President Shitstain


Happy Fourth of July everyone! And I especially wish a Happy Fourth to my President, President Shitstain!

Believe it or not, that is a real photo, not a Photoshop. He actually did shit his pants on the green, or on the green and brown I guess. Maybe when he golfs they should call the Putting Green the Pooping Green instead.


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6 responses to “President Shitstain

  1. evreedaynew


  2. SHI

    I didn’t check that pic (ew!) but it looks like sand. When you suddenly slip on the grass, it can soil you badly. What a sight that must have been though, Drumpf shaking the entire Earth with his bon-bon. I hope they leak that footage someday.

    That’s why one should never wear all-whites. People will jump to the wong conclusions even when coffee stains is all you have.

  3. jason voorhees

    Looked better than Nehru did when the Tamil chick blew him. That famous photo of her in 6 pieces is memorable too.

    • SHI

      Rajiv Gandhi?

      Nehru died in 1964. That was long before the onset of Tamil militancy in Sri Lanka.

      • jason voorhees

        Thanks for correcting me, I meant Indira’s son down there in Tamil Nadu.

        That family sure pissed off some Sikhs and Tamils. Mother and son both assassinated.

      • jason voorhees

        I stand corrected the guy was Indira’s son. Funny that he was assassinated by another pissed-off Indian demographic on the other side of the country only about 6 years after his mother.

        Nehru was the guy who came up with now-ironic term Third World.

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