A Very Unusual Request to My Readers

I know this is a very unusual request, but bear with me.

I have a friend in India. He absolutely hates India, he hates the culture, the religion, everything. To him, it’s just rotten. And of course he is right. It is rotten. India is where you soul goes to die. He’s a Christian, so the whole society offends him.

He is a very smart guy, an intellectual, and he’s quite learned. He seems to have quite a bit of money. He is part way through completing a course in Accounting. I have no doubt that he can become an Accountant. He seems to be a nice looking guy to me, but I am not much of a judge of male looks. He is 36 years old. His English is excellent, albeit with a strong accent. He is very Aryan in looks. Honestly, if you met him, you would not even know he was Indian. He looks like a European, albeit a rather swarthy one, maybe a Med.

He’s not particular at all about women. He has almost no requirements that way.  Just under 40, speaks English and no Indian women for some reason.

This guy wants to get out of India even though he has money. The place is literally killing him, basically because he is a good  person, and Indian society is rotten. He is also very afraid of the new fascist BPP party in power. He says there is no place in India for people like him and he is afraid that the Hindutva fascists will beat him up or even kill him.

He will do anything to get out of that place.

He figures his best shot is to marry an American woman. However, he absolutely does not want to do a VISA fraud immigration marriage. That’s a fake marriage just to get into the country. It’s a felony and he wants nothing to do with that. He was formerly married to a Frenchwoman, so he is compatible with Western society and Western women. As Indian men go, he’s not much of a pig at all. He genuinely loves women. He will only marry in a real marriage to a real woman who really wants to marry him. Anyway there’s nothing in it for her for a fake marriage anyway.  He won’t pay her a nickel for that.

She  could talk to him on Facebook, and he can call her and talk to her on the phone. He calls the US all the time. If she talks to him on Facebook and on the phone and likes him, he will fly her to India so she can meet him. She can spend some time with him there to see if she likes him or not. He wants a woman under 40.

The thing is, if one of my readers can help me with this  problem and run an amateur marriage bureau for this fellow and find him a wife, he can make it very much worth our while. And there is nothing whatsoever illegal about that.

If he is lying to me and he is really trying to do a fake immigration marriage, well, that is a felony and he may well be caught. At that point, he will have to face the music.

I do not get involved in shady schemes, but this is 100% legal for you and me, and he seems to be on the up and up. He wants to do this in a legal and proper way.

My haters are going to rake me over the coals for this post, but so what. The thing is that if one of my commenters can help me with this, this fellow promises to pay for being a marriage bureau for him. And he will pay well.

Most  people are going to say this is nuts and blow it off, but if you think you can do it and you want to make some money, comment or shoot me an email and we will talk about it.

Thanks in advance.


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258 responses to “A Very Unusual Request to My Readers

  1. Coco Van

    This a fabulous request and I wish I was younger and single. An old worldish romantic notion strikes my fancy. Lol.

    • Coco Van

      And so what Robert, haters are going to hate. I applaud this effort; life’s short and everyone deserves love.

  2. Bo

    I think this is great!

  3. Magneto

    Can’t he get a job in a foreign country? Why does he want to go to America specifically? Couldn’t he find a job in Southeast Asia or East Asia? Or maybe Russia or Southern Europe?

    Marrying a woman simply to escape your country is lame as fuck. If he is as smart as you say he is, he should easily be able to get a job in another country. At least that way he won’t be ruining some poor woman’s life.

    • Magneto

      Also India is not so bad. The guy could turn to spirituality, and choose to live in one of India’s spiritual holy places. He would be able to attain a transcendental state of consciousness by living in one of those places and thus his mental suffering would ease.

      • Greg anthony

        That would mean leaving Christianity & the false narrative of Hindu terror when many bombings have been by christian terrorists in the North East who demolish Temples & kidnap children..

        Also yes he should learn Russian & go there..

        • Tulio

          Russia is extremely xenophobic for non-Russians.

        • I am too much in LOVE with the language ENGLISH…it’s so fucking regal; it’s so fucking masculine…and ENGLISH LITERATURE finds a lot of takers everywhere…but to actually write in ENGLISH, you need to be among the ANGLO-SAXONS or their OFF-SHOOTS.

        • Northeasterners are BIG bullies…in their own backyard…CHRISTIANITY or no CHRISTIANITY…besides they look a lot different.

      • jason voorhees

        mumbling’s of a high-caste NRI posing as a Gora on this website for shits and giggles-which does demonstrate the vacuity of the NRI psyche.

      • INDIA is the most UnChristian place on earth…even with all its moderate ways…people are highly JUDGMENTAL, have almost no respect for each other’s PRIVACY, are constantly at each other’s throat, are narrow minded…and they have found a new passion…it’s called MONEY…because what AMERICA does, INDIA has to copy blindly.

    • How does he ruin some poor woman’s life by marrying her? I don’t get it.

      • Greg anthony

        What caste is he

        • Well you ought to be ashamed of yourself, CHRISTIAN…ohhh I forgot you are a WHITE man! I am from a small clan of the trading class here, which is called BANIA…though my clan claims to be directly related to KRISHNA…so I guess I am from a small warrior clan which happens to have taken up trade after it’s fall from GLORY…but if you ask me, the whole of it is a typical HINDU mythological nonsense.

      • Greg anthony

        Because he’s still an Indian..

        He’s basically killing any woman’s chance of a normal social life…

        Until this changes Robert your Indian friends must stay in India….

        With their


        • What is normal social life of a woman in your part of the world? I hope it’s not getting laid at the drop of a hat, sleeping around without any damn fucking morals etc etc…you know what I mean…of course, I am all for wild fun but within marriage, not outside it…come on, I am just an INDIAN.

      • Magneto

        I misread your statement, I thought he wanted to marry an American woman just for a visa, which is not cool at all. But if he genuinely wants to marry an American woman and be a good husband to her, then that’s fine.

  4. Halal Butcher of Lhasa

    “He’s not particular at all about women. He has almost no requirements that way. Just under 40, speaks English, and no Indian women for some reason…” Are you sure he wasn’t hinting at something else?

    • How badly I wish I had a charming WHITE personality! Losers cannot be choosers…these days…in the era of unabashed CAPITALISM. I sure as hell am straight…I can very well prove that conclusively at YOUR expense.

      • Halal Butcher of Lhasa

        In case you don’t know,that guy in the bridal gown is Sean Connery who is supposed to be as straight as hell. Actually I heard most of the macho looking homos crave to be bottom.

    • I can assure you that I would have been making merry THERE with all the SASSY American girls had I shown the presence of mind to leave this HINDU shithole with full dignity on a STUDY visa…it’s all very AGE-bound.

  5. Tulio

    Is he willing to live in Mexico? That’s still a Western culture and a huge upgrade from India. I know someone there that might fit the bill. How much would he pay me if I made a connection?

    • Magneto

      Really? Cause Mexico is also a pretty dirty 3rd world country with very old infrastructure. I wouldn’t say Mexico is a step up at all. At least India doesn’t have a violent crime problem like Mexico does. That’s one thing about indians, they are mostly non-violent people.

      • jason voorhees


        Muslim Indians are not nearly as non-violent as you’d think.

        You meet Gujarati merchants and high-caste people in the United States but if you went North of the border into Canada you’d get a different impression.

        However yes, the fusion of Aztec and Arab-blood Southern Spanish has created one mean hombre in Mexico.

      • Tulio

        Mexico and India aren’t even in the same league. Mexico is pretty developed by global standards and could be considered a middle income nation. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but people aren’t defecating in the streets either like India. You aren’t going to see mounds of trash everywhere piled up as high as buildings, with raw sewage running through the streets of Guadalajara. Crime of course is a problem throughout Latin America, but it varies widely depending on where you are. Americans tend to think Mexico is much worse than it actually is.

        • SHI

          We have all seen pics of Mexico. What you described as rough around the edges means lots of slums and disgusting conditions. But a lot of beautiful places as well.

          Of course, no place in India is remotely as fun-filled and amazing as rhe beaches of Cancun and Acapulco.

          Kerala is beautiful and well-kept. But, outside the tourist resorts, it isn’t a pleasant place.

        • But MEXICANS ain’t good with defending their own borders……a large part of the AMERICAN soil actually belongs to MEXICO as a NATION…..hey wait a minute TEXAS was once a part of MEXICO.BY THE WAY,you didn’t answer me,AZTEC.And how easy would it be to IMMIGRATE to AMERICA from there…of course,LEGALLY….any clues.

        • jason voorhees


          I knew the son of an Irish-Mexican doctor and the educated Mexicans (Spanish and Irish mostly) are not really that eager to leave Mexico. CEO’s in Mexico City do not want to leave Mexico. Anybody who is in the middle-class or above does not want to leave Mexico.

          The only people that want to live in Arizona or Texas or New Mexico are Indians.

        • Tulio


          I wouldn’t say that’s entirely true. I know quite a few white Mexicans in America. I’d say maybe a good 40% of the Mexicans I’m personally friends with are white. Of course not all white Mexicans in Mexico are rich. Many are poor just like the rest.

    • If you can make a CONNECTION for me in MEXICO you surely can make a connection for me THERE as well,with a little more effort…don’t you think so……Spanish and latinos have a thing for INDIANS if I am not mistaken.

  6. Tammi Chaney

    Have your friend check out Sarah Jensen on Facebook. I work with her mom and sent her your email. She has had a few international relationships and travels. I’ll be upfront and say she is currently divorcing a man from Portugal although they have not been together for years, just haven’t either had a need or means to make it official. No children…no other complications. Sweet girl, soft-spoken, very tenderhearted, and kinda of the arty-creative type.

    Sarah went to India last year on vacation with her mom. Their family is close and they travel internationally together regularly.

    There are a few Sarah Jensens on Facebook. Her tagline under her name on the search says SolisStudios. She is in her 30s. She has dark hair and features and usually has on glasses in her profile pictures. They are not Christians as far as I can tell, but she and her family are good people.

    Tell your friend good luck even if Sarah isn’t the girl for him. I’m not sure your blog is the right place to find a good conservative Christian girl, so you may not be setting him up for great success!!!! Haha!!! (Have you considered this, Robert?? ) 🙂 I’ve hung in there with you as a conservative because I feel we all need eachother in different aspects of life. I feel strongly about my views as others do about theirs, but i recognize that we all need eachother on this little planet and our diversity is a great advantage. Over the years I’ve worked on many projects that involved both sides getting on board to make something work successfully for all. We aren’t all alike and that is what makes life interesting.

    So that said, if you revoke my readership now over my conservative Christian openmindesness, just refund me some paypal…. Lol. 😎 I am just kidding….(ok I’m not.) -well just sort of….🤣🤣🤣

    We probably are both good eggs anyway, atleast I’ll speak for myself and what I know of your through what I’ve read. Just putting in a little plug for your alienated but faithful conservative-ish readers. ❤

    Warmly, T

    On Jun 17, 2017 10:20 PM, “Beyond Highbrow – Robert Lindsay” wrote:

    > Robert A. Lindsay posted: “I know this is a very unusual request, but bear > with me. I have a friend in India. He absolutely hates India, he hates the > culture, the religion, everything. To him, it’s just rotten. And of course > he is right. It is rotten. India is where you soul goes ” >

    • I do not mind Christian social conservatives, honestly.]

      I have a major issue with political conservatism thought, conservative economics, anti-worker, anti-consumer, anti-poor, anti-low income, anti-social programs, anti-environment…that’s for rich people is how I see it. It’s beyond me how a Christian could be anti-worker, anti-low income, anti-poor, anti-social programs, and just want everything for the rich, nothing for anybody else. That’s completely contrary to Jesus’ teachings.

      I am actually part of a movement called the Alt Left which could be seen as socially conservative Leftists. We are left on economics. We are for the workers and we hate our class enemies the rich, but a lot of us are conservative on social issues.

      • I didn’t think it possible to like you more!

      • Magneto

        I can’t stand Christian conservative women because they still believe in feminism and all that SJW crap, they just aren’t blatant about it like radical ilberals and feminists are. Even worse they have that self righteous vibe, “I’m a Christian and so I am going to heaven and all you non christians are going to hell”. Then they combine it with support for Trump and they are just toxic nasty people.

        Christian women use Chrsitianity and Jesus as an excuse to be radical liberal feminists. They say that Jesus was a liberal and a feminist and he hung out with prostitutes.

        Jesus sounds like a cool dude actually, banging prostitutes and smoking weed and tripping on mushrooms and all that. If Jesus was alive today he would HATE his so called followers, the self righteous goody-two shoes Christian women.

    • Any CHRISTIAN girl will do, though an old-fashioned AMERICAN girl will be a dream come true…for somebody like me.

  7. SHI

    I wish this guy well but his approach is totally wrong. You don’t marry to get out of lousy situations but r you have finally decided to have legal union with a woman compatible to you.

    Nobody’s stopping him from leaving India. All you need is a passport and there are several countries that grant visa-free access to Indian citizens. The US, Canada and Australia are hard places to get into but Europe, UK and much of Asia, Africa and Latin America are easy and relatively unexplored.

    If this Indian Christian dude thinks India is bad for him, he can simply fly down to some country like Italy, and claim asylum. But the problem is, most European countries won’t buy his story. They have too many refugees as it is. The Indian economy is stronger than most European countries today, except for the Netherlands and Germany. India is nowhere near as bad as Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria except for some Maoist-infected areas in the Central/Easter states. No urban Indian would be caught dead travelling through those jungles.

    Maybe this Christian dude can try Philippines. They might buy his “Christian ordeal”. But, did you know the Filipino dictator Duterte, is burying alive all his enemies even as we speak.

    Not all White countries are created equal. Places like Ukraine, Bulgaria and Russia are unlivable because of their depressed economies, high levels of corruption and poverty. Spain has an unemployment rate of 18%.

    All being said, I will totally help hook this guy up with a White American girl. I will do it for the sake of RL.

    . I can arrange for an American woman to meet this sod and arrange a phony marriage. But, my standard fees are $1000 payable at the first meeting with the American woman. Let me know if he’s interested. I have unbelievable contacts and resources. I need 3 months time. Results expected by September 2017.

    • jason voorhees

      Cebu averaged 3 dead Indian 5/6 money lenders a month when I was there. Don’t know how else an Indian would earn a living there since the start-up for a bar is about $10,000. One or two Indian restaurants succeed.
      Visas are good for 60 days. After a year and half you have to leave the country.

      All of Southern Europe is something of a corrupt backwater and Muslim refugees walk through it on their way to some country where the Germanic language is spoken like Sweden or England.

      Canada is easier to immigrate to than the United States. That is why Brampton is a ghetto of bedlam and vice. If an Indian wanted to make it to North America probably that is the place.

      • SHI

        All of Southern Europe is something of a corrupt backwater and Muslim refugees walk through it on their way to some country where the Germanic language is spoken like Sweden or England.

        Sweden is a nightmare. High tax rates, no jobs, no business income, no Sun, cold, unfriendly locals, marauding Muslim immigrants and drug dealers galore. Everything’s so friggin expensive. A McDonald’s meal will cost you 20 Euros.

        Spain isn’t all that bad if you don’t have to work for an employer like me. But, it can be expensive because it’s really a huge country. Travelling costs do add up. I think Portugal is a better option. It’s a nice, friendly country.

        Having been to Eastern Europe, I would say those countries are unlivable. No jobs. No money. Only beautiful women. But then, you do get bored after a while when you’re not earning anything.

        There’s no country in the world with as many business/income opportunities as the United States. The UK comes a distant second but is a good place for entrepreneurs. Germany is OK. Even China sounds sounds awesome. Their economy is worth $12 trillion.

        • jason voorhees

          Goans have the right to live and work in Portugal under their own commonwealth laws but they have to have been born in Goa.

          Or maybe the law was born in Goa prior to 1967 when it was annexed by India.

          Perceptions of the United States as the land of opportunity are those of someone who has not lived there. An Indian is more likely to succeed in Brampton or Vancouver.

        • Tulio

          Eastern European women are known to be gold-digging ice queens too. I don’t know if Slovenia is considered Eastern Europe, but Melania Trump has the vibe of a cold, bitchy, calculating Slavic woman.

      • SHI

        Don’t know how else an Indian would earn a living there since the start-up for a bar is about $10,000.


        Many Indian business persons can easily cough up $10,000 or even $100,000. But, they aren’t lining up to go to Philippines exactly. That’s because the Filipinos will eat those Indians alive for their shady practices.

        Middle-class, educated Indians seem to thrive best under the protection of White Western rule.. That’s why they do so well in the United States, UK and Western Europe. Western Whites are totally cool with shady business practices of Indians because it reminds them of their own natural state.

        Indians have little in common with Slavic Whites except for maybe a distant Proto-Indo-European ancestry of the higher castes. Modern day urban Indians especially Gujaratis and Punjabis are culturally similar to Western Whites. Frugality, opportunism, love for money, screw morals etc. are a common element. That is why Donald Trump enjoys so much support among hinterland Indians and top politicians.

        Narendra Modi is expected to meet Donald Trump on 26th June. Will be fun to watch.

        • jason voorhees

          Why would an Indian leave Jo-Jo if he had $100,000?

          Never knew a wealthy Indian in Cebu except “Benji” the Punjabi lender who’d been there are about 40 years. Somehow, someway he became comfortable off 5/6 and was only shot once. His nephew Joshi was not so lucky with his Indian restaurant.

          High caste Indian women born in India will not enjoy being condescended to by whites in other countries. They will beg to leave eventually and hubby will stay. None of the will love it. High-caste Indian women I mean. Low, low caste Indian women will marry a white guy to stay in.

          There was Raj the Gujarati woman who despised her husband’s job in Canada at the trucking company. Despised Canada. She was in another country when I met her. I came on sympathetic as a North American. I tried to get in her pants. Was not successful. But….she despised Canada. Indian women after a certain age who are born in India won’t adapt well in my experience (Not insignificant).

    • jason voorhees

      From Canada getting to the United States is far easier one an Indian secures residency.

      The Indian with minimal skills can immigrate to Brampton and after 5 years it is possible to enter the United States and acquire citizenship.

    • jason voorhees

      I never met an Indian in Dubai who’d been in Aptose or Northern California at the height of Silicone valley not glad to get back.

      Philippines Business is a chef at one of the three Indian restaurants, safe but low-paying, or the riskier 5/6 money lending business. Indian women who enter this business are much, much more at risk of a borrower luring them out to the sugarcane fields and raping her on payday. Males are often shot.

      Canada is an easier way to enter the US eventually as I stated.

      UK will take anyone more or less.

    • Magneto

      So many countries offer visa on arrival for indian citizens. And from there it is a simple matter of just finding a job and changing his visa type to residency instead of tourist. Here’s a list.


      Even Cambodia is better than India. He should check out Cambodia.

      • jason voorhees

        UK is probably the best bet for an Indian in terms of getting off the plane and finding a job.

      • You don’t seem to realize that only AMERICA tolerates to a great extent and celebrates to a certain extent its immigrants…besides, let us not forget I am just an INDIAN…even though I look different.

    • He made it pretty clear THERE that I am looking for a REAL marriage.

  8. jason voorhees

    A Gora overseas knows where Indians can go and cannot go and how they get by if he spent his time in Dubai, Cebu, Canada, UK.

    I’ve seen Indians succeed (Knew one Punjabi older man who became rich in Cebu) and more fail.

  9. Yenta

    You’re not making this man sound very appealing. He’s 36, might some day have a job, maybe as an accountant, hates his Motherland, has one failed marriage behind him, does not seem particularly interested in women and thus has no specifications, will latch onto any woman who will get him to the US, but is planning in advance that he won’t share a dime with her. At least he’s telling it like it is. He sounds like a nightmare.

    • If she marries him, he will of course share money with her. She won’t get paid one nickel as a fee for marrying him though. He wants to discourage women who want to do a VISA marriage for profit.

    • Hive

      Do any Indians love Motherland? I’ve only met one handsome Indian and he was also very Euro looking, couldn’t even tell he was Indian by looks. Handsome, rich vs Indian, baggage. He likely has some standards, White Western women probably preffered. Wealthy, divorced, and financial planning for marriage in advance mirror Trump.

      • jason voorhees


        Rich Indians do not really place the same value on a US Greencard that a low-caste Indian from the village would.

        You rarely see a Parsi in the United States for this reason.

      • jason voorhees

        HIVE Depends on the White Country

        Shilpa Shetty’s reactions to a typical UK prole underscore the degree to which wealthier Indians really want to throw over the penthouse in Andheri and sell the farm in the hopes of making it overseas.

        Certain really wealthy Indian groups are unseen in white countries like the Syrian Christians of Goa or Parsi of Mumbai.

        Indians immigrating to the US will generally be wealthier than Indians in UK or Canada or Europe.

        America raised the standards in fear of importing a third entrenched population of ghetto-dwellers who would turn more cities into “no-go” areas.

        Brampton is not as a dangerous as Detroit but it has become pretty rundown.

      • Ohhh come on, you cannot be so harsh on a prospective immigrant…you are an AMERICAN…the NEW WORLD etc etc…you know what I am saying. I am the WILD one…a lot different.

    • jason voorhees


      Brahmin who wish to immigrate to the West have usually been screw ups in India and are marginalized by their own community.

      Appealing Indians do not want to immigrate to the West, they want to make their money in Dubai and return home.

      • SHI

        Says the man who screwed up so badly in the country he was born in (a country everyone aspires to go to), that he was forced to settle for some 3rd world shanty in India, Laos, Philippines etc. It makes you wonder if he really is a pedophile/high profile criminal who cannot return to the United States, By God, he is 🙂

        I’ve met your types in Thailand. Running away from law enforcement in your home country must be the most thrilling adventure of your life.

        • jason voorhees

          Which Australian or Swede is trying to get into the United States? Or Parsi for that matter? America has very few problems with Canadian illegal immigration.

          The only people whose dream it is to live in the United States in the 21st century are Indian ex-cons on the margins of their own society who wish they had a clean slate and are too proud to join the London Desi service job sector or eat shit from an Emirate…or sometimes just too nuts.

          Some Indians who hang around Andheri or Goa between Sep and Feb are junkies but most are just nutters. Same premature grey hairs threading the sleazy goatee from too much whiskey and the hard ex-convict eyes. Always in their thirties, much older than the Goras they try to hang around.

          My type has known enough of them to what every single one of them looks like. You were young when I knew them well in India.

          American undesirables cannot enter India after having their record run for 9 days and the face-to-face it takes just to get a chickenshit 3 month business visa. No way does a Pedo or a bail-jumper get into India.

          I lied and said I was a tourist the second time around although I would not have been in Cochin if somebody had not paid me to be.

          Business visas are a hassle of all hassles.

          No foreigner-Indian, white or black-is going to survive in the shanties of the Philippines. You have to be making some sort of living or have at least $400 a month to get by the rented villa and a bike and necessities.

        • jason voorhees

          I was paid more in your own country by Indians than you have been.

          You don’t live in Asia if you screwed up, you live there if you have $1000 a month to spend.

          No way does an American Pedo with a record or warrant for his arrest make it through the 9 days the Indian Embassy runs his passport followed by the face-to-face with the Embassy Secretary. NO WAY.

          I lied the second time just avoid the hassle of getting a business visa and went into India on the tourist visa although I would not have resided in Cochin unless an Indian paid me.

          How many Australians or Swedes want to immigrate to the United States? Canadians are not our illegal immigrant problem.

          No American is going to survive in a Philippines shanty. You have to have $400 a month at least.

        • SHI

          You don’t live in Asia if you screwed up, you live there if you have $1000 a month to spend.

          Plenty of lowlife Westerns in Asia with a criminal record would disagree with you. India also attracts criminal Westerners. Ever heard of Gregory David Roberts a.k a Shantaram.

          I’m sure someone like you in the 90s would have known where to get a forged passport and fake IDs. That was before the advent of the Internet. Immigration enforcement in India and Philippines would have been clueless about some Western crook showing up at the airport with fake passport and a scraggy beard.

        • Magneto

          If you’re goign to be a criminal, then be one in the Nordic countries. Their jails are like luxury hotels. Going to jail in a 3rd world country is literally hell.

    • Well I indeed am…but for my rugged charm and flair for words…in the language ENGLISH. BTW, I sure as hell am pretty much interested in women…especially the sassy YANKEE women.

  10. Mithun

    “If he is lying to me and he is really trying to do a fake immigration marriage”
    100% Fake. Don’t fall for this Robert. Indian Christians for the most part live in harmony with Indian Hindus apart from random acts of violence like in Orissa.There are many privileges for lower caste muslims/christians in India. But still guys like your acquaintance like to play the victim card very often. To state that they live in fear is a gross lie. Ive traveled all over India, there is some truth that there is minority persecution in hardcore Hindutva areas like UP, but it is overblown and made it appear far worse than what actually it is. I have a lot of Christian and Muslim friends. None of them feel threatened nor want to cut ties with their hindu friends like this scammer. Which third world country treats the minority well? Similar to “America love it or leave it” if we say move out if you don’t like, they blow the issue out of proportion and come up with stories like this. This charlatan is no different from Nigerian online scammer you encounter. Indians be Hindu/Muslim or Christian will act the same

    • jason voorhees

      Politics of Indian Religion

      Hindus and Christians co-exist peacefully all the way down the East Coast esp Goa.

      Syrian Christians in Kerala actually intermarried with Brahmin women to create an influential group there today. Nobody knows how they got there exactly.

      Muslims are often criminal types and it for this reason more than religion that Hindus despise them.

  11. Mithun

    Regardless of what he feels about India, he should know that he will never fit in American or any western culture. He will still be outcast there. Even if he gets to America, he will side in with the liberals and try to find grounds for playing the victim card. Why should the west take people like this claiming false moral grounds when they are already crippled with problems like mass immigration after the turmoil in the middle east.
    No western woman should marry types like these who state that they are being persecuted in India.

    • I do know pretty well where I will FIT in BETTER…outcast or no outcast. And, when the CASTE-obsessed gentle brown bastards with their newly-found love for money will gleefully sell their souls to the DEVIL to escape the shithole their ancestors created actively or passively, why shouldn’t a DE FACTO Christian HARD SELL himself…to reach where he belongs…intellectually? And what makes you so fucking sure that I will be siding with the LIBERALS there? LIFE is a pretty serious affair.

    • As a CHRISTIAN of COLOR, I am fully convinced that it is my GOD given RIGHT to be there…in the largest CHRISTIAN country. Besides, this post wasn’t made to seek YOUR fucking APPROVAL in the first place. I do have the tacit approval of an intellectual like ROBERT which speaks a lot about my credibility. And YES, INDIA despite all it’s moderation, is the most UNCHRISTIAN place on earth…most of the Hindus either call JESUS a SISSY or dismiss as him as one big lie of the CHURCH.

      • Narselvam

        You are a liar bastard. You are not a Christian as you claim but you use that as a veneer to fool people to get you to the Land of free. Keep lying no women would want to taint her pussy by keeping it in contact with a diseased dick like yours. Keep dreaming living in the shit you’ve created for yourself​, rotten piece of shit.

        • Yeaah that is why my family has completely disowned me……..for the past 18 years or so……you sound so very HINDU…….hey who is your GOD by the way……what are your personal preferences….I don’t need your fucking APPROVAL pussy……time for some BEEF for YOU…..ohhh wait you are too old for it……live and die with your SMALL dick……SHIT,huh……I look INFINITE times more CLASSY than YOU,NERD…………and I have BIGGER BALLS than you can ever have in your trillion LIVES,HINDU bitch…….go serve the GORAS and tom tom your GREEN CARD.Typical HINDU one eats the other mentality….try JESUS the PHILOSOPHER for a CHANGE.

        • jason voorhees

          A Dravidian knows the perils of inviting the Arab into his country.

  12. jason voorhees


    Whites around Pratunam where Indians like you can be found are probably lowlifes, yes.

    You’re showing your age-In 1999 pre-online Americans had to apply at the Indian Embassy personally and leave their passport for 9 days while Delhi ran it with Washington DC. Then you had to do a face to face with an Embassy employee. Business visas were even harder to obtain. Don’t GET ME STARTED ON GETTING YOUR PAYCHECK OUT OF INDIA, that is a huge long story I do not want to waste time writing about. Except that Western Union in those days would not allow you to send money out of India.

    Roberts was not an American. Don’t ask me why but Indians run hard on American applicants and the 9 day delay is required to clear the American through Washington DC. I’ve heard this is a “tit for tat” thing because of US immigration policies.

    No doubt you get bigger undesirables from Britain or the Commonwealth than the US. Anybody who visited Goa for a week knows that.

  13. jason voorhees


    One American did 5 years in a Philippine jail for assaulting a Filipino. Asians know this too, and some will be more aggressive that they are in the United States because the police are not going to side with a white.

    Indian jails. One British guy wrote an experience about being locked up in one.

    Embassy is not as sympathetic as you think.

    • SHI

      More Indians are locked up in British jails than vice versa. The UK has the 3rd highest incarceration rate of Indians after Saudi Arabia and UAE. In terms of absolute numbers, there are more Pakistanis in UK jails than Indians. Jamaican, Nigerian and Polish/East European prisoners are there un great numbers too. The Brits have their own criminal underclass who form the absolute majority. You’ll find such samples in South-East Asian prisons.

      A majority of foreigners in Indian prisons are either from Nigeria or Pakistan/Bangladesh etc.

      • jason voorhees

        One more reason why US Immigration policies make sense even if the Indian Embassy does a tit-for-tat number on American visa applicants.

        Bradford-type 3rd entrenched underclass would be too much for the United States to cope with.

        A Khan is a Pakistani no matter where he is born whose personality traits can be traced back to Central Asia or Afghanistan.

        Pakistanis go to jail because they are violent buffoons derived from Central Asian nomads.

        Saudi Arabian Indians are more often South Indian accountants or managers that got caught stealing or sometimes, did not do anything at all. Being an Indian in Gulf Arab countries is like being on probation.

        Brit citizens are the ones who kill some British fraudster they meet in Pattaya who cons them for all their worth and end up in jail. The professional Brit criminal in Thailand is usually a con artist or involved in the sex industry. They can buy their way out fairly quickly.

      • jason voorhees

        “Vice versa” In the old days Brits would try to smuggle jewelry out of India but I think they changed the laws and jewelers don’t need to get foreigners to do this anymore. How would a Brit make a living as criminal in India? Con Indians? Good luck. Rob a bank? At the height of tourism season in Goa it might be possible to steal from other tourists but what are you going to get? A backpack and some sunscreen?

        Being a white criminal in India is not that lucrative. Sex industry is stitched up by Muslim Indians.

        I’ve heard stories of Africans dealing drugs in India and have to laugh: No doubt they are incarcerated quickly.

      • jason voorhees

        What’s a British criminal in Goa working the tourist trade going to steal from backpackers? Some sunscreen? None of them have any money.

        Africans selling cocaine in India get caught? What a surprise. I am of the opinion that Kashmir drug kingpins have an understanding with the police they pay off that when some foreigner comes on the radar they give him up.

        • SHI

          JASON VOORHEES a.k.a. TRASH

          You’re a fuckin’ broken record.

          Most Western expats who are hiding in Asia from law enforcement do not commit any major crimes against the locals. A little bit of forgery and drug smuggling doesn’t count.

          The expats know very well that if they run afoul of the local gangs, it will end very badly for them.

  14. jason voorhees


    Again, Daniel was the closest thing to an American redneck I ever met in India. Every American knows every other American in India and that is why I “claim” to know some idiot married to some fat Skih that loser Indians jerk off too but the point is that Americans just don’t visit India often.

    How did this Australian bank robber get his bag of money through customs? You go to jail for trying to sneak out $10,000 from India or more. I know this law well because getting my paychecks out of India was a process I do not feel like writing about.

    You are right about the Philippines. And there are lowlifes there but most Westerners are well-behaved because all of us would cry like a little girl in a Mumbai jail. One British heroin smuggler wrote a book about it and while these guys always exaggerate the living hell of their experience to sell some copies I have no doubt that I would be crying like a bitch in a Mumbai jail.

  15. jason voorhees

    Muslims & Jail

    Muslims are often petty criminals especially in India and Philippines. Americans, despised by every Muslim in Asia, are going to get killed in there.

    Most criminal types in India are Muslims.

    Beware of Indian Muslims in general in India. They are more violent and amoral than Hindus, generally.

  16. Nietsnie

    May I view this Man “Naked & Afraid” ?
    Please post a photo, full frontal aroused as in Craigslist for our approval .

    You would be adopted for sure.

  17. jason voorhees

    Indians in Pratunam on the other hand….

  18. jason voorhees

    Carlos was a Portuguese heroin addict in his mid-forties in Goa who came the closest to a petty white criminal that anyone knew in India. He’d been around forever-1970’s maybe. Not long after Goa Independence.

    In those days (late 90’s) he was known as small-time burglar who would befriend other foreigners and steal things from their room. Or run cons.

    Kashmir dope dealers pretending to be carpet dealers mentioned him one day to me when an emaciated red-haired white guy walked by.

    But it was “rogues” one had to worry about. Local or Maharashtra bums who hung around. Not smart enough to make a living as criminals, just on the margins of their own society. Whiskey-drunks in their 30’s with some premature grey in their hair and the hard prison stare. Some of them reeked of being nuts.

    Like SHI. Never saw a picture of you but you’ll be a whiskey drunk with some premature grey in your hair and a hard stare of an Indian who has seen the inside of a jail for one night and you’ll wear a black leather jacket in winter.

    • SHI

      I am always clean shaven with a neat business executive look. Never wore a goatee in my whole life.

      Used to wear glasses. For the last 5 years, it’s been only contacts.

      I look nothing like those wiry, sleazebag Maharashtra/Goa bums. I’m Northern Indian, dammit.

  19. jason voorhees

    You personally won’t probably have the resources or initiative to hang around Goa. That’s a coach fare and a night on the road.

    Nah, you are Play Park all the way. Live with a relative, probably.

    Indians who hang around Goras whether Play park in Mumbai down to Anjuna have been the same since I was there.

    They are “rogues”. Addicts sometimes.

    But mostly nutters marginalized by their own community.

  20. jason voorhees


    SInce I do not live in India, I do not write with authority. Mumbai changes more in a year than other countries change in a decade.

    This is what I despise about Americans or Westerners who write “India is a shithole” without knowing anything about the country. If you are not IN INDIA at that moment, you do not know the place.

    Everything I write is conjecture. For all I know you work with Goras or own a bar or restaurant. My own writing is pure conjecture based up a tourist scene that for all I know does not even exist anymore.

    A Gora who haunted the cheap hotels of sailors in Andheri and the guesthouses of Goa knows nothing about young people in India today.

    It has to be said that my life in Dubai and India was the seedy one of the underpaid foreign worker. Living on $30 or $40 a day in the late 90’s and mid-2000’s in India, my view is the skewed one of cheap living.

  21. jason voorhees


    I have not been in India for 8 years. My information and impressions are years out of date, decades even.

    So my statements are possibly less accurate than Indian posters like SHI.

    This has to be acknowledged.

  22. I am wondering nobody managed to realize that had I been MARRIED to a FRENCH woman I would have left this HINDU shithole longtime ago without any difficulty….which I always wanted to.To let one and all know,there has been a little misunderstanding here,I was never married to a FRENCH woman though I was in a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP for almost five years with a FRENCH American who too was an novice WRITER like me …she dumped me due to my inability to get the coveted C.A. degree even after a long struggle;she was a PLAYER and she found an IRISH American for herself who was younger and apparently has better prospects than me as a WRITER. I had told Robert that my EX was of FRENCH descent and a novice WRITER….he construed her to be married to me at a point in time in the past.

  23. I am wondering nobody managed to realize that had I been MARRIED to a FRENCH woman I would have left this HINDU shithole longtime ago without any difficulty….which I always wanted to.To let one and all know,there has been a little misunderstanding here,I was never married to a FRENCH woman though I was in a LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP for almost five years with a FRENCH American who too was an novice WRITER like me …she dumped me due to my inability to get the coveted C.A. degree even after a long struggle;she was a PLAYER and she found an IRISH American for herself who was younger and apparently has better prospects than me as a WRITER. I had told Robert that my EX was of FRENCH descent and a novice WRITER….he construed her to be married to me at a point in time in the past.

  24. jason voorhees

    You are a poster child for the Indian we don’t want in the West, if that is the answer you are looking for.

    Crazy, did some time in jail or some institution, jobless (Though maybe from a decent family) and your community thinks you are an untrustworthy nutcase, no ability to do anything in your own society and that is why you try to hang around whites in Andheri or other tourist centers.

    America would have “no-go” areas as bad as Bradford or East Vancouver if we did not limit immigration to Gujarati high-caste merchants and some IT dorks.

    Thank goodness the North Indian Pashtun-descended Arab halfbreed Central Asian mongrel dirt bag camel jockeys cannot get into the U.S.

    • Jobless,huh…..I am a semi-QUALIFIED professional ACCOUNTANT if nothing else……the FINANCE sector here is EVERGREEN and REWARDING.

      The OLDEN,GOLDEN days………..the ranches,the cowboys and no USCIS………if you really are what you say you really are then it is just a matter of pure luck that you are THERE and I am rotting HERE……of course,I will REACH there eventually….I belong there …..SPIRITUALLY…….quite the COWBOY myself ACTUALLY……if all pure WHITE TRASH can find it’s way into the NEW WORLD then a GREEN eyed CAUCASOID sure as hell can…….you know it is so fucking morally JUSTIFIED.

      • jason voorhees

        You are very lucky that a Gora is on this blog who has spent time in India and can tell you what American white trash who lived in India for personal gain (Americans do not want to go to India for pleasure) feel about you.

        This has been a good education for you into private white opinions that Goras from America hold about you.

        • Ohhhh how ENLIGHTENING!You are so PREDICTABLE,bitch!Actually,ROBERT who is both an INTELLECTUAL and a pretty DECENT human being takes me pretty seriously……and hey his GENES are far superior to YOURS,green shit…..his VALIDATION of mine is SUFFICIENT for me….keep on barking………..I wish I could KICK you away!Too bad,we live in a pretty COMPLEX world where WHITES in general mercilessly BULLY even the decent CHRISTIAN folks just because they happen to look a bit different.Actually,you are a POSTER boy for a NAZI with CELTIC roots…….hey tell me something did the proper NAZIS acblog.tually invade IRELAND and FORCE themselves on common IRISH girls there or was it the doing of local newly baptized NAZIS there….I am curious……you are a mere GREEN NIGGER yet you act most NAZI of all the WHITE folks on this otherwise simply FABULOUS blog.

    • You know you come across as pretty BITCHY………I am not in awe of you,GREEN SHIT………….and on the personal level,with all your fumblings and rumblings you are simply HILARIOUS!

      • jason voorhees

        Indians are very lucky to have a Gora on here who lived in their country tell them how we feel about them and their nation.

        You are blessed to have a white trash American who actually lived in India tell you why the United States does not want ex-jailbirds who were caste out by their own families polluting a country already coping with other less advanced races.

        You are equally fortunate that I have met your type of outcast in India whom other Indians do not want to associate with so I can tell other white posters on this site what awaits them in India in the old white mini-buses full of dirtbags pretending to be “tour guides” who sometimes rape the Goris.

        Since you are so lucky I would tell you that perhaps you could eat shit from an Arab in Dubai or even work underground in UK in some Indian restaurant or perhaps stuff heroin up your anus and walk around Denmark for the damn Pashtun savages that overran the place but the US does not want any Indian who is not a loaded Gujarati merchant who is going to bring money into our country or some IT Dorks from the South who can be kicked out when their use ends.

        • Your FUMBLINGS and your RUMBLINGS throw adequate light on your CHARACTER……you are both FRUSTRATING and HILARIOUS in EQUAL measure…..I simply do not know how to HANDLE you…….to SHOUT at you or to LAUGH at you……I am so totally CONFUSED!

          Come on I ain’t that BAD……….the very fact that a PERSON like ROBERT is trying to help me out despite his immense dislike for INDIANS speaks VOLUMES about my CHARACTER and POTENTIAL.The HELL I care,YANKEE err AUSSIE err KIWI.

        • Bo

          Im wondering why you are so rude? Do you know facts about this guy or are you making assumptions based off your own experiences?

      • jason voorhees

        You come across as crazy and spent some time in jail or the mental hospital and drink too much whiskey so you have some grey in your sleazy beard even though you are only in your 30’s.

        You should convert to Islam so you can hang around street gang criminals because you have been pushed out by your own Hindu community.

        You see Indians like you are too immature for your age-you look 35 to me-to function at the same level as whites so you cannot cope with a first-rate white society like the US.

        Now you are very lucky to have a white man from America who was paid to be in India and hated you country come on this blog to tell you all the things we think when we are in India.

        • LUCKY my ass……you are a PATHETIC little BITCH……….who is self-obsessed and for some particular reason,fanatically against decent,common folks who ain’t pretty WHITE to look at……….it seems one of many of them did something terrible to YOU or your near and dear ones…….hey hey it wasn’t me not even remotely.There is another possibility that you think you are the ARYAN …….come on don’t flatter yourself you are a mere GREEN NIGGER.

        • Bo

          My comment was actually for JASON ….

        • SHI

          @ Jason/TRASH

          Do you think this Maharashtrian dude could pass for a White man under the right conditions? If it weren’t for the typically Indian name, I’d take him to be someone from Azerbaijan, Iran or Kuwait. Maybe Greece.

          Body odor (I don’t mean it in a bad sense) is usually a giveaway. The races smell different.

          Africans from Africa have a strong, musky stench due to an abundance of sweaty pores. Arabs also have that musky aroma which they are able to disguise with oriental perfumes and oils. However, when they sweat, it can stink to high heaven. That’s why most Arabs don’t enjoy laborious work.

          East Asians usually have no B.O. at all and sweat considerably less compared to other races. But, on closer inspection, a Chinese girl can have the whiff of unwashed dishes. Japanese girls always smell great.

          Germans living in Eastern parts of Germany have the lingering smell of an unwashed, homeless person. Salty sweats. In Western Germany, Cologne/Bonn etc., they smell way better but that bacon breath is pretty common across the entire country.

          The Czechs don’t smell pleasant — similar to an unflushed toilet. Even the beautiful women. I have had sexual intercourse with different women in Prague and even a small town called Hradec Kralove.

          A lot of Dutch people, as expected, have the strong scent of dairy products. It can be putrid. The Belgians smell way better.

          I have been around Brits very often and prefer hanging out with them compared to other nationalities. They have this permanent scent of alcohol, and also hints of curry, which can be explained by the fact that they use similar spices for cooking as Indians. They have similar dietary habits as South Asians e.g. biscuits with masala tea. Australians and New Zealanders also have the “Brit smell” but far less pungent.

          Americans with a polished, educated background, smell the best. They take extra care. Ditto Canadians. But, I have only met overseas Americans and Canadians who were cultured and sophisticated. Maybe the rednecks smell bad.

          Nationalities that don’t smell at all — very neutral would be the Turks from Turkey. They don’t smell like middle-easterns. Maybe because they extra care.

  25. jason voorhees

    I can help a middle-caste dumb Kashmiri like you bro because I lived in India and my entire purpose on this blog is to interface with Indians who wish to communicate with an American who actually walked the earth of your country. Not an NRI either but a Gora.

    You can probably enter the UK and find some way of staying in their Indian ghettos. America will never take you because we do not want another non-white underclass so only your Gujarati merchants and Brahmin big-money people are welcome. But UK will take you.

    Now I want you to be very thankful that you managed to talk to a Gora who lived in India and he told you how he feels about Indians that want to leave India and live in America.

    You are all crazy males who have f*cked up in your own country and nobody trusts you. Do you think whites want crazies like you in their country with the staring eyes of a jailbird like your eyes?

    Of course we do not.

    What you need to do is convert to Islam and become a street gang member who gets drunk and visits 100 Ruppee prostitutes in the Kammatpuri of Mumbai.

    Then you open a carpet shot in Goa during tourism season to sell hashish.

    • Ohhh come on don’t flatter yourself,BITCH…..you ain’t a GORA……you are a GREEN NIGGER……remember the GREAT FAMINE,IRISH TRASH fleeing to the NEW WORLD like and congesting it like RATS!

      • jason voorhees


        Some Irish tourist was drunk in the Irish Pubs you attempt to hang around Gora in Andheri and you annoyed him so he told you to “PISH OAFF”. I sense a little anger at Irish people there, but you were probably bothering him as you do Goras in the Tourist Centers because other Indians want nothing to do with a madman who has been in jail and they will not hire you because you are crazed.

        You are very fortunate to have an American Gora come on this blog and talk to you honestly about how happy we Americans are that a big ocean separates us from the Pashtun Central Asian dogs and African Homo Erectus who are overrunning Europe.

        I think you Indians visiting the blog should feel more gratitude for the honest and intelligent responses you get from an American who had to live in your country.

        Why don’t you thank your multiple Lords that I am giving you honest opinions that all white Americans have.

        • Which part of it you don’t understand,you RETARD…….I am a de facto CHRISTIAN……..actually am the POPE of CHURCH of JESUS the PHILOSOPHER JESUS the MARTYR.

          I bet your EX ran away with a MAN of COLOUR……or was SHE manhandled by one……..you sound so pissed,BITCH.

  26. jason voorhees


    Get the feeling that you and “Mayur” are the same Indian though of course SHI claims to be a Brahmin.

    Your photo has those same crazy eyes of the Indian jail bird and both of you claim to be accountants who wish to live in the United States.

    • I ain’t a COMPULSIVE liar like you,BITCH……I maybe common but definitely I put high premium on HONOUR……and HEY I don’t hide behind multiple FAKES….I am exactly who I claim to be.

      • jason voorhees

        SHI you know I am not lying and that I did my time on the Malabar coast of India. This is what happens to white trash Americans who for whatever reason lived in India for personal profit. Those of us who stick around long enough become somewhat cunning.

        I am not an Irish national.

        My words are the purest wisdom tapped from the rivers of experience flowing through the decades.

  27. jason voorhees


    I am an American who lived in India and I can read an India quickly having lived there off and on for a decade.

    He is simply receiving the opinion of a Westerner who lived in India.

    I’m very rude because I had bad experiences in India but I am also honest. Nothing I state is really untrue.

    • He’s a BIG LIAR……he ain’t an AMERICAN……he’s an AUSSIE err KIWI…..his name is MIKE D err MIKE HEALY and he looks very IRISH to me.

    • Optimus Prime

      Jason Voorhees/TRASH, this vile SHI is back to taunting you with multiple avatars and getting you banned and you are falling prey to it. Did you get the point about Brahmins atleast now? Pitiful that you think Brahmins are great and trash the dravidians. Ignore the scummy little brahman and converse with others.

      • jason voorhees

        DEAR SIR

        Thank you for reminding me and clearly the resentment I accrued from my time in India gets me carried away.

        I should no better because I had to deal with these folks in their own backyard.

        You are right. No more posts.

      • I ain’t SHI……ask ROBERT….he sure as HELL can VOUCH for that……..I am not into playing KIDDY games……definitely not for a BITCH like JASON VOOHEES err TRASH err MIKE D err MIKE HEALY err YANKEE err AUSSIE err KIWI.

      • jason voorhees


        I don’t trash Dravidians Nairs and I think Brahmin are worms who want a respect from non-Indians they don’t deserve.

        Indians on this blog got a good idea of what a Westerner who had the misfortune of living in India thinks.

        Unlike other posters I actually walked the streets of India and drew a paycheck in Cochin and have a valid opinion.

        Clearly I also have resentment issues.

        So I must agree that these Indians are getting my goat and causing me to derail threads.

  28. jason voorhees

    I am white trash Gora from the United States who could not make a go of it in my own post-industrial graveyard so I moved to Dubai and later worked in Cochin back when being white and having a college degree meant something.

    But these are all the ramblings of a Westerner who was in India many a Full-Moon party ago.

    • SHI

      I am not Mayur Varshne. He’s Maharashtrian.

      Besides, I don’t keep a beard. Always clean shaven.

      • I wish I could BEAT the crap out of you for even saying COVERTLY that I am a LIAR.

        I guess that unflattering comment about SINDHIS and PUNJABIS got you going…..blame TRASH for that…….he seems to think that only PUNJABIS and SINDHIS and coastal SOUTHIES are the REAL Indians….I have a bad habit of acting on IMPULSE.

        • SHI

          What’s with so many ALL CAPS in your sentences?

          You need to calm down a bit. I never said that you are a liar.

    • Optimus Prime

      That’s all fine, we know India better than what you do.You’re absolutely wrong if you think muslims are the only ones who commit crimes. In-fact, they along with the North eastern Christians are the ones better behaved than Hindus and Christians from other parts. This coming from me a Hindu guy. Your defence of Brahmans/highcaste hindus thinking they can do no wrong is absolutely silly. The reason India resembles like a gigantic latrine is because of their cunning and innate filthiness. Especially people from UP, Rajasthan, Bihar, Delhiites can be belligerent and very grating on your nerves. Southern people are gazillion times better than the northern in manners as well as behaviour. Your posts on other topics are very entertaining and enjoyable to read though its anecdotal. Stick to conversing with people like JasonY, Beauregard as you have a better chance of making a point there.

      • jason voorhees

        Southerners won’t jump you and rape you but Nairs can be slimy and dishonest to the core. A Punjabi is a big stupid hairy brute but he is too dumb to be dishonest whereas you can never completely know the motivations of a Dravidian Nair. This is why so many of them steal in Gulf Arab countries and end up in jail. They are little liars in my experience,or can be.

        Run a mile from Muslims in Mumbai is my advice to any Gora who goes there. They will be criminals and form the feared Mafias of Mumbai because they are Pakistanis and that is in their gene pool same as the ones in UK who created no-go areas. Sure, it is safer being around Muslims rather than those dangerous Parsi if you are in Andheri. Sorry OPTIMUS but my experience of street-survival in your country is different.

        Malayalam Muslim are different because they are not Pakistanis but in this instance you are right-I was in the Nair Hindu camp so I cannot speak about them.

      • jason voorhees

        A Parsi is the best Indian to be around in India for my money. But of course they are not really Indians.

        Nair are not as violent or tough as Punjabi people but they can be slimy and dishonest and I would not trust one with my accounts.

        Lacking the balls or brute strength of macho Arab Sikhs or the political-social position of the Brahmin they rely on cunning and can be quite slimy.

        A Sikh is a big dumb hairy Arab brute without the cunning of the Gulf Arabs who cannot con anyone like a South Indian so they are more trustworthy which is why whites allow them to be security guards.

        But a South Indian has to be more cunning than ordinary and many are.

        Dravidian Nair especially.

        Now you are correct in stating I know little about South Indian Muslims. Was not around them as I was in the Nair Camp, so to speak.

        • Optimus Prime

          A Dravidian nair or a muslim will cause you no harm like a northie shit dwelling scummy high-caste Hindu. You are far more likely to be conned in North India by the aryan/australoid bastard mutts calling themselves as Aryans than Dravidians who are relatively unmixed. In-spite of being educated so many times in the past still you shill for the northies? I don’t think you are an Indian, but why this morbid fascination towards a race (north) who will destroy you at the drop of a hat? Are you suffering from Stockholm syndrome?

  29. SHI

    I can pass off as a southern ITALIAN ….most of the GORAS and GORIS I have met say this ….even ROBERT says that.

    And I ain’t MAHARASHTRIAN.

    And I ain’t looking for a PHONY marriage either……it’s IMMORAL.

    • SHI

      Where are you from then? Varshne sounds Maharashtrian. Unless it’s not your real name.

      • I am from WEST U.P…….have had been in DELHI NCR for quite a WHILE…….I am actually your classical NOMAD have lived in several places…..missed out on the study visa……got dumped and here I am hardselling myself shamelessly….and again I apologize for that insensitive comment of mine……the whole of INDIA on this side of the HIMALYAS was BHARAT.

        • SHI

          That’s fantastic. You’re like a Northern Indian Aryan brother as far as I am concerned. Fuck the Southie Niggers.

          What’s with the Christian obsession though? You should know this by now, White people don’t really care for the message of Jesus. Their only religion is money, very similar to the Banias and Brahmins of India.

          Get off the Christo-Nazi horse and I can help you in your quest. Also, you need to calm down a bit. You sound way too agitated and angry.

  30. jason voorhees


    I’ll never understand why I fascinate Indians on this blog so much. I worked in India. You have had my opinions of your country, now dated by a decade.

    Other Western posters insult you directly with obscenities.

    All I have done is give the impression of a Westerner who was actually informed. Who once upon a time walked the dusty red earth of Goa and the jungle streets of Cochin.

    • BITCH,you are the ONE who seems to have some kind of INDIAN obsession…….and your nonsensical never ending tirade against the INDIANS in general and common INDIANS in particular sooner or later gets under my skin…..always.

      • jason voorhees

        True…I did not like living in your country and I did not like the job I did with Nair Hindus and I did not like the Indians I met in Andheri.

        So you have the opinion of a Gora who did not like India.

        But at least I actually lived in your country so I have a right to an opinion.

        And my opinion is not good.

      • jason voorhees

        Kasmiri we don’t want you in our country.

        Sell some second-rate hashish in Goa under some carpets.

  31. SHI

    I don’t know Mayur Varshne. Never saw him here before. I am not him. Thank you.

    • Thanks for the CLARIFICATION……this retarded TRASH bitch whose real name is MIKE HEALEY is a KIWI married to an AUSSIE…..GOD only knows what GROUSE he has against the INDIANS in general he simply LOVES to get under our SKIN at the drop of a HAT.

      • jason voorhees

        I had to work in Cochin and Andheri so I developed an opinion that lot’s of Goras you’ll see at Play Park have but none are going to come out and express.

        No I am not Mike Healey, Kashmiri.

        You look like the sort of Kasmir carpet salesman selling poor quality hashish to Western tourists in Goa.

        Maybe I bought and smoked too much of it.

  32. SHI

    Mayur Varshne.

    Are you the person this thread is dedicated to? Was Robert referring to you in his unusual request? Straight answers please.

    I can help you.

    • I told you I was looking for a REAL marriage…..that’s the only way out of HERE it seems right now.

      • SHI

        Why don’t you marry an Indian-American woman? Put your profile on Indian dating/ marriage websites and get in touch with Indian women living in America. That’s perfectly legal, and not a scam/phony.

        • jason voorhees

          …because they are looking for a Desi with a medical degree and a pot to piss in.

        • INDIAN AMERICANS act far more PRICEY than the WHITEST of WHITES…….if you are a non-NERDY Indian a big NO…..I have tried that……besides,AMERICAN INDIANS are all hardcore HINDUS…….they all react as if they are talking to a LUNATIC the moment you mention that HINDUISM as a faith is one big lie.

        • The BITCH,for ONCE,nailed the TRUTH.

  33. SHI

    Well,of all the mythological and philosophical BULLSHIT,JESUS the PHILOSOPHER makes REAL sense to me………WHITE people don’t take their FAITH seriously,huh……you are NUTS……..JESUS the MESSIAH is the only thing these WHITE bullies worship after AFFLUENCE and FUN…….I beg to DISAGREE………..AMERICA is full of CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIANS….you know that pretty well.

    • jason voorhees

      Some white people are Jews, Mayur.

      • Ohhh really…….thanks for the fumbling and the rumbling.

        • jason voorhees

          Why does a Kashmiri want to go to the United States?

          What do think working for some Gujarati under minimum wage in his prostitute hotel is going to get you.

          Do you believe that our Jew-owned banks (They ain’t Christian sunshine) are going to advance you a business loan the day you deplane?

    • SHI

      JESUS the MESSIAH is the only thing these WHITE bullies worship after AFFLUENCE and FUN

      I am sorry to disagree with you here. True, there are a lot of conservative Christians in the United States but they don’t really heed the message of Jesus.

      Americans hate poor people. If you’re a loser and a failure in America, it doesn’t matter what you worship. An American girl will never like you if you don’t make enough money.

      Jesus said stuff like the Kingdom of Heaven is off limits to rich hoarders.

      You have better hopes of finding a White girl for marriage in Europe. They aren’t nearly as materialistic and greedy. But, the Europeans aren’t really as wealthy as Americans. Most of them don’t even own cars.

      Europeans, in my experience, are simple and humble people. But, they don’t believe in Christ either even though some over there in Poland, call themselves Christians.

      • jason voorhees

        Yeah, go to Europe.

        Better yet, marry some Jewish girl and go to Israel. You’d like it there.

        But please….we have the blacks and the Latinos and we do not want another underclass from Kashmir.

        London has a great many of you. You’ll like it there.

      • They are all dangerous RACIST snobs…….and EUROPE is about to become a very dangerous place with so many muslims there….it will get a lot madder there…..and EUROPE is not the world of IMMIGRANTS,AMERICA is……..loser or not,it has something for everybody.

        Did JESUS ever talk about MONEY,RICHES,WEALTH and what not…..I think he was a much better version of GANDHI.

        • jason voorhees

          America already has to other races to cope with. If we got Pakistanis/North Indians our white-run society would collapse. Look at England.

          This is because America did not allow in Kashmir mountain village people like you or too many Muslim Punjabis or Pashtuns and few Bangladeshis thankfully.

          If we had, we would be staring at the same problem that Pashtuns in Europe pose or tore up Kashmir.

  34. jason voorhees

    God help us the middle and low-caste Hindus who cannot find a job in India want to come to the United States and some fat white girl might be their way.

    North Indian males rogues have found a way to get into the US.

    • BITCH,I am from the CLAN of KRISHNA mythologically……..it matters little though… to let you know I am more CHRSITIAN than you are……that’s why I am desperate to flee this CASTEIST, REGIONALISTIC,LINGUISTIC etc etc place full of BULLSHIT full of cut throat competition…….and it has discovered a new passion it is called MONEY…….my heart says,”just run away!”

    • SHI

      I get you but that’s not me. OK.

      This guy has a silly hope that fat American girls should be the short-cut to his American odyssey. He couldn’t be any wronger.

      If he wants to turn his life into a hell, it’s his choice.

  35. jason voorhees

    I am a horrifying product of Indian capitalism and so is Daniel when you think about it. So is his wife. Americans in India are horrifying products of an Indian capitalism that-whatever I did in your country-brought them their for some reason.

    Sure I was paid and left and now I am able to bicker with its native populace from the anonymity of no longer being there.

    But in effect the Kashmiri-looking guy has a point about Capitalism in India.

    It created-though only for a short time-a breed of Gora who became cunning on Indian streets of the Malabar coastline.

  36. SHI


    You really need to stop typing your sentences in all caps. It’s a visual distraction which completely weakens your case.

    I don’t like TRASH but that’s because he tailgates my other posts and has tried to troll me often. I don’t disagree with the contents of his intelligent comments though.

    I am afraid TRASH is doing the right thing in putting you in your place.

    Calm down now, and please get off this thread. It’s not cool to resort to personal attacks. If you have to attack someone, do it intelligently and with a sense of humor.

    Again, TRASH can give you pointers on this 🙂

    • I know my PLACE pretty well……I don’t need YOUR fucking APPROVAL…….thank you!And I don’t take seriously folks who suggest PHONY MARRIAGES, 1000usd for the initial date etc etc…….you change TRACKS too quickly,HINDU.

      • jason voorhees

        KASHMIRI Hindus have to run your Kashmir state because you are a stupid people.

        Buy some carpets and get some second-rate hashish and take the train to Goa where you might get a drug addict to marry you.

        But please don’t think of coming to America because we only want Gujarati merchants or high-caste Indians showing up with at least $100,000 to put into our economy.

      • Narselvam

        Says the fraud northie scammer who couldn’t even stand his fellow scammers. If you couldn’t live in the shit you created go and live in Afghanistan or Iran and change your religion to.muslim because that’s the place where you Aryan marauders originated from.

        • jason voorhees

          Dravidian people let those Arabs walk all over them. Be honest. Not as much below the Hindu-Malayalam line of course.

        • Ohhh come on don’t FLATTER yourself……you are still a small dicked ball less shit less NERDY brown nigger bastard.

          BTW,what makes YOU call me a SCAMMER

        • jason voorhees

          Bitter black Dravidian Tamil aren’t we?

          The Coconut oil drips from your hair into the tea you serve for the Brahmin CEO of your company.

          Utah Mormons gave you a lollipop candy so you found Mormonism.

      • SHI

        Listen, Mr. “I love to type in uppercase” Mayur Varshne

        You are simply wrong on so many counts. But, like typical Indians, too pig-headed to admit it.

        I don’t understand why Robert had to polish your resume by adding that your English is excellent. Judging by your all caps, expletive-ridden, sentences, let’s just say writing isn’t your finest qualities.

        I hope TRASH has a good go at you. You’re too dim-witted to defend yourself against him.

        Keep yelling in all caps now. Bye.

        • Hey what about the PHONY MARRIAGE,1000 USD for the initial date,north indian Aryan brotherhood etc….you change TRACKS so FAST,Hindu Bitch….what are you doing there among the CHRISTIANS ……….I always say these sons and daughters of REFUGEES from PAKISTAN are ever bigger traitors than the fanatic MUSLIMS here they always make things so very DIFFICULT for the indigenous INDIANS…………and PLEASE don’t talk about CAPS,WIT and what not…….those CAPS are for DICKHEADS like YOU.. who simply do not UNDERSTAND or refuse to UNDERSTAND.

        • jason voorhees


          Didn’t I say that Brahmin were more intelligent and civilized than other Indians, SHI?

          Now compare yourself to him.

          You should thank God you are a Brahmin. Not that you are a genius but compared to these Kashmir apes and Dravidian Christian converts who changed their religion for candy from the homosexual priest who sucked their little Tamil black peters you are in the top 10th percentile of intelligence.

          And if Brahmin were not intelligent enough to run India, the Americans would have had a regime-change by now.

        • Narselvam

          Keep fellating to Brahmins Jason Voorhees. Motherfucker I ain’t a convert. I practice by native religion. You are some northie scumfuck pretending to be a Christian like this mayur

    • jason voorhees

      SHI What am I but a product of Indian capitalism? Or Daniel or Sunny?


      I emerged the way I am. You’d think I’d be grateful for being paid but it was not enough and I am not.

      But ultimately a Gora who became street-cunning in your country because you brought him there is a product of the pure capitalism that India will be.

      So you COULD instead of pissing and moaning about what a bastard a Gora who says true-though-not nice things about your country remember that I was one product of the capitalist country that India will be.

      That is glorifying my position of course.

    • jason voorhees

      SHI “Trash” is a product of “Indian Capitalism”, no?

      You bought me to your country, I did many reckless and immoral (Though not really harmful things) and now years later I right terse honest statements that no Indian can really disagree with.

      • There is a BITCH at my DOOR,I so wish I could bang it on the FLOOR….just kidding,my green nigger LORD.

        • SHI

          What the hell is a “green” nigger anyway?

          Are you referring to some obscure Pokemon character or did you mean an Irishman? I’ll have you know it sounds a bit consdescending and awkward when spoken by an Indian like you.

          Imagine a German-American dude calling you a UP Dalit Bhaiyya. I, as a superior Brahmin, would feel offended by that insult and take your side. It’s my privilege alone to abuse you for your low caste origins. Not some non-Indian foreigner.

  37. jason voorhees

    Dumb Kashmir mountain villager.

    • You are an IGNORANT self-obsessed RETARD………..and TRUST me I can BRING you down to EARTH in almost no fucking time……..but for your remote WHITEness,my green nigger LORD…….I still can not fathom what makes you lie so compulsively and so fucking shamelessly.


    My dick up your ASS,PUSSY!I am all for COMPASSION and KINDNESS though I most sincerely reject FORGIVENESS …….Why…….because of these HINDU one eating the other types…they run the show here………all of them…….make INDIA such a HORRIBLE place to live in despite all it’s moderation…..and BOAST that they are the FATHERS of the WESTERN CIVILIZATION.

    • Narselvam

      You are a fraud you dumb northie shitbag. Just like that Jason Voorhees. He’s pretending to be a foreigner might well be a convert Muslimor a Christian and you a Hindutva nutcase. You will never get anywhere out asshole. You will forever swim in the river where you take a dump everyday.

      • To ENLIGHTEN you PUSSY,I can still easily FLEE to EUROPE on a STUDY VISA…….but you know EUROPE does not belong to the IMMIGRANTS and I ain’t exactly WHITE….you do know pretty well AMERICA is far,far safer than Europe.

        I know who Jason Voorhees aka TRASH is…….come on,man I am still a semi-QUALIFIED C.A……I ain’t DUMB.

        And YES I will REACH there sooner or later……..if a nerdy BROWN nigger with a small dick and almost zero balls can I sure as HELL can…….and KINDLY don’t EVER dare to show up in person,HINDU dick…..I will KICK you back to where you actually BELONG.

        • SHI


          Again, I am telling you to calm down. You’re losing your shit over a few comments. See the total picture. It’s not cool. You need to grow some self-restraint and laugh off a teasing comment or two. Attend an anger management class.

      • jason voorhees

        Thank goodness for that. Look what happened to the UK and Europe.

  39. SHI

    @ Mayur Varshne and Narsevalam

    You guys are being angry for no reason. Please calm down a bit and settle our differences amicably. There is no benefit in losing your cool on an Internet board.

    You can simply choose to ignore TRASH like I do. Take the higher road. Thank you.

    • Wow!You changed TRACK again….for the zillionth time…..you are quite the SINDHI HINDU…..hats off!

    • jason voorhees

      “HIGHER ROAD” I am saying the Tamil Christian is the son of Dalits who sent their son to the priest to have his little black peter sucked by some Irish priest pedo in order to get sugar for the family.

      All the Christian converts down in the Tamil South let the Pedo priest suck their child’s penis for some sugar or a few nifty Western items.

      I am saying that the Pedo Catholic white priest in Chennai gets some coconut oil out of the Dravidian hair and then uses it as lubricant to sodomize him.

      Hope you like this little ditty.

  40. SHI

    Hey TRACK changer at the speed of LIGHT…….I think you said ‘BYE’ there…….I am a VARSHNEY……the GOTRA of VASUDEVA………the FATHER of KRISHNA……..from BRIJ BOOMI……..do you even know where that is….Indian err Pakistani err American err Sindhi swine……………that makes me a CHANDRA VANSHI……by BIRTH……of course,that’s all MYTHOLOGY……..I bet my GENETICS are much better than yours……..I bet I can send you back to your NATIVE place….and hey where and why are you HIDING….please show up…..please don’t be so SHY….let me have a LOOK.

    • SHI

      Calm down. It’s an internet board. We are all anonymous here because we have our private lives.

      I started out on good faith and genuinely wanted to help you. But, I decided to change tracks because it was useless debating with you. I know you will stick to your guns. I have a right not to be disturbed by your inflammatory posts, wouldn’t you agree?

      You need to be amicable with other posters even when you disagree with them. It makes no sense in becoming angry.

      I did say it before. Take the higher road, swallow your anger and do something that makes you feel better. Like listen to music?

      Good days.

      • jason voorhees

        Unlike Bramin with enough Slav genes for a mediocre intellect like yourself the Kashmir Indian is borderline-retarded so he lacks the abstract intellect to understand your suggestion.

        Don’t think he gets you.

        Anyhow, its been a nice day of cultural exchange here.

  41. SHI


    If I have offended you in the past, I am genuinely sorry for this. Please note this is an Internet board. Not all views expressed here are necessarily held true by the posters writing them.

    There are anger and resentment issues that need to be checked out. Life’s too short to worry about who said whatever to you on an internet blog.

    Hope to have a nice debate in future. Bye.

    • You changed your track again,SINDHI HINDU……..see that’s why I find it really hard to trust my own ANCIENT RACE…….so fucking pathetic.

      • SHI

        I am not a Sindhi. They don’t have upper caste Brahmins among them. I could be wrong but Sindhis are generally a mercantile community.

        • There I always doubted it………but there must be some BRAHMINS there…….SINDHIS do take HINDUISM pretty seriously.BTW,where are you HIDING…..show up……..you did a lot of analysis of me…be fair to me.

        • jason voorhees


          Indeed you are right. Many are Muslims.

          Anyhow there is no truth to your belief system so it is not relevant.

    • jason voorhees

      Actually the internet reveals a great many true feelings that people hold but dare not express in their actual public lives.

      It is where you read the true things people believe.

      Asians seem shocked that a white man would hold the views I do.


    Who actually are HINDUS……….the ones with all FLEXIBILITY the ones who have a TASTE for DUPLICITY the ones who happen to be revere MODERATION …unfortunately,they know SHIT about COMPASSION,KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS……they are worship COWS but love to KILL each other…… SLOWLY……SURELY………..and yet claim themselves to be the NOBLEST ones solely on the basis of an obscure ancient past.

  43. SHI

    I ain’t losing my SHIT,HINDU…….I am only DEFENDING my DIGNITY……hey,time to show up……..I deserve a ‘dekko’……let me FIGURE you out…..don’t worry I am into kiddy GAMES….I am not a HINDU.

    • Narselvam

      Shit bastard fraud, you are indeed a high caste Hindu pretending to be a Christian and Jason Voorhees is most likely one as well. Well middle class people of all religions live in harmony it’s only the upper class scums like you who sow posion. Tired of your lies assholes

      • SHI


        Calm down. Don’t treat everything as a personal attack. We are all anonymous posters here. Just discuss ideas, and stop focusing on people.

      • What makes you say that I am a high caste HINDU…..your own personal arrogance……I am just an ORDINARY human trying to FLEE this casteist,regionalistic and now wholesomely capitalistic SHITHOLE created,nourished and maintained by these BRAHMINS….I find the whole place REPULSIVE…..it STINKS!And as a person of COLOUR it will be very hard for me to FIT in anywhere except the LAND of IMMIGRANTS.These WHITE snobs are RACIST everywhere……..CHRISTIAN or not…..I do appreciate your GROUSE though but I ain’t a scammer.

      • jason voorhees

        NARSELVUM the coconut-oil drinking black Dravisian who eats fish and rice with his hands like a prehistoric Homo Erectus.

        His Dad serves tea to an Arab in Dubai and sometimes the Arab corn-holes his father’s black butt because he has his passport.

        You shop at LULU Hypermarket and your white eyes make your face look like a black mask and you have the rice-swollen belly of of the short stocky Indian of the South.

      • jason voorhees


        You buy your chili peppers and curry leaves at LULU HYPERMARKET.

        The white Catholic priest went down to South India feeling sorry for the Indians there but he sucked their children’s peters and now they are more gay.

        Everywhere you eat looks like someplace a baby was eating because like a stupid child you eat fish and rice with your hands so you have to have a mat underneath you like 3 year old child.

        North Indians at least have decent food. The food in South India is a horrible mixture of boiled fish and chili peppers and soggy rice.

        Because the Brahmin were smarter than you are you had to kick them out of Cochin by violence but the Syrian Christians still run your shit down in South India.

        South India can thank US oil consumption for the improvement in the way the place looks.

        I will concur that socialism in Cochin brought about many improvements. The North Indian will always be a capitalist. And so huge wealth divisions will always exist.

        Much is written about the caste system causing poverty in the North but even if everybody converted to Mormonism there would still be wealth divisions.

        This is partly because low-caste people never use a rubber.

        • Narselvam

          Says a sex tourist with aids at its terminal stage. Smiles happily after passing aids to his slut wife and children. Aren’t you ashamed one a bit bastard? You say ure 43 but you should look 75 atleast. Lol aids dog!

    • SHI


      Noone with a good job or a respectable business (in my case) would reveal their true identities online. If you are doing it with your real name, it’s not a wise thing to do.

      I have been a regular poster on this board for 5 years at least. I visit the comments section on and off.

      TRASH is a regular too. Our real identities are of no concern to anyone.

      Noone asked you to reveal your true self here. Nobody’s interested in who you really are. That’s the beauty of an online comments section. You could be a celebrity but we all play anonymously.

      • jason voorhees



        You never know.

        Not that anybody I worked with would respond to a jobless malcontent on the margins of Indian society DESPITE being a Brahmin whose parents bought him a decent education (St Xavier maybe even).

        But you never know, do you?

        • SHI


          I wasn’t specifically referring to you by celebrity.

          Don’t for a moment think I would care for your friends, and those you worked with. I have worked with plenty of big shots myself.


          I don’t think so. I am doing quite well for myself. It’s called PASSIVE INCOME.

          I don’t hang around expat bars in Andheri and Goa as you frequently like to quote.

          Good day.

        • TRASH

          GREEN NIGGER I am IGNORING you on PURPOSE….you are a mere MORTAL to me…..not a semi-DIVINE being.

      • Hey I don’t intend to SCAM and FUCK AROUND with PEOPLE via the INTERNET………where are you basically from,HINDU……you are definitely from the NORTH.

      • jason voorhees

        Indians have an irritating way of making public spectacles of themselves so you never want to actually express anything other than a non-committal pleasantry in public.

        It’s been fun unloading all of this rancid resentment off but you see…I must return to India someday so of course nobody can find out who I am.

        If these people wish to believe I am an Indian I take that as a compliment of sorts. To some degree I developed a cunning and insight into the society after living in the guts of the place off and on for so long.

        But only on a blog is the true spirit of a person expressed.

  44. jason voorhees

    GREEN NI**ER!!!

    Yeah, I’m a big Green Ni**er.


    Who actually are HINDUS……….the ones with all the FLEXIBILITY,the ones who have a TASTE for DUPLICITY,the ones who happen to revere MODERATION …unfortunately,they know SHIT about COMPASSION,KINDNESS and FORGIVENESS……they refuse to KILL for VITALITY…….they worship COWS but love to KILL each other…… SLOWLY……SURELY………..and yet claim themselves to be the NOBLEST ones solely on the basis of an obscure ancient past.

  46. jason voorhees

    Who are the Hindus

    The Hindu of the low-castes is a black Dravidian historical servant who takes baths in coconut oil and eats hot chill peppers.

    Sometimes he is tall and thin and nerdy but usually he is short. He eats rice and fish with his hands. You can tell all the places he has eaten a meal from all the rice all over the ground so he has to eat with a mat under him like a baby learning to use plastic spoons.

    Upper-caste Hindus are an oily wop who looks kind of like an Italian or Greek except with oily skin and hair. Except for Punjab where the Arabs showed up on camels and took over the place. They are hairy Arabs from Iran or somewhere.

    Now the Brahmin is curious kind of dork. He is macho and proud because of his bullshit belief system but in fact the carefully preserved Slavic blood gives him an IQ that is nearly that of the average Caucasian which makes him seem like a genius to a Paki or Dravidian.

    The smartest people in India are Syrian Christians in Goa and some Tamily dorks who were allowed to be Brahmin by studying religious texts even though they do not have a drop of Aryan blood.

    Now when you get towards Kashmir you have specimens like Mayer. Kashmiri are too dumb to run a country so the Indians have to run it for them but the Pakistanis are quarrelsome Central Asian Mongols from Afghanistan.

    Now down in the South some Tamil were converted to Catholicism because their parents sent them to the priest to get free sugar and the priest sucked his penis. So once he was molested by the Pedo priest he became a fanatical Catholic.

    Jews on the hand never wanted to convert anyone because their place of worship is the market and the bank. So they sat in Cochin and took over the place by calling themselves Syrian Christians.

    There are other groups in India but this is a big summation of the North and South tensions.

    • Optimus Prime

      Everything is wrong. You’re completely off the charts, Jason Voorhees/TRASH. Dravidians are not historical servants. They had a very advanced civilizations that was run over by Aryan marauders. Even when North India was colonized by the Muslims, the south was relatively untouched.

      Upper Caste/Brahmins aren’t real Aryans at all. They are heavily mixed with Dravidian/Australoid. The incoming Aryans had nothing except horses and war skills. They destroyed everything on sight. The migrated Aryans would be aghast at the people calling themselves Brahmins/Upper Caste today and would have relegated them to Untouchable status. As to food habits, every region has their own food according to their culture. I’m sure there are many cultures having even weirder food habits than Dravidians.

      Regarding conversion, there is some truth that people converted to Christianity for money and food, but mainly they converted to escape social oppression. Remember, states like Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Andhra are still has very heavy Hindu majority, far more than Northern UP, which has a good chunk of Muslim population. The number of Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu exceeds far more the total number of temples in India. To say everyone has converted is a blatant lie.

      “Jews on the hand never wanted to convert anyone because their place of worship is the market and the bank.”

      Right, proves the ability of the Jew to manipulate any society so easily. It takes a Jew to identify Jews posing as Syrian Christians all the way down in Kerala. Are you one?

      • Are the AIYYARs,IYYENGARs,BHARDWAJs etc etc heavily mixed with the DRAVIDIANS

        Who are the PRINCELY BRAHMINS of the SOUTH and the WEST if not the heavily INDIANIZED ARYANS who later on migrated from the NORTH when some insignificant Nomads from Central Asia who happened to be Muslims started showing up in big numbers with alarming frequency……they took their passion for story telling with them even there and they showed complete indifference to the common DRAVIDIANS out of their RACIAL ARROGANCE……they played the role of king makers even there especially in MAHARASHTRA though with due respect to the DRAVIDIAN kings…..they indeed were the outsiders there among the Dravidians and therefore,couldn’t afford to be too LOUD and too ASSERTIVE among them as a RACIAL MINORITY…..but they were more or less extremely to moderately INFLUENTIAL even there despite being a RACIAL MINORITY among the DRAVIDIANS.BRAHMINS in SOUTH to this day regard a SHITHOLE such as VARANASI their MECCA.

        • Optimus Prime

          You explained it yourself. The point is BRAHMINs.. Nobody else gives a fuck towards Varanasi. In-fact, there are many north Indians who are on pilgrimage tours to the south these days. DRAVIDIAN kings are not outsiders, look up on Sangam Tamil Literature there are extensive references about the ancient South Indian empires like Chera, chola and pandyas. To brand entire Dravidians as darkies is wrong. They are swarthy Caucasoids who emigrated from the Levant.

      • jason voorhees

        I’m mentally ill but not Jewish.

  47. jason voorhees


    I would note that Punjabi Hindu Brahmin are slightly stupider than other Brahmin, in keeping with Punjabis being stupider than other Indians.

    Forgot to include this in the above missive about Hindus.

    • PUNJABI Hindu Brahmins are far GENTLER and NICER than the other PUNJABIS…….to UPGRADE your KNOWLEDGE.Hey what is a common PUNJABI surname,please ENLIGHTEN me.

      • jason voorhees

        Surunder? Singh obviously?

        Joshi Green N*gger?

        Karenjit My Dick Up Your Ass?

        Mayur is a UP Dalit?

        • Of course,I am a GREEN EYED Valmiki………a FREAK……..in my 20 s I used to sleep around a lot with the BRAHMIN girls ……..this seems to have enraged the BRAHMINS across the entire length and breadth of this BEHEMOTH of a country……they all have declared a FATWA against me…..my life is in grave danger and I must flee this place before it is too late.

        • Sharma….that’s the most common PUNJABI BRAHMIN surname……even the BRAHMINs of HARYANA use that title frequently……but as you move towards the hinterland SHARMA starts sounding like an offence to the Brahmins such as Mishra,Tiwari,Tripathi,Dixit etc etc………The Brahmins of the Hinterland are the wickedest of all the HINDUS ……and when the central Asian nomads who happened to follow Islam started showing up in large numbers with alarming frequency……many of them FLED to the SOUTH and WEST ….in particular,the DIXITS s and Bharadwaj s…….they retained SANSKRIT as their native tongue but adopted the Dravidian scripts……the HINDU texts composed down south are all in Sanskrit essentially though they have Dravidian scripts.

  48. Yee

    A bunch of lunatics having a party…

    • jason voorhees


      Yes, I agree. You are a red pill.

    • jason voorhees


      Don’t they say that if women run the world there would be less war?

      “Green N***er!”



      “My d*ck up your a**!”

      When you and Lyn disagree-both of you have valid points-it is with some degree of cordiality.

      Yes, this is men behaving idiotically.

    • jason voorhees

      YEE Some of it is classic

      “Green N*gger” !

      “My d*ck up your a**” Lovely, this one.

      “You are mere mortal” Indeed.

  49. Tulio

    Hey Robert, do you have any posts talking about human development in Kerala?

    • jason voorhees

      Mine. I lived there from 2007-2008 in Cochin.

      Most Indians would agree that:

      Socialism has improved things a bit.

      Remissions from the Gulf have been important.

      Nair kicked out the Brahmin so the caste system no longer ravaged the place.

      English left a decent infrastructure as they had a large presence in Kerala.

  50. jason voorhees


    Human development in Socialist Kerala is quite high.

    I lived there for about a year from 2007-2008.

    To begin with, Kerala gets a great deal of remissions from the Gulf Arab countries where many of them are employed. Moreover, many Kerala businessmen invested in Gulf Arab countries-LULU Hypermarket etc.

    Britain created some fairly good infrastructure to develop the tea industry.

    Finally, the Nair majority kicked the Brahmin out in the 1950’s.

    As a result of all of these things, Cochin is actually quite a nice city by Indian standards.

  51. TRASH

    I am GLAD I could shut you UP and shut you DOWN…….FINALLY.

  52. Yee

    Mayur Varshne,

    Why the hell do you come to a socialist blog? All you talk about is wanting to go to the US, why don’t you go to an immigration blog instead?

    There’re 2 billion people want to go to the US but can’t, why should anyone be interested in the justice or injustice of it? Go find a blog for immigrants and stop being a pest here.

    • Hmmm…….I am a remotely quasi socialist to let you know……and ROBERT is willing to stand firmly behind me….that’s what really MATTERS to me.

      The best way to be HEARD is to make NOISE……..kintergarden wisdom.

      • Yee

        You sure haven’t talked anything “remotely quasi socialist”, as far as I can see.

        Tell you what, kintergardener, making noise works only when people who LOVE you. If people don’t love you, no even making bombs gets you anything.

        • jason voorhees

          YEE Question

          Do you believe Chinese-Americans want immigration? Chinese arrived on the West coast EARLIER than most whites (Late 1890’s ponytail/foot-binding era which predated whites in the East by about 30 years).

          Ask the average Chinese-American person if THEY want immigrants.

          I’m sad to say that the United States and Canada are not “new countries” anymore.

          Moreover, these days it is not the qualified and hard-working who want to immigrate.

          It is the failures, the illiterate, the petty criminal that have discreditable reasons to leave their own country.

        • Hey YEE
          I must tell THEE
          I am all for
          PROSPERITY and MASSES…..

          My philosophy is something for everybody.

          I am posting it HERE for the SECOND time.

          Making noise is a sure shot way to be heard in GENERAL …… most of the people learn that in KINDERGARTEN itself.

        • Yee

          Mayur Varshne,

          So I’m dealing with kindergarten intelligence here.

          No wonder you sound ctazy. Most people in the world will grow up after kindergarten.

    • jason voorhees


      Of 250 million people in the United States approximately 30% live in poverty. Perhaps not the poverty of Africa or South Asia but poverty nonetheless.

      Two billion?

      • She is talking about the INDIAN population …..in vague,approximate terms.

        Hey YEE
        I must tell THEE
        the number of immigration scams
        CHINESE do
        to reach there
        in the LAND of FREE…….

        I am convinced that I have a very genuine reason to flee this place.

        • jason voorhees

          People with a genuine reason to flee somewhere are usual crazy or criminals, like you.

          Therefore it is not in the interest of another country to take you.

        • Yee

          Mayur Varshne,

          Sure Chinese try to go to America, didn’t I state 2 billion people in the world want to go? But you don’t hear us wailing about not being able to and being a pest in blogs.

        • jason voorhees

          Your reason for leaving is being crazy and unemployable because you are a misfit in your own country.

          This is why other countries do not want you.

        • jason voorhees

          America does not want South Asians. East Asians yes, they come from functional societies with long civilizations like China or Japan.

          But South Asians are primitive people from a corrupt culture. Nobody wants Indians or Pakistanis or Bangladeshis. Not really.

        • jason voorhees

          Your reason for wanting to flee is the reason whites do not want you.

    • jason voorhees

      YEE On Immigrants

      It requires the average Chinese or European immigrant an entire generation or two to exit poverty:

      The Chinese railroad worker who arrived in 1910 with his wife lived all his life in hand-to-mouth poverty in Chinatown.

      His son who is born in 1920 managed to join the military and then get some kind of skilled trade like a plumber.

      His son, born in 1950 in Chinatown, managed to move out as a young man and attend university. Perhaps becoming a lawyer.

      His son born in 1980 became an IT specialist or something.

      Do you see what I mean, Yee. It requires 3-4 generations to climb out of the poor “working class” (White word for “peasant”).

      Immigrants believe that they will show up tomorrow and be given a free house, a decent job and a nice car.

      Even though unemployment is 10% somebody will step aside so they can have a job in their profession.

      The immense naivete of the Immigrant never ceases to amaze me.

      Where are you going to go from the airport? If you are Asian you are going to find some part of the city “Chinatown” or “Little India” where maybe you can find a job of the absolute most low-paying kind in a restaurant. These people are Americans and have little regard for the newcomers. All they know is that you are exploitable-Chinese-Americans exploit their own new arrivals famously as we have read.

  53. jason voorhees

    Now you see why I left India with some apprehensive feelings. These people would overrun the earth if they had the chance.

  54. YEE

    Hey YEE
    I must tell THEE
    these were your words……
    “There’re 2 billion people want to go to the US but can’t, why should anyone be interested in the justice or injustice of it?”

    You were a bit ambiguous……even mr.KNOWALL TRASH got a bit confused……and hey the GLOBAL population is 7.5 billion.

    I ain’t being a PEST at all…..TRASH is the one who drags me into unnecessary arguments.SHE was talking about nude pictures,dick etc THERE a while ago but now she seems to have lost interest.I was rekindling desire in HER there……HEAT and FIRE are so good….they get things moving real fast.

    • Yee

      Go find other blogs to play. Here’s a place for adults.

      • Hmmmm…….I never said even remoltely that I am still stuck at the KINDERGARTEN……in times of necessity where one’s very survival is at stake everything and anything that works is COOL…….I am just putting common kindergarten wisdom to use…..and hey I don’t doing anything even remotely ILLEGAL……I am just HARDSELLING myself.

        • Yee

          Mayur Varshne,

          So it’s your intention to deliberately wreck this place for your selfish goal. And you consider yourself not a pest?

          Frankly, I’ve rarely seen such level of shamelessly selfishness.

      • jason voorhees


        He’s crazy obviously.

  55. YEE

    Then PLEASE do not drag me into unnecessary ARGUMENTS…….like Mr.KNOWALL TRASH.

    I was only talking to HER…..SHE seemed to be a PERSON of INTEREST to ME.

    Thank you.

  56. jason voorhees


    Dravidian people came from Australia but the Indus Valley is in Pakistan so they stayed down in Kerala because Arabs who became the Punjabi or other North Indians like the desert and tropical countries scare them.

    The North Indian resembles Mayer and has a lower IQ than the black Dravidian which makes India the only country in the world where white-skinned people are not as smart as dark-skinned ones.

    The Dravidian is a genius at math but cannot handle his booze and acts like a British mother in Spain if drinks whiskey much like his aboriginal relative in Australia.

    North Indians are basically wops who refused to live a country with a debt crisis because they all want to work in finance and nobody in Greece can get a bank loan in Dubai.

    The North Indian combs his hair with gel instead of coconut oil.

    America built Cochin because Nair Indians never had any resource except tea and Arab Gulf countries can sell oil for much more money to Americans so the Nair goes there to give his wage to Western Union.

    Syria is run by Jews who claim to be Christians but probably came from Yemen and local Brahmin women intermarried with them so they would not have to leave Kerala in the 1950’s when the Nair finally kicked the Brahmin out.

    Dravidian people in Malayalam remained black because the invading races of Mongols, Aryans, Greeks, Huns, Persians were able to find women to rape up North who were not as black. British preferred to have sex with other British men in their barracks and the old forts in Kerala have graffiti of English soldiers proclaiming their love for one another.

    Today it is language that divides North and South because Malayalam cannot even be spelled easily or spoken without twisting tongues.

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