’s a weekend night, and you need to get home early to have fun for the weekend. Don’t worry that your work’s not finished. I will stay here tonight and finish up your work for you.”

His behavior is masochistic in a nonsexual sense. He’s going to suffer like Jesus for the sins of the rest of you (not finishing your work). Don’t worry. You will be saved when Work Jesus finishes your work at 11 PM and trudges out of the office bleary eyed and alone. He doesn’t deserve to party. He’s on this Earth to suffer. He’s Work Jesus.

“You all go off and have fun now. I’ll just stay here and suffer alone. Don’t let me make you feel guilty or anything like that.”

Ever known anyone like that?








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Passive-Aggressive Personality Disorder as a Valid Concept

This post deals with a concept called Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder that has risen, died and been resurrected a few times by the psychiatric community.

I read a recent article on Passive Aggressive PD that cheered on the fact that it was in the trash can now. The implication was that we are all passive aggressive sticks in the mud in one way or another.

Perhaps that is true, but I have met some people who are so passive-aggressive that they are frustrating, annoying, abrasive, exasperating and most of all infuriating.

You give the person a car to work on, and he says it will be done in  a week. It’s not done in a week, and he had all the time in the world. He is just being a stick in the mud as usual. You keep calling him. Three weeks later, you start to get angry. He completely blows up at you, as it’s you that are the problem, not him. The fact that it has been three weeks and he hasn’t even looked at the car yet is your problem, not his! He is outraged that you are such a terrible person that you bothered him about this. He is also self-righteous, as he thinks waiting three weeks for no damn reason was  completely reasonable!

You finally get the car back maybe six weeks later, and he “forgot” to fix a couple of things that he promised to fix. Whoops! He didn’t forget. He intentionally refused to fix them to get back at you for being reasonable and asking him to keep his end of the deal! We can’t have that! To this person, your concept of fairness is an outrage!

Now you look at the rest of the person’s life, and you see that passivity is the normal way of reacting with the world since a very early age. You go down the passive-aggressive checklist, and you check off at least five numbers.

This person is ill not because they are passive-aggressive. We all are, and if you ask some of my female ex’es and even current best friends, I am notorious, though I cannot see it. But the person above has become so passive aggressive that it is messing up their lives. In addition, it is starting to blow up a lot of their relationships, and as the anecdote above suggests, it’s probably getting in the way or making money. His passive aggression is turning him into a major asshole.

I would argue that this person is ill and that their personality is so disordered that we ought to diagnose it and call it Passive Aggressive Personality Disorder. I think we ought to bring back PAPD as a concept despite this dumb dimensional model that DSM-5 is forcing us to use.

Every met anyone like this?

Most of the other trashed PD’s are the same. I am certain that Depressive Personality Disorder exists. Someone very close to me is a textbook case. It’s quite rare, but it’s real. Sadistic Personality exists and so does Self-Defeating of Masochistic Personality Disorder. These two were thrown out by idiot feminist clinicians who thought that woman batterers would be labeled as ill with SPD and they would use it to try to get out of punishment.

They also thought that battered women would be prejudiciously labeled as SDPD or MPD, and this would be a blame the victim thing. Well, sometimes you need to blame the victim in sense. It takes two to tango. And many battered women would indeed qualify as SDPD.

I think you all know what Sadistic Personality Disorder looks like as most of you have probably had the misfortune of meeting one.



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Trash Is Being Banned Again


  • He derails threads all the time. He was banned for this.
  • He annoys the living Hell out of me.
  • He repeats himself endlessly, even word for word almost. He writes one post, and then he posts it again rewriting it somewhat.
  • He has these obsessions that he hammers on endlessly and always derails about.
  • Most of all, lately he picks fights with other commenters. I am not sure if he used to do that before. He starts fights with other men for no reason other than his insecurity or psychological stuff.
  • He uses the site as some sort of a stage to strut around on to gain fans or narcissistic supply.
  • I am not even sure if he is writing to write. I think he is writing to show off and to hear his own voice.
  • One more thing I just realized, and it makes me sad. The poor man has no sense of humor. I finally figured that out. He never laughs at jokes. I make funny posts, and he never laughs or cuts up. He reacts seriously to them. He never cracks jokes, even though some of his stuff is rather funny. He’s dead serious all the time. I don’t get it. I think it’s wrapped up in his psychological stuff.

Reason for banning: General annoyance. It says in the Rules that I can ban you for any reason or no reason if I feel like it. I almost never use that clause, but now I will.

Recommendation: He needs to get his own site. Then he can peacock around all he wants.


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